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Love horoscope by date of birth

Love horoscope

Venus in the horoscope since ancient times played a significant role. In the astrology of the omens and in classical astrology was considered "small happiness." In modern astrology, Venus patronizes such concepts as love, harmony, beauty, sympathy, friendship, art, pleasure, that is, Venus symbolizes everything that a person likes and that he realizes as pleasing. Therefore, with Venus in astrology, money, material wealth and ethical values ​​are also connected.

By the location of Venus in a man's horoscope, astrologers judge about the forms in which his emotional life manifests, who is sympathetic to him, who is not, what are his aesthetic ideals and artistic preferences.

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♀ Venus in the sign of Leo

In the sign of Leo

Here Venus is on a visit to the Sun in a fiery sign, so it will give feelings very bright and noticeable, sometimes exhibited (especially in the "evil" Sun). You usually clearly show to whom you feel. Often you can immediately see who you like and who does not. Of course, the form of expression of these sympathies will depend on your upbringing.

Apparently, you think that around your feelings the universe should rotate and love very much to have fans around and fans around. In your feelings you are definitely sure, full of fire and passion, feeling is the core of your life. Sometimes you can be characterized by a game of emotions and relationships, a constant, unchanging passion and passion. It is possible that you may be inclined to dramatize situations or you do not always have enough sense of proportion. The recessions in a love life can only be from fatigue, overuse of feelings or energy. But you must recover quickly enough. Most likely, you are very jealous and rivals do not tolerate, even if you are developing spiritually. You seem to have quite a sense of your uniqueness, you do not always bear well, that someone else was with you on the same level. This is especially noticeable in women. At the same time, you can pass all the feelings through your "I", through your heart, and often treat your loved ones as if they are inside your sphere, inside yourself or yourself. Outwardly, this may seem like a manifestation of a sense of ownership of close people. Although most often it is an illusion, because a lack of intuition does not allow you to get a good idea of ​​what emotions a partner actually feels.

With a strong (and especially "evil" and strong) Venus, you can have hard-to-satisfy and high erotic needs.

Usually you like strong, hardy, high-energy partners. In love, you tend to give, patronize your partners, occupy the top position. In men, one can note a creative attitude towards a woman, and you will try to form a woman according to your creative message, somehow "mold it." In women, this quality is almost not observed, although they also have a creative attitude towards love, but not at that level. And men - an unambiguous attempt to change, re-educate a woman, so, by the way, men with Venus in Leo very often marry women who are at a level (intellectual, social, etc.) below them, often marrying younger partners. In this case, you can approach the woman, as to the manifestation of one's creative principle. In women, this is also observed, but to a lesser extent. And you, most likely, are very sensitive to a lack of attention to yourself, to your feelings (better hatred than indifference). Probably, you often follow the principle "If you do not need me, then you do not need me." Such an attitude you can often remember for a very long time, because the Leo is a sign of a fixed cross, and you have a very good memory for these things.

Since you treat love as creativity, then in this area there will be a lot of elements of the game.

Perhaps you love children, you usually have good relations with them, because there is also a lot of games here, but you will almost always stay with the children at a certain distance. The educator of you is usually rather bad. First of all, there is a lack of intuition, and secondly, you just rarely condescend to some things, which is bad for the educator. For example, the father of the family can only sometimes go into the nursery and play with the children, the children will love him very much, but he will prefer occasionally to appear among the children as a tsar, rather than being with them in constant domestic contact.

In general, Venus in Leo gives love to creative rest, for you rest is not pleasant idleness in a comfortable environment, but the possibility of creative manifestation. If you get rid of everyday affairs, from the whole routine and get the opportunity to create, do what you want, then you are often able to quickly recover, you feel yourself in this case the most comfortable.

It is through creativity that you, as a rule, are forming an aesthetic system and harmony. And you are able to create your aesthetic systems, principles and criteria of harmony, approaches to it.

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