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Human health by the signs of the zodiac

Human health by the signs of the zodiac

Studying your own horoscope is important for determining the strength and weakness of the body. With the help of medical astrology, it is possible to correctly diagnose various disorders and diseases.

For this, it is necessary to consider many factors in the birth chart that indicate possible violations in the body and, what is very important, the causes of the occurrence of certain diseases. When a person knows and understands the cause that can cause ailment, it is clear that it can be eliminated, thereby strengthening one's health.

First of all, consider the influence of the signs of the zodiac, the first when it ascends and, second, when it contains the Sun or the Moon. In this article we briefly consider the signs of the zodiac in which the Sun is located. As a result, you can see how to use the impact of this sign of the zodiac and using the simplest methods to prevent its bad influence. Each of you knows the date of his birth, hence it is clear who you are by the zodiac sign - Aries, Virgo, Leo, etc. But I want to note that this very brief analysis does not explain the nature of the diseases that are embedded in the birth chart, but is only one of the preventive methods.

Aries is a mental sign, affects first of all the head. Human health is affected by: quarrels, anxieties, nervous overexertion, caused by excitement, which takes the mind out of balance. We must try not to overwork physically or mentally. Learn to alternate the time of work and rest.

Taurus is the vital sign, it affects the heart and throat. Taurus is often prone to laziness, have a good appetite, which leads to fullness. Recommended exercise, moderation in food. You do not need haste, avoid worrying - it negatively affects your health.

Gemini is a moving sign. The respiratory tract and the nervous system are affected mainly. Excessive activity is detrimental to your nervous system.

Cancer is a weak sign that is susceptible to external conditions. The stomach is especially prone to diseases. The big drawback of this sign is the imagination, in which a person is inclined to consider himself sick and suffering from many ailments. Suspicion.

The lion is a vital sign, it controls the heart. You can not allow disorder and disorder in your life. You need to learn to lead a moderate lifestyle. Frequent stays in a disharmonious state can lead to heart disease.

Virgo is a mental sign. The most intestinal diseases are diseases. The tendency to nervous overexertion can lead the system out of balance. A very big role is played by diet. This sign pays a lot of time for work, the general state of affairs greatly affects health. People of this sign suffer greatly if their material affairs are upset or go badly.

Libra is a mental sign. The kidneys are mostly affected. Propensity to allergic diseases. Libra loves communication, so it's important to surround yourself with nice people.

Scorpio is the vital sign, controls the excretory system, affects the heart and throat. Susceptibility to infections. Avoid spicy food. Very useful are dousing with cold water, which helps maintain excretory systems in good condition.

Sagittarius is a moving sign. The hips and the nervous system often suffer. The tendency to excessive activity can lead to a weakening of health. You need to learn balance.

Capricorn is a weak sign. Often suffer knees, skin diseases. People of this sign are very susceptible to depression. Discontent, suspiciousness, impressionability - negatively affect your health. A large number of physical activities, gay companies are useful for maintaining the spirit.

Aquarius is the vital sign. Very often the nervous and cardiovascular system suffers. It is necessary to learn to suppress anxiety and anxiety, it is to them that the people of this sign are very predisposed.

Pisces is a moving sign. Have a tendency to infectious diseases. The main drawback of this sign is forgetfulness and carelessness with an inclination to take care of one's own comfort, which can cause diseases.


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