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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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♇ Pluto in the houses of the lunar horoscope

Ruler Pluto

♇ PLUTO. The ultimate master of destinies; he enforces the sentences Saturn takes. No one can deceive him, and he sees, like an eagle, the smallest details, dispelling with his cold flame Neptune's deceptions, omissions and omissions, and exposing to the last grain of sand the undisguised essence of being.

Pluto is the god of the kingdom of the dead. He removes from the living being all its protective shells, all layers of the aura, which means death, and leaves the naked body at the disposal of karma and other planets that either transfer the soul to the next incarnation, or endow it with new shells, re-forming the etheric, astral and mental bodies (and sometimes even higher ones).

Pluto's action is unlike the action of any other planet. His goal - exposure, and exposure of such intimate depths, which under normal conditions are hidden by many layers of living tissue of the psyche and subtle bodies of man. If Pluto acts energetically and strongly, the outcome, as a rule, is lethal, since very few people have such a plastic psyche to withstand the direct impact of a sharp ax on the head. Fortunately, Pluto moves very slowly and, in addition to the strong defeats of the map as a whole, usually makes itself felt only by weak, almost imperceptible influences, which, however, are very significant and promise a lot if they are properly worked out.

Pluto is a great wastewater. His goal is not to destroy, but to cleanse the person from mental (and physical) slags and cesspools. And only very rarely, with the total impossibility of local sanitary measures, Pluto resorts to a global purge and kills a person entirely - in the most direct sense of the word. In doing so, he carefully chooses a way of death that is never accidental, and during which Pluto burns or cuts off many of the karmic tails and knots; However, I emphasize that he does this in exceptional cases, when the karma of man and around him is twisted to such an extent that all other paths are impossible.

Pluto is not squeamish; In addition, he is extraordinarily detailed and attentive, almost like the Virgin of the highest octave, and is genius in the diagnosis of potential utilization, that is, he will never burn anything that is not yet affected by decay and can be used on the farm. However, what he deems to be cleansed, Pluto will destroy with the same thoroughness, not missing any of the smallest particles of decay and debris and burning the object along with all its energy envelopes.

As with other 4th-level planets, Pluto should distinguish marked (strong) and background (weak) manifestations, and, as in the case of Uranus and Neptune, the systematic study of weak manifestations prepares a person for strong ones, including physical death, after which the person's soul passes important and responsible tests, to which it may turn out, depending on the level of development of Pluto, ready or not at all.

Expressive plutonic manifestations in the external life of a person are associated with situations that are often called the word rock, that is, those in which a person bears by the will of fate, and his personal consciousness and will practically (he feels it) can not in any way affect what is happening to him and Around him. A person is deprived of his habitual reality and forcibly transferred to another, completely (it seems to him) ignoring his personality, as a snow avalanche does not care about the fate of her every single snowflake. It can be a sudden mobilization for war, a serious illness, even with the prospect of death (his or her close one), marrying, the birth of a child, especially the first, dismissal from work, etc., in a word, such external events that cross out all or almost all the former reality of man and translate it into a completely new one, to which it is practically not prepared. At the same time, the internal feeling of one's complete helplessness (for atheists) or of God-destructiveness (from believers) is characteristic, when one has to rely only on one's own strengths (in the worst sense of these words).

Expressed plutonic manifestations in the inner life are associated with a sudden disconnection of the usual and effective programs of the subconscious, especially from the protective ones. Unexpectedly, many times verified and highly reliable mechanisms of self-deception are refused, and for some, and very significant, circumstances of external and internal life, one has to look in all their bare and naked essence (at least so at that moment it seems to a person). As if a mist over the swamp of spiritual miasms had been removed, and draperies covering emotional and mental dumps and garbage dumps had been ripped off, where previously a person, without hesitation, sent all the disturbing, superfluous and simply uncomfortable and unprofitable. Pluto suddenly discovers all the garbage that a person during the preceding life neatly swept under the mat at the bed or carelessly scattered in the corners and floors of the room from the eyes and tried not to pay any attention to it, forgetting about it from now on and, it seemed, forever and ever . And now you have to deal with all this, and you can not get away from it anywhere.

The weak manifestations of Pluto in the outer life are usually so unobtrusive that a person does not attach any importance to them, although the thought that what happened happened for a reason, perhaps, and flashes in his head. The handwriting of Pluto (in outer life) is expressed, in particular, in that, firstly, events that are not controlled by man (for example, related to the actions of other people) occur, and secondly, there is a complete or partial destruction of objects, objects or plans. Plutonic influences are significantly different from Saturn's: the second most often are obstacles and delays, and the first are direct, unambiguous and, as a rule, irreversible destruction, although this may not be so obvious at first. Another characteristic feature of the plutonic influence, both in the large and in the small, is that it is always comprehensively prepared: moreover, Pluto necessarily sends signs-messengers of the fact that this object is rotten and is preparing to be destroyed. In fact, it is very difficult to kill a person, as well as to destroy any object. Individual karma is closely intertwined with the group and the world, and in order to break off existence in the world, it is necessary to do a lot of preparatory work to isolate the person (or any other object) from the outside world, so that he completely lets go: only after this becomes possible destruction, i.e. death for this world. Signs of preparatory actions of Pluto are breaks in relations with the surrounding world, which can manifest itself in any form and by any initiative, and also, as it were, spontaneously. The background manifestations of Pluto in the inner life are the ruin of hopes, plans, enthusiasm, fantasies, mental representations, in a word, of any objects of the inner world, accompanied by a sense of hopelessness, the irrevocability of their departure. In its internal manifestations (often in the outer ones too), Pluto gives a feeling of complete doom, futility of struggle for the once favorite pieces of the inner world, which devour the insatiable and ruthless 12-headed dragon. In their place there is nothing left but a yawning black hole, from which the blood oozes and which can not be covered by anything, only with time a scar grows in its place. At the same time, it should be understood that Pluto never destroys healthy tissue; However, people often become attached to very low manifestations and defeats of one's own psyche, internal vampires, aggressors and hypocrites who (as subconscious programs) acquire a relatively independent existence and actively parasitize on it (and others). And when Pluto gets to the next such monster, it seems to the person that it is being slaughtered and killed in it the best and favorite, and the name is most often aggression and selfishness, but it is usually only a long time later that man can understand this. Pluto sends signs (black marks) and about those lower subconscious programs that he isolates from the psyche and prepares for destruction: most often these are permanent small frivolous frustrations of this program, on which its links with other programs are tracked, and here the correct reaction of the person is not rebellion, and the adoption of another fatally necessary sacrifice from the side of his psyche. Pluto drives the saints violently, and the resistance here is useless, and the appeals are meaningless, because he is the last instance.

Pluto can not resist - from this mental and physical pain only increases, he can only help. comprehending its actions and reconciling with its external and internal destiny. The study of Pluto goes along the line of comprehension of its signs and actions and conscious assistance to its karmic egregor, which creates a man from a rough preparation, called a social individual.

At the first level of development of Pluto for man is characterized by a complete internal and external aversion to the very idea of ​​humility in the failure and destruction of their plans. His typical reaction in such cases is an emotional or external rebellion, often followed by a severe suppression of affect and displacement of him into the subconscious. The fact is that when Pluto undertakes to destroy something, he does it, and all the further attempts of man to again and again recreate the desired object or situation ends in an inevitable and complete failure, for here the person fights not even with Pluto, but with the law of nature, according to which only what exists in the subtle world can materialize, and Pluton cleans first of all precisely the subtle plans, and it is already impossible to recreate the former reality on this site. At the first level of development of Pluto is characterized by a complete rejection of the very idea of ​​the forced victim, and regardless of the fact that in fact the person has nowhere to live and how to live somehow further, inside he does not agree with what happened to him. and can not be reconciled to losses, the thought of which continues to torment him for ever. At this level, the action of Pluto is perceived purely destructively, and the death of the fragment of the ego is emotionally and mentally felt as a mutilation or death of the soul. At this level, personal evolution goes violently, with sincere tears, curses and intense hatred for people, situations and destiny, so cruel to the poor, vulnerable, small, defenseless and selflessly loved by me, my selfishness and limitation.

Expressed plutonic influences at the first level of elaboration are perceived by man as an absolute catastrophe, black rock, which strips him and throws him on an island inhabited only by large predators, hungry, ferocious and mannevorous. The idea that the old life has ended and a new one begins that needs to be adapted and that in the long run may be better or at least more fruitful than the previous one does not occur to the head, but in the heart there is nothing left but a black yearning hopelessly the lost past and the complete rejection of a completely alien present.

At the second level of Pluto's work, the thought of the uselessness of the constant woeful memories of past misfortunes, experiences, defeats, lack of pleasure and unsatisfied ambitions already comes to the person's mind, and he tries to get rid of them, at least partially. Sometimes he succeeds, and then he feels great relief and at the same time opens new opportunities for development in the external and internal world, although the connection between these circumstances is not always realized.

At this level, the fourth consecutive one-type defeat in the external world forces us to retreat with the (right) thought that, apparently, it is not the time or the place to carry out this intention, and sometimes, after a little work on ourselves, he does not experience a sharp negative feeling , even if he has an instinctive feeling that the intended will never work. Here begins the trickle of humility before the inevitability of external rock and at the same time the ability to curb their greedy thoughts, intent and aggression, which can be called inner humility.

Humility before plutonic rock is worked out with much greater difficulty than before Saturn's limitations. This relationship is not least with the position of the social subconscious, according to which time constraints develop character and will, and complete and irretrievable defeats destroy a person. We need a fairly high level of religiosity in order to completely get rid of social interference in such a tough issue as Plutonian destruction. At this level, however, a person is already able to admire the courage of another who fell under the powerful influence of Pluto and found the strength to begin life on an equal footing first and in a completely unfamiliar, threatening environment that managed to oppose something (not clear). As a man behaves, finding himself in a pronounced plutonic situation, it is difficult to say, but most likely the period of despair after a while will end, and some forces will appear for a new life. But still a person will be broken down in something, and he will always remember the past with a strong taste of bitterness.

At the third level of Pluto's work, a person is already aware of the strength of internal and external humility and consciously tries not to grumble, seeing how his diligently well-groomed field is trampled upon by a wild pig or combat cavalry, which has originated from an unknown source. Another thing is that this does not always work for him; it is even more difficult for him to reconcile himself to serious illnesses and the death of loved ones, especially children: the psychology "God gave, God took" demands for a developed personality a very high degree of detachment from the world, which at this level of Pluto's study is almost unattainable. But, nevertheless, without accepting pronounced Plutonian manifestations, a person begins to treat the background correctly, paying the main attention to his internal reactions that arise in the minutes (or years) of the destruction of his actions, hopes or fantasies. He understands that in doing so, Pluto accentuates the lower programs of his subconscious, which at the moment are holding back his evolutionary development and therefore doomed to destruction. At this level, a person learns to consciously collaborate with Pluto without rebelling or squeezing into the ball in his dental chair, but obediently opening his mouth to meet the rapidly rotating bark of karma, knowing that the resistance is useless and the carious area will be cleaned up to the last molecule. At this level, the person already connects in his consciousness the cleansing effect of Pluto on his subconscious and ego with the subsequent spiritual, spiritual and material renewal and even welcomes plutonic vibrations - as far as he can. Now he himself is able to control to some extent the plutonic forces, in particular, affecting others, and most importantly - he begins to see the psychological and mental rot in the surrounding people and, without experiencing any or almost no disgust, puts in order those Augean stables that sends him fate. To the expressed plutonic situation, he comes much more prepared, and after a while adapts to the completely new conditions of his external and internal life, feeling them as higher, clean and responsible (no matter how they look from the social and his previous positions), and although nostalgia for the past periods disturbs his soul, there is no trace of bitterness and despair in it.

At the fourth level of exploring Pluto, man already sees karma (his, alien and group) quite well and perceives plutonic destruction and cleansing as a necessary part of the evolutionary process. At this level, he learns not only to control plutonic influences, but also, raising the level and resolving power of his vision, to separate the rotten and dead parts of the psyche (his and others') from living tissue, which sharply narrows the pain sensations from the Plutonic cleansing fire. Around this person are very unusual processes and events, mainly in the inner life of people around him, who sometimes think that the world inside and outside them literally crumbles to dust, but this, although scary, for some reason does not hurt, and they in an incomprehensible way, remain unharmed and even able to consider the opening panorama of the new reality.

A black teacher with the fourth level of development of Pluto can create a real hell on the ground, organize a developed system of concentration camps, shed a sea of ​​blood, destroy the best part of his or her people, destroy his environment and seemingly turn the Sun into a black hole. But in order to properly assess its actions, one must be at a very high evolutionary level, it is good to see planetary karma and alternative possibilities for its development.

In a constructive version, a person at this level of development of Pluto can deal with both the external and his inner world, but he has access to such depths of his subconscious that are directly related to the great social egregors that he cleanses, tidies up and opens up new development opportunities, simply doing personal self-improvement.

Pluto symbolizes death, rock, irretrievable loss, purification and renewal.

Pluto rules Scorpio, culminates in Leo. From Scorpio, Pluto receives the accuracy and depth of penetration, from Leo - the strength and practical direction of the impact, from both signs (permanent cross) - constancy and steadfastness in the execution of their plans, which nothing can resist.

Pluto's situation in its pronounced form is associated with a sharp, often catastrophic change in a person's external reality, when old and habitual ways of perceiving the world and reacting become impossible. This leads to the need to learn new ways of behavior and new sources of information, including subtle ones. Sudden physical injuries, blindness, deafness, change in the country of residence, profession, strong changes in social or financial situation, conscription into the army - in a word, global changes that require a significant restructuring of mental reality, sometimes even a revision of the vital position, do not do without strong plutonic influence. But here you can not focus only on external signs, you need to keep in mind the internal goals of what is happening. In particular, it is necessary to distinguish Saturn external constraints, the purpose of which is to direct a person's attention to himself and put him on the path of inner work, from plutonic, purely destructive actions whose goal is to completely erase a fragment of psychic and external reality as obsolete, and hinders further development, to which Pluto already has no business. He removes rotten tissues, and the planet is put by other planets.

Weak plutonical situations happen every day and cause a person, as a rule, acute disappointment, self-pity or his dreams and desires, being in fact a source of information. Pluto, as it were, says to man: this and this you do not need, forget and never remember. Pluto has a characteristic heavy, gloomy, pressing touch of impact that can not be confused with anything, just as a person feels the coming of his death. Pluto will still take what he considers necessary, and the only thing that a person can oppose to despair and the darkness of despair is an inner humility that will transfer it to other energy flows and other life situations and will help cicatrize the often open wounds left by this impersonal, but not an indifferent planet.

The person of Pluto can have a grim, demonic appearance, although this is not necessary, but most likely he will have a feeling of strong mental pressure, and it is possible that he will choose the profession of an investigator, a journalist exposing social ulcers, a teenage psychologist, a psychiatrist or a mafia leader. In any case, he will have a feeling that much is wrong in the world, a lot of dirt and garbage that should be destroyed. In his life there will be many irretrievable losses and losses, and they will strengthen or harden his soul. Pluto's person is characterized by a desire for power, at a low level - over the outside world, i.e. political. The predominant Pluto may be a major commander whose work consists in the most effective conversion of people into corpses, and lands into a scorched desert, which from the occult point of view means the materialization of the lower astral and burning of karmic knots and can be accomplished in various ways.

In more harmonious times, the person of Pluto can become an engineer or a physicist-atomist, a surgeon (especially an oncologist), a psychologist with a great hypnotic gift. He certainly, regardless of profession, will have the ability to penetrate deeply into the human soul and in general into the essence of any problem he is dealing with, and everywhere to see the weak and vulnerable places. This is not the most pleasant quality in society, and it is unlikely that a person of Pluto will be a common favorite anywhere, even if he reaches a very high spiritual level. Its radiation, like a rigid X-ray, will always flash to people what they would like to see in themselves in the last place, and its psychological and realizing power will not give them the strength to resist. The person of Pluto always achieves practical results (in his understanding of this word), and his pathos is the destruction (he will say - cleaning) of the lower, unnecessary, rotten, and what this means in his understanding, depends on which egregor he serves, and exactly with the latter is constantly dealing with his environment, because even his personality gradually adapts to the role prepared for him by egregore. In general, from people with predominant or simply active higher planets there is an inhuman or superhuman sensation, and one should not engage in profanity and think that this is a metaphor. God and the devil are much closer to this world than it is customary to think in atheistic as well as religious circles.

A weak Pluto gives little interest in digging deep in human souls, looking for the lower beginning. Here the person will be inclined to slide on the surface and he himself will not ask for an X-ray machine, although he can learn to use it if he wants. In the life of this person there will rarely be disappointments, failures and frustrations with a distinct shade of despair and irrevocability of losses, but there will be no incentive to constantly clean the depths and more superficial layers of one's psyche; this person can exist for a rather long time in a seemingly comfortable environment and turn out to be completely unprepared for the expressed plutonic crisis, when he will have to start living on the ruins of the old world perception, develop new and fight for existence in completely new conditions.

In ordinary life, a weak Pluto gives quite a lot of protection from minor troubles, from which no person, of course, is immune, but in this case he perceives them calmly, without absolutizing and falling into a black melancholy or boundless melancholy. When working through this gives a person with strong protection for themselves and others, who can wait until the plutonic situation ripens completely, and perform a surgical operation to remove the deadened part of the ego or cancerous tumor on a physical body with filigree accuracy. Yes, and in society over him, whatever you say, the ever-knowing, elderly, lean woman with a scythe does not always reverberate. Here the fatal doom of all things to death is not felt as the main fact of being, but in the current portion of good weather the main thing is not the time of its end, but the fact of availability.

Harmonious Pluto gives a person who can easily survive irretrievable loss and loss. They happen in his life more often than he would like, but he knows how to reconcile with them, feeling that in return he will get something else and, most likely, the best. While studying this person can perform surgical operations (on the psyche or physical body) thinly, accurately and almost without pain, or by applying adequate anesthesia. Pluto remains Pluto - from its cold flame the bird Phoenix does not fly out, but in this case it seems that an obsolete cloth, devoid of sensitivity. itself departs from still alive, and therefore can be destroyed almost without pain.

At a low level, a harmonious Pluto can give a person with whom various misfortunes constantly occur, eventually disentangled by others, to whose share a feeling of characteristic plutonic gravity and hopelessness gets, and he himself is, as it were, outside the very situations that he creates. At a higher level, a person realizes that in difficult circumstances, for example, in an unequal struggle, when he is clearly inferior to the enemy, he is unexpectedly helped, especially with minimal humility before the will of fate, which with the harmonious Pluto quickly begins to be felt as a real force, directly influencing external life circumstances. In general, a person with harmonious higher planets is very dangerous for his opponents, especially when they attack first, and he does not really resist, for then his egregorne defense works, which can completely destroy the aggressor - in a style corresponding to the planet. However, it is much more difficult to subordinate the harmonious Pluto to one's will, which makes it possible not so much for unpunished attacks and extermination, as healing and spiritual help for people who sincerely want to get rid of their lower beginnings.

Affected Pluto at the ordinary level of everyday life gives a walking source of minor trouble for themselves and others, on which the person (and his associates) must develop modesty of claims and general humility. At the same time, a strong Pluto, and especially stricken, gives a great desire for power, first at the level of direct dictatorship and the ability to rule the life and death of subjects (at a higher level - to control their souls).

Here the study is complex. Failures, even minor, seem to him catastrophic and cause a variety of black feelings, among which the desire to incinerate all life on Earth is not the rarest visitor. This feeling is broadcast with great force around, even if a person does not say anything, and sometimes materializes in a variety of destructive actions and emotions. With strong energy, such a person can become a cruel black teacher, with a weak one - a victim of destructive circumstances, and, of course, the idea of ​​humility will come to his head in the last turn, when all hopes will be finally destroyed, and a gentle flower of the soul (others, however, found would this metaphor inappropriate) completely trampled. Only by discovering in itself an inexhaustible ocean of modesty and humility (as helped by the study of Venus and Saturn), a person can begin a difficult path upward, to the shining peaks of spiritual teaching falling into the deepest abysses of vice and despair. But he will receive gratitude from his students, as a rule, in an indirect form, long and far away with them, according to the glory of their exploits and the rare reports of their teacher, before whom they have a deeply forgiven feeling of deep shame.

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♇ Pluto in 3 house
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♇ Pluto in 4 house
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♇ Pluto in 5 house
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♇ Pluto in 6 house
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♇ Pluto in 7 house
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Strong pressure from business partners or spouse. Feeling of dependence on them, suffering from their power. Perhaps, means acquiring a partner "scorpion" type horoscope or by profession (nuclear physicist, underground, a worker of the defense complex or special services, etc.)... go →

♇ Pluto in 8 house
8 house

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♇ Pluto in 9 house
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♇ Pluto in 10 house
10 house

Some confusion in life and in current problems, which hinders progress in professional affairs and towards a life goal. Magnetic properties of a person's personality, its sexual attractiveness are increasing. But he can also attract criminal elements. Sometimes, the goal may be.. go →

♇ Pluto in 11 house
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♇ Pluto in 12 house
12 house

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