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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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☽ Moon in the houses of the lunar horoscope

Ruler Moon

☽ MOON. Symbolizes the subconscious; more precisely, the Moon represents the general background of the subconscious, what is called the lower, or, more correctly, actual "I" of man, i.e. programs of behavior and response that provide life in the biological and social environment.

A person is conscious to a very small degree, even if one does not mean an evolutionary, but a rational consciousness; we are aware of only a small part of our actions and perceptions (and, consequently, controlled by consciousness). Therefore, the Moon, perhaps the most important planet in the horoscope; at least if the Sun on the map can be practically not included, then it is impossible with respect to the Moon. The moon determines the vital and social needs that everyone has; it relates to habits that often go away in early childhood, the characteristics of nutrition, rest, physiology, sex life in its "material" part, ie, the one that has to do with the functions and appearance of the physical body. The moon defines the relation to a woman as a mother (ie, as a carrier or conductor of the universal female yin) and attitude towards women in general, in general, that subconscious image of the feminine element that develops in man. The moon has a direct relationship to the mother (or mother figure) at the beginning of a person's life, when the formation of the basic programs of his subconsciousness, especially the most fundamental ones, his life position and general attitude to the world took place. In adulthood, the Moon determines the attitude of the man to those women in whom he is not in love (excluding direct sexual acts, when the moon is included necessarily) and his natural reaction to them; in a woman's horoscope, the Moon determines her general behavior in situations where she feels like a woman, but not much in love (in the latter case, Venus is activated). It is not only relationships with men, but also behavior in a house where it is realized as a mistress, and the upbringing of children, especially in those moments when it supports and shapes their Moon, i.e. feeds, puts to sleep, protects from threats of the external world and forms social programs.

The moon symbolizes the world that a person regards as his own, where he feels secure and behaves at ease, including the Child's hypostasis (according to E. Berne). Aspects of the Moon determine the size of this world - from an almost negative value in the case of a strong defeat to almost the whole universe in a harmonious position, "who soup is not dense, and who has pearl chalk", "not born beautiful, and born happy" - these sayings are accurate correspond to the division of mankind into parts, starting from different positions of the moon. The moon defines the general subconscious sense of protection from evil destiny (if there is a harmonious aspect), or, conversely, doom and terrible fate (with pure defeat); it also determines the level of subconscious religiosity and fatalism (the higher it is, the more the Moon is aspected), which the average person extends not only to himself, but also to the rest of the world.

Aspects of the Moon define such subconscious addictions, habits and abilities of a person that he perceives as taken for granted and with great difficulty assimilates that other people can be arranged differently: he constantly feels that this can not be and that they really are skillfully (or not) pretend.

The moon introduces us to the kingdom of Sigmund Freud, it gives the keys to the unconscious, affirming psychological determinism (ie Freud's thesis that any external action, and in particular, apparently random, has a clear subconscious motivation) and directing repression , compensation and sublimation along well-defined channels (they depend on the position and aspects of the moon). The moon, determining both everyday behavior and the life of the subconscious, makes it possible to judge the second by the first and, among other things, correct one another, which is used so far by half: it is well known that when solving their psychological problems, the person decides both domestic and reverse The impact is no less effective, although much less studied; However, careful cleaning of the apartment can sometimes give no less results than half a year of psychoanalysis.

The moon is responsible for the functional health (and disabilities) of the human body and for the overall mental health of the person, and often sacrifices the second for the first. This mechanism of transferring psychological and external problems directly to the physical body (somatization) is very poorly understood, but it is completely universal and operates permanently in all people; just a physical body is arranged with such perfection that it often manages to overcome the illness imposed on it from the "side". In the same cases, when he is unable to do this, symptoms of internal organs and control systems appear. The moon determines the ways of somatization and functional disorders that arise when the person's wrong mental life, which suppresses and pushes his problems deep into the subconscious, ie. gives to the moon. This is a dangerous path, for each problem (karmic) must be solved at its own level, and a problem that can be solved by honest deduction into consciousness and with very little subsequent experiences and actions, can lead to a very difficult, first functional, and then and organic disease. On the other hand, there is the possibility of a reverse effect on the psyche (and karma) through the proper treatment of the physical body. All kinds of naturopathic drugs, the purpose of which is to connect the body to the four elements and the two lower kingdoms (minerals and plants), i.e. solar and air baths (fire and air), water procedures (water), therapeutic mud (land and water), walking barefoot, herbal treatment, massage, special gymnastics (hatha yoga, etc.), pranayama and much more can not only cure a physical illness, but also to balance certain disharmonious karmas and mental life that caused it. However, these possibilities are limited: as a being to a certain extent almost conscious, a person basically has to solve his spiritual problems as such, and not with the help of cold wiping, although the latter in no way harms the first, and sometimes does help.

The moon is the main deceiver of man and the human race. It took the whole genius of Freud's insight, energy and diligence and a strong overripe of the problem of sexual emancipation in order to convince the world of the existence of the subconscious and its significance for man; However, it can not be said that the moon could be brought to the surface: until the role of the subconscious in human life is accurately depicted, the Moon will continually hide behind the clouds. There is no natural antithesis to the Moon as the principle of the subconscious: the Sun represents the will (equally conscious and unconscious), Saturn has to do with wisdom, Mercury to rational thinking ... and the planet, which symbolizes consciousness itself, is not provided for in heaven. The action of the moon is like the action of evening twilight: it smooths, lubricates sharp corners, removes one's eyes, replaces one, makes black and white gray ... when it considers it necessary. We must understand that this way the Moon disguises the depths of his own subconscious for the person - but this does not mean that there is something vague and indefinite there. On the contrary (especially with a strong Moon), internal beliefs and deep subconscious programs are often extremely clear and specific, to primitiveness, which is extremely surprising to the owner when, as a result of psychoanalysis, he gets access to them. "And how could this stupid program (thought, conviction) manage me for so many years?" The man sincerely perplexed. And this is the secret of the moon, which mankind will not be able to solve soon ...

In the outer plan, the Moon symbolizes the social subconscious; in the personal horoscope, the Moon shows the attitude of man to his people, to the very idea of ​​the people and people in general, and, conversely, the attitude of the corresponding egregor to man, in particular, the external circumstances of his life, conditioned by the specifics of his inclusion in public life. In an adult, the unprocessed Moon only gives interest to one's home and children; study leads to the fact that this interest gradually begins to include the problems of raising children in general, the formation of morality, popular education and culture, planetary and national identity. The instinctive sense of belonging to the egregor and the need to serve it is felt for the first time and is brought up in the child's family, where he gradually comprehends the unwritten laws of his first egregor in life, and here the Moon plays a major role; However, relations with other egregores (including the egregore of the future family where the person is a parent) are largely built in the same way, so in the relationship of man with the homeland the main role is played by the Moon (and not by the Sun, which the generals sometimes want so much and leading politicians). If a person did not like his parents as a child, he would not be able to love his motherland either, but she would be his stepmother: the latter, however, does not mean that he will not be faithful to the grave. The moon determines the person's well-being in that maximal group, which he still feels his own, i.e. his relationship with the broadest social egregore, which is accessible to him and to which he serves (ie, not indifferent). This, depending on the evolutionary level, can be a family, a village, a land, a country, a planet. The moon is closely connected with instinctual religiosity and with a sense of religious community, i. E. it determines the relationship between a person and his religious egregore. Thus, a weak moon gives a truly unbeliever, a person who finds it harder than others to feel God in his soul.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the Moon establishes the general attitude of man to social and religious moments; the specific circumstances of his external life and behavior in appropriate situations are mainly determined, respectively, by Venus and Neptune, and the Moon serves as a permanent background.

An important function of the moon is that it is a censor of the subconscious, i.e. filter, through which the information passes from the subconscious to consciousness. Any circumstances recognized by a person are subject to this censorship, regardless of whether they come from the lower or higher layers of the psyche. If you start a religious vision and you are the Virgin Mary or other saints in all your spiritual greatness or external splendor, it means that you have increased energy and you have access to previously unattainable layers of the subtle world, but does not mean that the vision should be interpreted in its direct meaning: it may well be that the censorship of the subconscious has wiped off the characteristic tail of one of the actors and brightened the black halo of the other person ...

The moon is also a common social-behavioral filter, i.e. ensures that man's manners and behavior are socially acceptable or unacceptable, depending on the aspects. (A much more rigid and specific such filter is the ascendant.)

The development of the moon goes along two lines - internal and external, i.e. in the direction of comprehension and mastery of his subconscious and in the direction of expanding the scope of his essential perception in the external world; The moon determines the true level of egocentrism.

At the first (lowest) level of working out the moon, a person is a true egocentric, i.e. serves exclusively to himself, the egoic egregor. Other people and collectives interest him only insofar as they facilitate or hinder the satisfaction of his desires. In this case, he can take part in family or social life, but in any case pulls, so to speak, a blanket to himself, ignoring the interests of others. In this case, a person usually identifies himself with his desires, considering them as manifestations of his essence; the subconscious is presented to him as an insignificant appendage of the physical body, which helps him to function. At this level, the Moon is dimensionless, i.e. generates desires a little (or much) faster than a person satisfies them. At the same time, a person is essentially interested in three points: the assertion of a life position and the satisfaction of material and sexual needs; and the vital position is quite primitive, but it supports the current (narrow egocentric) level of consciousness, for example: "all people are swine", "no one can be trusted", etc.

At the second level of working out the moon, a person perceives the vital interests of the people closest to him (usually family members) as their own, i.e. is included in the minimal (eg, family) egregor. Everything that happens outside his family interests him insofar as he is directly concerned, but this is a much wider range of essential interests than at the first level of working out the moon. The second level is typical for the mother of the family, living the life of her children and seeing the world through their eyes: together with the elder she overcomes grammar of the third class, with the younger at this time learns to walk, etc. At this level, a person learns to clearly distinguish his personal desires and needs from those arising under the influence of the family egregore and aimed at maintaining the family; the latter appear sacred at this level, to some irritation of those around who are not included in the egregor and, therefore, for people not perceived, i.e. not endowed with the right of independent real existence. At this level, a person learns to regulate his inner life in a certain way, in particular, to suppress his personal desires in favor of the desires broadcast by the outer egregore, which is subjectively experienced as a certain sacrifice, but not the heaviest: "its burden does not draw." In the life position, the interests of the family appear here: "my house is my fortress", etc. The civil position at this level is not yet noticeable, regardless of what is proclaimed in words.

At the third level of working out the moon, a person personally perceives the interests of several groups, including people directly not associated with it. Now he knows by his own experience what it means to burn at work and become a slave not of one's desires, but of the interests of a group that sometimes sacrifices them, offering nothing in exchange for moral satisfaction ... strangely enough, the latter sometimes suffices. At this level, people sometimes become faced with an existential choice, different from the dilemma of "egoism-altruism". before a situation where the fate of two people (or groups), equally close to him, depends on his behavior, and the gain of one leads to the loss of the other and vice versa, and he is ill in any case. In the inner life, the person, accordingly, discovers conflicting subconscious programs, which he can not attribute to different levels of evolutionary development and thus give one of them a decisive preference. At this level, from the depths of the essence, a vague and then more and more distinct feeling emerges from the depths of the essence: that the person is responsible for his actions and intense thoughts and desires, and that there are external and internal situations that are prepared (by him or others) by years of disharmonious actions and of which therefore there is not and can not be an acceptable way out; as a result, a person begins to practically learn how to control the subconscious and understand its structure. At this level, the civil feeling is still in its infancy and is still very vague, although the mental interest in history and pride of its people (more precisely, vanity) can already be formalized.

At the fourth level of moon exploration, a person connects to large egregors (nations, countries, planets) and directly participates in appropriate karmic programs. This is often (but not necessarily) popular heroes: military leaders are the leaders of national liberation movements, writers, poets, religious figures who have felt and expressed the people's aspirations. Their names are remembered by the people for a very long time, even when the memory of their deeds is practically erased. However, their very existence symbolizes the moments of unity and constructive activity of the national egregor, and this is precisely what keeps people's memory emotional, but short-lived for information. In the field of inner life, at this level of working out of the moon, a person is able to completely abandon personal desires in favor of the needs of his ethnos; Unfortunately, national commanders and preachers usually do not have time to study the programs of their subconscious; otherwise they might discover a lot of interesting things in this area. In particular, at this level, consciousness programs are accessible to those personal subconscious programs that directly affect large social egregores. If such a person retires to the hermitage and engages in self-improvement, putting in order and cleaning his subconscious, then the impact on the outside world will be no less than if he became the head of a large state, and the difficulties would be even greater. It is only at this level that one can speak of a real civic feeling, the latter not depending on the will of man, and also on whether his development and work are external or internal.

The moon symbolizes the child's image of the mother and the adult image of a woman in whom a man seeks moral support and wants to put her head on his shoulder, and the woman sees the ideal of an experienced elder sister who can tell everything and ask anything. The moon is also a symbol of his people (variants: family, group, humanity) and his home, not the present one, but the very one from a happy childhood, bright, cozy, with reliable walls and dalits, or hyacinths on a green lawn - if The moon stands harmoniously, and with opposite epithets in case of its defeat.

The moon governs Cancer, and it symbolizes the property of the human subconscious that all possible forms of energy and information are involved and intrinsically influenced by it, but little comes out of it back in the form of thoughts and reactions. The position of the moon also characterizes the general features of human perception; A strong moon can compensate for the absence of planets in female signs. Domination in Cancer gives the Moon the depth of penetration into the human soul, which is manifested in many ways in the most "base" habits and behavioral peculiarities of the egocentric type (the Child's hypostasis). The insidiousness of Cancer is also manifested in the properties of the Moon, which fools a person for his own sake (as it understands it), and, controlling Cancer, the Moon manages and the general emotional background of human life ...

The culmination of the Moon in Taurus symbolizes the fundamental role of the subconscious in human life and the difficulty of the task of its restructuring. Simultaneously, this culmination shows that all subconscious programs rely not on a subtle world (although the latter is also significant), but on the most natural earthly reality embodied in dense forms. As the evolutionary growth of man, the values ​​of the subconscious and the very concept of dense forms gradually transform and subtle, but very slowly: the mind is too frivolous and mobile, the lunar wisdom of its ancestors is simply obliged to hold its trace-where, hasten, hasten? But hurry - people make fun of.

The situation of the Moon on a national scale arises at the moments of unity of an ethnos, on national and religious holidays or wars. The moon also reigns on peaceful family dinners and, together with Mars, leads family scenes (Venus in its lower octave takes part in the scenes of jealousy). The moment of the triumph of the Moon comes when the mother teaches her daughter the art of behavior in society and especially with young people; here romance surprisingly neighbors with extreme cynicism.

The moon governs life's needs and their satisfaction, so it always turns on in moments of food (and hunger) and sexual acts; in the latter takes part Venus, but mostly in the first phases (courtship and prelude), while the identity of the partner is not yet significant. The moon is strongly included on all kinds of hen parties and in women's groups, when topics such as the birth and upbringing of children, pregnancy and protection from it, clothing, cooking, the way of life, attitude to men and husband management, etc. are discussed. The moon also manages that girl's friendship that breaks up after marriage. In the male society, the Moon (much less often Venus) is included when a specific conversation arises about women, where the main role is played by anatomical or physiological details.

The moon is also an important actor in sessions of psychoanalysis (professional and home), where she in every way (but plasticly) resists revealing the truth by camouflaging subconscious programs, lubricating sharp angles, giving white black or gray, etc. It should, however, be remembered that the Moon determines only the fundamental needs and the general background of the subconscious; its other content is formed by the rest of the planets.

The person of the Moon is under the strong influence of his subconscious, which is often manifested in a pronounced emotionality, which it is difficult (and not very desirable) for him to learn to control. If the Moon is not badly affected, it gives excellent adaptability to the external environment and a strong existential sense: a person has an almost constant feeling that he lives, whatever he does, but especially when meeting his needs. No one else can eat with greater feeling than a man of the Moon, it gets to the point of indecency, especially if the Moon stands in a female sign. In general, cultivation, excitement and satisfaction of life (so-called inferior) needs is a great temptation for the man of the Moon, for he can easily and freely devote his life to it, and then it will fly (for him) completely unnoticeably, especially if the Moon stands harmoniously. A man of the Moon easily becomes a slave to his desires and habits, and it is extremely difficult for him to refuse and to wean. But he is very receptive and intuitive, especially with regard to vital and emotional moments, and, if the Moon is not greatly affected, with surprising ease adapts to people; their desires as though by themselves become (on time of dialogue) its desires. However, this adaptation goes in a background fashion; in specific situations and situations where other planets are heavily included, it may not be felt. This constant adjustment on the surrounding makes the person of the Moon strongly dependent on them; Therefore, he develops certain programs of general protection, usually expressed in the fact that a person wears one or another mask, i.e. forms an artificial image of himself for others, with fairly rigid manners; for close friends usually there is a mask softer, but the essence (ie, the depth of the subconscious) is closed very carefully (from early childhood), and it is not easy to penetrate it. This requires building a defense against the outside world, not inferior to these masks, which requires a fairly high level of spiritual unselfishness.

The person of the Moon is under the great (often poorly recognized) influence of the social subconscious of his circle. He, especially at low levels of working out the moon, it is difficult to understand what thoughts and feelings are his own, and which are imposed by his general social egregore, i.e. standard (in general the person of the Moon is strongly tormented by a complex of its own banality, for which there really is every reason). His life position, even in the most intimate personal matters, is illustrated by the phrase: "Well, how can I love you when the collective does not love you?" At a high level of working out the moon, her person's personal life directly affects his overall social egregore (there is also a reverse effect , which is very difficult for him to believe).

A woman with the predominant influence of the Moon in the horoscope will enjoy great attention from men who will passionately want to marry her and make a bunch of children; in her old age, the faces of both sexes will cry and comfort on her shoulder.

She will have many children, not necessarily her own, but also adoptive and symbolic; in her attitude she is the mother of the world, although with the defeat of the horoscope as a whole this feeling will be superseded or greatly distorted. This is an emotional and sexually-sensual nature; with a weak Venus, it is possible (in both sexes) to treat sex as a pleasant satisfaction of the instinct at the animal level; when defeated, a propensity to prostitution and a general disdain for the male sex are possible under the motto "they are all cattle and want one"; next to it it may very well be so.

A man whose moon is stronger than the rest of the planets will be distinguished by great plasticity (external and internal); in his life a big role will be played by women. He has a great struggle with them and with himself, the content of which will be the breakthrough of the spiritual principle through the thick layers of various sensual needs and joys. In a harmonious version, this is the embodiment of the social image of the ideal husband, when a lesion threatens a gigolo career.

A weak moon means a certain detachment of a person from the life stream: there is very little that really touches and excites him. He is rather indifferent to his needs; can, for example, calmly mix soup, porridge and cutlet in one plate and eat everything together without feeling any inconvenience. He does not feel the inner support of his subconscious mind, who helps in difficult and stressful situations, but does not feel any special pressure from him, either (by means of passions, desires, etc.), to any active actions aimed at delight ego. He, most likely, is indifferent to general social problems, family, children, his people. This situation can mean an indifferent mother, who, nevertheless, fulfilled her maternal duty as such. Here the subconscious mind works as a mechanism on the remote control; when working through it gives great opportunities (division of labor), but the interaction with the subconscious is still quite difficult for a long time.

Harmonious Moon gives a person an unusually comfortable life background; for him, troubles are always mitigated, and pain (physical and spiritual) in emotional memory is quickly and forever forgotten. Next to such a person is warm and cozy; it's not worth asking for anything, but this, unfortunately, is most often used by a variety of vampires who, however, genuinely love their victim. On the other hand, parasites do not disappoint the harmonious moon a little, it has enormous opportunities to compensate for the energy spent for them; another thing is that she is not very inclined to go on about life situations and often (without knowing what she is doing) turns out to be a black teacher of the tempter type.

The main danger of the harmonious moon lies in the fact that it heavily lubricates and adorns all the sharp angles and contradictions of the outer and inner life of a person, giving out to his mind a picture similar to a school textbook of literature where great people are all like one, noble and friendly with each other friend, the tables are exclusively round or oval, and the blade of the guillotine is decorated with festoons.

Harmonious Moon gives brilliant abilities to any training and adaptation, but they are so natural that a person does not appreciate them and sincerely believes that other people are organized the same way. On the other hand, it is difficult for him to have his own definite opinion, and he is inclined to agree with any sufficiently persevering statement. It is difficult to rely on him in extreme situations, where he will require a tough attitude and behavior, and it is difficult to get help from him in moments of intense mental pain: he does not understand what it is. The harmonious moon as a consolation first of all there will be such advice: "And you spit and do not think about it at all." It means that with this, the pain will soon go away and soften, but this advice is only suitable for a person whose moon is not affected; otherwise, the consequences of such a course of action may be the most deplorable: neuroses, phobias, etc. At a high level of working out a harmonious moon, the surrounding people become much more easily from one of her presence; but the balm, which she pours on the suffering souls, is curative and can therefore pinch.

The amazed moon gives the following peculiarity of inner life: a person constantly stumbles about himself, while the number of his internal acute angles corresponds to the degree of defeat of the moon (and the horoscope as a whole). At the affected Moon, a sharpened national and family identity, at a low level it gives nationalism and the temptation of the consumer-proprietary relationship to the family, jealousy of the spouse and children, perhaps cruelty. Man is his own enemy; for each of his love the subconscious forms a program to block his hatred; needs are distorted, perverted and seek to make man their slave. The suppression of desires and instincts leads to their aggravation and emergence back into consciousness in an even more unattractive form. Often in childhood a bad mother or stepmother, and in adulthood a negative attitude towards women in general.

The defeat of the moon means that the satisfaction of natural (including general social: employment, building a family, etc.) needs in a person is difficult; for him to simply live is a big problem, i.e. a considerable amount of his effort is devoted to the struggle for existence; apparently causeless social and emotional discomfort sometimes leads to despair and deep depression. This position puts a person in front of a rather rigid spiritual choice: either he follows the path of persistent attempts to satisfy his whims and often greatly distorted needs and quickly becomes a complete egoist, disliked in society, or he at some point feels the futility of his aspirations to exist in the same as harmonious as the others, and learns to turn to their needs no more attention than is necessary for physical survival, to ignore frustrations and deal with problems of the external life of other people . In the latter case, he gradually disagrees with his emotions, i.e. finds that, firstly, they do not have complete (and even significant) power over it, and secondly, if necessary, they can be generated in the required quantity and assortment. Having made emotions manageable, a person gets access to his subconsciousness, after which the problems of self-improvement, rebuilding of the psyche and even the most fundamental programs and attitudes (life position, basic phobias, world perception bases, etc.) pass from the category of foggy-mystical to concrete constructive: consciousness becomes a direct tool for working with the subconscious. This means a very high level of realizing power.

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☽ Moon in 11 house
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☽ Moon in 12 house
12 house

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