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Moon without a course at 2019 year

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A moon without a course, a single moon or a moon in free care is a concept of practical astrology. The fastest celestial body on the earth's horizon, the Moon sometimes finds itself in such parts of its own orbit, which, although they pass inside certain zodiacal houses, do not have any contact with any of the planets in the solar system. The state of the "empty" Moon lasts for several hours sometimes, and sometimes the whole day, bringing confusion to the destinies of people and entire states.

The fact is that the Moon without a course retains and carries with it a situation related to the past aspect, it does not correspond to the current situation. After all, one favorable moment has already left, and the other has not yet come. Under the influence of the "empty" moon, a person is forced to commit acts untimely, more suitable for the time already gone.

Working with information, you can see that during this period we often get false messages. Either this information in the future does not come in handy. Suggestions that seem so tempting, with time, are not necessary, or contain deception. A "beautiful" idea - in fact, is trivial or meaningless. During the period of the idle moon, there are frequent delays in meetings, on trains and planes, confusion and confusion arise with documents, tickets. It is not necessary at this time to start important business, marry, buy houses and apartments, file documents somewhere (if you do not need them to get lost or the examination is braked). Be attentive to any calculations. City New York.

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