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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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♄ Saturn in the houses of the lunar horoscope

Ruler Saturn

♄ SATURN. Saturn is the last of the planets visible to the naked eye, and before the discovery at the end of the XVIII century of Uranus, it was considered the embodiment of fate, fate, and was considered primarily as a malicious planet. However, in the 20th century, especially after the discovery of Pluto and the Second World War, astrologers largely revised their views on the role of planets and aspects; in particular, their division into beneficial and illicit is no longer practically used. Rock now embodies the 4th level planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but the role of Saturn as a planet of karma still remains, and this should be carefully understood.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that karma is represented by all the planets in the map without exception, and any of them can prove fatal in someone's fate. Saturn is a planet of karma not to a large extent, than any other; However, he makes karma palpable for a person and therefore enjoys the deserved dislike of mankind: no one wants to go on a long and difficult road to people's service and evolution, it is much more pleasant to ride joyously and thoughtlessly on the green meadow of his egoism, overgrown with dandelions of frivolity.

Saturn represents a principle that is contrary to the principle of Jupiter's expansion, that is, the principle of individuation, closure in oneself and internal elaboration. In itself, this is neither good nor bad, emotions when closing and immersing themselves can be anything; bad, as always, happens when a person tries to ignore the planetary principle and instead of working through it (to the extent that karma demands it) tries to transfer the functions of this planet to some other one. For some time this can be done (although such distortions make themselves felt both on the outer and inner planes), but then the elaboration of the now largely underdeveloped planetary principle proceeds in shock and violent order, which looks like grief, tragedy, injustice, etc. . In fact, an impersonal, objective law of karma actually works, a person pays for his own ignorance and laziness, or, if he is strongly included in group karma (which is typical for highly developed types), for similar group manifestations.

The naive view of Saturn lies in the fact that it limits the person and his possibilities, narrows the spheres of activity. This is true, but it's not all and not the main thing. The main function of Saturn is that it directs a person's attention to his inner world, more precisely, in certain definite directions, roads and sides of this world, urging them to explore, master and balance thereby the man's knowledge of the external world and the introduction of man into it. All the heaviness, limitations, cold and other negative features traditionally attributed to Saturn are due to the unwillingness (and inability) of a person to direct his thought and energy within himself and engage in constructive activity there. If you do not listen to karma, ignore her vague and unambiguous allusions or go against the current, at some point her hand is made of steel, but this is evident from the manifestations of other planets, just Saturn is least developed and loved, at least in the western culture.

As a rule, internal work is much harder, harder, more important and more responsible than external work. Moreover, external work can in general be viewed as a symbol of a preliminary internal one, and heavy external work means a poor and insufficient preliminary internal preparation. External obstacles are manifestations in time of not seen and not overcome obstacles of the internal; external enemies and destructive battles are only the exteriorization of untracked and undestroyed internal enemies (the lower subconscious programs). With the right life (regardless of aspects of Saturn!), All external events should go safely and smoothly, obstacles to overcome and battle be won easily and at ease, but preliminary internal work and battles with oneself can be very difficult and painful; but the person around whom and with whom all the time there are strong disharmonious processes and events, in fact, ignoring the need for internal work, throws out his personal spiritual debris and trash into the outside world: here you, people, disentangle!

Saturn - the planet is slow, substantial and endowed with great power over man. Saturn works with the subconscious and very rarely with consciousness, and therefore does not hurry: he develops deep essential beliefs as conditioned reflexes, and this takes time, not days and not months, but years or decades. A man screams to fate: everything, no longer necessary, I have long since understood everything, honestly, I will never again! - but Saturn does not focus on consciousness, and a slow return kick of karma lasts another year, two or five. Saturn teaches obedience, humility and modesty on an essential level, and these qualities are much easier to model mentally than to honestly develop in oneself, especially since few have the inner honesty to distinguish socially induced and mentally modeled internal manifestations from essential ones; and Saturn does not care about your mental and social defenses and self-deceptions, he works on a deeper level, engaging in individuality and its development (even if the person himself did not believe in its existence).

What is internal work? At the lowest level of personality development, when the psyche is almost not differentiated and the person has not yet separated himself from the world around, its basic forms are the overcoming of physical pain and mental anguish connected with the suffering and death of loved ones. These sufferings always have a karmic meaning, but they are constructive only when they go with inner humility, which helps to unleash karmic knots, and then the person, outliving grief, internally changes and grows evolutionarily; and attempts to ease pain through anger at the world, people and God, or by the way of shifting it onto the shoulders of others, lead to an even more severe dragging out of the karmic knot and devalue this experience; the lords of karma look with regret at the unwilling sufferer, and, shrugging their shoulders, they say: it is necessary to repeat. Saturn is patient, he controls time and can wait as long as he likes.

At the next level of personality development, inner work consists in a certain reaction to injections and remorse. The person begins to follow himself, develop attention and character, then learns to isolate the lower subconscious programs and contrast them with the higher ones, and then open up opportunities for internal work that greatly exceed the whole imaginable range of external works, although the latter in some form always remain necessary.

At the first level of Saturn's study, a person completely ignores the hints of destiny and wants to exclusively taste the fruits of external freedom, placing flowers of pleasure in a vase of prosperity. Here the level of internal discipline is zero, and to force a person to do something can only be done externally, like a schoolboy who is able to teach lessons, only chained to a desk with a thick iron chain. At this level, man is not capable of any effort at himself: and all the Saturn's limitations and hardships overcome as strictly negative influences (depending on the temperament and position of Saturn in the horoscope), either waiting with his head bent or trying desperately to struggle with fate for the lost blessings and joys, but in any case completely without understanding and not taking the need to look inside yourself and change something in yourself and your attitude towards the world. At this level of elaboration Saturn is characterized by the substitution of its functions by the principle of Mars, that is, instead of voluntary acceptance of limitations and self-deepening, a person begins to actively combat current circumstances, and in fact with destiny. But Saturn, unlike the Sun, the planet is not imperative, soft, and very long-suffering. He rarely creates stalemate situations and tries to direct a person to the true path, apparently, voluntarily, and at first (and for a very long time) leaves him free to act. Severe pain (physical and mental), a hospital bed, disability, deep depression and irreparable loss - all these are very tough measures, to which Saturn resorts in the most extreme cases. His first hints are completely different: a loss of interest in the previously fascinating occupations, the appearance of slight reproofs of conscience, a weak and often indefinite sense of dissatisfaction with oneself in situations previously perceived as adequate, causeless lowering of energy, mild boredom, sadness, sadness, which quickly (or not very) pass by themselves with the appearance of new interests, hobbies and entertainments, a lowering of the former level of joy from life in general and specific manifestations of it, "I drink coffee in the mornings - and without any pleasure". Saturn has in mind that all this should be found on a new level, deepened in himself, replacing some subconscious programs, expanding the essential consciousness, discovering new sources of energy and becoming wiser, but his hints remain unintelligible.

At the second level of Saturn's study, a person begins to take an independent part in shaping his attitude towards his destiny (on the first level, this is pure fatalism, religious, instinctive or socially induced, combined with the principle of "green grapes" when Saturn's restrictions are included). At this level (it is rarely reached before 30 years, Saturn's transit through the natal position), a person views the prickles of conscience not as annoying hindrances, but as indications of his general imperfection and feels the need for inner self-improvement at that time. This level is characterized by a common, often vague sense of personal responsibility to the world (still external) for their lives that need to be lived, something substantial accomplished. However, this "essential" is thought of as an impact on the external world, because the inner is so small and primitive that a person can not seriously perceive his inner work, and the influence of the social subconscious, which generally denies the individual inner world, is still too much. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for internal development, corresponding to the Saturnian principle, but perceived by man as some auxiliary tools that facilitate work in the external world. It is at the second level of Saturn's work that a person begins to appreciate and tries to develop inner concentration and discipline, the ability to concentrate internal forces in one direction, without exchanging trifles; he sees that in certain (Saturnian!) situations without this nothing will happen. He notes that the deepest thoughts come to him when he is emotionally calm, but he really does not know how to call it, but even appreciate it, and, of course, does not notice that Saturn's limitation of opportunities in the external the world occurs precisely when he needs to extract from himself the most profound, barely audible thought or feeling, and is upset about this restriction almost as much as at the first level of Saturn's work, but more honestly, sometimes still admitting to himself that this is the only thing, then how could this they do not give it, but you want it so.

At the third level of Saturn's work with man, qualitative changes occur. First of all, he develops (in one form or another, depending on the mode of perception of the world) the evolutionary consciousness, the sense of his destiny as a single whole and its direct connection with the fate of his environment (group, social stratum, country). Further, he discovers that his inner state directly affects any of his external activities and success in business, even if it seems completely out of this independent. It turns out that any targeted action must have an internal resolution that differs in sensation from both the desire (the Moon) and the volitional impulse (the Sun) and from the sensation of the influx of strength and energy (Mars). Thus, the third level reveals the existence of personal, internal ethics, which always takes into account the social, sometimes it differs greatly from it, but the main thing is that it is much more precise and detailed, that is, it often regulates behavior when the social does not say anything. At this level, a person learns to hear the polyphony of internal voices and to distinguish the voices of his and socially induced subconscious programs and partially understand which of them belong to the higher one and which ones to the lower self: in other words, the structure of his inner brake opens to him, in common parlance called selfishness, and now the notion of inner work takes on a completely different meaning: it is no longer a primitive suppression of its "lower" instincts (including the necessary biological and social needs), but a meaningful study and a much more constructive and harmonious conscious restructuring of his subconscious and the formation of personal ethics. Now the person feels that a strong excitement and emotional states completely cut him off from the internal sources of accurate information and intuition and begin to completely differentiate Saturn's limitations and depressive, or more precisely, low-energy states in which quieter but more meaningful sounds are much better heard and sometimes even the wise voices of a deep subconscious and superconscious. Only at this level does the person cease to be bored with himself, and he learns to distinguish between selfish, group, social and higher impulses within himself, which enables direct work in the egregore through the channel of his connection with the personal subconscious, that is, improving himself, in fact, directly affects the public subconscious (and, incidentally, is experiencing appropriate resistance). At this level, obstacles are welcomed, and delays are perceived by a person as an indication of his unwillingness and the added possibility (as a necessity) of additional internal work.

At the fourth level of Saturn's study, a person sees karma so well that he understands the decision of which internal (his or her) problem is necessary for solving this external (and sometimes vice versa). Now the main work is going on in his inner world, and the events in the external are for him only signs of the correctness and success (or vice versa) of his internal efforts, as well as indications of the direction of further internal work. This is the level of great realization power; there are practically no accidents in his life, and constructive work goes on almost all the time, more in the inner world, less in the outer world, but this smaller part produces the impression of a miracle: a person so deeply sees your soul, problems and the essence of what is happening, that his penetration and wisdom seem to those who can appreciate them, surpassing mental limits: its impact on the world of people is always outwardly insignificant, but this small energy goes on such vibrations that it can transform the deepest structures of the subconscious and partially breaking out There are very heavy karmic knots, which sometimes appears not at once. This is the level of a high saint, whose main work is in his soul, directly related to the great egregores; communication with such a person can lead to instant enlightenment or transformation, but can give a barely perceptible effect, some smallness will change in perception of the surrounding world or of oneself, but this will be a constantly acting factor that in a few years can completely change a person and internally , and in interaction with the outside world. At this level of Saturn's study, a person has his own problems, which are very different from those of ordinary people. In particular, it is often difficult for him to establish relations with the most crystallized parts of large social egregores; earlier such contacts were excluded: the saints lived in monasteries or monasteries or begged and preached on the roads. Now they have to go to work every day and live in an atheistic environment, which is difficult in some respects, although it produces remarkable modesty, endurance, patience and humility - the fundamental Saturnian virtues.

Saturn symbolizes the old man, solitude, any external restriction, postponement, wise thought.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, culminates in Libra. From Capricorn, Saturn receives purposefulness and practicality, from Aquarius, while working through - the ability to go through the depth of concentration to the highest planes, from Libra, also in the study - the vision of the law of karma as the law of dynamic equilibrium and its skillful and practical use.

The situation of Saturn is symbolically depicted on A. Durer's engraving "Melancholy", which generally deserves careful study from an astrological point of view. Saturn's situation is characterized by deepness in itself, reverie, small energy; in social gatherings the Saturnian situation is atypical; it can go on for a short while, if some unpleasant news is heard, personally affecting each of those present and requiring no active action, but, first of all, the formation of their personal relationship to what happened. At a low level of human development, his work on himself goes, basically, along the path of elaborating conditioned reflexes, as well as such qualities as patience, steady attention, concentration, etc., which is achieved by a long and often difficult and diverse work in the external world , under the general background of gray boredom - Saturn always lowers the energy level. In the family, the Saturn situation is the moments when the nagging child sends angry parents to a corner of the room (preferably the north one, there, more Saturn), so that he thinks and realizes his wrong behavior. Another example is the phase of education, when the mother's anger has already resulted in this "scoundrel, scoundrel, hooligan - and this is already six years!" And exhausted with her pedagogical failure, the unfortunate woman tiredly and hopelessly asks: "Well, tell me, though mother- then you feel sorry? Conscience can you have? "This is, strictly speaking, a blow below the belt, the child turns on the lower octave of Saturn, promising in his adult age of phobia, complete distrust of the world, emotional cruelty and spiritual isolation.

In Saturn's situations, responsibility falls on the person's shoulders, the concept and sense of internal duty are developed, or, in the negative, irresponsibility, fear of peace and life, distrust of oneself and others. Despair, despair, dreary horror, a sense of extreme vulnerability and defenselessness, deep depression are characteristic of the Saturnian situations of the lower octave, when the threatening trials have nothing to oppose on the outer plane and you need to look for additional reserves within yourself, which is terribly uncomfortable, because inner work is almost always harder and more unpleasant than the outside.

The man of Saturn will look very serious, closed and often frankly cold. Such a card, frankly speaking, means difficult tasks for the current incarnation, at least on a low and medium level of self-awareness, when a person is to a great extent influenced by social perceptions and programs of actions. The fact is that in principle, a strong and all the more prevailing Saturn gives a karmic program of internal work, for which the society (at least in our times) does not pay money and generally considers secondary and even partly ephemeral. So, a person is born with the most serious plans, he has to do a lot within himself, for which he needs to develop concentration of attention, discipline, patience and ability to work at low energies, but high vibrations. Circumstances that he often perceives as unfair and undeserved limitations, and often isolation from the community, especially emotionally, force him to learn all of the above skills and, especially with the harmonious Saturn and the map as a whole, he succeeds in many ways, sometimes, only with the years. However, the society demands that its efforts and skills be directed to the outside world, and karma hinders this, demanding precisely and primarily internal work. How it's done? If Saturn is absolutely harmonious, a person can simply work very much and satisfy both the society and karmic demands. If Saturn has significant defeats in the map, then the external load and constraints often become unbearable for a person for reasons that are incomprehensible to him; but in reality it is nothing more than a Saturnian indication of an incorrect arrangement of the accents of internal and external efforts. Here the study gives great wisdom, power over oneself and the outside world, but still some stiffness, gloominess and a general feeling of a karmic judge, which a person can, however, hide, so as not to embarrass more frivolous fellow citizens.

Weak Saturn in itself does not necessarily mean big fun, great freedoms and small restrictions; it is rather the absence of a pronounced karmic necessity for individuation, that is, a person has great inner integrity and is free to choose the direction of internal work, and can for the most part engage in external activities - of course, within the limits in which his internal elaborations, past and real.

However, given the current social conditions and the low culture of inner life in society as a whole, Saturn's weakness usually leads to a complete disregard for the need for internal work in general. In other words, external circumstances do not very much force a person to turn his gaze into himself, he gets away with a lot, and he, using this, becomes loosened up, irresponsible, incapable of concentration and precise behavior, whose principle is anarchy and slavish adherence to lower desires. This is especially hard in harmonious maps (in the affected map, Saturn, as the master of tense aspects, is not very weak, regardless of his personal aspects and position in the sign and house), where Saturn's weakness does not offer man any alternative to smoothly moving downstream to the waterfall. However, even a very weak Saturn still requires its study, and his ability to wait patiently and very gradually increase and show his displeasure can serve a person, especially inattentive, poor service; at the moment of insight, when the catastrophe is imminent, he will exclaim: "And how have I not seen the signs of fate all these years? Everything was so obvious, and intelligent people advised me ... "Weak Saturn gives such freedom that the average person can not shoulder: freedom of laziness, poorly expressed conscience and duty, a sense of responsibility, danger and fear; Nevertheless, at the high level of Saturn's elaboration, all the described negative moments do not affect human behavior, for its ethics is directly broadcast by a high egregor, and here Saturn's weakness helps rather than hinders; As for the internal work, then, beginning with the 3rd level of Saturn's study, it becomes the main one, regardless of its strength in the map.

Harmonious Saturn means that inner work is easy for a person; a natural sense of personal responsibility, the ability to concentrate and solve internal problems (one's own and others'), at least lying on the surface, seriousness and diligence are given by nature; If there is a trine to Mars or the Sun, it is difficult for a person to imagine what an irresistible laziness is. However, harmonious aspects, like strained ones, require elaboration, and if harmonious Saturn does not work, that is, do not engage in (sufficiently intense, though subjectively and not heavy) internal work, then after a while the external life will begin to put its limitations and offer work, coping with which will not be so easy; besides, the unrealized Saturn leads to a sharp increase in practical ambition as a compensation for absent internal work. The normal reaction of a person to a harmonious Saturn is intense external work, and along with it, the inner is almost imperceptibly accomplished, and here (karmic) error usually consists in a wrongly large accent on external work; if it is shifted somewhat to the inner side, then the internal development will go much faster, and the external load will drop to a level almost imperceptible for the person, and so it should be (unless there is a strong defeat of the Sun, Moon or Mars).

When working out, the harmonious Saturn gives the person the wisdom, the ability to work effectively on themselves (and, of course, in the outer world), but most importantly - he circulates around him an atmosphere of intense spiritual development, and people around him can look inside themselves, see what usually they are inaccessible, and experience a strong desire to reconsider their views on Saturn's limitations and hardships and come to grips with themselves.

Affected Saturn means a karmic necessity for an in-depth comprehension of oneself, which in exaggerated cases from the external-social point of view can look like a deep misfortune and various acquired or congenital malformations and lacks of physical development, blindness, deafness, lack of hands or feet, etc. In such cases, the inferiority of a person suggests that he seek compensation in inner life; it seems that Saturn is very tough here, but in reality it is not Saturn that is tough, but public consciousness and subconsciousness with unbending stereotypes of happiness, unhappiness and full life. In fact, any person can lead a full-fledged life (in the sense that corresponds to the karmic program), receiving emotional and spiritual satisfaction from his higher karmic egregor directly or through other people - as he will, but sometimes, and with the affected map, in particular , you need to overcome social stamps, and this is not easy.

However, the afflicted Saturn gives direct physical limitations is still quite rare. More often than not, he sets the person on (always, and in this case, especially) difficult internal work in other ways, which there is, alas, a great many, but they all have something in common - they create a feeling of enormous internal gravity for a person, which often does not correspond "Objective conditions" of his life and with which it is not clear what to do. One of the most common methods is the excitement in a person of excessive ambition, which he also mistakenly perceives as external. In any case, it is very difficult to get emotional satisfaction and a sense of inner protection for such a person - and in the same way (karmically) it is necessary. Here you need a lot, diligently and carefully to deal with yourself, overcoming discouragement, fear, a feeling of hopelessness and your extreme inferiority. With the right actions, a person will constantly feel the support of karma, although on higher vibrations, what he would like, and achieve much. If he at any moment waved his hand, then he goes into neuroses, phobias or heavy, often unbearable, external work - or, with high energy and great sales power, becomes a black teacher of gloomy Saturnian style, arranging his enslaved disciples hell, not a couple of Dante. In the undeveloped version, the moral qualities are very peculiar, often unsatisfactory, but there are great abilities for inner work, although most often it leads first to somewhere else, and one must learn not to despair, but to try again and again. Here, stupid stubbornness (a permanent cross) is possible, and complete spinelessness with the preservation of some carefully concealed inner idea (a mobile cross), and a sharp struggle with oneself under the slogan of total rejection (the cardinal cross), and all of this must be gradually eliminated and typed together , humility, discipline, accuracy and wisdom, which can sound unrealistic, but karma does not put unsolvable tasks before a person - and this also needs to be understood by the stricken Saturn; unsolvable tasks in abundance will put this person to himself, trying to replace internal goals with purely external ones and then becoming a careerist, ambitious person or money-grubber.

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♄ Saturn in 1 house
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♄ Saturn with 2 house
2 house

Consolidation of the material base due to savings, denial of many things, purchases. Can indicate that a significant part of the costs of the person will take on an elderly person, boss or father. It can sometimes act as Jupiter in the 8th house - obtaining an inheritance, if.. go →

♄ Saturn in 3 house
3 house

The end of the correspondence or the end of communication of any kind, the severance of relations. Consolidation, continuation of the circle of communication acquired during the month, for a number of subsequent months. Difficulties in contacts. Problems in communication, with.. go →

♄ Saturn in 4 house
4 house

Full or partial breakdown of relationships with family, parents. the beginning of life separately. Conflicts and unpleasant events in the family. When confirmed by other indicators - the death of a senior relative or one of the parents. Heavy family obligations, the burden of.. go →

♄ Saturn in 5 house
5 house

Promotes strengthening of a love affair, intimate relations, overcoming of the obstacles connected with it. Agreement on the continuation of relations. But even with good aspects - dissatisfaction with this connection. Reduced sexual needs, a person feels reluctance to physical.. go →

♄ Saturn in 6 house
6 house

During this period, a person is inclined or forced to observe prudence, even fasting, to deny himself the pleasures. Heavy duties in the service, dissatisfaction with the work, dissatisfaction with the relations with the employees and subordinates, the desire to terminate the.. go →

♄ Saturn in 7 house
7 house

The severance of relations of any kind, very palpable for a person, painful, memorable. Sometimes - with positive aspects - can mean the strengthening of some relationships, say, marital relations, but it still needs confirmation. The crisis in marriage. Can indicate the.. go →

♄ Saturn in 8 house
8 house

Severe injuries, injuries, assassinations, falls, critical, life-threatening situations, accidents caused by the persons indicated by the houses of the planets-aspected Saturn, or the person himself, if Saturn was in the 1st natal house. In general, the period is remembered as.. go →

♄ Saturn in 9 house
9 house

With absolutely positive aspect - strengthening ties abroad, relations with foreign business partners. The period is favorable, but difficult for intellectual activity of any kind - academic, propagandistic, literary and publishing, scientific, and also for continuing.. go →

♄ Saturn in 10 house
10 house

Obstacles in the implementation of the life goal or current tasks, which indicate the elements of the 10th house and the projection of the lunar Saturn in the natal chart. In general, the difficulty in achieving anything. Sometimes the position also means that the person at.. go →

♄ Saturn in 11 house
11 house

Significant changes and disruptions in the plans of the person in relation to the sphere of life described by the natal house into which Saturn is projected, and also - in its aspects - also with respect to the personalities of the planetary planets. But with a positive aspect.. go →

♄ Saturn in 12 house
12 house

Heavy, prolonged trials and difficulties associated with the problems of the natal house, in which Saturn is projected. Numerous worries and responsibilities. Internal loneliness, incomprehension. Activation, perseverance of secret enemies. Strengthen their positions. Possible.. go →

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