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Rat on the eastern horoscope

Rat on the eastern horoscope

A person born under this sign is endowed with equal charm and charm, as well as aggressiveness.

This nature is characterized by a passion for gossip and slander, intrigue, scandal and a desire to be in the spotlight, but at the same time are very secretive and distrustful people who seek to benefit from everything.

Under external friendliness and poise, a real monster, full of aggression and irrepressible energy, is sometimes hidden, so do not let the evil genie out of the bottle.

A rat can be surprisingly charming and very dangerous at the same time. This combination attracts and repels, so there are always a lot of people around the Rat.

Rats, as a rule, have a very pleasant appearance, they are purposeful, like an arrow released, hardworking. Rats strive for greater acquisitions and accumulation of wealth, therefore they are very economical, economical, they know how to manage money. They can forget about frugality in the event that they are very passionate or in love. Therefore, the Rat is generous only to those whom he loves with all his heart.

The rat is very neat, up to pedantry, and requires the same from others. God forbid, if you do something wrong, the sky will seem to you with a sheepskin. Well, if you still please, you will be carried on your hands and wonder how you understand and be careful.

The rat is very easy to get out of balance, she does not know how to maintain composure and soberly reflect in difficult situations, easily falls into anger. No wonder that in the year of the Rat there is a fairly large number of cataclysms, especially since this is always a leap year.

A rat by nature is an open and honest person, but adores gossip and is not averse to rinsing bones even for those who do not know in person. The habit is second nature. At the same time, she is very sensual and sentimental, capable of generosity towards the one she loves.

Childhood under the Rat passes under a happy star, followed by a carefree youth, the second half of life is very stormy and full of all sorts of adventures. During this period, the Rat can lose all of its state in an unsuccessful business or as a result of a lawsuit. But in any case, her life is very active. This is a constant scuffle and fuss, perhaps even fuss, it all depends on the time of the year when the Rat was born. Summer Rats are much more active than those that were born in the cold period.

The old age of the Rat is quite calm, but in advanced years it will still try to look respectable.

Male Rat

This is a pretty pedantic person who will constantly follow trends of fashion, political movements, to benefit from all this. Male Rat is a player. He plays not only in cards or billiards, he often tries to play the lives of his friends. He is pleased with the victory over the troubles, which he often organizes himself.

Rat Woman

This is a fairly strong person, she will not equal those who are lower in rank. This is her credo. The rat has a highly developed imagination and, due to this, it has a good taste, but some philistinism hinders it. She wants to have in her wardrobe everything she saw on friends and girlfriends, and often suffers from lack of funds, then from lack of time, as it was spent on the next choice of costume.

The rat is quite artistic, so it can not be difficult to attract your attention, for which in the end you can pay both. If you dare to follow the Rat woman, then to avoid being trapped, three times check the direction in which she is going to follow.

Relations with other people

A marriage with the Dragon is very successful, it gives the Rat strength and balance, and she is a critical mind to the Dragon. With the Bull, the Rat will feel safe, he will calm her down and understand. With the Monkey, do not mess around, because she will bewitch, bewitch, and then laugh at the poor Rat. Also, the Rat must be avoided by the Horse, especially not to the Rat Male to marry a woman born in the year of the Fiery Horse. Also, you need to beware of the crafty Cat, who at first pleasantly lulls his bikes, and then releases the claws.


The rat is very ambitious and, as a rule, often achieves tremendous results in its work. Although to achieve their goals it is ready to follow the heads of other people, breaking the limits of decency. The rat is often afraid of not fulfilling his plans.

The Rat has a highly developed analytical mind, which it can use for both good and bad, in particular, this mind pushes it to ill-considered actions. Then the Rat, in order to achieve his own selfish goals, takes the path of dangerous adventures. She is used to live cunning and achieves a lot in life, using other people. In debt he gives with definite, selfish aims.


Since Rat is an intellectual, she will not be too relaxed about rest, she always cares about something - and this brings her many problems. The rat can not relax to the end and surrender to "wind gusts". But at the same time, she does not want to limit herself, she wants to hold everything at the highest level, even rest. And all of her savings, which were collected over time, can go away in one day. Sometimes a rat can afford such a luxury. But after that, she will have friends and pleasant memories.

Typical rats can be called two fascist henchmen - G. Himmler and M. Bormann. A clear indicator that the Rat is a sign of mental activity is the birth under this sign of such people as: W. Shakespeare, L. Tolstoy, A. de Saint-Exupéry, J. Verne, E. Zola.

Rat - compatibility characteristics

Rat Compatibility with Rat

This is a very complex combination. Their relationship begins very romantic, they are very similar, as if they see in their partner a mirror image. They are very passionate, sometimes insane, And so the duration of their union remains a big question.

But it's not bad at all if the Rats try to taste love with their own sign. This connection will help them understand the complexity of their own world of feelings. Even the friendship between them is difficult, because in many ways they are accomplices, and therefore can not divide laurels.

Rat Compatibility with the Bull

This is a very favorable union. These people are endowed with a bright personality and are able to understand each other. The rat needs serious attitude, but the Bull takes everything seriously. The bull is not talkative and respects the secrets and shortcomings of a partner.

It is much worse when the Rat can not keep his mouth shut and starts chatting about the intimate details of the connection with the Bull. And there is nothing secret that does not become obvious. If the Bull learns something, it will work for him, like a red rag, and he will surely get into a rage.

But there are other difficulties, since the Bull can not fully satisfy the sexual needs of the Rat. He is too accurate, and his pedanticity irritates the Rat a little, but he is always faithful and will never change the sexual Rat. This Rat will be very pleased, and the Bull too.

Compatibility Rat with Tiger

The best way to arouse the admiration of the Rat is to show courage and courage in front of her. Although the Tiger does not occupy it, but still the connection between them is extremely difficult. Of course, while their passion is satisfied, but the Tiger is a natural predator and used to freedom.

So from time to time he comes out of his cave and begins to scour in search of new booty, and it will be very difficult for Rat to survive. The rat does not like to be played on her feelings, she knows that she is simply irresistible. True, the Rat knows that others also have flaws. She's not very vindictive.

And when the Rat sees the Tiger coming back, her heart calms down. The Tiger is a realist, and completely unselfish, but the Rat is avid, and her fear of the future is very funny to the king of the jungle. Perhaps, they complement each other, because our ever-hungry predator will always rejoice at the piece of meat hidden by the Rat for a rainy day.

Compatibility Rat with Rabbit

Rabbits do not tolerate tension. They are designed for peace and security, absolutely do not tolerate extreme situations. The rat also believes that Rabbit wants to outwit her. But in this she is mistaken, since their forces are equal. Rather, they have deep internal contradictions. And Rabbit completely does not see that Rat is a doubting and unbalanced being.

This is due to the fact that Rat is a beautiful actress, and at heart she chuckles at the hapless Rabbit. Rats are created for risk, and Rabbits are afraid to lose their wool. Emotionally it is very difficult for them to adapt to each other, but in friendship they have no equal.

Compatibility Rats with the Dragon

It's a good alliance. The rat is very excited and gives her the confidence of the delightful Dragon. She gives him everything, because he is intelligent and astute. Only to attract the Dragon, she can make incredible nonsense. But is the Dragon whole to the humble rodent? Probably not always. The dragon is too amorous. And when a new passion flares up, he just sometimes forgets about the old one.

But the dragon adores to be worshiped and admired. Love of the Rat is just a balm for his soul, so they are connected not only by the feeling of love, but also by a great friendship, they perfectly complement each other. A rat faithfully clears the path of his beloved, destroying everything in his path. She is happy with her secret role.

Compatibility Rat with Snake

This is a rather strange alliance. They are both clever and adapt to each other. At first glance, their relationship looks unusual, because the Snake is used to excite, but the Rat calms her down in time. They also have similar features - this is the sense of money-grubbing.

For the Snake there is no sense of loyalty, but it is impossible to deceive the Rat. In such situations, a real war begins between them, where the Serpent can defeat. This proves that they do not need each other, but they value each other and are simply ideal for friendship. Together they know how to have fun and scream at others.

And if they make an alliance, then it is based only on tolerance and understanding. It is very easy for these people to solve each other and if the Rat begins to show aggressiveness, the Serpent turns into a boa constrictor and hypnotizes the unlucky mouse. But no one will ever see these relations.

Compatibility Rat with Horse

These people in something similar to each other, in their love they can do a lot of stupid things. But the Rat is always guided by common sense and even in the midst of feelings she listens to the voice of reason. But the horse is not like that, it does not have a sense of proportion. In her love, she sees no boundaries.

The horse does not think about anything, rushing into the bonfire of desires. In the depths of the soul, the Rat condemns the excessive horse, she perceives this as frivolity, and the Horse perceives her reaction as a misunderstanding. Probably, at first glance, both are right, but still they better refrain from close relationships.

Compatibility Rat with Sheep

This union is also extremely undesirable. Relations between these two individuals are impossible because of the differences in their characters. The sheep are too carefree and dreamy to endure the excessive rationalism and criticality of the Rat. Though the Rat possesses a rich imagination, but it is not so stupid as to follow the cattle in search of a beautiful love. Perhaps this will disappoint the Sheep, but every evil turns into good.

A real Rat should love safety, although she is very careless and used to trust flatterers, yet she knows how to stand up for herself. And Sheep is used to hanging in the clouds, she always needs a patron, and she is irritated by the attacks of the Rat. And in turn the Rat is angry with the excessiveness of the Sheep. Therefore, they can not find a common denominator.

Rat Compatibility with Monkey

It is better for such people to avoid meeting each other. This would save them trouble. This union for both of them will be too heavy a burden, but they love the complexities and sometimes artificially create them. In many respects they are similar. They know how to have fun and quietly aspire to power. Each of them believes that he is stronger than the enemy, but this is completely wrong.

If they are friends, although it is an unbalanced alliance, but it still stimulates. In love, things are different, the rationalist The monkey does not want to follow Rat forever. She does not know how to give in to the passion that the Rat so needs. At best, the Monkey throws the Rat compliments, and then it turns out to be cold and. indifferent. A rat can not stand Monkey's games, and this connection can be fatal.

Rat Compatibility with Rooster

Rat's attitude instantly repels the motley Cock. Because the Rat sees only the shortcomings of his partner, she completely does not tolerate vanity and superficiality. But if the Rat examined the Cock more closely: she would have found positive traits in it. In aggressiveness they can argue with each other, and if they direct it against each other, this battle will turn into a real war.

In addition, they do not know how to save at all, first they begin to behave too wastefully, and then completely ruin their legal costs. In this combination it is better if a man is born a rat, and a woman is a Rooster. Then its economy will help save the remaining savings.

Rat Compatibility with Dog

A rat can recognize the nature of Dog's anxiety. And this is clear, because the Dog has grown accustomed to guarding its territory, because she is somewhat afraid of the mystery of the Rat. But in general, they suffer each other, these are two modest accomplices who come out only at night and do not know how to enter into a conversation with the first person on the line.

This union exists because of its mystery and confidence in the future. After some acquaintance, they begin to trust each other, because the Dog is very true, and for the Rat this is the most important thing. In case of trouble, they both know how to stand up for themselves. This union is recommended for both love and business.

Compatibility Rat with Pig

Both are passionate and sexual beings, they are united by a desire for pleasure. Perhaps this is the only thing that keeps them together. And they do not regret it, together they experience miraculous moments. True, sometimes the rat is irritated by the naivety of the Pig, especially in business and family matters.

But if the Rat is overwhelmed by passion, she always admires the attention and tenderness of the Pig. For her sake, she is ready to go into the fire and into the water, trying to stir and encourage her unwieldy pet. She can teach him a lot, especially the ability to manage money.


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