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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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7 house a solar in the homes of the natal horoscope

7 house of the horoscope

Symbolic rulers of Libra, Venus, culminates with Saturn, in the confinement of Mars, in the fall of the Sun.

The seventh house is the most important in the daytime hemisphere; The planet standing in it extends its influence to all other day houses. The main difference between day houses and night ones is that in the polarization "I am the world" the accent is on the last one, i.e. the world turns out to be more important and more important than a person, and it is necessary to focus on it first and only the second - on yourself; often this dependence is manifested in connection with the inclusion of a person in certain collectives having certain power over him, or simply in the interaction with significant (in some respects) for a given person people.

The seventh house represents the opponent. In his capacity, not only a person can act, but also a group of people, an idea, a situation or even the world as a whole; but most often the opponent materializes in the form of a person who is perceived as a partner or a distinct enemy; at a certain level of development it can be figures of the inner world. A distinctive feature of the 7th house is the emphasis of attention standing on the opponent, with background attention focused on the person's personality. Circumstances develop in such a way that the figure of the opponent becomes important, and the person, overcoming innate egocentrism, focuses his main attention on it. To do this, however, we need (unconsciously) reasonably good reasons, and, basically, they can be divided into two. The first is that the opponent's figure is sufficiently hostile and aggressive, and in order to cope with it, it should be carefully studied; the second is that a person finds himself unable to carry out the event planned by him alone and is looking for a partner who performs his abilities and abilities for the person himself.

It is not necessary, however, to think that the inclusion of the house at home always takes place according to the will of man. Such a significant karmic program as the birth and upbringing of children is impossible without a partner of the opposite sex, and here the 7th house includes karma, which means the creation of a marriage union. Thus, under the 7th house there are partnerships between spouses in the family, in particular, their love, as well as family scandals and sexual relations. In general, sex can go under different houses, and this is the topic of a separate study; in particular, it can be a house that is characteristic of adolescence (personal self-affirmation, selfish shade, attention is focused on one's feelings, development of the social image of a lover), 6th house (sex for health, as work to relieve sexual tension), 7 house (most probably, the natural option, when the focus is on the partner, and the background, on their sensations), the 8th house (sex with an occult shade, deep psychic involvement, strong meditation or resulting conception), 12th house (in the lower octave temple prostitution, then, for example, an act with a priestess directly representing the goddess).

It is necessary to emphasize the difference between the aggressive environment (house 2) and the enemy (7th house). While the danger is potentially or so insignificant, that the attention of a person is focused on himself, it is quite possible to include the 2nd house, although not in the most pleasant variant (for example, a person walks in the evening in a dense forest with predatory animals that have not yet appeared). But as soon as the threat materializes in the image of a dangerous concrete enemy, concentrating on himself all the attention of a person, he has a 7th house (a tiger comes out of the forest and growls threateningly, obviously having in mind to attract the attention of a person and devour it precisely at 7th house , permanently translating it into the 8th). The inclusion of 7 houses instead of the first one can translate horror (a state when a person sees nothing and does not hear and is filled with black waves coming from within, paralyzing his will) in fear, a much more constructive state when the enemy or rival is already visible and can be considered and, perhaps, surpassed. On the 7th house there are personal rivals and personal jealousy; In general, when the 7th house is turned on, the first tone always sounds, in particular, the partial identification of a person with the personality of the enemy is common, especially if the latter is strong and enjoys success in society.

At the first level of elaboration of the 7th house, his pathos is hatred for the enemy, which seems to be the focus of all evils and at the same time a complete nonentity in all respects. When a person sees an enemy, a fiery inscription appears before his inner eye: "Agh! Kill, or kill me! ", Which programs its further actions. Here there is a clear opposition to a hostile world, which is embodied in the corresponding figures of specific enemies. In this case, perhaps unrestrained self-praise, especially its combat qualities, or, with a weak energy, on the contrary, self-abasement and groveling before the enemy, in secret hope to eventually gain strength and exchange roles with it.

At this level, in the depths of the soul, there lives a constant fear of the enemy, in the image of which (according to the sensation of the person) anyone can act, even the current friend, pretending to be old and devoted; Ultimately, the enemy is the whole external world, ready, as soon as you lose vigilance and control over it, immediately strangle and tear to pieces. In principle, this person completely suits himself, and he has nothing to learn from partners. Sometimes he does not have enough strength, money or power, and he temporarily enters into an alliance with someone to whom he never trusts to the end and always waits for betrayal. In general, with his partners he always has a very tense relationship because of the cloud of one house, now and then appearing on the horizon of their relationship, for this person does not tolerate anyone's personality except his own, and the moments of the appearance of a person's personality are always painful for him, doubt of his own.

This circumstance is especially pronounced in relations with the wife (husband), which a person even perceives as an enemy even in situations of clear cooperation, carefully looks for signs of hostility and always finds them. The norm in the family are squabbles and scandals (as the main form of contacts and joint meditations), sadomasochistic psychological games and sexual relations with the same shade.

At the second level of elaboration of the 7th house, the image of the enemy is no longer so unambiguous, although the attitude towards it is still personal and destructive. A person can recognize certain virtues (valor, the art of possessing arms), but he is inclined not so much to learn as to try to oppose something of his own. The juxtaposition of personalities, as on the first level, remains too painful to be able to be brought to consciousness; in particular, the victory of the enemy is perceived as a personal defeat, and its victory as the main moment of self-affirmation. Nevertheless, the opponent is not always perceived as a personal enemy (ie, there is a partial separation of 7 houses from the 1st), even cases of noble attitude towards him are possible, especially when he, defeated, lies at the victor's feet. Thus, respect is possible to the enemy (a dangerous, insidious and clever enemy raises a man in his eyes), but he is seen as an antagonistic figure with which no compromises are possible, although some of his qualities and combat techniques a person can sneakly attempt to adopt.

This person can treat his partners positively and calmly, without waiting for betrayal, and even, as a rule, with great sympathy, but at the same time rather wary of their personal manifestations, which will irritate him, and sometimes exasperate him, indirectly questioning his personality and self-esteem. Here, the question "who will betray the first one: he or me?" Comes to the next: "who is more important in our partnership, whose personality is brighter?" Therefore, conflicts with a partner seem to be on the level, but in fact regarding the division of spheres influence and personal merit in the common cause.

In relations with the husband (wife), the person is inclined to divide the spheres of influence, but, with the general trust in the partner, can develop his personality in breadth to the detriment of his own; secretly, he will always fight with partners, defending their rights, even if they are not attacked by them; However, this happens, as a rule, in socially acceptable forms, if the case can be broken dishes, but not the person of the partner.

At the third level of elaboration of the 7th house, a person is inclined to share spheres of influence, but begins to understand that his enemies are part of his karma and are trying to comprehend their role in their life. First, he largely ceases to treat them personally, realizing that they are sent to him by fate, and trying to understand for what exactly. Secondly, he understands that his outer life is only a reflection of the inner, and therefore his enemies are nothing more than externalized programs of the subconscious. Thirdly, he sees relations with his enemy primarily as a partnership, whose goal is, perhaps, a certain constructive work (for example, establishing a balance between opposing tendencies), but the main thing is the training of both sides. A person tries to learn from his enemies the best that they have, registering during their interaction with them also their weaknesses and trying to overcome them. At this level, the interaction on the 7th house begins to be balanced by 1 house, i.e. man changes not only the methods of combat, but also his personality, developing those features that are necessary.

In relations with partners, a person seeks to work together in undivided spheres of influence, which requires great co-ordination of actions and a high level of understanding of each other and common goals, as well as reconciliation of the worldview and ideology, which becomes a task of independent significance. In addition, a person seeks to develop in himself those features of personality and character that he sees in the partner and which he lacks himself, not really thinking about how much this humiliates his self-esteem; it seems to him that he does not at all, because he loves his partner.

In a marriage, such a pair looks very friendly, and their actions will, as a rule, be coordinated without effort and even information exchange between the spouses, which brings a lot of trouble to the children, because what the mother forbids, the father will not allow. They will take care of mutual development, but there is a great temptation to isolate the family circle, which may eventually lead to negative consequences: unhappy families are more open and something to take the example from them.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the 7th house, a person, as a rule, does not have external enemies. All external strains he tracks as manifestations of his lower programs, i.e. internal enemies, and copes with them within themselves. It should be noted that in his internal battles he is sufficiently correct, and will not cut the pig of his egoism, but will build a special house for her and keep her on a moderate diet; the dragon of self-assertion will gradually bring him to the size of a dog and teach him to walk on a leash without biting, but also not yowling from hunger, etc. This person sees the karma of people quite well, and his partners in particular, and tries to behave in such a way that they evolve, which may look rather unusual, but conflicts in the usual sense, as a rule, will not be, although long periods of total absence of communication are possible and contacts. For this person, any of his partners carry the will of God, although the latter may not even know about it, as well as about the fact that he communicates with God almost directly with the help of this person.

At this level, the person faces very serious tasks, and his main external opponents are large crystallized egregors. Chaos and the devil as a principle of involution. Nevertheless, from him comes such light that the evil forces around him are highlighted, and in battles in the ordinary sense, including in the lower layers of the astral plane, he does not take part, remaining invisible to him, and the partnership in the higher astral looks absolutely differently.

Situation 7 of the house in the lower octave is a battle in which two opposite sides operate, not necessarily equal in strength. Nevertheless, the antagonism of the house always tends to balance, the "fairness" of the external conditions of the battle. Duel, as a rule, is made with the use of the same weapons, many sports fights (wrestling, boxing, bar) are among the participants in an equal weight category, even a criminal on the court has a lawyer defending him from the charge.

Situations of 7 houses abound in tales and epic: Ivan Tsarevich and Serpent Gorynych, Hercules and the Nemean lion, the Pandavas and the Kauravas; we can say that the culmination of almost any epic and fairy-tale action is a battle under the 7th house. Fiction also supports this tradition; unfortunately, the theme of the hero's inner conflict, the struggle between good and evil in his soul, is always revealed much weaker, if touched at all.

In everyday life, the 7th house manages antagonistic conflicts, scandals and scenes of jealousy, battles of youth groupings "wall to wall", as well as one-on-one fights. More constructive options - competition, labor rivalry. Partnership, as a symbiosis of two absolutely necessary parties to each other, is relatively rare, although such are the ideas of marriage and sexual relations; the ability to see the possibility of cooperation in a situation that seemed to be inevitably conflictual, precisely distinguishes a good married couple from a bad couple.

Strong 7 house gives a lot of situations in a person's life, requiring attention, focused on the outside world, which will show great activity. He will have many obstacles in implementing his plans, and in order to overcome these obstacles, he will have to learn how to cooperate with different people. The more harmonious the 7th house, the easier it will be for it to establish constructive cooperation, but in any case it will be necessary to take into account the interests of partners and coordinate their own with them. The more a person has unresolved contradictions in his inner life (and most likely will be many), the more he will have external enemies who are not necessarily personified, and can manifest themselves as a negative arrangement of fate ("constantly and somehow viciously unlucky" The person will say).

Enemies and partners will be interesting, and a person, especially with a weak 1 house, may be very shy and complex before them, feeling that they do not correspond to their level - but this is until a clear situation of the 7 home emerges, and then he can To discover in itself extraordinary combat qualities and the ability to win in the battle of anyone, but as a partner it is absolutely indispensable. This, however, requires work on yourself and, first of all, the development of the individual (1 house) in order to achieve a balance of 1 and 7 houses. In an undeveloped version, this person desperately fights with any potential partner (in particular, the bride and groom) and it is very difficult to tame, but the one who succeeds after numerous battles will get a loyal ally, terrible for any of its enemies.

The person himself needs to learn from his enemies, in particular, to shape and develop his personality by the example of their best traits in order to receive from the fate of worthy partners, which is vitally important for him, because through them, through the pair work is the realization of his karmic program.

The weak 7th house gives not so much the weakness of open enemies as their insignificant role in the destiny of man. In general, he will not be preoccupied with the idea of ​​a battle as such and of his self-affirmation as a warrior, the winner of a foe, in particular. Also in the inner life it will be difficult for him to distinguish a distinct enemy figure, frankly expressed lower subconscious programs. On the other hand, they always exist, like external enemies, but in this case they are not so easy to see, and in general this person, especially with a strong 1 house, can be very bored to live, because it is difficult to find an adequate partner, they come across in mostly low-expressiveness, but strong personalities do not seriously engage in battles with this person, and, frankly speaking, he does not want to.

In family life, this person will not be inclined to conflicts and scandals, but putting a serious and responsible part of the burden on him will be difficult, especially with a weak Saturn. However, if he wants, he can become a good partner, but the external situation will not force him to do this, at least if he does not completely grow up, which in the end can lead to an outbreak of relations, and then it will be very difficult to reconnect them . In general, shortcomings in partnership, accumulating over many years, create strong karmic knots, which have to be unraveled with great difficulty and bitter tears.

A harmonious house gives a man who knows how to fight, and martial arts, for example, fencing, boxing and shooting in Macedonian are given to him easily, especially at the 7th house in the male sign. It is unlikely that he will face particularly dangerous battles, but of those that fall to his lot, he most likely will come out unscathed, which can not be said about his enemies. On the other hand, he will not get into the fight first, at least without very good reasons, and his enemies, before calling him to a duel, should seriously think about, in particular, the difficulties of widows and orphans.

In partnership, this person is lucky, and he, at least initially, gives the impression of a good and reliable partner who can adapt to another and do well in a common cause. However, here, as in military operations, there will always be a temptation to rely on one's own happiness, the enemy's mistakes or the partner's insurance. Initially, this is exactly what will happen, but over time, the person's frivolity begins to outstrip his luck, and major failures are possible. This person should be a reliable companion, defeating enemies and happiness to partners, but for this you need to work, getting rid of selfish attitudes, which in this case are built into the person very naturally and harmoniously. This is especially evident in family life, where, in the absence of elaboration of the 7th house behind a beautiful facade of excellent relations, consent and mutual assistance, there is a tough exploitation of a partner who can be hypnotized at the same time (by consciousness level) by his apparent external happiness.

The stricken 7th house gives difficult and dangerous enemies, which at first to man are completely incomprehensible and will require careful study. This person will be anxious, attract and at the same time frighten the idea of ​​battle, but the enemies will never leave him alone at all, except that when moving to the 4th level of working out the 7th house. Abilities to martial arts will be, but very original, and training them will require a lot of energy, time and enthusiasm, which will then arise, then disappear completely, giving way to a feeling of complete hopelessness, weakness and vulnerability; phobias are possible (such as "the enemy is pursuing me, ready to kill me every minute", especially if there is a planet near the top of the 8th house). On the other hand, for his enemies, this person is at times very dangerous, no matter how low opinion of himself he (and they) was, and it is he who is capable of causing an undeserved and sudden defeat, often quite unexpectedly for the enemy and for himself , and an exaggerated belief in oneself as a hypercompensation of the complex of military inferiority is possible).

As a partner, this person is unstable, and it is very difficult to share spheres of influence with him and generally make contacts, he often looks at his companions as enemies, and he can be worth a lot of effort just plain behavior, which does not at all mean that he is a potential traitor : this is determined by the evolutionary level rather than the horoscope, but minor gaffes and misconduct with the partner will and can lead to great trouble.

With a strong defeat, this person is completely intolerant in family life, or, conversely, will be completely suppressed and enslaved by his partner (sometimes both are combined together). Work goes, first of all, on the way of removing claims from a partner and working on oneself (detection and transformation of the internal enemy); in particular, with the planetary opposition of the 7th house to the 1st (that is, when one of the planets of the 7th house is in opposition to the planet in the 1st house), when interacting with the ground, there will be distortions of perception and self-expression, with the tendency of projecting its mistakes and shortcomings and attributing to itself all the achievements and successes.

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