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Horse on the eastern horoscope

Horse on the eastern horoscope

She is very unbalanced, so often one can lose what was acquired with great difficulty. In general, the Horse is cheerful, talkative, sentimental, loves bright and grandiose spectacles. Since the Horse is very fickle, she quickly gets tired not only from any job, but even from love. Although, after a little sip of fresh air, she returns to normal.

The egoism of the Horse is quite famous. She does not pay attention to anything if she needs something. The horse will step even through itself. But it also suffers in the first place. The Horse has few loyal friends, as she often pushes them off.

The horse is very hardworking. It will turn the mountains just like that, only out of a desire to put its efforts to any cause. If the Horse is doing something, it will be a long time. She will spend hours at work, not noticing that it is high time to stop her selfless activities.

The first two phases of the life of the Horse are fickle. Most often in this period, she leaves her family, and it comes out to her sideways. All her adult life will be no less stormy. The horse will survive many different events, but it is she who herself predicts. To old age, she becomes more peaceful, lives out her time in peace.

Male Horse

In the family, the male-horse occupies a dominant position. All in the literal sense of the word will revolve around him. A male horse will not sit without work - and make others work hard.

He is very ambitious and will not allow anyone to laugh at himself. If you dare to offend him or disappoint him, get a "hoof" in the back. He will not, of course, touch the stronger enemy, but not because he is afraid, but because he knows how long such a struggle can continue, and he does not want to communicate with someone for long, even in terms of war.


Pretty beautiful and statnaya, trying to behave according to its appearance - and its beauty, and refinement can sometimes use to achieve this goal. Since she has a very strong ambition, she never listens to other people's advice and always acts as she pleases. Her stubbornness often turns against herself - and this can further enrage the woman-horse.

For her children she is a real ideal, that's just where did they get this? Their mother cares more for herself than for them, but the manifestation of her affection is regarded by them as a holiday.

In the cycles of the years, the ancients singled out more or less happy years, the strength of this tradition also affects today. For example, in Japan in 1966, and this was the year of the Fire Horse, it was predicted that girls born this year would be very unhappy, because according to the belief, a man who married a woman born in the year of the Horse and Fire would die violent death.

Relations with other people

A loving Horse is capable of very much. When she is in love, her passion is so great that the Horse endures all the whims of her object of adoration and tolerates injections from all sides from those around her.

Relations with Goat will be positive. The Horse and the Goat will always be together, even in the most dangerous situation. The changeable and capricious nature of Goat will not be able to destroy this alliance. Good business ties develop with the Dog and the Tiger. Categorically contraindicated communication with the Rat, especially if both - women.


For the Horse both physical and mental work is suitable. She can make an excellent career in the political arena. A horse by nature is very intelligent, she has an excellent intuition, so the fruits of her activities will be enjoyed by many, although she does it only for herself, after all, not without reason she is a born egoist. A horse is a big hard worker, so in financial affairs she is lucky.

If the Horse achieves something, it is due to its head and capacity, not dexterity or cunning. It is still better for her to be a partner than a leader. Making a career in the political arena, she will pull the strap, to which many will gladly join, wishing to share her fame.


This for the Horse is part of her job, because the Horse is always on the alert. Even relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the past week, she will not risk her position. The horse always looks after its appearance - and it gives her real pleasure. Therefore, she often, instead of spending several hours in the company, will visit the salon or sauna.

Every 60 years (1906, 1966, 2026, etc.) comes the year of the Fire Horse. This is the year when the instincts of a real mustang are awakening in it. Catastrophes and accidents often happen to people born in such a year.

Horse - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility Horses with Rat

These people are somewhat similar to each other. In their love they can do a lot of stupid things. But the Rat is always guided by common sense and even in the midst of feelings he listens to the voice of reason. The horse is not like that, it does not have a sense of proportion. In her love she sees no boundaries, she does not think about anything, rushing into the fire of desire.

In the depths of the soul, the Rat condemns the ardor of the Horse, she considers it light-minded, and the Horse thinks that she is not understood. At first glance, both are right, and yet it is better for them to refrain from intimate relations.

Compatibility Horses with the Bull

This is not a very good combination, because both are egoists who do not want to understand each other. It's hard to hold the Fingering Horse in place, and the Bull is used to slowly trailing along the beaten path. They have a different life rhythm, so it is very difficult to cross their paths.

If they still get acquainted, only the good will of the Bull saves. From this union the Horse will not become happier, she is very selfish, temperamental, needs passionate love and proof of affection for her. And the Bull with its slow reaction will be for her colder than ice.

Without even noticing it, he will scare off a beautiful animal. The tragedy will end with the Horse wishing to communicate with someone, because she loves society, and the Bull is used to being alone, and will not want to make a company. He will hear just how the lock closes.

Compatibility Horses with Tiger

They are two enthusiasts, together they can move the mountains. In their connection, everything goes well, provided that the Tiger does not pay attention to the egoism of the Horse. In the foreground, she always wants, but if she is in love, the business takes a different turn. Better if their union is based on mutual feeling, then the Tiger will not have time to think about the strange behavior of the Horse.

In other cases, the Tiger can grasp a quick disappointment, since the Horse does not see its shortcomings and is so convinced of its own right that it is difficult for her to explain anything. The horse is always sure that he cares not only about himself, but also about the partner. In fact, this is not so. In relation to the Horse, the Tiger is more liberal. But in case of conflict, a dispute can reach the tragedy. The horse is getting on its heels, and the Tiger is getting angry.

Compatibility Horses with Rabbit

The union can be successful. Rabbit will deeply love the Horse, and this love will make it softer. In the opinion of the Horse, Rabbit is sentimental and romantic, the passion of the Horse will seem to him irresistible. After all, Rabbit often hesitates, he can not flaunt his virtues, so will provide the opportunity for the Horse to take the first step.

The horse will enchant the Rabbit, but the further life will be complicated, because the Horse is inclined to changeability, can in a hurry to say a few harsh words. In such a situation, Rabbit will feel guilty and begin to fawn in front of the Horse.

This union is very useful for both: Rabbit calms the Horse, and it gives dynamics to Rabbit. Rabbit should not restrain her friend when she wants to frolic on the loose. Reasonable advice from a partner may seem to her just a prison.

Compatibility Horses with a Dragon

These people are united by a sense of enthusiasm and a fire of struggle. They are easy to imagine by allies, both in sports competitions and in adventures. They always have common goals and, therefore, there are practically no problems in the union. It is much more difficult if the Dragon is a woman, because she demands unquestioning worship and constant signs of attention.

Horses are very selfish, they do not always have time to engage in the state of the soul of their partner. The dragon will try to curb the naughty Horse, and this can lead too far. If a woman is a Horse, then this is much better. The dragon will not eat his beautiful girlfriend, but will give her scope for action.

Compatibility Horses with Snake

Often a Horse falls in love with the Serpent, and remains faithful to it. In this case, the Snake creates an atmosphere that the Horse does not feel enslaved. She retains the illusion of freedom. Of course, this is just a delusion, in fact, Snake takes his freedom-loving girlfriend a death grip.

Philosopher - The snake never worries and is not interested in someone else's opinion. She thinks only of her own interests. In this union, it will turn into a whip, made of the skin of a boa constrictor, which is driven in the circus horses.

Of course, the unsurpassed egoism of the Horse can push her to madness, and she will leave the Serpent. But Snake is not at all difficult to replace a partner, although this is an exciting and favorable union, especially in its beginning. The snake blinds the Horse with its passion, and in any situation they can make peace.

Compatibility Horses with a Horse

This union is favorable for those who are used to a bright and passionate atmosphere. A couple of freedom-loving animals like to create a lot of noise around themselves. Their connection arises immediately, without any difficulties, and is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere.

Such relationships can last for many years, their love will remain blind. Although sometimes they begin to see and see in the partner features, they are not pleasant. It is at such moments that the Horses spoil relations. None of them will not yield. It is difficult for them to change the nature of their partner.

For the Horse, love is like madness, and they can not be different. Disappointed, the horses immediately part. Keep them together can only strong family bonds and children. In this case, even with the biggest disagreements, they keep their alliance.

Compatibility Horses with Sheep

The whole life of horses is built from running to the circle and overcoming obstacles. They need a struggle, continuous changes, battles for love. Freedom-loving horses hate routine. Instability of behavior can not provide them a stable and harmonious life.

The horse falls in love with the Sheep boundlessly, and the Sheep can make her dance under her tune. It is this partner that is needed for a peaceful Sheep who feels safe next to the Horse. However, the Horse frightens the Sheep, and she lives in constant fear that she will be left.

In this combination it is better if the man is born in the year of the Horse, and the spouse is the Sheep. In this case, they are quietly running the farm. If the main role is taken by a man - Sheep, it is much worse. Man - Sheep does not like to work much. In order for their union to be lasting, the woman - the Horse must have a decent condition.

Compatibility Horses with Monkey

Between these signs there are difficulties of mutual understanding. The monkey lives by its passions, giving itself up entirely, and the Horse by common sense, bypassing all the traps in its path. She can not be attached to a changeable monkey. Sympathy, which first arises between them, quickly passes.

Sincere Horse tries to help the Monkey to find a balance, but it only makes her laugh. The monkey considers her quick-witted girlfriend short-sighted and naive. For its part, the horse does not tolerate sharp turns. In the behavior of the Monkey, she begins to notice the cold calculation.

Perhaps they are too demanding about each other. Such a union is very rare, even at the very first meeting, the Horse and the Monkey behave extremely reserved and suspicious.

Compatibility Horses with Rooster

This union has a chance to fail. These people try to look better and are used to taking care of their appearance. For them, the opinion of others is very important, they are picky and touchy, especially Rooster. In their relationship, there is a kind of competition, where everyone tries to be the first. First time it really hinders, but love can not defeat emotions.

In addition, their similarity does not contribute to deepening relations, but, on the contrary, hinders. The horse will be annoyed when the Rooster dissolves the tail in public. They will get on each other's nerves. The silence between them will be prolonged, and, as is known, both partners need communication, so it will be necessary to seek communication on the side.

Compatibility Horses with a Dog

At first glance, two completely different people find traits in each other that they would like to see in themselves. The dog is very skeptical, generous, and the Horse is selfish, trustful and enterprising. But this does not give them no confidence.

Friendship gradually turns into a solid union, in which they do not question the feelings of a partner. They do not seek to command and do not criticize each other, unless the Horse first makes a mistake. In this union everyone lives his own life, and no one interferes with each other.

The idealistically tuned Dog pays a lot of time to his friends, so she does not have time to follow the Horse, and the Horse is quite happy with it. And both are happy. Horses should not suspect the Dog of infidelity - if something hurts her, everything can end tragically.

Compatibility Horses with Pig

Both signs are honest, and they love an easy and pleasant life. The pig is too naive and does not see anything selfish in the actions of the Horse, but one can not rely only on the sleeping Pig. If she is injured, she is defended to the last breath. The horse chooses another tactic. She philosophically and patiently treats her interesting partner.

Both are sensual and inventive. A pig likes the Horse, and it tries to keep it near itself. But this union will not do without friction, because the Horse needs lonely walks, and the Pig does not understand this.

In addition, the Horse is a born egoist, she likes everything to belong only to her. If the Pig shows its independence and simple-mindedness, the Horse will become instantly jealous. In this regard, it is very difficult for them to adapt to each other.


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