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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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1 house a solar in the homes of the natal horoscope

1 house of the horoscope

Symbolic rulers Aries, Mars, culminates the Sun, in the imprisonment of Venus, in the fall of Saturn.

The first house characterizes the personality of a person in a narrow sense, that is, a set of his superficial subconscious programs that play the role of a double filter: through them comes the perception and self-expression of a person. 1 house gives many characteristics of childhood, and it dominates in the life of the child, while he does not separate himself from the outside world, i.e. will not learn to say the word "I". 1 house is included especially intensively, when a person speaks about his personal merits, skills, qualities and generally demonstrates himself. This can be a remarkably interesting and exciting spectacle if he has something to show and if he is sincere, then he wants to imitate and take an example in everything, since a bright person is shown constantly, whatever a person does.

Subjectively, the inclusion of 1 house means acceptance of the position "I am the Universe", or even "I am God." The brightest image of one house is a singer on the stage, blinded by the light of searchlights, who does not see or hear anything around and is absorbed only by that side of himself that he is currently representing.

1 house is a filter of perception, and it determines the nature of the distortion (and, in general, the modification) of information and energy that a person receives from the outside world. The sign on the top of the house (the ascendant) gives a style of perception that is most comfortable for a person, for example, Gemini gives a quick and mental perception, while Capricorn is serious and practical. However, if 1 house is not included, i.e. partially falls on the next after the ascendant sign, then the person will have two types of perception: a superficial one, corresponding to the sign on top of house 1, and a deeper one corresponding to the next sign. At the same time, perception in the first style will be easier, as it were, without special efforts to concentrate attention; but close attention will include the second style of perception, and a person suddenly sees the same situation much deeper, and most importantly, quite differently. If, for example, 1 house begins in Taurus, and ends in Gemini, then the primary perception of man will be Tetz, ie, he will pay attention to real things and essential processes; trifles, all sorts of emotions and silly arguments will not stop his attention: there are material objects and established facts, and the rest is not even worth considering; It is clear that at a low level it gives stagnancy, rigidity and narrowness of perception. But the same person, having looked closely, discovers in himself an extraordinary ease of thinking and the speed of mental analysis - this includes the Twins, who will illuminate the situation in a completely different way, and he can instantly see what those around him have vainly tried to convince for a long time, overcoming Taurus's resistance and not knowing how to activate Gemini. But in any case, it will be difficult to directly perceive someone's emotions, especially if his Moon does not stand in a watermark.

On the other hand, 1 house represents a filter of self-expression and self-awareness. A person expresses himself by means of certain expressive means available to him, which are determined by the position in his horoscope 1 at home: the signs on his cusp (and the next one if the house comes to him), the planets of the house, their aspects, actual and symbolic rulers, etc. These expressive means, on the one hand, are instruments of self-expression (on the one hand, obedient), on the other hand, they limit its possibilities, which, especially in case of defeat, can be experienced very painfully, since it is practically impossible to master the alien style of expression, at least long will seem artificial to the surrounding and unsatisfactory to the person himself.

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that 1 house determines not what the person transmits through himself, but how he does it, and the content of the information-energy flow going through it is determined by other, deeper subconscious programs and external circumstances, e. the rest of the horoscope houses. The person is formed on the basis of innate qualities and features of the person by family and social influences and, often not least, by him, therefore it is necessary to judge her actual state in an adult with great care, remembering that the natal chart gives directions, variants and tendencies of development , and it is impossible to determine the concrete path of personal development chosen by man and the degree of advancement on it by a single natal chart alone.

At the first level of elaboration of the first house, a person is completely identified with his personality, and the personality does not separate from the physical body. Here you can talk about psychic reality, but not about the inner world, to which the human being has a certain relation to various elements. Here, self-awareness is very poorly developed, a person in fact has badly separated himself from the world around him; he would rather say "hurt" than "I have pain". At this level, a person absolutely trusts his perception and believes that what he does not see or feel does not exist. On the contrary, self-expression goes spontaneously and uncontrollably, and, as a rule, does not cause a sense of shame even in socially unacceptable and unacceptable situations: a person has a deep and intimately built-in feeling that what he is is like that, and the world is obliged to perceive it even love it in this form.

At this level, a person does not feel the depth of his psyche, reducing his individuality and in general the inner content to external actions and elementary psychological reactions. Therefore, the problem of self-affirmation is very acute for him, and he is forced to assert himself, more often than not, by psychological games at the expense of others, constantly, literally every day, as the inability to penetrate himself, deeper than the most superficial subconscious programs and elementary mental, emotional and physiological reflexes, where only one can find something individually valuable, makes him feel constantly naked, empty and insignificant, if within a few hours he does not receive this external refutation tion.

At this level, a person usually wears one or two completely rigid masks (the first for those who are in his power, the second for those who are stronger), and completely identifies with them (usually the same holds true for others). In this case, each of these masks, i. E. hypostasis of personality, gives a very strong distortion of information and energy flow both in perception and in self-expression; self-deception and deception of the external world occur, in particular, due to the crude profanation of the world for man and, conversely, due to the need to put the broadcast flows into very primitive frameworks and schemes. People, for example, are divided into good and bad (mostly by the criterion of the benefits they bring to the person), smart and fools (ie those who agree with him, and others), etc., and these characteristics are more often all have the character of labels; glued forever, regardless of further events. In the psychic reality, two states predominate: aggression and blockage, sometimes under the guise of complete submission and groaning before the superior force, and switching from one state to another can occur very quickly, not at all embarrassing a person.

At the second level of the development of the house, a complete separation of the person from the surrounding world occurs; now he can talk about himself, looking at his personality as if from the outside. "As if" means that subjective and biased shades remain, but at least a person can listen to someone else's opinion of himself that does not coincide with his own, and try to see himself as someone else's eyes. At this level, a person at certain periods of his life, especially in his youth, tries to understand what is he himself, and what is his individual uniqueness. The usual point of view on personality at the second level of elaboration boils down to the fact that it is a set of character traits, individual inclinations, abilities, talents, and less often - features of perception. A person believes that a person (one's own and another's) needs to be formed, but does not classify this occupation as one of the most important for oneself. Here his views on this problem are almost entirely dictated by the public consciousness and the subconscious, who read that the personality is important for leaders and leaders, in a word, leaders who subordinate themselves and leading collectives, and the rest is more important to deal with their specific business: forging pig iron, planned demonstrations, etc.

But nevertheless, a certain inner life is already noticed by a person in himself, and above all, it is resolved by himself: here one can already speak of an inner world, even a primitive one. In any case, a person treats differently to the elements of his inner life, approves something, condemns something, and does not take anything at all and tries to suppress or get rid of something. The notion of internal work materializes, at least in part, and real internal causes for self-esteem appear; now self-affirmation to some extent comes from within and the self-esteem of a person does not depend so totally on external circumstances.

At this level, the distortions of the external world in perception are no longer so strong and largely similar to all people of this social circle, which forms the main features of the individual at the second level of its elaboration. Here, perception is determined by a set of social clichés, which is much richer than at the previous level, and allows for adequate existence in society. Accordingly, the possibility of self-expression is also determined by a modest but decent set of social stamps, in most cases quite acceptable to the person. In rare cases, getting into strong energy flows (for example, passionately falling in love), a person feels the lack of available at his disposal expressive means, but easily reconciles with it. The question of self-affirmation and self-realization is still solved at the social level, i.e. the main criterion is the external achievements of man, especially socially recognized; personal merits and efforts are valued by the person, basically, only those that are visible to people, the reference circle, and better all their people.

At the third level of the study of the first house, a person learns to see his personality as the surface layer of his inner self. In other words, now he has a sufficiently large and differentiated inner world that develops according to his own laws and in which a person can behave in various ways, rejoice over something, grieve something, change something, in a word, live. Now the personality is perceived as a means of communication between the external and the inner world, but its shortcomings are experienced more as shortcomings of expressive means, i.e. a person does not know how to adequately express what is so exciting, interesting and meaningful happening inside him. at this level, social stamps of perception and self-expression are already tight for a person, and he begins to overcome them. In various external situations and situations, he sees such details, shades and aspects that are not visible to anyone else. at least until he clearly identifies them or calls them. It is not given for free: an inert society tolerates such manifestations with difficulty and always prefers bright personalities (with a strong 1 house) original and really talented (with a well-developed 1 house), and a man is determined to struggle for the mere right to his vision of the world.

In his manifestations, this person is not ordinary, and he is often poorly understood, especially if he considers it his duty to be sincere in the primitive sense of the word, i.e. accurately express their thoughts and feelings without taking into account the level of the audience. He needs new non-standard and non-conventional forms of expression, which people often profane, take for an empty show off, devoid of any meaning whatsoever. Here, a person learns to control his personality, including certain aspects of it, and most importantly, he ceases (often in bitter experience) to consider it a self-sufficient value. Now his self-affirmation is not only due to the social evaluation of his external achievements and the socially perceived image of his personality, but also to a greater extent from his achievements in the inner world, working on himself, since he already understands that his external successes are due precisely to internal efforts and accomplishments, even if they are invisible to the world. At this level, the person is still morbidly concerned with humiliation, but the emphasis of his experiences is transferred from an insulted and offended to the essence of what a person is currently representing or translating. Here, the person is still very beloved and expensive, but already largely an instrument of the human psyche, and not its essence.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the first house, a person perceives his personality as a working tool designed to connect the external and internal world, and he knows how to manage this tool quite well. His perception is basically impersonal, i.e. he learns to perceive everything around him and with him without personal feelings and emotions, distorting and blocking the information-energy flow coming to him from the outside. Now the problem of self-expression is solved at a new level, a person overcomes tough social stamps and behaves very naturally, naturally and completely in his own way, in every gesture and intonation, as far as the social situation permits. At this level, the problem of social adaptation is no longer there, a person can always behave adequately and, although internally will experience some inconvenience, will be sincere and open to the extent possible in a situation that usually produces a very strong impression of complete inner freedom and emancipation .

At this level, people focus on three things: conscious control of their inner world, adequate perception of external and precise self-expression. The second and the third are possible only with a flexible, mobile and plastic personality, able to adapt and be itself in all circumstances; As for the former, access to the inner world through consciousness also goes through the subconscious programs of the house, and therefore they must be flexible, obedient and ramified, which is the subject of special human concern. At the same time, his self-esteem is connected not so much with his personality, which he perceives as an auxiliary tool, but rather with the degree of realization of his karmic program, and he first sees it as a corresponding inner work, but not only (and, if 1 house does not is very accented in the map, not so much) as work on the personality, but as a necessary transformation and the construction of the inner world as a whole. At this level, humiliation, unfair reproaches, disappointments, failures, misunderstandings, unmotivated aggression and other blows on the person are perceived impersonally by the person, and those rare cases when he does not manage it are considered as indication of fate in a weak place, rust or ungearly joint in a significant tool - his own, and on the spot it corrects. This person has no self-esteem in the conventional sense, and in appropriate situations there is only regret about his own imperfection. Personal reactions to him are deviations from the true path, his own dharma.

Situation 1 of the house is distinguished by an emphasis on the personality of one of the participants. Confession, intimate stories about personal affairs, human circumstances and experiences, made with an emphasis on the pronoun "I": I did, I thought, I reacted, include 1 house, not only for the person himself, but also for his interlocutor who should listen carefully, and not only empathize, but also to some extent be identified with the narrator. Thus, it is possible to conditionally divide two types of situations at home: in situations of the first type, a person's self-expression occurs, i.e. disclosure, demonstration of his personality, and in situations of the second type, its formation takes place, and then the person basically remains silent, but what is happening perceives very deeply, for it forms new subconscious programs, namely, personality traits. In addition, two more types of inclusion of the first house are possible, when the personality interacts with the inner world of the person: the third when it affects it, and the fourth when it, on the contrary, is passive and formed. For example, if a person develops courtesy and the ability not to scream and not be irritated by others in acute situations, then he has a second type of situation at home; and if he learns not to be angry and not punish himself for imperfection and for misdemeanors, then this is the fourth type of situation at home. When the first program is worked out and operates in an acute external situation, a situation occurs in the first house of the first type, and the second program, operating in an acute internal situation, causes situation 1 of a third type house.

For the situation at home, one feels a sense of personal openness: the inner world is broadcast outside and vice versa, but the main emphasis is on expressive means, i.e. on how a person expresses himself or listens, and not what is being broadcast: "I listened to her, all absorbed in the story, lying on my left side on the soft grass, slightly tilted my head back, looking up at the sky and snoring with pleasure." If a person has nothing to say, his emphasis on one house quickly becomes irrelevant, and the corresponding effect is called shuffling, which is often motivated by false self-assertion, although the latter does not necessarily go through one house. A person can assert himself by advertising his friends: "Yesterday we plowed with Leo Nikolayevich" (2 house), or his house (4 house). And although at the same time 1 house will, of course, be slightly active, but does not have to be the main one standing over the situation.

A typical external situation at home is a demonstration of the strength of the individual, when a person alone with authority of a confident kind, a firm step and a powerful voice pacifies the raging crowd; even more effectively, when a beautiful woman with soft but unyielding manners does the same thing, 1 the house in general has a lot to do with the appearance of a person, more precisely, her social perception. Strong harmonious 1 house gives a "pleasant" appearance, more precisely, the impression of it, with a slight defeat - "spectacular".

Strong one house gives a person to whose opinion one wants to listen; this is a natural leader, especially if the ascendant is in the male sign. At a high level of study, a strong one house gives the ability to listen and understand; a person is so rich in the choice of subconscious programs that perceive different situations and people, that he does not have to coarsen, simplify, and, adapting to his perception, profane what is happening around him. At lower levels, however, a person with a strong first home is more likely to actively influence others, even if its top and all planets are in the female sign, i. E. Karmically, he must listen more than speak. A man with a strong 1 house is probably strong or, at least, impresses with power; a woman with a strong 1 house is likely to be spectacular and perhaps loves bright make-up and clothing colors, especially with the ascendant in a fiery sign. People with a strong first home attract most of the attention of frivolous and superficial humanity to themselves and take it for granted, completely not understanding that they (karmically) should meet the same, i.e. look at the world ten times more attentively than other people. To a person with a strong home is difficult to treat indifferently: he is usually either loved, either not tolerated, or these conditions alternate. It's difficult to compete with him; it seems that he is endowed with all the talents, while in reality these are only primary abilities, or the talent for design, but he still needs to find out what exactly to make out, ie, have an internal content, which is determined by other houses. Aspects of the 1 house will show areas to the outward appearance of which the person will have abilities (harmonious aspects) and need (tense aspects). A person with a strong 1-st house should karmically look at things, but it's not at all a fact that he does it. These people are an outpost of civilization, national heroes who are loved, idolized, imitated and ultimately sacrificed (especially if the map has a planet in conjunction with the ascendant), which they actively resist, trying to cherish their selfishness and devour someone else's love and attention , without giving evolution in return anything constructive. Then they break the balance of 1 and 7 houses and acquire many enemies that can destroy them. In general, a strong house with a weak 7th gives a person who, feeling that he is a lot of himself, does not find adequate partners in strength: they are all boring to him, although they look with adoration or carefully cut off hatred, but neither the others in an open the battle does not come out, feeling that they will be crushed. Here you need a long hard work on yourself to expand consciousness and perception and improve the means of expression, in accordance with the nature of the planets in the 1st house and its aspects.

A weak 1 house gives a person who does not strike the eye and does not give the impression of a strong personality. In communication, he does not press on the interlocutor and does not strive without any special reasons to take the place of the leader, for which he can be loved in the team. He does not have many opportunities for direct self-affirmation, but, fortunately, the need for it is not high. A person with a weak 1 house is located at a fairly large distance from the outside world, his inner world is far from external. This, however, does not mean that he lives only in inner life or, conversely, only external; it depends on the location of the planets in the night and day houses, respectively, but in any case, the connection between the outer and inner world is difficult, carried out through long and thin channels, which gives impenetrability and good psychological protection. This is not the impenetrability with the element of mystery and magic that Scorpio gives, but rather in some way a colorless expression, beyond which one really does not understand what is worth and whether something is worthwhile. The man will be indifferent to the volume of his biceps and height, the woman will not look at what to wear panties and bra, and the lip stain will only be for pro forma (unless, of course, the first is currently very active Mars, and the second - Venus).

Here development is necessary, but difficult, and not objective circumstances, but lack of interest. Man, as it were, independently lives with two lives, external and internal, and he does not really need to connect one with another. Of course, somehow it happens by itself, but it is imperceptible for him, and most importantly, he is quite happy with it, and why then should he try? The realization that this, however, is necessary to solve the majority of both external and internal problems of man, comes at a rather high evolutionary level.

A harmonious house gives a person who does not have problems with conceit and self-assertion, at least on the surface. He is usually satisfied with both his external and internal world, and he is very charming and usually has good relations with people: he knows how to smile, and if the ascendant is in the female sign, then listen.

Unfortunately, harmonious aspects of one house give a distortion of perception and, therefore, constant self-deception and deceit of others in an optimistic direction, i.e. a person to himself and others seems to be better than he is, and, on the other hand, the world seems to a person much brighter, lighter and rounder than is revealed by closer observation. Trines are not something that is directly deceived, but they place accents so that somehow one does not want to think about the bad, dirty, imperfect; quickly forgotten and do not remember pain (mental and physical), resentment, injustice, humiliation. A person often does not see slanting views and is mistaken (for the better) about the opinion of other people who, yielding to his charm near, give a go-ahead at a distance and often consider him an unfair and re-rooted fate, the outward signs of which are quite probable, including the charming appearance. With an ascendant in the female sign, this person is very good at complaining about his life, as no one respects or understands you; if the ascendant is in a man's sign, it is very difficult for this person to resist, whatever he wants from you, despite the fact that rough pressure is not typical for him.

The lack of elaboration here leads to a gradual disappointment in oneself and in life; everything bothers and seems insipid, and any effort (external and internal) - useless. On the contrary, the work on one's personality is very promising, the person has excellent abilities to develop it, which will be shown by the position of the house at 1 in the horoscope, but the initial gift is literally in everything that a person often discourages, if the card as a whole is not strongly affected or not shared spiritual aspiration, which is determined not by a card, but by an evolutionary level. In principle, a harmonious house means that it is easy for a person to find an external expression for any inner state or experience, and it is easy to internally perceive what is happening around. They are born actors, psychotherapists and teachers, and if they are not ruined by excessive passivity, self-deception and laziness, they can achieve very much - whatever they do.

The stricken 1 house gives a constant dissatisfaction with itself and a strong desire for personal self-affirmation; at a low level, the latter means that a person is not only doing great things: he needs that others constantly assert and proclaim his personal role and merit, and also extol the various features of his unique personality, without which all the perfect would be impossible.

This is characterized by a strong distortion of the external vision of the external and inner world for the worse, as if someone was sitting in it, constantly thickening black paints, and color transforming into gray ones. Therefore, praise is always inadequate and seems insincere to man, and criticism and even simple comments and requests seem destructive and insulting. But the person himself will never praise anyone (excluding flattery to his superiors) or do it with a terrible grimace and clenched teeth. Here the problem is largely that a person hypertrophied large sees shortcomings and imperfections, in particular, in himself; so it is difficult for him not to love, but even to accept himself without disgust, and he projects it to the outside world and people, especially if there is opposition to home by the 7th.

Work goes along the path of careful tracking of the distortion of perceptions of the external and internal world, as well as control of self-expression, which often looks much more odious than a person has in mind and feels. The defeat of the house at home makes it possible to be very thin and the need for very hard work on yourself in general, and on the personality in particular. Depending on the position of the house, a person may want to destroy himself and the whole world, or, on the contrary, not resist anything, but only if possible to passively strengthen all the evil that he feels in others and himself, and all these aspirations need to be realized as superficial and induced by their lower inception and overcome; then the person learns to see and overcome the lower beginning in others, and the level of vision will be very high, not to mention the destructive power, and when working out constructively inspiring action on others, as well as deeper layers of his own psyche. When working out, it is important to keep in mind that distortions of self-expression are much easier to track and correct than the distortion of the vision of the world and oneself, which should be borne in mind and desirable to correct, but it is almost impossible to overcome; personal ambitions can not be satisfied here, and it is better to get distracted from them, remembering that this pit is strangely at the same time bottomless and poisonous.

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