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Planets in astrology

Planets in astrology

The Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are planets of outer manifestation that determine the main moments of a person's external life.

The moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune are planets that regulate the basic moments of a person's inner life. More affect the inner life of man, affect the external circumstances of human life, but more subtly.

Mercury, Chiron and Uranus are planets that connect the inner and outer life of a person, the basis of which is self-awareness and thinking, so that the manifestations of these planets are of a mental nature.

Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are the highest manifestations of Mars, Mercury and Venus, on the outer plane are perceived as an inevitable rock that can not be changed, you can only treat it differently.

The sun.
Position - in the sign of the Zodiac, the house, in relation to other planets - reflects the global purpose of the existence of this person. If the position of the sun is problematic, it means that the soul wanted to learn just such a lesson, and it was specifically embodied in this body.

  • The divine principle in man, the spark of God. Will, intention.
  • The source of creativity in man.
  • Individuality, character.
  • Consciousness and conscious behavior.
  • The source of energy in the body and the characteristics of energy that feeds the body of a given person.
  • Qualities of the physical body. Associated with father, husband, boss.

Position in the sign of the Zodiac, the house, in relation to other planets - reflects the inner world of a person, his perception of the world, his attitude towards him.

  • Relationship with the Soul and past incarnations.
  • Desires and daily needs.
  • Adaptation, habits, skills, automatic reactions.
  • Sensuality, sensuality, tolerance, endurance.
  • How to get away from the turmoil.
  • Mother, as a person perceives the image of the mother, what he is a parent. Childhood.
  • Men have a type of wife.
  • Mental health.
  • Energy distributor.
  • Restoration of forces.

Mars is associated with the allocation of mental and physical energy. The position in the sign of the Zodiac, the house, in relation to other planets-shows a purposeful use of energy. Imitates a passionate, instinctive beginning in a person that ties it with animals. It is difficult to take this beginning under control, and as a result of his anger, aggressiveness, incontinence, a person hurts himself and others.

  • The energy reserve at the disposal of a person.
  • Activity, independence, initiative, energy, passion, courage.
  • For a woman, what type of man is ideal for her.
  • Sexual impulse and potential.
  • It is associated with sharp, cutting tools, accidents, wounds, bleeding and surgical interventions.

Position in the sign of the Zodiac, the house, in relation to other planets - shows the perception of what you like: love, the desire to dress beautifully, decorate yourself, tastes, food.

  • Attitude to money and values, how developed is the sense of owning property, and how it manifests itself.
  • Comfort, safety, pleasure and happiness.

The position in the sign of the Zodiac, the house, in relation to other planets, shows the way people think.

  • Contact, speech, intelligence, information assimilation, communicability, resourcefulness, sense of humor.
  • Features of the "nervous device" of a person, reaction to various events.
  • It is associated with trade, movement, mediation, communications, and technology.

Empowerment. Acts as a distributor of energy as much as possible.

  • It is connected with distant travels, foreign affairs, emigration.
  • Higher education, jurisprudence, law, law.
  • Gives luck, protection, success, optimism, welfare, generosity, wisdom, freedom.
  • World outlook, philosophy, religion, faith.

Narrows the possibilities of man, puts limits and obstacles that can be overcome only at the cost of their adoption and concentration of efforts for a long time.

  • Rules, norms, traditions established by society.
  • State and public institutions, structures aimed at maintaining order in the society and its structures.
  • Control, conservatism, duty, patience, realism, hard work.

Chiron (intermediary between mercury and uranium).
The opportunity to realize the relationship between the inner and outer world of man. Expansion of human consciousness and as a consequence, its capabilities.

  • Duality, triplicity, confusion.
  • The ability to find solutions in desperate situations.
  • Unexpectedness, adaptability.

God's Will, Power. A huge energy that can give a huge "punching ability", which is difficult to cope with and then this force destroys the person himself. When the energy of Pluto is turned on, then because of its power it can destroy everything that is not solid on its way. Man perceives this as painful crashes.

  • Irreversible impacts, "rock".
  • Transformation. Cleaning the subconscious and everything else.
  • Power, control, big money, other people's money and property, taxes, inheritance.
  • Dangers, destruction, racketeering, manipulation, conflicts, violence.
  • Sex, magic, psychology, mystery, death premature.

God's Love. His influence dissolves, idealizes, and it is often difficult to recognize the actions of this energy. Energy is so powerful that it is difficult to deal with it constructively, namely to develop such qualities as Love, compassion, sincerity. More often a person carries away into an illusory area: fantasies, illusions, alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • Spirituality, extrasensory, intuition, depth, solitude.
  • Love, sacrifice, disinterestedness.
  • Mysticism, dreams, subconsciousness, hypnosis.
  • Vagueness, illusory, delusions, fears.
  • Artistic insights.

Divine Reason. Energy acts instantaneously, through insights, surprise.

  • Originality, unwillingness to reckon with norms and traditions, striving for freedom from conventions and independence.
  • Inventiveness, novelty, discovery, science, non-standard solutions, eccentricity, eccentricity, luck.
  • New technologies, computers, electricity, astrology.
  • Ecology, earthquakes, explosions.
  • Idealism, groups and social organizations, where people are united by a common idea, humanism, idealism, insurrection, revolution.

Proserpine (abroad of Pluto).
Global karmic changes. Acts suddenly, for the purpose of complete transformation and reorientation of the Spirit of man.

  • Life coups.
  • Cardinal restructuring.


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