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Lunar health calendar on september 2024

Lunar health calendar at september 2024 year Lunar Calendar of Health
on september 2024 year

Astrology even in the time of Hippocrates found out which sign of the Zodiac is responsible for certain organs in our body. Focusing on the lunar calendar, you can not perform operations: when the Moon in Aries: on the head; in Taurus: neck, tonsils, pharynx, shoulders, vocal cords; in Gemini: bronchi, lungs, hands; in Cancer: chest, stomach, lymph nodes, liver, gallbladder; in Leo: heart, spleen; in Virgo: appendicitis, the entire intestinal tract; in Libra: the kidneys, the groin area, the lower back; in Scorpio: the genitourinary system; in Sagittarius: thigh, tibia, liver, it is impossible to do manipulations connected with blood; in Capricorn: all bones of the skeleton, knee joints, tendons; in Aquarius: the shin and calf muscles, to avoid as much as possible the operation of the appendix, brain, nervous system and organs associated with blood pressure disorders; in Pisces: ankle joints, avoid operations of the lymphatic system.

There is a rule that bodies controlled by the opposite sign in relation to the one that is currently passing the Moon become less sensitive and therefore, procedures and operations can be performed with them. Opposite signs - for Aries it is Libra, for Taurus - Scorpio, for Gemini - Sagittarius, for Cancer - Capricorn, for Leo - Aquarius, for Virgo - Pisces. For example, the Moon in Aries is the right time for kidney surgery, the Moon in Libra is good for plastic surgery. Moon in Taurus - shows operations related to the genital area, but categorically can not operate on the glands of internal secretion. Moon in Gemini - all "bleeding" operations and liver operations are allowed. Moon in Cancer - it is allowed to treat and remove teeth. Operations of knee joints and tendons are shown, etc.

Operations are best done on the waning moon. Experience shows that complications and infections are more likely to occur with a young moon, the process of recovery is prolonged. In the full moon, strong bleeding is not excluded. Scarring of wounds with a young moon is more problematic, the danger of ugly scars increases. Therefore, the main rule remains: if possible, the operation should be carried out with the defective Moon.

It is advisable to avoid operations when the Moon is off course. Try not to fall under the surgeon's knife in the days of lunar and solar eclipses. Avoid adverse lunar days. Also, do not operate on your birthday, the day before and after it.

In the presented calendar all these basic rules are taken into account. Often this is enough to not fall into extremely unfavorable periods for operations and not to harm yourself. It is clear that it is not always possible to choose a day for the operation (there are also urgent cases), but if this possibility does appear - use it.

In the table below, recommendations are given with a general estimate of each time interval for each day. And any event (lunar day, moon phase, position of the moon in the sign of the zodiac, etc.) has a good, bad or neutral assessment. If during the day one type of event (for example, today was the first lunar day and passed to the second), then this is taken into account and the total time estimate is output in the end. Events and time intervals have status and are colored in colors: well neutral bad

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Table with recommendations and an estimation of time intervals on improving procedures and operations from 1 by 7 september 2024 years
Time Events / recommendations
1 su from 00:00   27 lunar day 27 lunar day continues

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

In the sign of Leo Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo 17°57'30"

Well undergo procedures and surgery on the eyes and lower legs.
You can not carry out any procedures and operations on the heart and back. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

from 04:51   27 lunar day The end of the 27 lunar day
current events (1)
In the sign of Leo 1) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo 17°57'30"
(from 01.09 00:00) - well
from 23:48   In the sign of the Virgin ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo

The procedures and operations on the feet, legs, removal of the calluses will be well conducted. Recommended massage and foot treatment, salt bath.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations in the abdomen, intestines. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

2 mo from 05:54   29 lunar day The beginning of the 29 lunar day

This is the satanic lunar day, with the heaviest and most unfavorable for the entire lunar month.

current events (1)
In the sign of the Virgin 1) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo
(from 01.09 23:48) - well
from 21:55   29 lunar day The end of the 29 lunar day
New moon The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase

In the new moon, the fluid pressure in the body decreases, which hits people suffering from vascular diseases. The body is weakened to the greatest extent, the probability of the disease is large, so any loads are contraindicated.

current events (1)
In the sign of the Virgin 1) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo
(from 01.09 23:48) - well
4 we from 12:11   In the sign of Libra ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra

The procedures and operations in the head area will be well performed: ears, nose, tongue, eyes, plastic surgery on the face, treatment and removal of teeth, etc.
Do not perform any procedures and operations on the kidneys, thighs, bladder and pancreas. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

current events (1)
New moon 1) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase
(from 02.09 21:55) - neutral
7 sa from 01:18   In the sign of Scorpio ☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio

Well undergo procedures and operations in the upper respiratory tract, throat, removal of glands, adenoids, dental treatment. Recommended compresses around the neck.
Do not perform any procedures and operations on the genitals, rectum and pelvic region. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

current events (1)
New moon 1) The beginning of the new moon 🌑 phase
(from 02.09 21:55) - neutral
from 01:29   Waxing crescent The beginning of the waxing crescent 🌒 phase

With the growing Moon, the body accumulates energy, gaining strength, and it is undesirable to waste it at this time, since even a small load can lead to exhaustion. At this time weaker immunity, we are more difficult to bear even minor ailments, wounds bleed more and heal less.

current events (1)
In the sign of Scorpio 1) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio
(from 07.09 01:18) - well
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How i can get January calendar for surgery
Hello. Calendars will be available from January 1 of the new year.
Hello, the data is already available.
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James Maclagan
Why does this not show Mon. the 27th? Is that an alright day for surgery on the belly?
Hello, time is indicated by intervals. If there is no day (tuesday or thursday, etc.), then it refers to the previous day.
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