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Goat on the eastern horoscope

Goat on the eastern horoscope

This is probably the most capricious and selfish sign of the entire eastern horoscope. Goat is elegance itself. She is very beautiful, aristocratic, charming and amorous. She could be the most charming creature in the world, if not for her annoying, restless and willful character.

The goat is never satisfied with what has been achieved, thus leading to confusion all his surroundings. She is an invader by nature: she will take anything that badly lies, regardless of whether she needs it or not.

Goat is completely devoid of sense of time. She does not know the concept of "punctuality," she is always late and forced to wait. This indiscipline provokes great indignation from others.

A goat can be liked by others if it brings her any benefit. She never does anything just like that. If you expect help from Goat, sympathy and mutual understanding, you will never get it. Although she is very generous with those she loves. Prone to charity, willingly sharing with others, she lacks a sense of ownership.

The first phase is almost calm, which can not be said about the second period of the Goat's life, where it embarks on all sorts of adventures. She will be constantly pushed for various adventures, which can undermine her reputation. But the goat can still restore everything, and, burned, will continue to live more calmly. Old age is relatively balanced and calm.

Male Goat

This is a person prone to some self-same-heartedness. He will deal with criticism in his address in front of everyone, but it will pass in such a way that it is those around him who will say that he is the most good person in the world. If this happens, consider that you have the most kind, sympathetic and pleasant interlocutor and friend.

Flatter the male-goat - and you will understand what he is capable of to communicate with you. His attention and affection will pour on you with a real waterfall.

Woman Goat

It simultaneously combines femininity and sharpness. She is very effeminate, loves to complain, loves to be pitied and sympathized with her. She is very unscrupulous, devoid of a sense of responsibility, is weak-willed and lack of initiative. Ambitious and loves flattery.

Her children will be independent almost from the cradle. The goat will not spoil them too much, but later this will help them in later life.

Relations with other people

In the field of feelings, the goat, as a rule, often faces great problems. It will be positively affected by friendship with Rabbit and Pig. With the Horse, the Goat has a pretty strong attraction and mutual understanding. The remaining signs are almost unable to withstand the capricious and explosive nature of the Goat. Especially can not reconcile with this wave.


Kose is completely counter-indicative of commercial activities, because she does not know how to accurately and quickly formulate her thoughts and, under adverse circumstances, will remain completely at a loss.

But Goat will perfectly perform the role of the second violin. This is to her liking. Goat never plans, but does the work. If she manages to conclude an alliance with a good, skilful sign, their joint business will necessarily go up the hill.


Goat loves this event more than work. She is always ready to support any company, but she does not really like to create a team of tourists. It does not bother her. Although he will do everything so that even in a small circle of friends, she will be noticed.

Sheep - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility Sheep with Rat

Such an alliance is also highly undesirable. Relations between these two individuals are impossible because of the differences in the characters. The sheep are too carefree and dreamy to endure the excessive rationalism and criticality of the Rat. Although the Rat has a rich imagination, but it is not so stupid as to follow the cattle in search of a beautiful love.

Perhaps this will disappoint the Sheep, but there is no thin without good. A real Rat should love safety, although she is very careless and used to trust flatterers, but still knows how to stand up for herself. A sheep is used to hanging in the clouds, she always needs a patron and irritates her with attacks from the Rat. In turn, the Rat is vexed by the extravagance of the Sheep. Therefore, they can not find a common language.

Sheep Compatibility with the Bull

They are very different from each other, but complement each other with their opposites. The bull is very useful to breathe the air that surrounds the Sheep. From this, two only win. Because the dreamer Sheep is not used to think rationally, and often even allows oversights.

But next to the intelligent and prudent Bull, she will be able to buy something she has not found with others. According to the classic Chinese horoscope, they are not recommended to linger together, but we would like these two signs to fall in love and remain a water harness.

Compatibility Sheep with Tiger

The heart of the Tiger is filled with joy when he sees in the meadow a pinching grass Sheep. She bleeps plaintively, and Tiger quietly gets to her in anticipation of a delicious dinner. But it is not yet known whether he will be able to eat the Sheep. Maybe he will be fascinated by her? In love, laws are not written.

The sheep are always looking for protection from a stronger personality, and the Tiger in love will prove to be a good defender - will not want to eat his charming sacrifice. He will give her freedom and this, at first glance, will seem very strange, but in fact - this is a manifestation of sincere feelings.

Sheep also need freedom, she loves to travel and look at the stars, and Tiger will not interfere with it. She is delighted with his boldness and valor. Very cool if they have enough money in the reserve, because sheep do not know how to handle money. In this case, the Tiger sometimes can not fulfill his obligations, he only counts on the case. But they are happy and treat each other with touching affection.

Compatibility Sheep with Rabbit

This is a very good alliance, because both gravitate toward peace. Sheep can get used to everything provided that she is left with freedom and sufficient space for external actions. Rabbit is very sensitive, but not very jealous. He loves his home and can protect anyone who needs support.

Rabbit really likes the rich imagination of the Sheep, it is bound to help him go beyond the routine that sometimes hinder him. The seriousness of Rabbit and his perseverance in work will ensure them a joint subsistence minimum. The union can be shaken only in the event that the family will suffer misfortune, loss of money or will appear / distrust to each other. As a result of these alarms, the Sheep will begin to dramatize the situation, and this can lead to a divorce.

Compatibility Sheep with a Dragon

In this union there are many pros and cons. Sheep always need a patron who would protect and support her. She will unquestioningly submit to the Dragon, and all of this will only be pleased. The dragon requires adoration and wants to be irresistible, and the Sheep can not give it due honors.

Of course, she respects him, but to make compliments is not in her style. In such an atmosphere, the Dragon can simply wither. In this union it is better, if the Dragon is a man, then he can find satisfaction in the work. And if the Dragon is a woman, the Sheep will certainly do something stupid.

Compatibility Sheep with Snake

These signs understand each other, because the Snake values ​​the imagination and imagination of the Sheep, and that, in turn, the creative abilities of its flexible girlfriend. Both have developed a love for art, for beauty and harmony, which makes them very close. But not everyone of them likes to work actively, and the need for money is simply enormous.

Sheep are little adapted for this, but you can not rely too much on the Serpent: she is busy with her person. Mostly, the Serpent earns all the money only for himself and presents Sheep does very rarely.

If they were financially secured before their union, then they are still able to create something. These two mockers are used to scoff at those who work twenty-four hours a day. These two signs are born egoists. They have a great time together, but often show excessive in everything that can quickly get bored.

Compatibility Sheep with Horse

All life Horses are built from running around in a circle and overcoming obstacles. They need a struggle, continuous changes, battles for love and all sorts of surprises. Freedom-loving horses hate routine. Therefore, the instability of their behavior can not ensure a stable and harmonious life.

The horse falls in love with the Sheep boundlessly, and the Sheep can make her dance to her tune. It is this partner that is needed for a peaceful Sheep who feels safe next to the Horse. But the Horse frightens the Sheep, and she lives in constant fear that she can be left.

In this combination it is better if the man is born in the year of the Horse, and the spouse is the Sheep. In this case, they calmly conduct their farming. If in this union the predominant role is taken by a man - Sheep, this is much worse. Man - Sheep does not like to recycle. To make the alliance long-lasting, the woman - the Horse must have a decent condition.

Compatibility Sheep with Sheep

These are not very demanding people who will not terrorize a partner, so that he gets a star from the sky. Therefore, they will not disappoint each other. All their free time will be spent on the improvement of the family hearth, fill the house with a mass of elegant things and will be engaged in rearrangement until they come to real harmony.

Their life will be cheerful and easy, full of holidays and dinner parties. But you understand that life can not be an eternal holiday, and there is always a place for everyday life in it. Sheep are not very fit for work, too wasteful to save money.

Therefore, such a couple runs the risk of spending a year's savings in a few days. Well, if these people work in one sphere, then there will be no contradictions between them. But one of them, as a minimum, should have either a rich inheritance, or rich patrons. Otherwise they will fail.

Compatibility Sheep with Monkey

This is a very interesting and fun union, full of fantasy and dreamlike dreams. These people are never bored together. They spend hours in long conversations, thinking up new entertainment for themselves, planning their future lives. They play a role, as if on stage, well playing along to their partner.

The union proceeds perfectly, if they are friends, allies, like-minded persons, if they also love each other, they will achieve complete harmony. But they do not want to live together for long. If their connection is sporadic, it can last until the end of life.

They should at times rest from each other, because the Monkey is very skeptical of emotions, and Sheep constantly requires love and support. When the stormy feelings pass, Sheep are disappointed, and the Monkey can not play the role of shepherd all his life.

Compatibility Sheep with Rooster

These people have a lot in common, but they look at love and secular life differently. Sometimes they do not understand each other well. But the Sheep next to the Rooster feels completely safe, since the Rooster is used to working for everyone. Egoist - The Rooster in return will require the constant presence of the Sheep and her boundless love, which she can not give him.

The rooster will remain disappointed, and the Sheep may greatly offend - she will go to seek happiness further. An irresistible gap will arise between them, and if in this union a woman is a Rooster and a man is a Sheep, she will be tortured by endless accusations of looseness and irresponsibility. This union can be preserved only when understanding the shortcomings of a partner.

Compatible Sheep with a Dog

Often the Sheep are concerned about her present life, and the Dog is overwhelmed by doubts in the future. Both are very suspicious. Everyone needs faithfulness and truthfulness of their partner's feelings. Both are endowed with incredible pessimism, but only in various aspects. Quite frankly, these people do not fit together.

They will only inflame doubts and spoil all the nerves. The dog is too big a realist to understand the Sheep fantasies, she is serious and responsible. Such people do not understand jokes. Easy irony Sheep offends the Dog. This union can be preserved only if partners are united by the power of some mystical and spiritual teachings.

Compatibility Sheep with Pig

This union is very favorable for both signs. Pig personifies luxury and generosity, and Sheep can not resist luxury and generosity. But there is one obstacle: The sheep can not be locked in a golden cage, it must preserve freedom. And the Pig is quite happy with these conditions, she allows the Sheep to walk around where she pleases.

Sheep will be able to introduce diversity and aesthetics into the life of the Pig, to transform the mediocre luxury of her chambers into galleries of elite art. They peacefully live in their idyll, and will yield to each other. Both do not tolerate conflicts and gladly satisfy the vagaries of a partner.

But the Sheep can not be abused by the attention of the Pig, because from soft and courteous it can turn into a stern and unapproachable. Her famous aggression is not ruled out either. As always, the last word will remain for her.


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