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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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4 house a solar in the homes of the natal horoscope

4 house of the horoscope

Symbolic stewards Cancer, Moon, culminate Jupiter, Neptune, in Saturn, Uranus, in the fall of Mars.

The fourth house represents the foundation, the foundation, the depth. Subconscious programs run by the 4th house underlie the human psyche - these are fundamental life positions, central attitudes towards the world, to oneself and to God, the indicator-level indicator of security (which includes the operation of specific protection programs), the instinct of life (the death instinct is basically for 8 houses). Many subconscious programs run by the 4 house are primitive, but they are very deep and it is very difficult to get to them in psychoanalysis: they are protected by more superficial programs that seem to be the development of the basic idea, but this idea can only be guessed. The subconscious programs of the other houses are secondary to the programs of the 4 houses, although their exterior design may look quite different, because they are controlled by other signs and planets. Thus, the 4th house defines an internal attitude, which does not depend on anything, which manifests itself in situations of 3 houses (the social environment), and 2 houses (the external environment), and, strictly speaking, affects all other situations without exception. The 4th house defines the foundation of religiosity, its deepest subconscious part, in particular, the general sense of the person of the place of God and the devil in the world and in his soul and the degree of their influence on him. 4 The house concerns the most important type of self-affirmation for a person (which, generally speaking, goes to all houses without inclusion), namely, approval directly from the Absolute, who in the 4th house gives the person tasks and assesses the level of their fulfillment: the connection with the Absolute is realized in different ways, depending on the position of the 4 houses in the map.

In the outer life, the 4th house determines the relationship of a person with a piece of land, which he perceives as his homeland: it can be a country, a city or simply a parental home. With the defeat of the 4th house, the feeling of the homeland is often negative, but it is very intimate (like all feelings connected with the 4th house) and therefore in this case it is usually completely superseded, and the person feels a lack of roots, which, of course, does not correspond to reality , but these roots are such that it is better not to look at them without special preparation.

4 the house manages the family life of a person, more precisely, his everyday existence in the walls and under the roof, which he considers his home. When a person enters his apartment (or room) and closes the door behind him, the 4 house gently falls on him and stands all the time while the person is there: of course, along with 4 houses, other houses can be included, but the 4th house will be included certainly. 4 the house stands over the real estate, who it has (houses, lands, estates), but as a whole manages the protection of a person from the outside world, by what is the basis of his existence and survival, in particular, by money in the amount of the subsistence minimum (food needed clothing and other) and providing housing (rent); The rest of the money goes to 2 or 8 houses.

Although the spheres described above are only a part of human existence, the level of realization and elaboration of the 4 houses is extremely important in his life, since this is its basis, which constantly shines through any of its actions and states. If there is no realization of principle 4 at home, a person hangs about life, not knowing where to stumble and how to stop, he does not have either God in his soul (whatever he thinks himself on this matter), nor a roof that would protect him from the rage of a hurricane Karma, in whatever elegant palace he lived. The building of an individual destiny, like any other, has a foundation, whose name is 4 house, and all attempts to build this building, ignoring the problems of the basement or creating it hastily, tyap-lyap, end in the same way - it crumbles to dust. Realization of the principle of 4 houses means the development of the latter to the level anticipated by individual karma, in accordance with the evolutionary level of man.

4 house symbolizes the father as a figure that supports life and ensures the stable existence of the child: the father builds a house and brings food.

At the first level of elaboration of 4 houses, the main moment of a person's worldview is a sense of loneliness and God-restraint. He is alone in a huge and terrible world where nothing inside or outside of him supports, and he must live, relying solely on his knowledge, skills, cunning, mind, skill, etc., and as soon as he loses vigilance, It will be destroyed by similar creatures or natural forces. With the defeat of the 4th house, the world seems threatening, if there is no strong defeat - indifferently indifferent, with harmonious aspects a person believes in his purely fortuitous luck, remaining in principle on the same positions. At this level there is no place for God and unselfish love in the world, but the devil has full operational scope, and his strength directly depends on the number of tense aspects to 4 houses (harmonious ones are not taken into account). It should be emphasized that the installation of 4 houses refers to the whole life of a person, i.e. to all houses of the horoscope, and this is different from the settings, for example, 2 and 3 houses, respectively, related to the general and social environment in which the person is. Life positions at this level of study are extremely selfish and usually pessimistic: "everyone is drawn to himself"; "Man is a wolf to man"; "You can only hope for yourself, and even then it's not always"; "How much the wolf does not feed, it still looks into the forest", etc. The general sense is that there is nothing good in the world, and any manifestations of order and love are doomed to a short and inevitable destruction by the very course of things in the universe. Here the fundamental reaction to any external or internal impulse is distrust and suspicion in the worst or just very bad. It began to rain - soon everything would be flooded; the sun came out to the deadly drought; no moon on the night of the new moon - the cosmonauts blew up, etc. Self-affirmation of the 4th house at this level is only one thing - the assertion of one's life position, for which a person constantly finds a lot of opportunities, but until the end is never satisfied, because it is destructive, but until the world is dead and turned into complete chaos can not be satisfactorily substantiated.

At this level of development of 4 houses, a person usually does not have a home and lives in chaos and mud, and finds in this strange and not completely understandable for others with higher levels of study of the 4 home satisfaction, the meaning of which is that the house where a person lives , there is for him a model of the world as a whole, so chaos in the house means chaos in the world, which was required to maintain a vital position; and any attempts by compassionate family members, friends, neighbors or relatives to bring a minimum order to this person's house will come up against anger, irritation and stubborn resistance, sometimes in the form of harsh psychological games, with a strong sadomasochistic complex, under the motto: "I have never had and will not have his own house, and all who have it, are to blame for me. " Feelings to the homeland are usually negative-consumer: "should give, give nothing!", And the same attitude toward your family as a whole (if it exists).

At the second level of elaboration of the 4 houses, the sense of loneliness and godlessness is mostly preserved, but they are no longer so strong: black color turns into gray. In addition, there are glimpses in the places, if not light, then hopes for it, and the person, as if reluctantly, recognizes that in the world there are occasional (very small) islets of solid soil: people on whom one can rely on something, relationships, for a short time, apparently, disinterested, local tendencies for ordering in the surrounding world, etc. A qualitative change in comparison with the first level of elaboration is that a person assumes the possibility of constructing, if it is lucky, and with great difficulty, a small fragment of reality that will give him protection against aggression or simply chaotic influence of the outside world. At this level, constructively even a purely egoistic construction of such a shelter is constructive, since in the course of construction a person learns cooperation and comprehends the truth that his interests are sometimes matched with the interests of some other people and that the world is not so aggressive and even not always negatively indifferent to him. At this level, his attitude is contradictory, and his vital positions too; there are views like "you can only hope for yourself" and "you will not praise yourself, you walk like a spit," but there are new ones: "an old friend is better than the new two", "the debt is red by the payment". The general feeling is roughly the same: "The world as a whole is chaotic and potentially hostile, but based on completely random love and in principle unreliable friendly assistance, it can be a long, difficult personal effort to secure some kind of safe existence." The sensations of Divine attention, love and help on this level sometimes appear meditatively, but they are so random and (in the opinion of a person) are so loosely related both to his correct behavior and to the severity of the problems that this condition can practically be called godlessness but incomplete , but with minimal doubts in it. Man still regards the world, as well as the human soul, as the arena of the devil, whose actions are occasionally and, as a rule, very unjustly and ineptly attempted to resist God. Self-affirmation for the 4th house (existential, ie support of the life position) is contradictory here. With a harmonious map, a person manages to get it twice: and at the triumph of evil ("I said that the Devil rules the world!"), And with the success of good ("I said that a man, if he wants, can achieve!"); but still satisfaction is not complete, because the life position is not formalized.

At this level of elaboration of the 4th house, a person aspires to get as comfortable as possible in his housing, instinctively (and often consciously) contrasting it with the aggressive and chaotic external world, the position "my house is my fortress". However, people can not bring their house (and family) to a satisfactory state in principle; he subconsciously still feels that his house is not only a part, but also a model of the world as a whole, and since the world is in many respects terrible and dangerous, it extends to his home often in repressed form. Compensation is expressed in increased attention to furniture, decor, quarters, etc. Relations in the family go under the flag of family egocentrism, often quite frank, the benefit of the social subconscious does not put any restrictions here. The family is the cell of society! Feelings towards the homeland are ambivalent: against a background of moderate patriotism (in the case of an easy transition into chauvinism) there is a clear desire to profit from it. - What kind of minerals are there not enough for our children? Red copper? Well, nothing, somehow will manage, all as one inventors grow!

At the third level of elaboration of the 4th house, a person loses the sense of chaotic and senselessness of the world and his life: karma begins to show its regularities every now and then, and the facts of the evolutionary development of himself and the world as a whole no longer require proof. The world is still dominated by darkness, but there are areas of light that are stronger; Whichever place it illuminates, it dispels it, it's just that it's not enough. However, it controls the movement of evolution, which is chaotic, and completely black only down, and at higher levels it is lighter, and, most importantly, there is vertical control, i.e. The chaos of the black forces is ultimately controlled by the gray forces, and by them they are bright, defining not the details, but the general direction of the movement. There is a lot of Divine love in the world, but it does not reach the sites (and people) of low evolutionary development; good should not fight evil, but brighten it, because evil is the lowest stage of good, especially when there is a lack of divine light and love.

At this level, the life position is already sufficiently defined and optimistic (with the defeat of the 4th house, nevertheless, it is reserved). A man must and can bring light and good into the world, and then evil, black and chaotic forces can not hurt him, as when approaching him they will scatter and brighten. People and the world are potentially good, you just need to show them their true nature, and then they will overcome the evil contained in themselves and attracting external evil to them. Here, for the first time (at the level of life position), the idea of ​​humility appears; in situations where a person is unable to brighten the surrounding evil, he patiently endures limitations and sufferings that fall on his share, without losing his vital positions and perceiving this part of his destiny as an inevitable fragment of karma.

Only at this level does true religiosity appear, when a person regularly experiences the Divine presence, His help, protection, and, most importantly, the requests, fulfilling which, i. working out their karmic programs, a person directly feels Divine approval and gratitude, and they give the present existential self-affirmation: then the person no longer needs the assertion of his life position. This is a qualitatively different level of human existence in the world, since the affirmation of a vital position typical of lower levels of elaboration of the 4th house is nothing more than an indirect confirmation of the Absolute's right to life and meaningful existence, but here the person receives this confirmation directly, directly .

At this level, a person feels the support of the walls of his house always, even if this house is purely temporary. At the same time, he does not seek to isolate his home from the outside world and does not try to create a closed family, striving for a balance of external and internal activity (4 and 10 houses). Home and family, from his point of view, should be in order, but their goal is serving the world, and not a reliable self-sufficient existence. The same feelings he feels for his homeland, seeking to balance patriotism with international self-consciousness.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the four houses, a person sees karma as a whole quite well, and his life position is a service to his higher egregor who can send him to a temporary service lower, like Jacob at Lavan or Hercules at Eurystheus. Having performed 12 feats or having given birth to 12 sons, a person goes to carry light and dispel the darkness into the following monasteries and vale. However, the general position of life, which does not raise objections per se, can lead to unusual and even socially unacceptable ethics in relation to specific conditions, due to the fact that a person clearly sees the future and the higher meaning of what is happening, and is guided by these, often invisible to others, circumstances, trying to make more harmonious karma in general, and not its individual minor fragments. At this level, the difference between black and white teachers from the point of view of an ordinary person is already erased, since both of them, from time to time create an even or, conversely, a vortex flow of karma.

This person communicates with God constantly, and this is his self-affirmation for the 4th house. His life in the home and family is seen by him as a way to influence world karma, and the upbringing of children, like maintaining the house in order, acquires the deepest mystical and evolutionary meaning: sweeping the dust can mean cleaning the lower layers of the terrestrial astral, cooking - establishing a flow of cosmic energy to the Earth, etc. However, such links are available at any level of development of the 4th house, just at lower levels, this effect is not so strong. At this level, patriotism is the service of its karmic egregor, which, for example, can mean a planetary consciousness.

The situation at home on the psychological level is the inclusion of fundamental subconscious programs, for example, the instinct of self-preservation. Food in a state of hunger (as well as a family meal in any version), a rapid flight from danger ("not feeling the feet under him"), the search for an exit from any life-threatening situation goes under the 4 house. At a high level, including 4 houses means direct contact with God, and on the average - a feeling of deep satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with oneself in terms of your life as a whole.

At 4 home are life positions and situations, when a person is engaged in their confirmation or formation. At the same time, the inclusion of the 4th house is accompanied by a feeling of deep satisfaction: "I always said that people can not be trusted, and for the first time everyone can see how right I am." In the negative version of the inclusion of 4 houses, when a person's life position is questioned, he defends himself as if he wants to deprive the latter of a piece of bread and a roof over his head, even if (outwardly) situations that have no direct relationship to him were discussed.

4 The house triumphs in the construction of a house in which a person will live; while he can get from his family as a gift or in a long-term loan, such amounts of money that he could not rely on under any circumstances. The standing 4 lower octave house stands over the homeless and beggars, for which every next overnight and a piece of bread stand as a pressing problem; likewise, the 4th house of the high octave stands over the holy pilgrims and worshipers who feed on alms: for them the house is the whole world, and for the less they do not agree.

The average person includes 4 houses, doing household tasks and "strengthening the family", whatever that mystical expression means: the normalization of relations between spouses, parents and children, the birth of new children or the redistribution of roles in the family. The 4th house is a hard nut to the psychologist who leads family psychotherapy, and even stronger for the one who deals with the patient individually: when it comes to his family problems, the psychologist has to fight with the family egregore, and the heat of battle is sometimes tenfold.

Under the 4th house there is a deep old age when one feels that life has been lived and the breathing of the approaching death is already felt. The person (and actually God) sums up the life he lived and tries to comprehend and understand his mistakes and his lessons. At this time, especially with a strong 4th house, fundamental religiousness awakens, often dozing during active atheistic life, and a person begins to feel the Divine presence in himself and the world around him, but usually he has no words to express his feelings. As always, the background for the house is the opposite, and in this case the presence of the 10th house is expressed in the fact that the person seeks to set goals and help to follow the life path of the younger generation; subconsciously, he sets himself the task of the next incarnation.

To some extent, the 4th house is included at the conclusion of any business, when there is a mystical sense of the point put at the end of the sentence or the whole text. At that moment, the results are summed up, and it is better if God does it, but the person listens to Him, than vice versa. Inclusion of 4 houses is typical for the end of a fairy tale, when the heroes return home after exciting adventures and severe trials: "... and they began to live, live and make good money".

A strong 4 house gives a deep man, who finds it difficult to express himself and is even harder to figure out. He has strong internal attitudes, which at first are unknown to him (in fact, subconscious and not decorated), but nevertheless exert a strong influence on his life: often unexpectedly for himself, he discovers that in various situations he must behave quite definite way, often contrary to public opinion and sometimes contrary to their superficial mental attitudes and beliefs. These inner attitudes and vital positions since the very beginning of his life are strong, but need to be brought to consciousness and design, in accordance with the external conditions of life and the temperament of a person. Without this, his self-realization is impossible; at least in the sense that God talks to him from the very depths of his soul, and the requirement of service to God comes precisely from there, which, especially with the defeat of the 4th house, leads to strong internal conflicts on religious grounds, since the religious Position, and not any more superficial programs; but working out gives true religiosity, when interaction with God goes in the depths of a person's soul, without intermediary instances. Workings out gives one of those people on whom, like on four elephants, the world holds; in addition, they give him a theoretical and substantive-religious justification, on which thin plans are kept.

For this person, the house in which he lives, the family relationship and the sense of security from the impermanence of fate are very important; he gets all this with great difficulty and, at best, in the second half of his life, after working out (karmically) correct basic life attitudes and at least partial realization of them.

Weak 4 house is characterized by weak life positions and internal attitudes. They do not lead him through life, and to the direct question: "What are the foundations of your worldview ?!" he probably will not be able to give a satisfactory answer. At the same time, the 4th house always needs to be worked out: in particular, to realize one's vital positions, at a certain level, they need to be corrected and to follow (karmically) to any person, although in this case there is no corresponding imperative demand from fate for a long time, and a strong one the desire for existential self-affirmation, unlike a strong 4 house, a person does not have, at least if the 4 house is not completely neglected. In this case, a person does not hear God's voice in the depths of his soul. His interaction with man is not through life positions and general principles of the world view. On the other hand, the conscious development of vital positions is relatively smooth and without much resistance from the subconscious; It is more difficult to subordinate them to other subconscious programs (and human views), which in this case have a tendency to independent existence.

This person will be weakly attached to the circumstances of his home life, he may for years ignore the yawning holes in the family egregore, for example, the imbalance in the relations of family members or the tumbled tile in the bathroom. Not this, at least for the time being, will be at the center of his attention, but if he feels the need, then with some difficulty he will still bring his house in order, although the true, ecstatic pleasure from these studies is still not received will be. With a strong 10th house, this is more a practitioner than a theoretician; the elaboration of 4 houses gives, at the same time, the ability to build in any case the necessary foundation, with a one and a halffold but not tenfold margin of safety, but it is always necessary to judge the internal religious feelings of others with caution, avoiding the projection of one's own religious experience.

Harmonious 4 house gives a person who at heart feels in this world reliably and confidently; he has a mystical subconscious feeling that with him always everything will end well, which extends to members of his family. Life positions are usually complacent-consumer, at low levels of study, surprisingly-combined with a general nihilistic view of the world: "In fact, everything in the world is arranged devil-like, and it flies into the tartaras, and there it is dear, but personally I'm all type-top, and this should be and always will be; whatever happens, people will have to carry everything I need, even if this is the last thing they have. " At a high level, a harmonious 4 house gives a very strong religious feeling that a person translates into the world: the people around him not only see the person living in God but also begin to feel his presence in his soul and the existential basis, e. The inner core, which gives self-confidence and its destiny in the world. At the average level, it is a person whose life positions fit harmoniously into his current existence and are supported in both positive and negative manifestations, he easily justifies his diligence (when necessary) and laziness (when it is possible to wriggle out) .

It is easy to establish cleanliness and order, at least superficial, in the house of this person, and if his wife sometimes shows jealousy, he will quickly and almost sincerely comfort her, gently explaining that she is much better, and above all, more beloved than all his mistresses combined , and even more so the current, taken separately. Of course, his family can also disintegrate to some extent, but he will always have a roof over his head, or at least this feeling, and if (unlikely) in his old age falls into a nursing home, he will find at least a superficial attention and decent care. His motto in the most difficult situations: "Everything will be fine! It will change - it will be flour, and we will bake pies from it. "

The stricken 4 house gives great existential difficulties. In the soul of man God struggles with the devil, and the outcome of the battle is not at all foregone; however, until adulthood, with very few exceptions, the devil is usually stronger. It is difficult for this person to count on understanding from others, who may think that he is fooling, going crazy or being furious with fat, and he will not understand what peace of mind and peace are in his soul. Here, life positions are contradictory and unstable, especially at the top of the 4th house in the cardinal and mobile crosses, and it is difficult for a person (and necessary) to find in himself the central moral core on which he could lean. Sometimes a person with an unprocessed 4 house devotes almost all his life to vain attempts to affirm his untenable life positions, instead of finding others, truly his own, and to feel a connection with his God directly. Here the search for true, inner religiosity is very relevant and equally difficult, and one should not expect quick successes. God expects him and puts great hopes on him, but he does not expect the same as a man at the beginning of his life, but completely different, who found, in particular, his true life position on the basis of the bitter experience of wandering in the darkness of inner atheism and nihilism. Here, elaboration requires the realization that the pessimistic destructive life position is a direct service to the forces of chaos and involution.

To his house a person experiences dual feelings, sometimes hates it directly; the family, at least with poor development, as a rule, does not satisfy him, and he does not hide his attitude towards it, and on the full moon can also emphasize. You need to learn to love your home and take care of it, as well as build a family relationship based on the sense of your duty to families, and not vice versa.

The study of the affected 4 houses gives very high results, in particular, the ability to work with people who are spiritually disbelieving and fallen, but this is one of the most difficult tasks in a person's life.

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