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Characteristics of 24th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - bear, "shiva", a cliff, a mountain rising to the sky, a phallus, and also Vulcan (Hephaestus) - the god of Fire and blacksmithing.

This is the day of transformation and awakening. Perhaps a great force or revelation will come upon a person. On this day, you will be able to subjugate your sexual energy, physical nature, treatment, conception. It is necessary to engage in strengthening health and raising the level of one's spirituality. You can start building a temple or a house. Do not avoid this day punish the sadists and rapists.

In general, this day will be neutral. It is better not to risk and not start something new, it is better to continue your old business. The relationship between spouses and partners may be under threat. In this period, self-esteem, self-conceit and ambition are increasing. There may be conflicts with partners and superiors.

Love and relationships. One of the strongest in the whole month. Today, the sexual potential of man is especially strong. The meetings are held at altitude. On this day it is also good to discuss plans for the future, and also to start implementing them directly. A good day to spend it with your family, swimming in love. The fewer contacts outside the home, the better. An excellent day for sexual feats, and for conceiving a child, this is perhaps one of the best days of the entire lunar month. 24 lunar days will be difficult for those men who really want to, but not with anyone. In order not to turn into violent maniacs, they are recommended to transform sexual energy into creative energy. If there are no creativity, then dig up not only your site, but also a couple of neighbors, to chop firewood for several winters for future use and put them in piles. This day should be actively used to strengthen their own health, raise the spiritual level.

Housework. The symbol of the twenty-fourth lunar day is a bear. Therefore, the Moon, today each of us gives extraordinary strength, thanks to which any household affairs will be made easy and joyful. You can safely start repairs, do furniture rearrangement. Construction will be successful if you start it on the twenty-fourth lunar day. You can build houses, lay foundations, temples.

Business and money. Successful for any new business, in the future they will bring you success and money. It is possible and necessary to act actively. This is a very strong and successful day for work and business. All the business started is successful, and the difficulties and tasks arising in the process are easily solved. Show increased activity. And the result will not take long. A good day for money-related businesses. Unlike the twenty-third lunar day, the energy of these days is not aggressive and not destructive. 24 lunar day is a favorable period for creativity, especially for the creation of works of art and their presentation. An excellent day for the construction business and restoration work of increased complexity. The best day for carrying out subbotnik, for digging up a plot of land or uprooting trees.

Dreams. Show in what state is your sexual energy, your creative forces, internal forces and in general your potential. If the dream is good, then you are all right, if on the contrary, then look for holes. Either you do not have a relationship with the opposite sex, or you do not show enough creativity in relationships and life, or your internal forces are spoiled, and it is worthwhile to do their restoration. Sometimes dreams of this day can show past lives, but then life wants to give direct instructions with what you need to cope with.

Health. For those who are sick often it is on these lunar day healing occurs. Diseases that begin on this day are usually difficult to cure, give a lot of suffering, in most cases the affected organ increases in size or vice versa, its hypertrophy sets in. Since the day is associated with the awakening of the forces of nature, today it is possible to take advantage of this property for treatment, prepare medicines based on natural material, exercise, start yoga. The day is favorable for connecting the physical and spiritual beginnings. Also today is the day when the sexual beginning intensifies, therefore it is good for conception, exercises on transformation of sexual energy. In ancient times, 24 lunar days associated with the gods of fertility, with the awakening of the forces of nature, so today you can use the time to strengthen your health, both physical and spiritual. An allergy or a disease that is caused by allergic reactions can become aggravated.

  • Start 24-x lunar days in 2024 ​​year, New York:
  • 5 january 01:22
  • 3 february 01:18
  • 4 march 02:27
  • 2 april 03:15
  • 2 may 03:12
  • 31 may 02:09
  • 30 june 01:25
  • 29 july 00:26
  • 28 august 00:36
  • 26 september 00:31
  • 26 october 01:39
  • 25 november 01:32
  • 24 december 01:20
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For the sake of maintaining your physical health, it is better not to try to cut your hair.


People born on the 24th lunar day are created for work and business, endowed with the abilities and energy of character. They are often peace-loving and kind. Sneakiness does not allow to be sincere to the end. Councils listen, but act in their own way. Opinions do not change. If they do not share their energy with people, they can become bitter.
Tip: do sports, actively relax.

Bathing in the bath

A day for love, for the conception of a child. Sensual massage works wonders.


The dreams of the 24th lunar day, awakening hidden energy in us, show how strong and healthy we are. If you have pleasant dreams, we are all right; if dreams are unpleasant, this indicates a kind of dissatisfaction and stagnation of creative and sexual energy.

Stones keepers

Citrine, obsidian, turquoise.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 24th lunar day in some ways similar to the symbol of the day - a bear, and in childhood - a bear cub. It will not be clever, which is not terrible, if you do not want to give birth to a professional acrobat. But this man will become a good-hearted person, he will be distinguished by high moral and physical strength, and he will prefer to speak the truth-womb in person. Despite the last quality, the surrounding people will treat him with sympathy. Such a person will be expressed rudely and sometimes cynically, in the manifestation of feelings he is not characterized by cloying tenderness, but he will be sincere. At the person conceived this day two problems and two dangers are laziness and illnesses. Laziness prevents him from achieving what he is potentially able to get. A disease can last a long time. It is necessary for this person from the earliest childhood to take care of health and not to neglect work.

Aromatherapy and home scents

He pacifies anger, removes the effects of severe stress, calms and nourishes a person with vital forces. The aroma of heather also helps to cleanse the body and energy from pollution and contributes to overall sanitation.


The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

Dental treatment

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.


Twenty-fourth lunar days are ideal for weddings and marriages, especially those who dream of having many children. This period is favorable for the creation of a family by people whose basis of outlook is high spiritual values. In particular, this applies to those families where the god Shiva is worshiped.


In the twenty-fourth lunar day, you can buy everything, but the best thing is that you have long been saving money. Acquisition of goods should be a long-awaited event, a kind of prize, the fruit of your efforts. Then it will bring you the expected joy, and maybe even more. It is dangerous now to buy something at the behest of a whim, an instant flash of desire. Goods that you did not think about, did not evaluate the real need for them for you, they will cause you grief. And first of all it concerns the temptation to buy something cheaper.


symbol: bear
stones: obsidian, black jasper
part of the body: axillary region

The main strength of this day is the power of sexual male energy. Working with the male aspect of power. In general, the day of the influence of male energies. Very well on this day, work rites for the acquisition of the Spirit-helper, for example, the protection of "The Bridegroom". Experienced practitioners can, on this lunar day, make some love spells on women, with a sexual bias, despite the waning moon. This is the only day on the waning moon, when the spells fall as it should.

When guessing on these lunar days it is better to ask questions related to construction, laying down new projects. Favorable time for all kinds of practices and rituals in the framework of magic.

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