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Natal card online with decryption

Natal chart

Natal card is a personal horoscope of a person's birth. It is built at the time of birth of a person and place of birth. This horoscope characterizes the fate of a person: the opportunities inherent in him, the propensities and circumstances of life. With the help of the birth chart, the position of the planets in signs of the zodiac relative to the Earth, as well as relative to each other, is determined. According to these data, a description of a person is made. We present you a service that allows you to make an online calculation of the natal chart by the date of birth with a decryption free of charge.

In order for the description to be most accurate, you must specify the date of birth, the time of birth (preferably the exact time) and the place of birth. If your city is not on the list, choose the closest city, a difference of 50-100 km is acceptable, it is important that the city is in this case in your time zone. To determine the position of houses, the Placidus system is used.

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☉ Sun in the natal chart

Ruler Sun

☉ SUN. It is a principle of will; however, the question of what is actually a person's own will, and that various other influences subjectively experienced as a personal will are far from simple. A person can take the initiative under the influence of various specific people, social conditions, directly carrying out the program of one or another egregor, etc .; the corresponding information can be obtained by studying the position of the Sun in the sign, the house and its aspects (for example, the aspect of the Moon to the Sun means the influence on the will of the general social conditions, the aspect of Mars is the influence of the energy principle, etc.). In the Russian language the word "wanting" is used in two senses, one of which refers more to the Moon (or Venus) and means somewhere from the subconsciousness arose need, aspiration, and the other refers to the Sun and means intention. Solar influence is felt by a person when he says "I want" in the sense of "I have an intention to achieve"; However, the Sun does not only concern the nature of such human initiatives, but also the circumstances of his life, under which they arise. Precisely, the position of the Sun in the horoscope shows what external circumstances imperatively (ie necessarily) require the inclusion of his will, i.e. characterize those situations that force him to manifest both initiative and activity.

The principle of will (the Sun) should be distinguished from the principle of action and manifestation of energy (Mars); the solar initiative itself can not be crowned with any external or internal actions; but the Sun is primary: if a person lives, submitting to another's will or initiative, he can not realize his personality and fulfill his karmic program.

The evolutionary level of a person is closely connected with the awareness of the solar principle and the study of the Sun.

At the first (lowest) level of working out the Sun, a person perceives himself (his psyche) as a single whole, does not divide his life into separate actions and does not separate his individual volitional acts; Moreover, he does not distinguish solar impulses from lunar impulses and the two meanings of the word "I want" for him merge into one. At this level (that is, the complete absence of evolutionary consciousness and the differentiation of one's own psyche), man is a puppet of karma and his own subconscious; his actions are not conscious, and the will is dictated by the egregor and the subconscious.

At the second level of working out the Sun man is already able to distinguish between his solar and lunar influences, i.e. needs and intentions, and if it does not yet sing it out accurately, at least it emphasizes its volitional acts and initiatives in the general life flow. This allows him to intelligently approach the problem of finding his place in the world and correct behavior in life situations, because his will is now partially controlled by him, and he can (to some extent) consciously limit his needs if they come into conflict with his intentions ( balancing the solar and lunar principles). However, even at this level, a person remains a puppet of karma, because his will is completely owned by the egregor.

At the third level of working out the Sun, a person realizes the higher and lower beginnings in himself, interpreting them either psychologically (ie, recognizing and feeling the existence of subconscious programs of various levels), or religiously (ie, feeling the opportunity to go on a more or less spiritual way, closer to God or farther from Him), and gets the opportunity (at least partially) of the conscious choice of the egregor to which he will serve. Now the volitional acts dictated to the person by the egregor do not pass by his attention: after catching the appropriate impulse, he says: "But this I do according to the direct command of God," and is usually very proud that he has received such an honor.

At the fourth level of working out the solar principle, a person partially sees the karmic consequences of his volitional acts and begins to understand the structure of karma, the karmic programs of egregores, associated with them, and also in their own subconscious. Here its realizational power sharply increases and, accordingly, the requirement for accuracy and subtlety of the impact on the world increases; at some point the character of volitional acts is qualitatively changing, which increasingly become acts of pure attention (then the egregor through a person receives the most accurate information and the possibility of the most subtle influence on the situation), the choice is reduced to choosing the direction of attention.

Thus, working out of the Sun is closely connected with the increase of true freedom of will, which is illusory at the two lower levels of the development of the solar principle, and on the third and fourth gradually becomes freedom of creative participation in the evolution of the universe.

The solar will principle naturally continues with the principle of power, which must be understood in two senses: external and internal, i.e. power over the world and above itself. The levels of human power over the world and above themselves are closely related and largely determined by its level of vision, which, in turn, is closely related to the evolutionary level. It is possible to single out four levels of power that are consistently received by a person in proportion to their evolutionary development, which are directly related to its study of the Sun.

At the first level of working out the Sun man is, as they say, the slave of his desires, which for him are inseparable from his essence; here the level of power over oneself is negligible and there is no vision of the subconscious motivations of its internal impulses. Accordingly, and the power over the outside world in such a person is very small, because he can neither think about, nor enforce any serious decision, being unable to resist the general chaotic background of his subconscious, which necessarily at some point will knock him off any meaningful driving directions. Such people do not take a serious part in karmic programs (because they are unreliable) or are completely controlled by egregore. At this level, the inner life for the man himself is invisible, and the external picture of the world is illusory.

At the second level of working out the Sun man gets insignificant power over himself, at first mainly by a way of primitive suppression or displacement of some (from his point of view, the most odious) subconscious programs. Due to this, he has the opportunity to set himself life goals and perform fairly complex and time-consuming programs, in the course of which he has the opportunity of creativity, and at the end there is a (mystical) feeling of increased power over the world; often at the same time, the situation in the administrative (military, political) hierarchy increases. A characteristic feature of this stage of the self-awareness is, on the one hand, the separation of the selfish programs of the subconscious from the programs of achieving a certain external goal, to which the whole will of man is directed, and on the other - the absolute and uncritical acceptance of this external goal as a part of the deep essence of this person; he refers to it, as to fate, an imperatively expressed destiny. In fact, this goal puts the egregor on the person, but leaves the first, so to speak, on the quitrent, leaving a certain freedom of action (and creativity) in the life path and providing a fight with the lower subconscious programs to the person himself. At this level of realizing power (ie, power over the subtle world) is not yet available, except for a thin layer directly relating to the basic activity of man, but there is a general intuitive sense of the karmic program as a sequence of long enough and difficult actions to be taken to achieve something significant in the external (in fact, in the subtle) world; sensations of the law of karma as a universal connectivity of events and thoughts at this level are not yet, but some individual insights and reading of information from subtle plans (spontaneous vague prediction of the future, etc.) are possible. At this level, a person can be entrusted with a separate karmic program (and give an area for its implementation), but his conscious consent to participate in it does not ask the egregor, implanting instead the appropriate goal in the depths of the subconscious.

At the third level, one begins to understand the nature of power; before him begins to get the fact that his whole psyche is connected, that the lower programs are necessary for the normal functioning of the higher, and the realized higher goals and ideals are by no means such in fact, but are only intermediate stages in his life, and besides not there is his personal property, but generated with the participation of egregor and within the overall evolutionary development program, as well as many more private karmic programs relating to his environment. At this level, the person receives the first hint of the realization power and, to some extent consciously, shapes his ideals and higher goals. At the same time, there is a sense of a connection between the inner and outer world and the keys to methods of influencing the external world through internal work, which fundamentally changes the nature of man's power over the world; gradually formed knowledge of the magical power of thought.

At the fourth level of working out the Sun man gets access to the depths of the subconscious and begins to understand the intricacies of karmic programs acting around him. At this level, he actually sees the action of the principle "knowledge is power", or rather power, because the vision of the subconscious and karma structures allows him to make insignificant (energy) impacts very great changes in both the outer and the thin world; in other words, a person receives a realized realization (magical) power over the world and can, on his own initiative, interfere in the karma of other people, collectives, influence any egregores, change subtle structures, etc. True, the return blows of karma also hit him (in the case of careless influences) much more strongly.

The sun rules the Lion: it symbolizes the fact that the will governs the energy and is the source of power. Domination in Leo tells the Sun direct power over the outside world: a strong Sun gives a person to resist the direct will of which is very difficult, even if it is not backed up by any additional circumstances (which, however, is very rare). The Lion also gives the Sun the quality of stability, stability in the presence of both external and internal interference (if the Sun is in a mobile cross, this quality is weakened).

The sun culminates in Aries: it symbolizes the fact that the development of the solar principle gives the person new energy opportunities, which, however, require comprehension and development, i.e. they need to learn how to manage again, otherwise they will quickly run out. The management of mighty forces requires great attention, subtlety and flexibility.

The sun symbolizes the father, the paternal figure and the most basic imperative karmic programs, the person coming to this life who will give him the will, courage, steadfastness, but also demand the same, otherwise the person breaks down and burns up, i.e. loses its independent existence, becoming someone's appendage or turning off from the life flow.

The Sun man, whose Sun is stronger than the other planets, is very authoritarian; already in his childhood he instinctively respected the authorities, tried to imitate them and, perhaps, studied biographies of outstanding people with the goal of achieving the same victories and heights as they. His ambition does not remain inconclusive, even if (which is rare) he does not achieve significant posts or results: in any case, he enjoys the respect of others for a certain inner strength, which may not be expressed explicitly, but intuitively felt by everyone; it is felt that if a person has not achieved much, it is only because the tasks he has set himself have proved to be too complicated. At the same time, the Sun is a planet of external manifestation, and therefore the goals and tasks to which the will of the Sun man is directed are always concrete-practical, they are clearly visible. Even if the Sun is in the water sign and the person works as a psychiatrist, he will direct all his forces, for example, to return his patients to human society, where they could work (his criterion for evaluating their work), and the details changes in their inner world will in and of itself worry much less.

The life of a man of the sun can be painted (egregor) by the hour, and maybe by the minute. Anyway. he constantly participates in very hard karmic programs, over which he is not powerful at a low and medium evolutionary level (he will say: the circumstances are constantly stronger than me), but at a high evolutionary level he turns out to be quite tough. This is the usual situation for the so-called powerful worlds: dictators, rulers, big bosses, in a word, community leaders with a rigid egregor. At a low level, it can be a servant, who piously observes the will of his master and drives his dog; at a high level of evolutionary development, a solar man can be anything: a psychologist, a writer, a preacher, a saint, but he will still broadcast the imperative will of his egregore, and you can either accept it and follow it, or go completely different: the third is not given here.

The situation of the Sun is different in that its participants are pressured by specific life circumstances, forcing them to a certain activity, volition. This is a variant of a rigid karmic program that leaves participants with (as it seems) little free will; in reality, this is not quite so. The placement of accents and the attitude towards what is happening is always determined by the person himself.

The situation of the Sun of the lowest octave is represented by the theater of military operations from the point of view of the soldiers of this platoon (excluding the actual moments of the battle, when Mars turns on). Other examples: a prisoner in prison, a defendant in a lower octave court, a schoolboy in a lesson.

The situation of the Sun of the higher octave is associated not only with the external pressure of circumstances, but also with the effect exerted on a person (or group), as if from within. Then, for example, a person feels that he is inspired by the inspiration with which he can infect others and that demands expression outside: certain words, expressions and actions go to him and give him great satisfaction and joy, expressed; the surrounding people seem to temporarily fall under hypnosis and begin to behave in a way that is not entirely their own, say, they are very enthusiastic. The group situation of the Sun is even more pronounced (for the attentive observer): the action planned by the group egregore will necessarily occur, no matter how individual members of the group resist it. If, for example, there is a scandal in the group (materialization and subsequent cleansing of the lower astral plane), then surely there will be someone who will start squabbling and another that will inflate it.

Solar situations of a higher level are usually not visible, because they are related to direct work in egregore. Then the person lives as if in two planes: while on the earth level his life can proceed as you like, but he feels that his time is painted by the minute, external events are not accidental, and his behavior and reactions have additional meaning, because they directly affect egregor. Depending on his evolutionary development, breadth of consciousness and level of vision, he can only guess about his work in egregore or clearly see it, but a sense of responsibility for his decisions, choices and deeds is available in all cases.

The weak position of the Sun does not mean a low evolutionary level of a person (in general, it is impossible to estimate the evolutionary level on the birth chart in principle). Weak Sun means that for a person it is not supposed to participate in imperative karmic programs; However, at the same time, his level of working out of the Sun can be as high as he likes, and he can take part in arbitrarily responsible and tense programs, but his role will not be too important in them: the egregor does not follow him very closely. At a low evolutionary and energy level, this means not so much weak-willedness, as indifference to what is happening and internal irresponsibility. The person is not connected to any egregor. It is difficult for such a person to create a significant obstacle to the karmic programs around him and he almost never has an intention to do it; but he lives in relative safety from the return blows of karma.

At a higher evolutionary level, the weak Sun means greater freedom of life and creativity and the absence of external stimuli for their constructive use; here, to some extent, the tense aspects of other planets, especially the Sun's dispositor, indirectly activating the will, help. However, it should be understood that at a sufficiently high evolutionary level, a person no longer needs to be pushed towards spiritual development and space cooperation.

Harmonious Sun means that a person is a favorite of his superiors, subordinates and egregores; for him it is natural to subordinate authority (which is always not too hard on his way) and a soft enough, albeit definite, leadership of the lower ones; while he is often lucky in life, and obviously wrong or risky ideas, he practically does not touch. The sun (along with Mars and Saturn) is quite a stiff planet, so the harmonious aspects of the Sun do not mean a threat to man's passivity: he will fulfill all his karmic duties, but he will not have the urge to turn inside out and do everything possible under intolerable conditions; the latter he calmly wait, knowing that they are short-lived.

At a higher evolutionary level, the harmonious Sun gives great creative abilities, realized constantly throughout the life path of man; it is a person capable of everything and capable of engaging in everything that is happening around him; another thing is that not everyone interests him. But in that it will interest, he quickly understands, and in all his activity there is a talent or even a divine presence; another thing is that he will not do much extra.

The afflicted Sun means a high trust of destiny towards man: he was included in both a strong and disharmonious karmic program and very much hope that he: a) will not be offended by this; b) in this program will understand; c) it will perform, or at least will make it more harmonious. In practice, this means trouble, restraint and deprivation, from early childhood, a bad relationship with the father or stepfather, or the absence of the father's figure, which is hard to survive. One of the behaviors is a hardened life, accompanied by a narrowing of consciousness, an increase in selfishness and a subsequent restriction of karmic responsibility. In another version, a person tries, on the contrary, to expand consciousness and oppose cruelties of fate with softness and kindness, pay good for evil, etc. This path often leads to self-actualization, a person finds his place in (quite difficult for him) life and avoids bitterness.

At a higher evolutionary level, a person, comprehending his bitter experience, after a while begins to understand that fate requires from him in each situation something quite certain, which often does not coincide with what he wants, but not always directly to this contradicts. Further, he understands that his first volitional impulse in any situation, as a rule, is false, but contains a rational grain that should be found, and it leads to a harmonious solution of it. Thus, a person with an affected Sun needs to learn not only to block his inappropriate and untimely initiative, but also to find a way to transform it into an acceptable or even adequate one. For this, however, it is necessary to stand on an impersonal position, i.e. objectively assess the situation and yourself in it, which is quite difficult, given the strong ambitious ambitions of the affected Sun.

In another embodiment of the program of the afflicted Sun, a person (who has sufficient energy) enters the service to a rigid egregor (previously it was called to sell the soul to the devil) and transmits the disharmonious program through himself, becoming a black teacher. Then he is thirsty for power, hatred and the thirst for destruction, which he realizes through his disciples or subjects; it is a variant of a despot or dictator endowed with a certain realizational power in a small neighborhood of his karmic program and almost completely deprived of his will-the puppet of his crystallized egregor.

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