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Love horoscope by date of birth

Love horoscope

Venus in the horoscope since ancient times played a significant role. In the astrology of the omens and in classical astrology was considered "small happiness." In modern astrology, Venus patronizes such concepts as love, harmony, beauty, sympathy, friendship, art, pleasure, that is, Venus symbolizes everything that a person likes and that he realizes as pleasing. Therefore, with Venus in astrology, money, material wealth and ethical values ​​are also connected.

By the location of Venus in a man's horoscope, astrologers judge about the forms in which his emotional life manifests, who is sympathetic to him, who is not, what are his aesthetic ideals and artistic preferences.

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♀ Venus in the sign of Virgo

In the sign of the Virgin

Here Venus is in the sign of the elements of the Earth on a visit to Mercury and Proserpine. Therefore, you will be characterized by rationalism in feelings.

Venus in Virgo gives pickiness and intelligibility in choosing a partner. Although sometimes in your feelings there is an element of affection, but any detail in the external form can destroy the impression of the beloved. Your emotional life and love can often be the main source of weakness and decline in your development. It is on the love affair and on the intense emotional life that you can burn yourself, suffer irreparable psychological loss. Real love, a willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of love - signs that a man with Venus in Virgo "got off the brakes". And this, as a rule, is followed by great grief or disappointment, and sometimes a neuropsychic disorder. At the most, what you definitely can do without harm to yourself are temporary, partially planned, short adventures, since you may need emotional relaxation.

Proserpine is associated with fragmentation and attention to detail, and since Venus shows how harmonious a person is, your criterion of harmony will evidently consist in the fact that every thing or trifle must stand in its place. Harmony is formed from small things, and if some detail is not where it is needed, then, of course, for you, harmony crumbles. This can lead to extreme legibility.

Here it should be noted that in general Venus, being in the earth sign, gives a strong enough sexual attraction. Apparently, you are capable of a good stable earthly love. But in order for you to fall in love, turned on emotionally, you need to check with your mind. Venus in Virgo is considered to be the weakest point, here Venus is in a fall, that is, you actually can not have a Venusian feeling, and feelings can only be included after your mind has sanctioned it. The senses, most likely, cold and rational, for you, probably, long reflections on the sensual and sex life are characteristic. At first, you usually calculate everything, and if the candidate has passed through your "intellectual sieve", then emotions may turn on. Marriage you almost certainly get by calculation (you often even unconsciously can expect all options). And if your mind has not given its "good", then the feelings, apparently, will almost not be.

It follows that you can have a great love for flirting, and then you have to somehow realize it. Usually you are an unrivaled actor in the field of imitation of feelings and you often need a viewer. If your sensuality and emotions start to exceed a certain limit, that is, they become higher than the level of play and rest, then they can cause you great suffering, colliding in the subconscious with modesty, dry feelings, criticality, reasonableness and skepticism, that is, there is an internal conflict and difficulties mental order. Do not heavily overload your fallen Venus. And you can consider flirting a very good mental rest (especially it is typical for women). This arises because Venus in Virgo is visiting Proserpine, and the feeling is fragmented into small, sometimes even tiniest, pieces and is spent on flirting. For you, most likely, the intellectual system of the partner is extremely important - as he thinks about what, what intellectual abilities he has in general. In the sign of the Earth people are primarily interested in intelligence, that is, how much the partner is intelligent. And if there is nothing to talk about with a person, he has a low intellectual level, then he, probably, will not cause real, deep feelings. In this case, you simply do not "turn on". In general, Venus in Virgo gives an attraction to a rational, calm partner who is not capable of emotional recklessness. Apparently, you are looking for partners with normal earthly attitudes, healthy skepticism and humor.

In the highest manifestation of Venus in Virgo, there can be very high feelings and emotions - love, charity (for the higher Virgo is connected with duty), even love for the disabled, sick and unhappy people. The position of Venus in Virgo is favorable for the sisters of mercy. But in the worst case, Venus in Virgo can give a desire to live at the expense of dependent people, sponging.

Apparently, you must love various types of health improvement systems. And it can be different approaches, sets of exercises, diets, that is, different forms of a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true for women: for example, it will be important for you to know how many calories there are, what is the chemical composition of food, and what is its effect on health.

The formation of the criterion of harmony can be greatly influenced by the information that you received as a child about emotions. This information you usually get in communication, that is, Mercury works here. And here, through Proserpine, the rules of communication are developed, the system, that is, in the field of feelings and aesthetics, everything must be carefully thought out. At the position of Venus in the sign of the Virgin directly Venus manifests itself weakly, almost all feelings go through the mind. You can have a great dependence on the current situation and not be expected behavior, since Virgo is the sign of the mobile cross. In this case, your behavior during life can vary greatly: depending on the environment in which you are, and you are able to focus on the behavior of others in this environment. Without rational criteria, your system of emotional assessments is almost not formed, because without the permission of the mind, emotions are not included.

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