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Secrets of the birthday party. How to meet the first day of Solar.

Secrets of the birthday party. How to meet the first day of Solar.

The first day of the solar car is one of the most important days, the embodiment of the whole year. The first house in astrology is considered very carefully - it reflects our health in general, longevity, the physical body, the general direction of life, goals, etc. Therefore, on the first day of Solar, you need to set goals and goals for the year to lay the program , that you would like to realize in a year. And in all the most important spheres of life.

  • Two important factors:
  • The true birthday (Solar) may differ from the calendar day, plus or minus a few days. You need to contact an astrologer to determine the date.
  • The first day after the true Solar Birthday day, correspond with the first major house of the horoscope and the first month of the coming year, the second day from the Solar birthday is the second month and correlates with the values ​​of the second house of the horoscope, etc. It is very important to understand this esoteric relationship.
The first day of the solar

The first house of the horoscope, and accordingly the first subsequent day from the solar birthday - reflects the law of "Dharma" or duty, duties, tasks that you yourself must solve in order to evolve in a spiritual, physical and material sense. Dharma means to perform actions according to one's conscience, and at the same time feel satisfaction from your life scenario. It is necessary to strive to disclose your talents, creativity and do your favorite thing in life, because everyone knows what he wants, what he dreams about. I also recommend that you keep a diary for 12 days, and record the events of each day, your state of health, interesting incidents, and check the trends for each month.

  • Secrets of the meeting of the first day of Solar:
  • Write a plan for the year, set goals, objectives, priorities. Mentally see the "scenario for a year" and its result, without shifting the "plot" into the distant future. Visualization should be bright, realistic, pay attention to details, colors, smells, etc.
  • Visit the massage parlor, fitness club, beauty salon. The point is to pay attention to your physical body and health, it is important that you feel a surge of strength and energy.
  • It is not favorable to eat meat, alcohol, intoxicating agents. Eat salads, fruits, nuts, natural juices. Avoid stale, fatty, heavy foods. Positive emotions, good nutrition, and communication with people you love - all this will have a harmonizing effect on health, and the state of mind.
  • For example, if you decide to write a book next year, it is favorable for you to realize this action on the first day of Solar, to create conditions, and it is necessary to feel the joy and see the result. You can write an approximate plan for the book, a story - write the main thing! Your goal-directed actions, visualization and positive affirmations aimed at improving the most important spheres of life, will bring "fruits" next year.


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