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Dog on the eastern horoscope

Dog on the eastern horoscope

In the year of the Dog, probably the largest number of creative figures were born. We note only some of them: A. Dumas, V. Hugo, J. Molière, M. Lermontov, N. Karamzin, N. Saltykov-Shchedrin, V. Lebedev-Kumach - and this is not a complete list of those who were born in Year of the Dog and worked for the benefit of future generations.

The dog is often very cynical - and many shy away from it because of harsh and unpleasant remarks, this is the reason for the large number of enemies. Dog rarely shows his feelings, except in case of emergency. In addition, he is a born philosopher and moralist.

The dog is very petty and differs scrupulously and meticulously, sometimes excluding others from among themselves. She notes the desire to drown in detail, criticize about and without an excuse, systematically look for the object of her sarcastic attacks. But in reality she is an ordinary pessimist who does not expect anything from life and is not looking for an exit from a difficult situation, but is floating along the current.

The dog is very generous and generous with others. Regardless of the world in which she lives, she is dominated by the intellectual principle - and her little concern for material comfort. And if she uses it, then without any hint of chic and luxury. However, if Sobak urgently needs funds, she will easily find a financial source and ensure herself better than others.

In the field of feelings, the Dog sometimes seems very cold and haughty, but this first impression is deceptive. And at the same time the Dog has united in itself all the noblest traits of character. She is very loyal, loyal, honest, has a great sense of duty and dignity, is modest. She can always be counted on, she will never betray. If the Dog is in love, ready to sacrifice his own tail, to prove to the partner his love and devotion.

Speech at the dog is simple, like "gav-gav", and although she with great difficulty expresses her thoughts, but has a deep mind and, like no one else, knows how to listen.

All the life phases of the Dog will pass under the sign of impermanence. Restless childhood, a difficult youth, skepticism from failures in adulthood and regret about the unfulfilled in old age.

The dog born in the day is less restless than the one born at night.

Male Dog

He is very faithful, restless, always stands guard, guards, especially when in love, and very jealously guarding the object of his lust. He is very stubborn, even sometimes comes to the extreme, but he firmly knows what he wants. The devotion of a male dog knows no bounds and extends to the point of self-denial. He can be trusted with anything, because this trust is justified. He will do everything for you, but, of course, within the limits of the possible. The people around him deserved respect.

Female Dog

Always boldly speaks at the slightest hint of injustice. She is a skeptic, but a critical mind, a sense of humor and the undeniable greatness of the spirit save her from the danger of wallowing in small things. She does not like noisy gatherings, loud and drunken companies, as she does not abuse alcohol, and if she drinks, she prefers noble wines and champagne.

She always stands on the side of justice and will defend her own interests and the interests of her children at the cost of her life. Any injustice towards them causes a protest in the Dog-Mother, and she will not rest until she gets a fix.

Relations with other people

In love, the Dog is honest and reasonable. Throughout the life course, she will experience difficulties caused by her constancy. For a Dog, the Horse best suits her, which will enable her to do great things in exchange for some of her independence. Great adventures await her with the Tiger. They will fight side by side in the name of justice. Despite the fact that in the relationship of this couple will be a small skirmish, the dog will actively help the Tigers, while remaining in the shadows.

The dog will be calm with Kot, who will be lucky enough to lull her vigilance. This is a lasting alliance that can be very happy, despite the fact that in nature these animals rarely get along with each other. The dragon is unable to understand the cynicism and criticality of the Dog, and together they will not be fated. The capricious goat periodically brings Dog to the point that she runs away from her, however, always comes back because of her blind fidelity and devotion.


The dog suffers most if there is unemployment, hunger, misery and war.

With regard to work, the Dog can become a good and knowledgeable leader in industry, as well as a teacher or teacher, can be an active public figure. The Dog has excellent ability to manage people. Any society is interested in nominating and promoting such people as the Dog. She has such a capacity for work and directness, like none of the signs.


The dog likes to rest, but she is always on duty, because she can not completely disconnect from the problems, and this prevents her from relaxing. But she is still willing to take risks and throw off her shackles, then nothing will stop her, the Dog will have fun and turn around like a yule.

Dog - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility Dogs with Rat

A rat can understand the nature of Dog's anxiety. After all, the Dog has grown accustomed to guarding its territory, because of which the mysterious Rat is somewhat afraid. In general, they suffer each other, these are two modest accomplices who go out only at night and do not like to enter into a conversation with the first person on the line.

This union exists because of its secrecy and confidence in the future. After some acquaintance they trust each other - after all the Dog is very true, and for the Rat this is the most important thing. In case of trouble, they both know how to stand up for themselves. This union is good for both love and business.

Compatibility Dogs with the Bull

It is better if in this union the Dog is a man, and the Bull is a woman. The dog will find the desired balance, which it will give a calm and respectable woman - the Bull. Only in this case, the Dog will sleep peacefully at night and do not run around the fence in search of an adversary. In business, they also fit together, because the Dog is an excellent administrator, and the Bull is a wonderful financier.

In this duet they will never fail. If a woman is born in the year of the Dog, everything is different. Dogs are very vain and can not live without entertainment, and the Bull can not wait forever. But in any case, these partners value each other. The bull likes the deep mind of the Dog, and the Dog is enchanted by the steadiness of the Bull. Their union is happy and not without prospects.

Compatibility Dogs with Tiger

Both are incorrigible idealists. Therefore, there are a lot of misunderstandings in their union. The dog always tries to get ahead, and the Tiger strives to maintain the dominant position. But in their need for struggle they will find a common language. This requires a goal, which they quickly find.

Together they will fight to the end, despite the obstacles, with infinite enthusiasm. The Tiger's eternal activity brings a smile to the Dog. But the dog on time can find arguments to save him from the wrong step. This union can be very happy. His only enemy is everyday life.

It is not without difficulties, because the Dog needs constant assurances of his affection for her, and Tiger is not too used to give signs of attention. For a lasting alliance, they need to think about their own behavior, find common goals, only in this case harmony can be achieved.

Compatibility Dogs with Rabbit

This union can become happy and permanent. Only these people should help the case. According to classical traditions such a union is considered impossible. But from the point of view of astrology and psychology they have much in common. They love security, both are deeply decent, jealously protect their property and are endowed with many virtues. They understand each other and can support in a difficult moment.

Their lives flow monotonously, without much shock. In case of misunderstanding, the Dog can overcome fear and sacrifice his own ambition, because he is reasonable, knows how to see in the partner what he does not have. In turn, Rabbit hates trouble and will prefer to follow this determined partner.

Compatibility Dogs with the Dragon

This is an unfavorable alliance. These signs have no common goals, they do not understand each other. Dog is the only sign that does not delight the shine of the Dragon. The dog looks at life realistically and does not tolerate artificial brilliance. Of course, the Dog will fall in love with the Dragon, but it will only suffer because it will not be gentle.

In the depths of the soul, the Dog will chuckle over his partner, and the Dragon, in turn, will suffer from the lack of her attention. Such a person must be loved with all his shortcomings, admired by him. It's very difficult for a Dog. Involuntarily she can underestimate him. All this leads to the appearance of new complexes, and there are enough of them.

Compatibility Dogs with Snake

Dogs very quickly become attached to Snakes, because they are fascinated by Snake wisdom and depth of mind. They do not even want to notice the shortcomings and patiently demolish their careerism. Dogs idealize Snakes and try to protect them from all troubles.

The snake, in turn, also admires the honesty of the Dog. In their alliance everything goes well, because the Serpent loves to be adored. Of course, it can not do without difficulties. The snake is not enough for one partner, and she will want to find someone on the side.

True, there is one "but" - it can do this only if it completely paralyzes the will of the Dog. The dog is not very upset, because she likes to work alone quietly. The snake will regularly return home and keep it in its power. In this case, they can live a long life together. And even happily.

Compatibility Dogs with a Horse

At first glance, two completely different people find the partner those features that they would like to see in themselves. The dog is very skeptical, generous, and the Horse is a little selfish, trustful and enterprising. But this does not give rise to distrust between them.

Their friendship gradually turns into a lasting union, in which they do not question the partner's feelings. They do not try to dominate and do not criticize each other, unless the Horse first makes a mistake.

In this union everyone lives his own life, and no one interferes with each other. The idealistically tuned Dog pays much attention to his friends, so she does not have enough time to follow the Horse's actions, and the Horse is quite happy with it. And both are happy. Horses should not suspect the Dog of infidelity. If it hurts something, do not bring it to the tragedy.

Compatibility Dogs with Sheep

Often the Sheep are concerned about her present life, and the Dog is overwhelmed by doubts in the future. Both are very suspicious. Everyone needs faithfulness and truthfulness of their partner's feelings. Both are endowed with incredible pessimism, but only in various aspects. Quite frankly, these people do not fit together. They will only inflame doubts and spoil all the nerves.

The dog is too big a realist to understand the fantasies of Sheep, she is serious and responsible. Such people do not understand jokes. Easy irony Sheep offends the Dog. This union can be preserved only if partners are united by the power of some mystical and spiritual teachings.

Compatibility Dogs with Monkey

Both signs are too critical and cynical. They do not create illusions in relation to each other. Both are trying to pinch their partner as thinly as possible. The dog is too big an idealist and can not connect his life to the Monkey because of moral disagreements. And the Monkey, in turn, is too cunning and can not understand how one can be so disinterested and detached from the real world.

Of course, the union can survive if, for example, the Dog and the Monkey were brought up for a long time together, but there will be no love in this union - the dog will usually remain disappointed, but this is not recognized by anyone. Gradually, she will accumulate a lot of grievances against the Monkey and sooner or later splash out the accumulated.

The monkey, because of his lack of principles and frivolity, will miss everything by his ears and simply will not notice beside himself the enraged Dog. It will start to get bored, and nothing will deter her troubled soul near the boring and furious Dog.

Compatibility Dogs with Rooster

This union can survive without even realizing it. As a rule, the Rooster shows criticality at those moments when the Dog starts to be nervous, but tries at the same time not to offend his toothy partner. The dog, in turn, does not tolerate the bragging and carelessness of the Rooster - she spends a lot of time on his upbringing.

But no matter how hard the Dog tried, she still will not be able to remake her original partner. Their relationship can turn into a "battle of Borodino." Both will suffer, because they are too sensitive. If they behave more restrained, their union can last a very long time.

Compatibility Dogs with a Dog

These types are similar in many respects, like children, a family hearth and always stand for his protection; They need love. Even if they try to behave naturally and cheekily, one does not need to believe it - this is their way of protection. In fact, they value each other very much and are always bored without a partner. Such people are frustrated with quarrels and misunderstandings, but, as a rule, there is no such thing between them.

They have a solid financial position, beautiful children, understanding and peace reign in the family. True, their rainbow coexistence can be overshadowed by intrusion from outside, then they become nervous and sleep deprived. Fortunately, they are able to destroy all doubts and establish a pleasant microclimate in the house. Intuition will help in this. They will make a qualitative leap forward, which will destroy all obstacles.

Compatibility Dogs with Pig

Between these people immediately there is complete mutual understanding. From this union both benefit. Pig can teach Dog his carelessness and reward her with optimism, which she so lacks. Both are generous and honest, they are able to sympathize and respect each other.

They are able to maintain a good microclimate in the family and are constantly strengthening their union. They know what true love and good life are, the rest does not matter. Peaceful Dog will be happy and calm. She is interested in listening to the Pig and listening to her helpful advice.

She is not at all embarrassed by the awkwardness and sluggishness of the Pig, although sometimes the Dog shows excessive suspicion. But at the right time, she bravely rushes to protect her beloved. True, sometimes the Pig is irritated by the excessive care of a restless girlfriend. But with the Pig, the Dog will not be lonely, and she will finally be able to relax.


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