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Business Astrology

Business Astrology

Live succeeding or experiencing from failure - the choice is yours. Politicians, businessmen and simply enterprising, always wishing to succeed people, often face difficulties on the way to realizing their goals, which is very distressing and gives rise to unbelief in their strength, fortune and luck.

In the "society of losers" are, as a rule, those who do not live in harmony with themselves and the outside world. When you set serious, large-scale tasks and goals, you should learn to live in harmony with the transit of planets, the aspects of which help in the successful start and completion of a project.

Public people of Western countries, among whom prominent politicians and businessmen almost all use the services of an astrologer or they themselves have the knowledge of astrology, which helps them in solving their tasks and goals.

President of the United States Ronald Reagan, constantly enjoyed the advice of personal astrologer Joan Quigley. A well-known politician tried, if possible, not to make statements in the absence of positive astrological data. At the White House, everyone knew that Reagan had held telephone conversations with her for almost every occasion.

Choosing a date for the birth of an enterprise or document - plays a big role. Thoughtlessly chosen dates, often lead to misunderstandings, the consequence of which is the failure of the conceived or is all fatal. There are periods when you should avoid making important decisions altogether, and vice versa you need to act with full force to realize your goals. Knowledge of such periods helps to avoid "acute angles" and frictions on the way to success, and for business - to avoid failure.


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