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Natal card online with decryption

Natal chart

Natal card is a personal horoscope of a person's birth. It is built at the time of birth of a person and place of birth. This horoscope characterizes the fate of a person: the opportunities inherent in him, the propensities and circumstances of life. With the help of the birth chart, the position of the planets in signs of the zodiac relative to the Earth, as well as relative to each other, is determined. According to these data, a description of a person is made. We present you a service that allows you to make an online calculation of the natal chart by the date of birth with a decryption free of charge.

In order for the description to be most accurate, you must specify the date of birth, the time of birth (preferably the exact time) and the place of birth. If your city is not on the list, choose the closest city, a difference of 50-100 km is acceptable, it is important that the city is in this case in your time zone. To determine the position of houses, the Placidus system is used.

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♃ Jupiter general characteristics

Ruler Jupiter

♃ JUPITER. We proceed to study the third-level planets that represent the influences, circumstances and events of external and internal life, weakly dependent on the will and behavior of a person, at least on the average level of development. These influences are largely due to the socialization of the person, i.e. including it in human society. In relation to each egregor, to which man serves in one way or another, the latter has two tendencies: the expansion of the sphere of this service and the further introduction into the egregor, and the opposite, the meaning of which consists in the isolation of man, in the partial withdrawal from service for the purpose of individuation , search and study the deeper layers of your self. The first trend is governed by Jupiter, the second Saturn.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter is a planet of happiness, luck and vast opportunities, without any doubt, beneficial. A more careful study shows that (of course) there are also pitfalls here, at least if one does not mean carefree consumption of vital goods, but spiritual development and the ministry of evolution. However, and the hedonist, joyfully looking forward to the Jupiterian abundance of small and large pleasures, it is worth pondering over its meaning and possible consequences. So, Jupiter controls the process of including a person in a new egregor, a social group or even a layer; hobbies: man, science or art; it's new, free of charge opportunities, promotion or fasting in an unexpected direction, sometimes large amounts of money just emerging from clear skies, allowing you to change your life and solve the actual problems of paying for an apartment or buying a fancy island in the Indian Ocean. Jupiter controls the first (acute) period of love. The included Jupiter is the shining eyes of a person entering into a new happy life, and although no life is particularly happy, Jupiter does not seem to be embarrassed, he gives out promises, especially energy ones, completely not caring about their fulfillment: a soulful rise at the beginning of love or engaging in new activities often completely does not correspond to subsequent experiences and difficulties. In this sense, Jupiter is a great deceiver, but not at all like Neptune. Jupiter does not turn his eyes away, he simply turns on the bright light and illumination of all the colors of the rainbow - and then quietly turns it off and gives way to more prosaic planets, the Sun, Mars and Saturn, that is, the principles of necessity, labor and discipline. Why this happens is not completely clear, but when a person is included in the new egregor, the latter, as it were, actively invites guests, seemingly guests, but in fact to work on their fields, but outwardly it looks like a brass band, an arch decorated with flowers , or the order of the girls in the ceremonial sundresses and lush yellow bread-salt on the embroidered towel.

In the field of inner life, Jupiter represents those subconscious programs that are inaccessible to the average person and even to his psychoanalyst (their sphere - planets 1 and 2 levels), quite the same as happiness and new opportunities can be achieved for a long time, but still in order to they came (at least for a short time), you need strong luck, luck, direct help of fate or God (depending on the level of religiousness of a person). Similarly, Jupiter controls the compensatory programs of the subconscious, which are activated not by the effort of the will of man, but as if by themselves, but in a time determined by (high egregore), although often with the help of introspection, other people and external events, neither the other nor the third corresponding changes in the human psyche could not have produced. The inclusion of Jupiter is well illustrated by the following examples of, respectively, external and internal life.

a) Young (and then middle-aged) and comparatively talented researcher with the stricken Mars is overwhelmed with a secret desire to become the head of the laboratory. He works a lot (sometimes convulsively), but some of his efforts do not bring any results at all, some of the achievements are already irrelevant, and some are kind and all are good, but they do not (as it seems to him) find recognition from the administration of the institute. In short, he's in good standing with the authorities, but despite all the more transparent hints on his part, this nominee for the post of head of the laboratory for some reason does not arise, or, worse, there are vague plans that year by year, according to the obscure for no reason, are postponed. Speaking to the occult language, the master egregor successfully resists Martian or "elbow" efforts of our scientific employee, and this is well felt by both his superiors and himself, by the characteristic sense of the intrinsic hopelessness of his efforts, which at some stage are "accidentally" mandatory break. And suddenly, one day, everything starts to improve: the director suddenly becomes attentive, shakes hands for a long time at a meeting and his eyes show respect, scientific results suddenly gain international recognition, and the long-awaited laboratory itself floats in the hands of a lucky man.

b) A young woman who has been thrown by a lover can not forget him. Her thoughts constantly return to the lost past, and all the time pulls to go to the window and see if there is a favorite silhouette there. Men do not care anymore, the world has become gray, and feelings - faded. When this condition lasts two years, her friends lose hope for a natural cure and begin to look for a familiar psychiatrist, who, alas, states the norm. She herself understands all the wrongness of her state and behavior, but she can not do anything about herself; even the very idea of ​​a badminton racket or a theatrical production (5 house) provokes irresistible disgust. And suddenly one day she wakes up, opens the window and sees that the trees are bright green, and sometimes even silver, and suddenly realizes that the mourning is over, the past life is behind and another, new, tempting, fresh and exciting begins.

Jupiter is generous, he always gives a lot, from the heart - even if the natal chart is in conjunction with Saturn. Jupiter's gift is not only the best that a person could hope for - he is better than what one could imagine at all.

Jupiter gives, without demanding anything in return; but he offers only additional ways and opportunities for working out karma, and does not replace this elaboration. Inclusion in the new egregor implies serving him, but less optimistic planets will trace this; apparently, a free solution to the internal problem by switching interests is only its delay or the opening opportunity to solve the same problem, but on a different material. Jupiter sheds God's grace on the tired, desperate and wandering person, but this planet is the beginning of the path that must be passed all.

At the first level of the study of Jupiter, a person happily welcomes the happiness that has fallen on his head and new opportunities; He goes to church mainly not for the purification of sins, but for asking the Almighty about this or that kindness for himself personally or for the next of kin. For this level is characterized by a sharp dream to get out "from mud to riches", i.e. into the next social stratum, having received a rich inheritance, making a successful marriage, etc. ways that involve luck, but not hard work. He is fascinated by such methods of fast enrichment as gambling, stock exchange fraud, the organization of bloated joint-stock companies, etc. With the defeat of Jupiter, purely criminal inclinations are also possible: large theft (small goes under Mercury), robbery of banks and jewelry stores; the leader of the thieves' gang will almost certainly have a strong Jupiter, and the more he has harmonious aspects, the longer he will be alive and free.

At the first level of the study of Jupiter, any representative of the next social stratum is regarded by man as God in the flesh, since the egregor is the egregor of the next social stratum, which is as accessible to him as possible. This leads, especially in the case of a strong Jupiter, to a completely impossible pride in relation to all who are lower on the social ladder, combined with self-depreciation in relation to their superiors. In general, Jupiter expands the horizons, but here they are thought very narrowly, in strict accordance with the public consciousness of the corresponding circle: it is good to be rich and noble and have power; scientific and religious ideas and ideals do not yet appear or seem ephemeral.

On the second level of Jupiter's study, a person still perceives all the blessings and favors that are falling on him for granted and, moreover, does not perceive a significant part of them at all, especially Jovian mercy, expressed in that a person does not get on karmic merits - much like something discreetly gets away with, and thank God, but why it happens, the person does not think. At this level, a person sometimes has access to the egregor of the social stratum, which is two steps higher than where he is, therefore the immediate superior layer, although very attractive, but dreams already distinguish it from the following: so for the colonel, the rank of major general and lieutenant-general is already significantly different. At the second level, prayer is still begging, after visiting the church, thoughts for a while (at least until the end of the porch) are rushed to not completely earthly affairs; vaguely appears the idea of ​​charity. For the time being, people form their own ideas about happiness, luck and expansion of opportunities strictly on the basis of appropriate social stamps, but their recruitment is wider, and conscious activities on their combination are possible, for example: I would like to be a professor and receive a salary of 500 rubles a month, or : I would like to be the director of a furniture factory and have a dacha. At this level, the real sphere of man's ideal achievements opens up to man: the world of art, the world of abstract thought, and somewhere on the horizon, as yet almost invisible, philosophy and religion begin to be viewed as unknown, but at some time, perhaps, comprehensible depths.

At the third level of Jupiter's study, a person is partially aware of the limited social concepts of luck and happiness, but they do not lose their power over him. Nevertheless, with his mind (less often essential) he now understands that happiness is the result of labor for the benefit of other people, for which in turn one must learn and work hard on himself, and luck in life is nothing but a timely piece of suitable work, it does not matter, above itself or in the outside world; the most important moment in the spiritual life is coming: a man learns to rejoice at the difficulties naturally arising on his life path, realizing that their overcoming is his evolutionary work. Only now can he correctly assess Jupiter's influence not as a gift of fate for a sinless life, but as an aid to karma in teaching and expanding the possibility of action, that is, the development of a creative principle in one's life.

At this level, there is often a deification of science or art - comparatively high social egregores, in many ways flexible, i.e. admitting creative work, where now a person with the help of Jupiter has regular access. However, in higher egregors - philosophical wisdom and actually religious ones - the exit, if it happens, is still too short-lived, and the fleeting religious and philosophical revelations, though highly appreciated by man, still do not play a major role in life. Nevertheless, at this level, interest in the church and rituals is significantly strengthened and has not only a cultural and indicative value: after a mass or confession, a person can feel real relief and help.

On the fourth level of the study of Jupiter are people who previously would be considered saints, but in our atheistic time in these terms they do not think and speak, depending on the personal attitude: "Well, very good man" or "Some strange ... not from this world. " At the fourth level of the study of Jupiter, a person is already in a position to depart essentially from the generally accepted social ideals and concepts of happiness; he finds his place in the evolutionary process and acquires a true, personal faith; a channel into his higher karmic egregor that leads him through life, offering to cooperate with different social egregors, whose ethics the person observes, but does not completely obey him, having a constant opportunity to receive information and help from a higher egregor. However, in order to reach this level, you need to complete a full course of impersonal service (12th house) to this social egregore and simultaneously transform all your subconscious programs that respond positively to the standard representations of the social subconscious about happiness, leaving only those that correspond to the evolutionary ministry in the framework of personal karma.

A spiritual light is spread from such a person. His Jupiter includes Jupiter of all people falling into his environment, and many of their problems (external and internal) are solved by themselves, but the main thing is not this, but the expansion of the opportunities for self-development and evolutionary work carried by this long-awaited but poorly understood planet.

Jupiter symbolizes the patron (not the father or the boss), a lucky event or just great joy.

Jupiter controls Sagittarius and Pisces, culminates in Cancer. From Sagittarius, Jupiter receives the highest aspiration and religious connotation, from Pisces - mercy and mercy, from Cancer - the depth of emotional and spiritual insight into human problems that is not realized immediately.

The situation of Jupiter is, for example, an amnesty for prisoners about a national holiday, for example, ascension of the heir to the throne. Jovian situations abound in any adventure novel: these are all kinds of miraculous salvation from natural disasters and the machinations of various enemies, scoundrels and persecutors. Jupiter governs charity in its social expression - children's shelters, free meals for starving and unemployed, religious missions with an emphasis on practical assistance to the underprivileged. The situation of Jupiter of the highest octave is the Transfiguration of the Lord, and for ordinary people what mystics call initiation, i.e. the opening of direct channels in the high egregor.

Jupiter is absolutely necessary in scientific search, it expands the views of the researcher and gives good luck, almost a miracle, without which no serious scientific achievement is possible. Jupiter also stands over a serious conversation or lecture on religious and philosophical themes (superficial chatter on these and any other topics goes under Mercury). Jupiter rules socially approved ways of expanding consciousness - books, libraries, its own and alien culture, foreigners, travel and exploration in distant countries. Jupiter participates in all situations of abundance, whether generous harvest, fullness of build or flood. The invasion of locusts is apparently controlled by Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction. Here we touch upon the important fact that "a lot" does not always mean "good"; in particular, the abundance of fetters, chains and barbed wire in the country may well be connected with the harmonious Jupiter of the relevant minister.

A person with the predominant influence of Jupiter in the map will cause one of two reactions: either he will be adored or completely unable to tolerate. The reason is that the person of Jupiter (except for rare exceptions with a strong defeat) is always very much.

In a harmonious version, this is something enchanting: imagine a fat, very good-natured and cheerful person, overflowing with ideas and energy, tirelessly active, constantly surrounded by an abundance of people and objects. At home he constantly feeds you with various dishes, and their reserves and variety seem inexhaustible; useful furniture and trinkets, not to mention books and art objects, as much as would be enough for a public library and a museum of medium size, and if the host has a hearing, then plays on any musical instrument, and many of them are present in the house, decorated with mother of pearl or yet God knows in what way, and from three guitars one will not be six, but twelve-string. On those around him, such a person looks condescending, and if you can bear it all and endure without exacerbating your inferiority complex, you will find that the owner is, in effect, full of himself and considers you somewhere between your beloved Siamese cat (he there are two more) and the office grand piano of the last century, However, he (quite disinterestedly) offers you his personality along with all of its surroundings and aura of abundance, happiness and luck, but is not that enough?

With tense aspects of a strong Jupiter a person will be extremely concerned about the problem of self-affirmation. At a low level, he will constantly literally burst from the importance, and this spectacle will become as impressive for some people as hilarious for others, and the latter will be completely incomprehensible of his power over the first. This person will also have a lot of luck, but often in a dirty way: for example, he will not fall into a serious car accident, slipping and falling into a gutter. There will also be an abundance of personality manifestations and a wealth of material surroundings, but not always welcome; In addition, obesity (or extreme leanness), tumors, large convex birthmarks, etc. is possible.

But in any case, the person of Jupiter will be not indifferent to luxury, pleasures, social priorities, glory at a higher level - to new ideas, philosophical and religious trends that are relevant to contemporaries. This is a philanthropist, patron of the arts, generally a patron in the best or average sense of the word; he lives in a world very different from that of an ordinary person and to find adequate contact with him or at least understanding is difficult.

In general, it should be borne in mind that the predominance in the horoscope of the planet 3 or 4 levels often gives a person a sense of God's chosen, caused (quite real) sensation of a strong channel into a high egregor. Of course, this channel needs to be worked through, which is achieved by developing the principle of the predominant planet and planets, its aspecting, and only then a person can reach the level of national and even more planetary egregors, but this mystical feeling can sometimes be felt by him from early childhood.

A weak Jupiter gives a person who is not accustomed to destiny to the sudden appearance of a beautiful fairy in front of him and showering him with gifts; he gradually creates (correct in all aspects of Jupiter) the impression that everything in his life he must do himself, not hoping for special help from above. No man can live without hope; but the weak Jupiter, not particularly helping "for free", gives him the opportunity to forge his own happiness - that which the person himself will choose.

It must be understood that the desire for the expansion of consciousness and cognition of oneself is determined not by the aspects of Jupiter and Chiron, but by the evolutionary level of man, therefore the weak Jupiter means not in general the lack of desire for other, wider egregors, but rather the absence of a specific preference for any one of them. Man, if I may say so, received a free distribution at the end of the previous incarnation and now he chooses a place for further work in the higher spheres. No one specifically calls for him, but nobody rejects it; However, until he makes a choice and does not pass the lengthy introductory tests of the new egregor, he should not expect unreasonable rewards: human freedom always arouses the suspicion of the egregor.

Harmonious Jupiter gives luck and ample opportunities in the spheres to which it affects. In these areas, the person has a somewhat euphoric perception of reality: he has the confidence that he will succeed, and in case of trouble, everything will be resolved in the best way, and even to some unexpected benefit. Harmonious Jupiter gives bright illumination, and even objectively (from the point of view of others, that is), gray seems not so dull and, in any case, promising. It's hard for a person to complain about his hard life, he hardly understands you, but if you want and can connect to his channel, he will comfort you quickly without resorting to special analysis and arguments, simply raise the disorganization and cheerfulness of the spirit with his own optimism, energy and benevolence. Why be sad when there are always so many unused opportunities in the world that just wait for a good person? A?!

Harmonious Jupiter, especially in the corner houses, gives the person a strong temptation to constant parasitism. He does not have a life, but as if it were a continuous holiday, he is a welcome groom, constantly engaged in studying more and more charming brides who are eager to marry him. True, after a while his taste is somewhat blunted, and luck and luck get bored and cease to be perceived as such. But even if a person does not want to do absolutely nothing and exploits the gifts of Jupiter 100 percent for purely selfish purposes, his action does not end, although it weakens. Another thing happens: the law of karma begins to act, which through other planets (first of all, the Sun and Saturn) offers the person more and more severe tests, teaching him the laws of being existentially, i.e. on his own skin. However, Jupiter, while not being able to withstand these influences, facilitates, nevertheless, life and expands opportunities in a new environment: for example, the demoted director of an international campaign discovers in his new workplace a simple clerk a wonderful view from the window: a blooming park and a church with golden domes in the distance.

Defeated Jupiter often gives a person deeply frustrated and with a strong Napoleonic complex (on the outer plane this can be very unpleasant: greed, arrogance, etc.). In the corresponding spheres of his life, some invisible inner (and sometimes external and perfectly audible) voice constantly whispers to him: "You are significant. You, more likely, even are simply great. You have extraordinary abilities and opportunities, and you should always be greeted with flowers, drumbeats and stormy raptures, because you are still infallible. " But when confronted with reality, it quickly becomes clear that the possibilities are indeed being opened, but all are not the same, or require a lot of extra effort. And flowers and raptures for some reason have to be forcibly seized. The difficulty of exploring the affected Jupiter lies in the fact that the described internal sensations go, as it seems to a person, from the very depth of its essence (Jupiter as a 3rd-level planet, controls very deep subconscious programs), but, notwithstanding this, it is not entirely false are highly distorted and incomplete, and it is extremely difficult to understand and admit it to yourself. If the map as a whole is harmonious, a person displaces Jupiter's pride in the subconscious, sometimes successfully, but most often in behavior and intonations, it breaks through. As for the happiness and luck of the afflicted Jupiter, they do not need to be taken at face value - most often this invitation is not quite the same egregore or unsuccessfully formulated, and one should not rush at them, forgetting any caution, like a pike for spoon-bait. In addition, planetary ambitions usually have a ground, contrary to the opinion of psychiatrists, but require many years of study and self-denial, and then the most stricken Jupiter will bring both the long-awaited fortune and a piece of happiness that is difficult to imagine in advance.

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