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Monkey on the eastern horoscope

Monkey on the eastern horoscope

Every fourth year is a leap year. In these years, as usual, there are many different events, including natural disasters and man-made disasters. But in these years, the human potential is increasing - perhaps that is why the Olympic games are held precisely in this period of time.

People born in the year of the Monkey, have the most impatient and wayward character. They are rather fickle. Their brains, like a computer, can take out of their corners enough small details that others simply can not remember. This is necessary precisely because her whole life is a complete mess. And yet the Monkey is a pretty clever animal. She is inventive and cunning, which helps her solve many problems with such ease that no other sign can do.

The Monkey's mood is just as vague as her life style, and if something breaks the plans (which she herself would gladly change, but only tomorrow), the Monkey can immediately get in a bad mood. Things cease to go well - and everything falls from the hands.

In society, the Monkey is the soul of the company, but this impression is often deceptive. The monkey considers itself the most intelligent and good, and behind the showy courtesy and cheerful disposition often egoistic aspirations are hidden. You may think that she appreciates your presence very much, in fact, the Monkey simply uses all that she is given other signs and does not disdain at all, for she sincerely believes that you are obliged to help her.

In the first half of life, the Monkey will not be very worried and tense, this period will pass fairly calmly. But in her mature years she will have many trials, she will go through fire, water and copper pipes and will be satisfied with this, because she has the honor to experience not only hardships, but also great joy.

Old age in Monkeys can be calm, but in terms of friends and finances there can be problems. Here or all, or nothing.

Monkey Man

This is a fairly sociable type of men. For the sake of communication they are ready to go to much, in their presence you will feel a little stiff, because Monkey does not need anything to introduce you as a paint, and in error. They are quite clever people who achieve everything with the help of active activities aimed at creating an external gloss.

Behind the monkey-man there are always two trails: one is his admirers, and the other is people who are ready to follow him to the end of the world. He is quite handsome and knows how to teach himself in the best possible way. There is always one side of his character or activity that has not been studied by people or science, and this further attracts society to him.

Monkey Woman

These are very sociable ladies who can not live without a company. They are the crown in any society.

This is their lifestyle. Without the support of friends, and their Monkey selects by its own principle, it simply can not exist. In her vocabulary, there are so many different jokes and expressions that sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to communicate with her, because not everyone is able to understand what she wanted to say.

Such a woman seldom spends evenings alone, she always has a corner where she will certainly be waited. The Monkey must have several girlfriends, and one will be devoted to some of her secrets, the other will be aware of the work cases, and the third will be her notebook where the Monkey will make all the important things so that they will not be forgotten.

Relations with other signs

In love, the Monkey is not always lucky. The reason for this is her own indifference to other signs. She has very high needs, which only the Dragon can satisfy, which will bring her her power and strength, in exchange taking away the cunning and attraction to art. The rat will depend entirely on the Monkey, because he is in love with her ears and forgives any of her shortcomings. The tiger is much stronger than the Monkey, so she should be careful not to be eaten alive. The wolf will support the Monkey with its power, but this is more a business alliance than a love affair.


A monkey is an intellectual. She always aspires to knowledge. Probably, there is no book that she would not have read. Her library is a huge collection of very different literature. The monkey quite easily gets any education that helps her on her way to a career. Of the Monkeys are obtained quite good careerists, they by any means achieve fame.

For the Monkey there is probably no such field of activity, wherever she could cope. Her life is a continuous cycle of events. Everything around her revolves with great speed, but the most interesting is that the Monkey manages to follow and follow this development very easily. Monkey, like no other, has common sense, it is quite easy to move up the career ladder, if to it nobody in particular interferes.


This is a fairly wide field of activity for the Monkey. Monkey likes to rest with chic and shine. In her society, you'll be spinning at the same speed as the hostess of the celebration, which is how the Monkey feels and feels wherever she is.

A monkey is a sign most at risk. They most often end their lives not by their own death. An example of this are well-known people: J. Bruno, G. Rasputin and N. Makhno.

Monkey - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility Monkey with Rat

It is better for such people to avoid meeting each other. This would save them trouble. Such a union is too heavy a burden, although they love the complexities and sometimes artificially create them. In many respects they are similar.

They are able to have fun and quietly strive for power. Each of them considers himself stronger than the enemy; but this is not true. If they are friends, then their friendship is not stable, it's a kind of competition.

In love, things are different, the rationalist The monkey does not want to follow Rat forever. She does not know how to give in to the passion that the Rat so needs. At best, the Monkey will shower the Rat with compliments, and then become cold and indifferent. A rat can not stand Monkey games, this connection can be fatal.

Compatibility Monkeys with the Bull

The monkey is too dynamic and skittish, and therefore it is difficult for the Bull to keep up with it. He will quickly fall behind. He will lose his vigilance and forget about his incredulity, watching the charming dance of his tailed girlfriend. The monkey is the most original sign of the Chinese horoscope. She will be able to notice that the Bull is a balanced and interesting partner, which she so lacks in life.

The only thing their characters agree on is that they are both not sentimental, love does not take their first place in their life, and that is why they will be very happy when they meet a partner who does not know jealousy and does not speak incomprehensible words about love. Their union is favorable for both marriage and business. In tandem, they will be very dangerous, and no one will want to cheat with them.

Compatibility Monkey with Tiger

Despite its adventurism, the Tiger is not as cunning as the Monkey. He respects the freedom of the partner and loves clarity in the relationship. The monkey likes to pursue two hares, she has got used to like all and can not refuse to itself in this weakness. She used to adjust, and all the time trying to slip away from the Tiger. This is his very annoying.

A monkey is a mocker and loves to mock the weaknesses of people. Of course, she can not be indifferent to the delightful Tiger and can not resist the temptation to tug at his mustache. In this case, the Tiger is waiting for the moment when the Monkey falls asleep to eat it. This union is possible only if both show maximum restraint.

Compatibility Monkey with Rabbit

The monkey is clever and clever, knows how to deftly manage the situation, but loves from time to time rest from family ties, counting on understanding Rabbit. Sometimes, to get out of the predicament, Rabbit becomes tricky.

It is not necessary for the Monkey to advise Rabbit to become more flexible and agile, he absolutely does not need it. Their union can achieve an incredible harmony in intimacy, where there will be no place for others. These signs are very interested in each other, they do not have a desire to start a partner on the side.

In business, misunderstandings may arise between them, because the Hare does not like to violate principles, and the Monkey has become accustomed to evil jokes and can provoke a scandal with her irritability. Such actions will cause criticism of Rabbit, which can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Compatibility of the Monkey with the Dragon

They are very suitable for each other. For hours they can philosophize together. And yet, their relationship lacks depth, although they think otherwise. They should think about living together in advance. The Monkey has every opportunity to seduce the Dragon and keep him, because the Monkey is so fidgety, knows how to give out fiery compliments, and sometimes even respectfully remain silent.

This she conquers the Dragon, and she has a chance to keep him near him. The dragon, disinterested and airy, will be able to capture the Monkey and cause her a wave of admiration. Between them there is no rivalry, on the contrary, they value each other. This helps them to succeed and trail around many foreign observers. But everything else is a matter of time.

Compatibility Monkey with Snake

It is a wonderful intellectual Union. Both signs are the most gifted in the whole Chinese horoscope. These people perfectly adapt to the circumstances, they easily think and quickly find a way out of all situations. They complement each other. Because a more agile Monkey can give the Serpent a depth of feeling.

In professional terms, they will give each other many crazy and interesting ideas, which promises great opportunities. Here they are inseparable from each other. In the emotional aspect, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. The monkey is the only sign that can crush the Serpent.

But Snake, does not apply to those who will swallow themselves. In this case, the Serpent will not insist that the Monkey stay with her for a long time. She will try to find herself a worthy sacrifice. Their mutual faithfulness is not too long-lived, but they can always remain good friends, which is much more profitable for them both.

Compatibility Monkeys with a Horse

Between these signs there are difficulties of mutual understanding. The monkey lives by passion, giving it all itself, and the Horse - common sense, avoiding any traps on the way. She can not be attached to a changeable monkey.

Sympathy, which first arises between them, will quickly disappear. Sincere Horse tries to help the Monkey to find a balance, but the Monkey will only laugh, because she thinks her quick friend is shortsighted and naive.

For its part, the Horse does not tolerate sharp jumps and in the behavior of the Monkey begins to notice the cold calculation. Probably, they are too demanding to each other, but there's nothing to be done. Such an alliance is very rare, even at the first meeting the Horse and the Monkey behave extremely reserved and suspicious.

Compatibility of Monkey with Sheep

This is a very interesting and fun union, full of fantasies and dreamlike dreams. These people are never bored together. They can chat for hours, inventing new entertainment and planning a further life. They play a role, as if on the stage well playing along to their partner.

The union proceeds perfectly if they are friends, allies, like-minded people, and if they also love each other, they will achieve complete harmony. True, they do not want to live together for a long time. If their connection is sporadic, it can last until the end of life.

They should at times rest from each other, because the Monkey is skeptical about emotions, and Sheep constantly requires love and affair. When stormy feelings pass, Sheep remain disappointed, and the Monkey can not play the role of a shepherd all his life.

Compatibility Monkey with Monkey

The joint life of these two tailed friends to a good will not. Their relationship is absolutely devoid of development and, therefore, can not be interesting and easy. They are too clever, perspicacious, to compete with each other.

Of course, they can use their knowledge and apply such an alliance for effective work. After all, they understand each other well and can support in a difficult moment. Such businessmen will go far, and they will be interested in work and fun. Of course, it is better to have a common goal, then the union is possible for a long time.

Compatibility Monkey with Rooster

These signs can understand each other, but only superficially. A clever and cunning monkey in many ways complements the sincere and honest Cock. Although secretly still can not refrain from criticism. The monkey begins to abuse the naive Rooster, and he does not even notice.

He will open his mouth with admiration, looking at the circus tricks of the Monkey, and only after that he will start to take a closer look. From his eyes, the superficiality of the Monkey does not escape, and this can cause great conflicts, because people tend to notice the shortcomings of others more often than their own.

They will always have difficulties that they will not want to admit. This will constantly stir up antagonism between them, rivalry, for which there will be enough of the slightest excuse. In addition to the love of secular life, these people absolutely nothing connects. After the ball at home quarrels will begin.

Compatibility Monkey with a Dog

Both signs are too critical and cynical. They do not create illusions in relation to each other. Both are trying to pinch their partner as thinly as possible. The dog is too big an idealist and can not connect his life to the Monkey because of moral disagreements.

And the Monkey, in turn, is too cunning and can not understand how one can be so disinterested and detached from the real world. Of course, the union can survive if, for example, the Dog and the Monkey were brought up for a long time together, but there will be no love in this union - the dog will usually remain disappointed, but this is not recognized by anyone.

Gradually, she will accumulate a lot of grievances against the Monkey and sooner or later splash out the accumulated. The monkey, because of his lack of principles and frivolity, will miss everything by his ears and simply will not notice beside himself the enraged Dog. It will start to get bored, and nothing will deter her troubled soul near the boring and furious Dog.

Compatibility of Monkey with Pig

Probably, the Pig is the only animal that can manipulate the Monkey's instincts and thus disarm it. Pigs are so loyal that they display royal patience. Actions Monkeys can not surprise them at all.

They want from the Monkey only understanding and believe in higher feelings. Sometimes, however, the Pig begins to doubt: Is the monkey a sage or just crazy?

In this alliance the Monkey falls, as if in a trap. She does not cease to ask herself whether the Pig is sincere or what caused her generosity. The monkey will not be able to hurt the pig and will become a little cleaner next to it. She will keep looking more closely at her and, in the end, decide that the Pig is not so bad. In fact, the Pig is not so naive, she knows the goals pursued.


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