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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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9 home a solar in the homes of the natal horoscope

9 house of the horoscope

Symbolic rulers Sagittarius, Jupiter, in the confinement of Mercury.

9 house represents the third phase of the development of the "I", its ideal, that is, what a person would like to be. The question of the ideal of the house (conscious and subconscious) is far from simple, in particular, because it must be oriented towards the reality existing around the person, and to the question: "How will my ideal behave in this situation?" A person often can not give no answer other than a bitter confession: "He should never get into it." Thus, the ideal of "I" 9 at home is a practical ideal, i.e. image, calculated to exist in the very reality in which a person lives. Nevertheless, the most unpleasant moments of his life a person is inclined to displace, especially when forming his ideal, so the latter often lives in a more cultural and clean environment than the person himself, and this is wrong, because correcting one's behavior, referring to the ideal, and especially in those moments when it is least desired that the lower start, released to freedom, not so frankly celebrated its existence.

The ideal "I" should not be confused with the higher "I" of man, which is, ultimately, the Absolute. The ideal "I" is a much more modest image, not calculated, in particular, to combat the lower beginning of man. The ideal "I" rather means the most distant of the visible goals of development, and as a person grows spiritually and his understanding of life and his possibilities expands, the ideal "I" must accordingly be modified. But in any case, the man himself is fighting the lower subconscious programs, and not his ideal "I", which only indicates the purpose of development and correct behavior in any situations.

The ideal of "I" is formed with the help of examples that seem to the person worthy of imitation (favorite heroes of books, movies, historical figures, great people: scientists, preachers, saints, etc.), and also with the help of specific people playing the role of spiritual teachers , directly forming the ideal of the "I" of man and revealing to him new views and points of view on the world, i.e. expanding his consciousness. Sometimes, however, the expansion of consciousness occurs by itself, intuitively, without the direct participation of the spiritual master; in this case, the characteristic feature of the house is the qualitative restructuring of the picture of the world, which always takes place with a certain internal tension and (at least temporarily) a poor understanding of what is happening. This expansion of consciousness (house 9) differs from practical training (house 3), when the picture of the world does not rebuild, but expands, remaining qualitatively the same. Traditional astrology refers to the 9th house higher education, religion and philosophy; this is true, as long as the perception of these disciplines leads to a restructuring of the picture of the human world; if it is already formed and does not change from further operation with appropriate concepts, the 9th house gives way to another (the third is the expansion of the picture of the world, the 7th - philosophical debates, etc.). The same applies to travel to distant lands and the development of foreign cultures. While these journeys (the road itself, we will note, passes under house 8) were performed directly in the physical body and rather slowly (on foot, or, at best, on horses), they, of course, led to significant changes in the picture of the human world, as well as and the comprehension of foreign cultures, which was carried out mainly by the method of complete immersion in them. In the twentieth century, the situation has changed dramatically, since far journeys through the TV screen go mainly through 3 houses, as well as the understanding of foreign cultures by the method of viewing from the window of a train or a tourist bus, and the center of gravity of the 9th house is now gradually moving towards a direct reconstruction the psyche and the inner world (humanistic psychology, spiritual quest, etc.).

Under 9th house in many ways is the education of children: the expansion of their consciousness, the restructuring of the picture of the world, the creation of the ideal of "I". Here, a person acts as the spiritual teacher of his child, and if he really achieves the inclusion of his 9th house, he must at that moment include it in himself, which means, first of all, the rejection of didactics and obvious (both) truths, but , on the contrary, an appeal to intuition and the innate moral sense and self-awareness of the child: kindness, nobility, religiosity. Opening spiritual channels (high octave of 9 houses) occurs at the spiritual master and his student at the same time, and if the moment of education or training is a passing for the parent, so is he for the child.

On the 9th house there is a religiousness, in the form that is most understandable to the unbelievers: religious philosophy, religious ideals, religious self-awareness and the picture of the world; social group ethics go along with it, ie. principles of relationships between people, adopted in the collectives to which a person belongs.

Position 9 of the house in the map will show common karmic tasks, higher goals and ideals that a person must specify and follow in life.

At the first level of the 9th house, the ideal "I", if any, is extremely fragmented, concrete and down-to-earth. Usually he represents an eclectic collection of images of favorite artists, heroes of books or movies, as well as celebrities who are not at all sensible and not brought into agreement with each other or with the person himself and the circumstances of his life. In fact, these are separate features of appearance (a brave line of the jaw, a magnificent bust) and specific skills (mysteriously smile and shoot accurately), to the devil of character the imagination of a person does not reach. A characteristic feature of the ideal "I" at this level is its primitiveness and complete isolation from the life of the person himself: the ideal lives in a different, much more vivid interesting world (in essence, rather monotonous: fights alternate with love joys and auto-tours to the nearest tavern with a video camera) and is absolutely inapplicable to the true reality of man, that it does not bother him at all, rather, on the contrary: the idea of ​​putting an ideal in his life will cause a strong protest and feeling close to sacrilege in a person, and the idea of ​​imitation of the ideal is strong only in her youth, and then dies a natural death, so that she will never be reborn. With age, the ideal changes somewhat, a tight bicep can give way to a similar purse, but in the main things remain the same; In general, the ideal is very stable and varies seldom and with great difficulty, always against the will of man.

Expansion of consciousness in the life of this person is a rarity and the same trauma, as the picture of the world is very rigid and, accordingly, its restructuring is painful; the usual view of foreign culture and distant countries: "You will think, eka unprecedented! We have all this, too, and it's been known for a long time, "or, even easier:" All lies, from the first to the last word, "including documentary filming. This person rejects spiritual teachers or ruthlessly profanates, rigidly switching the 9th house to the 3rd or 7th, and, accordingly, he himself is not suitable for the role of the spiritual teacher, although he can adhere to the opposite point of view; the formation of ideals and the expansion of consciousness to their children is carried out by directive and forcefully, mainly through threats and slogans ("If you do not help your mother, I'll kill you, you bastard!", "Whoever is stronger, he will live like a man"). Religious philosophy is primitive, God is most often seen as an imperative and punishing figure, ideas of sublime love and abstract ethics are practically absent, group social ethics are not realized, but when the group egregor is included, it has full power over a person. At this level, the ideal "I" is superimposed first and foremost on others, which, as a person feels, are obliged to correspond to it, and only then to oneself.

At the second level of the 9th house, the ideal "I" is still fragmented and sketchy, but now it already contains features not only of appearance (their role is weakened), but also of character and moral character, for example, steadfastness, courage, devotion, ability to disinterested love and etc. Now a person does not completely detach the ideal of the "I" from the conditions of his life, although he understands perfectly well that he can not live in these conditions constantly-he will quickly perish, commit suicide, or die of disgust and despair. Nevertheless, when a person sometimes manages to behave in accordance with the ideal, he gets some satisfaction, and when his behavior goes against the principle of the ideal, long before himself justifies or displace the act in the subconscious. At this level, the ideal already has some power over the person, so the latter has a temptation to correct the ideal so that he does not interfere with his life. This is done in two opposite directions: on the one hand, the ideal lands, artificially profaned, approaches the actual state of a person, and on the other, becomes inordinately elevated, becoming inapplicable to the real situation. In both cases, a person gets freedom of action in a wider area, without being constrained by the control of his ideal of "I", and does not feel guilty or disturbed before him, although from the karmic point of view he certainly behaves badly.

The expansion of consciousness and the restructuring of the world picture at this level occur more often and more smoothly than in the previous one, but they are still rather painful and remain for a long time in the emotional memory not only negative but also positive experiences. And yet the person refers to the inclusion of the 9th house very wary, instinctively preserving his picture of the world from more than homeopathic influences. Now he has fragments of religious and philosophical consciousness, but they do not fit well together and are loosely related to his daily life. Spiritual apprenticeship occurs sporadically and can not bring great results, but for a prolonged contact with the spiritual master, a person is not able to do because of the heavy workload of a strong 9th house on the subconscious and the lack of the right ethic of communication with the guru. The same applies to travel to distant countries and the comprehension of foreign cultures: here the picture of the world is reconstructed from time to time, but still sometimes a person is capable of a deep perception of unusual information and energy, which results in not only an expansion of consciousness, but also a rebuilding of the psyche. This person, in principle, sets himself the task of forming ideals and expanding the consciousness of his children, but does it occasionally, rather clumsily, and poorly understanding how this, in fact, needs to be done; however, the principle of direct pressure is replaced by the principle of exhortation. In the religious picture of the world, God is perceived as a single monolithic figure, in the main imperative and intimidating and requiring from a person, under the threat of excommunication from the church, a love for people, although it is not entirely clear where to get it. The idea of ​​sublime love is present, but rather abstract, and in the manifested form is anemic; abstract ethics is perceived at the level of moral aphorisms of philosophers and popular wisdom. Personal social ethics begins to move away from the group, but not severely, and in all significant cases it still obeys. At this level, a person does not require others to submit to his ideal of "I", but believes that this ideal is generally known.

At the third level of the 9th house, the ideal "I" serves man as one of the most important tools, helping to find the right solutions in the most difficult life situations. At this level, the ideal is consistent, though not always, and is much more complete, has many features of character, has certain views on different aspects of life, maybe even a life program and a whole philosophy. At the very least, a person spares no effort to think and form, feeling the ideal not only as an important part of his "I", but also as a source of energy and information, and also a formative force for the external images of the "I" of the house. At this level, people still sometimes stealthily profane their ideal, but does it secretly from themselves and contrary to the dictates of conscience, which at this level refers to such actions extremely negatively. In other words, at this level, the power of the ideal "I" over a person, his consciousness and subconsciousness is very high, and it is very difficult for a person to act against it, and even more so, to deliberately distort and vulgarize it.

The expansion of consciousness and the partial reconstruction of the picture of the world at this level are significant, but not too rare events in a person's life, and he treats them more positively than negatively, and with a strong religious feeling, from reverence to reverence. At this level, the strong inclusion of the 9th house is perceived as a high Divine revelation, which gives the person the opportunity to establish the right attitudes towards his spiritual teachers, which is also very important, the ability to see them, as well as the potential spiritual disciples. Now the person is able to help the formation of the ideal of the "I", including his own children, and the expressed expansion of the essential consciousness has for him a very concrete meaning. Now the man is completely different about traveling to distant countries and the opportunity to plunge into someone else's culture: for him it is first and foremost an opportunity to acquire spiritual experience, an expansion of consciousness and his vision of God. With such an attitude, the perception of another's culture goes very deep, and it becomes a part of a person's inner culture no less than the native one learned in childhood. All these processes are accompanied by a profound restructuring of psychology and psyche, but man does not have power over these processes, although he tries to keep track of them with his consciousness.

In the religious picture of the world, God appears to be many-sided, possessing a variety of external and internal manifestations and regularly directing a person's life in one direction or another. His attention is perceived by man as an exalted love of the world and its individual fragments and manifestations, and this person is given special religious significance by understanding (and feeling) that it nourishes all other kinds of his love. At this level, personal abstract ethics and philosophy acquire a completely existential sound and can be developed at a level of interest to others. Personal social ethics is already separated from the group, and in each group, a person is guided in his behavior by his karmic duties just before it (to the extent that he represents them). Now a person already understands that each person has his own "I" ideal, but nevertheless considers certain features (concerning universal ethics and values) to be mandatory for any ideal of "I".

At the fourth level of the 9th house study, a person considers the creation of the ideal "I" as one of the most important moments of his inner (and spiritual) life. This ideal is developed very carefully and in detail and has a strong energy channel in the highest karmic egregor of man, so that not only the person himself, but also (mainly) his God is engaged in his creation and constant adjustment. Man maintains a constant connection with his ideal, which, in turn, plays a major role in the creation and energetic filling of the external images of the "I", and man makes the impression of a spiritual person in any of his image and state. This means a very high level of evolutionary development, when a person can show the world of God in any form and situation in which it appears; another thing is that it is possible to apprehend and assess this adequately only with sufficient self-preparation and spiritual level.

The expansion of consciousness and the restructuring of the picture of the world at this level are constantly, the person is constantly learning and always gives the possibility of spiritual development to all who are in connection with it. Around him there is a very strong energy field, in which the laws of karma are much more clearly manifested, the evolutionary growth occurs more quickly and the karmic nodes are loosened up. The study of this person's foreign culture affects not only his own, but leads to the establishment of a link between the corresponding egregores and gives them new powers and opportunities for further development.

At this level, one can see God in any object and phenomenon of the external world, his religious vision is very detailed and peculiar, and if he can somehow describe it (for which it is good to have a major aspect of Mercury to Neptune or 9th house), it can turn out an interesting religious and philosophical system, although, as a rule, incomprehensible, because a religious vision at a high level is poorly conveyed in the words of ordinary language. Ideas of the "I" of other people this person perceives as working tools of their evolutionary development and do not consider any features to be binding for all ideals.

The situation at home is related to the formation of the ideal "I" or its specific manifestations in the life of a person. The ideal is formed, for example, at the moments when a person, having chosen a role model, tries to identify with him. The more difficult situation at home is the inner work of forming the ideal, when a person creates it according to the directions of the higher self, overcoming the resistance and "good advice" of the lower, but at the same time taking into account its real external situation. The formed ideal "I" can include a person's conscience, a sense of duty or give a direct impulse to action; a distinctive sign of the activation of the 9th house is the characteristic exalted state of the spirit or mood of the person himself, which is difficult to confuse with any other.

Another option of including 9 houses is the moments of expansion of the essential consciousness, accompanied by a significant restructuring of the picture of the human world. Circumstances and events that were unimportant suddenly take on primary importance, while significant ones, on the contrary, fade and become completely insignificant; the connection of events, causes and effects is completely different, the focuses of internal attention move, and so on. Sometimes it happens by itself, sometimes when talking with a psychologist and on a psychological group, sometimes simply as a result of a conversation with a person who will later be understood as an instant spiritual master. A proper informal conversation with your child will necessarily include 9th house to some extent, and the parent can understand this by the characteristic feeling of a general moral and spiritual uplift, and also through the unusually serious and deep eyes of the child, who for some time afterwards will discover the presence of the soul and elements of conscience without appropriate reminders from outside.

For situations at home, a sense of mystery, something previously inconceivable, unknown, a mystery, now a little unfolding (this 9 house differs from the third, where the mystery is not felt) is characteristic. You can express this in a slightly different way: if you are (psychologically) at the moment everything is clear and clear, then the 9th house is completely turned off, even if you are thousands of miles away from home, hear someone else's speech and see a completely new culture.

The high level of inclusion of 9 houses is the situation when a general religious and philosophical picture of the world is formed in a person, common moral and ethical attitudes (attitude towards good and evil in themselves, the world and other people, the role of aesthetics in evolution, relations with God, etc.). Sometimes, there is a connection with the higher karmic egregor, which gives a person his personal aesthetic attitudes and higher goals for a given period of his life.

A strong 9 house gives a person who (karmically) should have a developed ideal of "I", playing a big role in the life of this person. In any case, this person will often be inclined to take various models for imitation, with this mercilessly idealizing the corresponding people, i.e. attributing to them certain features that they may not have, and ignoring all the others. The ideal (even if primitive) of this person will be strong, but what role he will play in his destiny, it is difficult to say, it depends on the level of elaboration of the house and the direction of distortion of this ideal by the lower self. If the ideal is too mundane, it will limit the direct spiritual development of man, but can force him to go through many trials at the lowest of the three stages of the evolutionary ladder where man is located, and thereby examine and work out the evolutionary tails, i.e. in this case, the ideal will play the role of a black teacher. If, on the contrary, the ideal is too high and not applicable to a person's reality, he will doom it to passivity and, in passing, unobtrusively, but very convincingly demonstrate the illusory and uselessness of higher ideas and aspirations, despite their external attractiveness, i. in this case, the ideal will act as a gray teacher, overlapping and profaning the highest spiritual channels of man, and overcome this impact will be quite difficult.

These two extremes should be avoided, which is not very simple, as a person will always be dragged into one way or another in spiritual life, religion, sublime discussions and the same love - and all this will be constantly tempted by brutal profanity in a stricken 9th house or emasculation with a harmonious. Man will be attracted by the mystery of distant countries and the mystery of unidentified alien cultures, and in his life there will be many strange, poorly understood and difficultly explainable, and all this he needs to comprehend and explain to people, but not as curious information, but as spiritual revelation.

A weak 9th house gives a person with a slight desire to form an ideal of the "I", although it should be noted that the role of this ideal with the evolutionary development of a person is increasing, and, regardless of the strength of the house, this ideal has been sufficiently developed for a developed person. At the average level, this person is not inclined to imitate fanatically and identify with anyone, and he does not understand why others do this; in particular, he does not feel from within a special support (moral or energetic) with the right (as he feels) his behavior, and although he is tormented by gross moral violations, of course, and the sense of duty is familiar to him, he perceives them as bonds and giri, without seeing anything good in the need to follow their dictates. The feeling of the spiritual meaning and meaning of the ideal "I" comes to this person much later than with a strong 9th house.

This person does not particularly seek to expand consciousness and rebuild the picture of the world, but also does not experience these horrors (except for the first level of working out the 9th house), and if necessary he can get better than he thinks. However, in the absence of the imperative need to expand consciousness, it is tempting not to engage in it at all, and then deep stagnation is possible, overcome by a violent crisis (usually in connection with severe external events, and a person will most likely feel that karma thus teaches his mind, in another way does not work). Spiritual teaching and apprenticeship will be poorly understood by this person, especially when the house is strong, when much more attention is given to practical training. However, when a spiritual teacher appears and a person is ready for this, he will treat the teacher impartially, calmer and more correctly than with a strong 9th house, and the training can go very successfully, of course, if you make the necessary efforts. Interest in abstract philosophy, including religious philosophy, is not emphasized, and the person will teach his children rather than teach in them an ideal and a common aspiration, which, however, maybe not bad, since it is better not to take this stick at all hands than bend. The ideal of "I" is brought up in the child primarily in the course of his life in the family, and not as a result of parental moralizing.

Harmonious 9 house gives a person a very good relationship with his ideal of "I", the constructiveness of which, however, depends on his extra efforts. This person will have in life many positive examples, people and artistic images, which he will consider his ideal. However, the ideal ideal of the "I" that he created will be, if he does not deal with this issue on purpose, is not demanding enough to the person; position: "Actually, it would be like this, but, given all the circumstances, the imperfection of the world and human nature in general and yours, in particular, you can and vice versa." Spiritual teachers will say the right things and the person will willingly change their picture of the world and perfect the ideal to a certain threshold, where the ego will firmly say: no, and although expressing its position in a mild form, it will be very difficult to overcome it.

Interest and ability to religious and philosophical knowledge of the world, a common understanding of life (one's own and in general), a love for travel to distant lands and a shallow interest in foreign cultures - for the need for deep penetration in them, at least one stressful aspect is needed for the 9th house. Study provides a deep comprehension of other people's egregors and the ability to create a synthetic culture, religion, philosophy; the superficial attitude gives an eclectic picture of the world and a worldview. Great (not immediately apparent) difficulties with the true religious ideal.

This person loves secrets and riddles, but they too easily find answers from him; if he gets used to understanding the answer to the end, he will find that life is much more interesting than he usually thought.

The stricken 9th house gives a very tense relationship with the ideal "I". A man can not choose him at all; he at first likes and admires one thing, and he tries to follow it, then he suddenly becomes disappointed in this and thinks: "How could I get carried away with such nonsense when it really is really different genre!" However, quite another on closer examination too, can be cheap or fake. As a result, the ideal "I" has an eclectic-disharmonious appearance, and all the time passionately redrawn, so I'm not sure about myself and I give orders and orders too vigorously, unambiguously and badly in the real world. Sometimes he is too demanding of a man, sometimes he is too indulgent and does not pay attention to blatant violations, and he needs (in what is the aspect elaboration) to be constantly monitored and paid attention by the higher self, otherwise the ego will be engaged in formation, with all the ensuing consequences. A person with a neglected, dirty and unscrupulous ideal of "I" is a very unpleasant sight, since all of his external images of "I", as well as his personality, will possess the same qualities.

To the expansion of consciousness and the restructuring of the picture of the world, this person is very painful. He, at least subconsciously, has high demands on himself regarding spiritual development, philosophical and religious-philosophical understanding of reality, but all this is very difficult, and often he does not satisfy a person, which makes it difficult for him to admit himself, and even more so surrounding. The study provides a rich spiritual world with many interesting personal characteristics, a unique picture of the world, not devoid of tragedy, but generally life-affirming, in the absence of elaboration, a superficial philosophical nihilism is possible, especially with a deviation in atheism and naive materialism. This person is attracted to distant countries and cultures, but their development is difficult; With a strong defeat at home and the impossibility of living in the homeland, emigration can help, although this is not the best way to work out aspects of the 9th house.

Relations with spiritual teachers and students are very tense: conflicts are possible, and conversely, a very strong short-term spiritual attraction; all this is experienced and worked through with great difficulty, leaving in my soul scars, obscurities and unresolved puzzles, on which, it seems, much depends. The study can give a high spiritual master of mankind, a great writer or religious philosopher, who has great power over the minds and aspirations of people.

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9 house of the carpenter in 7 house natal
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Rethinking their attitude to partnerships and human relationships in general. The influence of various kinds of philosophical, religious concepts and cultural traditions on current relations. Search for cooperation prospects. Perhaps, travel and travel with the purpose of contacts with partners.. go →

9 house of the carpenter in 8 house natal
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9 house of the carpenter in 11 house natal
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Extensive plans abroad, hopes of communication with foreign citizens, organizations and businesses, travel and travel. Friendship with foreigners. Finding like-minded people, comrades-in-arms, admirers, followers abroad. Plans may also apply to teaching, pedagogical, scientific, literary, publishing,.. go →

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