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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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10 house lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope

10 house of the horoscope

Symbolic rulers Capricorn, Saturn, culminates in Mars, imprisoned in the moon, in the fall of Jupiter, Neptune.

The 10th house is the only day house of the earthly houses, therefore it bears a heavy load and the corner is not accidental. Here, the external reality turns out to be stronger than a person and requires materialization in an act or choice of reaction, to which the average person is not accustomed, what they are afraid of and, as a rule, does not like. The 10th house governs absolutely concrete manifestations of spirituality and spirituality of man, but it must be able to see and understand.

If the 8th house governs the existential choice in borderline, extreme situations, then the 10th house is an everyday, everyday election, but it is they who ultimately determine the evolutionary development of a person; it is here that he is given maximum freedom of will, which he can use creatively, for good or for evil, and can give to someone else, why the head, of course, will hurt less, but the colors of the world will have to be looked through the TV, and well, if it turns out to be colored.

In the 10th house the Absolute acts through the manifested structures, and the person has to change or set specific goals and tasks for himself as a direct reaction to these actions. The lower octave of the 10th house is the administrative and in general any rigid hierarchical system in which each link is governed by the superior and does not depend on the surrounding world. The ideal of such a system is the complete regulation of behavior and, accordingly, the lack of freedom of choice in any part of it, which corresponds to an absolutely rigid and crystallized egregor, which, however, is not viable. In any situation in the home, there are two characteristic elements: firstly, the pressure of the external world, which causes the person to react: to put himself a new concrete goal or task, and secondly, the moment of choosing this goal from several impossible ones. If at least one of these elements is missing, then 10 house is not included: if there is no pressure from outside, it can be, for example, a creative choice (house 5), but if there is no choice (at least subconscious), then it may be a 12- th or 11th house (forcible impersonal service or forced group work).

Thus, there are two feelings for the 10th house: on the one hand, freedom of will and choice, and on the other, activation and strengthening of external constraints that require a change in behavior and direction of thinking; at the same time there are feelings of increased pressure from the outside world and responsibility for your choice, which people often push into the subconscious or project outward.

In particular, there is a direct supervisor in the role of the employer and the representative of the customer (ie the Absolute) in the 10th house, when he calls the person to him, takes the work done from him and suggests the options for the next. In the lower octave of the 12th house, he offers a single and precisely defined task, and the choice of a man is reduced to taking it or completely abandoning it, with various negative consequences; but almost any job can be interpreted and executed in different ways, so it is not so easy against the will of a person to turn the 10th house into the 12th, excluding the prison entirely under the 12th, and the death camp, which is under the strong 8th and 12th at the same time. Accordingly, there is a 10th house and a supervisor issuing the assignment, therefore, 10 subordinates are heading to 10th house, which he manages as executors, but not his personal will (servants, house 6), but some general task or program (for example, the functioning of the enterprise, work factory, etc.). In other words, the subordinates differ from the servants (and the bosses from the master) by the lack of emphasis on the "I", impersonal attitude, when the main interests are (or are) the interests of the case, which are served by both, but at different levels of the hierarchy.

In the inner life of the 10th house means an emphasis on the situation of choice of the spiritual path, but not the global (8, 9 house), but everyday. There are feelings of increased pressure, tightening of restrictions, aggravation of conscience and a sense of duty or, conversely, protest against one's destiny, and the need to find a way out of the unpleasant situation, often by choosing one's attitude toward what is happening. In situations 10 at home, the background (sometimes barely discernible) is always the 4th, in particular, life positions and deep religiosity, which in the 10th house are actualized and tested for strength.

In the 10th house, the mother is the bearer and conductor of social programs that a person needs to master and adapt to their requirements, and also as a practical spiritual teacher giving the child specific advice and instructions. Under the 10th house there is the education of children in that part of it that is governed by the slogans "So the world is arranged" and "And here you have to move forward", as well as the formation of their specific life goals and tasks (to become an excellent student, winner of a school photo contest or chairman of the agro-industrial complex of the RSFSR ). On the 10th house there is an everyday spiritual upbringing and testing of a person on the material of his external life (and, of course, the internal attitude towards it). On the 10th house there is a career and attitude towards it, i.e. ambition, a sense of duty in relation to external conditions, the cases that a person is engaged in, and the organizations of which he is a member.

On the 10th house there are practical spiritual teachers and disciples, i.e. people who say what to do and what choices to make in a particular life situation of the person. A practical spiritual teacher is a very important role, fundamentally different from the general spiritual teaching, the formation of an ideal, etc. Here, under the 10th house, it is necessary to take into account the concrete circumstances of a person's life and its actual evolutionary level, give instructions in accordance with this, as well as the actual level of its understanding and internal honesty. On the contrary, in the role of a practical spiritual teacher, one can act, sometimes not knowing it himself, anyone, but a person should be ready to hear other people's words as spiritual instruction, ie. to feel that he had a 10th house.

At the first level of elaboration of the 10th house, a person refers to his manifestations extremely negatively. Any external restrictions on one's freedom, more precisely, what he understands, that is, freedom of consumption, are perceived by him as a frank and undeserved evil, and freedom of forced choice between several equally unpleasant options, or, even worse, the need for active search for something that is certainly unsatisfactory, like a pure mockery of fate (sometimes it is projected on individuals, organizations or political system as a whole). He is extremely uncomfortable with the sense of personal responsibility characteristic of the 10th house, and he tries to avoid it, oust or project it onto others, for example, depicting 10th house as the 11th ("we all, as one person, decided ...") or 12 ("circumstances developed so that I had nothing left, except ..."). This level is characterized by a desire for a firm external power that forcibly leads a person to heavenly bliss, which is often combined with the secret dream of anarchism, but still only for himself. To the ideas of free will and higher principles in people, this person is extremely skeptical, believing that the best way to manage others is a good whip, or, in extreme cases, the discipline of hunger; councils and instructions can not stand, perceiving them as aggression. Characteristic behavior in harsh conditions - a person does not make any choice and waits till the end, until the 10th house switches to the lower octave of the 8th (crisis and acute situation, often on the brink of survival) or the 12th (imperative service to the Absolute, for example, illness on a hospital bed). Responsibility for one's choices and deeds is desperately denied and projected outward, especially on power, the boss, circumstances and a difficult childhood, wrong upbringing, etc. Relationships with superiors and subordinates are characterized by lack of goodwill; lack of sense of duty and substitution of the 10th house of the 6th, an impersonal relationship selfish and personal with an emphasis on the "I": "I command you to do this and that," which, as a rule, leads to abuse of official position. The main lesson of the 10th house - the principle of respect for external reality and the perception of its spiritual origin - is not yet assimilated at this level; man in practice refers to the outside world as a parasite, and frankly afraid of stress, fearing to be ruthlessly crushed, but tries to supersede this feeling as much as possible.

At the second level of elaboration of the 10th house, the attitude of a person towards it is ambiguous. On the one hand, he negatively perceives external constraints and pressures that force him to find a way out in practice, make decisions and set specific goals and objectives (but recognize them as part of objective reality, and not as a manifestation of world evil, which is characteristic of the first level ). On the other hand, the very process of finding a way out and forming goals is already perceived to some extent as creative, and a person sees in it not only tension, but also pleasure, and also a large degree of self-expression and self-affirmation. This is the level of initiative subordinate executors who will not, as is typical for the first level of elaboration, refine their task to the smallest details, and enterprising bosses inclined to give their subordinates a certain freedom.

At this level, a person already has a sense of personal responsibility for some of his choices, but he perceives it mostly negatively, as an inevitable, but unpleasant weight that goes only when (and if) it turns out that the choice was made correctly. In other words, a person sometimes takes responsibility for his actions, but reluctantly and only because of a sense of duty, or actively forced by external circumstances, and in other cases tries to avoid or shift it to others.

To the idea of ​​free will this person is positive, on the assumption that external conditions and, in particular, the society will put reliable barriers to the manifestations of the lower principle in man. On the whole, it seems to him that it is much stronger than the highest, except for a very small number of saints, ascetics, etc., whose existence he admits (but not among his personal acquaintances), but his role in society is clearly insufficient, and insignificant.

This person is sometimes capable of flexible behavior under harsh conditions, but it always requires great moral effort from him and is not easy to give; Nevertheless, he aspires to make essential practical decisions not at the last moment, when the possibilities of choice are minimal, but a little beforehand. To advice is a dual attitude, as a rule (according to the person), they are stupid and inappropriate, but sometimes (very rarely) one can hear something worthwhile and follow this; However, he himself, especially in the area where he considers himself competent, distributes them generously and not very much looking at the reaction of the addressee.

This person (except for a very harmonious 10th house) does not really like the surrounding reality, but he respects it, in the sense that he recognizes the givenness of its limitations and the need to reckon with them, but perceives them at best as forced conditions of existence, in no event not spiritual: God, if he is, manifests itself in something else.

At the third level of elaboration of the 10th house, a person begins to realize the principle of the identity of the external and internal world and to consider external obstacles, constraints and pressures as a projection of his internal imperfections. Now he realizes the significance for the entire fate of a much larger number of his choices, and is much more responsible to them; in particular, he tries not to solve an external problem, without having first figured out the corresponding internal one. The attitude toward external constraints that make a person change his behavior and set new goals and tasks also changes: people perceive them not only as an unpleasant pressure of the external world, but also as a guiding hand of karma helping him in choosing life's path, and also accentuating the actual internal Problems. Accordingly, the immediate superior and, in general, the idea of ​​external power cease to be regarded as extremely negative phenomena in life; it turns out that through them the will of God can also be broadcast in its very essential part for a person. Simultaneously, a person feels spirituality (ie karmic significance) of his actions, and his sense of responsibility for specific elections increases dramatically; He feels not only the weight of this responsibility, but also the gratitude of the egregor for correct and creative behavior in difficult situations (a feeling of deep satisfaction, grace in various forms, depending on the sign on the top of the house, etc.). At this level, the person feels free will as a necessary condition for all evolution, and in principle considers the higher principle in man to be stronger than the lower one, but nevertheless finds certain external measures to limit the latter, first of all, for the sake of the person himself, who will subsequently be only grateful; At the same time, the idea of ​​the death penalty at this level already seems unacceptable, as is the intervention of the group in the personal life of any person.

This person behaves quite flexibly in any conditions, and this, as a rule, does not make for him special efforts, except for situations that force him to violate the norms of social consciousness and subconsciousness, which, however, is rare (if the 10th house is not completely struck); in his daily life a lot of creativity, and with him, as a rule, does not happen boring. He respects external reality and feels it not only as oppressive, but also as inviting to creative participation in evolution; his advice is rarely useless, although they are not always listened to.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the 10th house, a person well sees the lines of karmic programs and their outward manifestations, so that any egregor (his and others') has a spiritual meaning for him and implies a certain responsibility. This person consciously goes to create situations with strong limitations of his external freedom with the aim of most efficiently working out karmic knots, both his own and group ones; while external obstacles and pressure he perceives as necessary conditions for this elaboration, and moments of choosing and setting to himself specific goals and objectives as the most interesting and creative in his life; However, at this level, often the greatest burden is in the choice in the inner life, in particular, its attitude to the surrounding reality and, most importantly, the direction of its attention, which at this level plays a major role in all human interactions with the outside world.

This person sees in his immediate superior and in general anyone who gives him instructions (including his 10th home), a practical spiritual teacher directing him along the path of evolution; However, he, however, understands the true meaning of these instructions (often unclear to the one who gives them) and are guided precisely by him. For his part, giving concrete advice and instructions, this person acts as a practical spiritual teacher for everyone who correctly understands these councils, which can be very difficult, since it will require a certain level of study of the 10th home by the student, in particular, seeing his situation as spiritual and readiness to listen to the teacher's comment, without profaning it to the usual level. Then the words of the teacher will sound like an immutable truth in the soul of the student, although they will be expressed in a completely neutral form, without a sign of external pressure, since the real spiritual authority is felt immutable, although it necessarily leaves the person with freedom of choice. The administrative hierarchy is the lowest spiritual octave; both go to 10 houses, and the difference lies in the frequency of control vibrations, which in the first case appeals to the ego (discipline of the stick or hunger), and in the second to the higher "I".

The situation of a house at home most often arises in a person at work, when his immediate superiors change his character of activity, give a new task, etc. Therefore, traditionally in astrology it is considered that the work goes on the 10th house, although it is real for a person who comes to his usual workplace on a normal day to include 6th house, excluding the free professions going under the 5th house. Under 10 house there is a discussion of future plans, i.e. choice of career, as, indeed, any other practical choice, when the restrictions of personal (2 house), social (3 house), group (8 house) or group social (9 house) ethics do not interfere. Most often, this is the statement of specific goals, tasks or lines of activity, and the means for their implementation are chosen already taking into account all available types of ethics.

Under the 10th house are the executive bodies: the Council of Ministers and below (legislative governed by the 9th), all kinds of hierarchies and their ministers, including the spiritual hierarchies of all levels. A characteristic of any particular situation in the home is the feeling of being directly involved in world karma, which at a low level is perceived as an exorbitant burden and pressure of circumstances, and at a high level as a sense of duty and high responsibility.

Situations of 10 houses give the strongest inclusion of a person in external reality and the most direct sense of world karma that is only accessible to him. Positive emotions associated with a strong inclusion of 10 homes - satisfied ambition, radiance in the rays of political glory and might, specific evolutionary achievements are always short-lived, and the 10th house is quickly replaced by more prosaic, but less responsible houses. But in general, under the 10th house, the freedom of the will of man is realized, and the higher the evolutionary level, the more responsible are its elections and the more important is the elaboration of this house.

A strong 10th house gives a person who will face the need to make various decisions, often set himself and others specific goals and objectives and in a lot give, receive advice. This is not necessarily the fate of the boss, but something in his manners will be mandatory, and in the handwriting of the 10th house, unlike the 1st, there is a distinct shade of impersonality, when a person speaks not from himself, but as if announcing someone's higher will - the authorities, the administrative system, or directly the Absolute. If the 10 house is included in its pure form, without the admixture of others, especially the first, this is so, it happens rarely and usually only for employees of a completely crystallized egregor (a hundred percent bureaucrat) or really at a high level. But while a person has not come out to him and does not see the lines and patterns of karma behind the external events of his and others' life, it is difficult for him to realize his powerful 10th house. To do this, you need to find your own hierarchy (whether at work or in the family), take your place in it, learn how to creatively command subordinates, and creatively follow the orders of superiors. Here the task (and complexity) consists in the consistent eradication of the personal relationship, i.e. slip in the 1 st and 6 th house and develop a sense of professional duty (ie comprehension of the ethics of the egregor hierarchy and personally his in it): the subordinate is not a servant; the boss is not the master; the execution of the assignment is not a personal service or achievement, but is accomplished in the glory of the hierarchy. With a weak 4th house, there is a danger of lack of or insufficient strength of life positions (on the basis of which all specific elections should be made and goals and tasks are set), which leads to a chaotic flashing of plans and life in general. In principle, this person should have a very high responsibility for all his actions, choices and words, especially advice and guidance, since he is karmically to a great extent a practical spiritual teacher and student all his life, but most often this internal responsibility is being supplanted or projected onto others, there are impersonal-imperious manners and the external appearance of a sense of responsibility. The study gives a great spiritual realization power, a good vision of karma and the ability to accurately tell anyone what his dharma is, that is, duty to the Absolute in its particular situation.

A weak 10th house is given by a person whose bosses will not often change jobs and demand a report on the work done, and if this is a housewife, her life will rarely require a change in his management strategy. He himself, if he wants, can achieve an official position, but it will cost him well-known works, in part because it will be difficult for him to treat the subordinates impersonally, especially with a strong 1st, 5th and 6th house. Life choice and the formation of specific goals and tasks will not particularly concern him, in particular, he will not feel great responsibility in such situations, which, however, does not at all mean that it is not at all or that there will never be a responsible choice in his life, and in the absence of elaboration a person risks being irresponsible to take a vital situation for himself. His mother probably was not very busy with his social adaptation and did not cherish ambition, which his wife would sometimes regret, and much less often himself. He can, if desired, cultivate a greater responsibility for his actions, but the problem of free will for him will not be relevant, as he seldom feels that it is severely restricted, and it is unlikely that his country's constitution will lie at his house in an honorable place. It will be difficult for him to obtain external, practical power, but it will not be of special interest to him, but it should be remembered that the realizing power is determined not by a card, but by evolutionary development of a person.

A harmonious 10 house gives a person who knows how to get on with bosses and subordinates, at least the situation of his report he always knows how to smooth out and give out the good for the beautiful, and the average for the good; when distributing the next portion of the task, he will never receive the most dirty and troublesome, which circumstance he should not be abused. In his life there can be many choices, but he will do them easily, without painful efforts, and the emerging sense of responsibility will only raise him in his own eyes. His wrong choices fate (for the time being, but sometimes, very rarely, all his life) will be mitigated, providing new opportunities, and failing to cover. It is very important to have exact life positions, otherwise rose-colored glasses risk taking a person away from his karmic program of a white practical spiritual teacher who knows how to not only see a particular karmic program of another and show him the life line of behavior, but also significantly smooth his karmic knots that appear in the outer life. This gives a study, and in its absence a person fails one thing after another, first delivering troubles only to others, and starting from some moment degrades and begins to come across himself.

This person does not respect something, he loves external reality, and especially moments of a pleasant choice of easily achievable plans and tasks, but this is still life turning this way. Saturn, the symbolic ruler of the 10th house, can wait for a long time, but his patience is running out, and at some point he begins to demand that the house be worked hard, despite harmonious aspects, and here, as always, it is better not to bring it to extremes.

The struck 10 house gives a person for whom calling to the boss and serious conversation with the subordinate are always very stressful events; it can be said for sure that they are not given to him easily, despite years of careful study. If the top of the house is in a mobile cross, this person can change the subject (sometimes together with the place) twice a year, each time with a scandal; If the 10th house is in a permanent cross, it will probably be in conflict for many years on the same topic, but it will be difficult to change it for some reason.

Here karma requires very precise behavior in situations of external choice, and for the slightest mistakes in it, as well as in setting its goals and tasks, a person has to pay dearly (how, the aspects of the 10th house will show). At the first stages of life, hatred of superiors, protest against any restrictions of freedom of will, anarchism, hiping, etc. is possible. Life, unfortunately, will put slingshots and situations of hard choices and relatively free hippies with the stricken 10th house, and, moreover, it is likely that it will be seized from within by the most ordinary thirst for practical power, the desire to manipulate people, not personally, but with the help of the administrative apparatus , and he begins to look for such a person or create. This person can become an official in a rigid hierarchy, a black teacher for all downstream and external petitioners, however, with the risk of promptly flying out with any careless movement or just like that. The study provides an opportunity to participate in the spiritual or, at least, relatively creative hierarchy; at a high level, demanding continuous unselfish work and renouncing ordinary human ambitions, it can be a practical spiritual teacher who is able to awaken conscience in entire collectives and guide the true most arrogant representatives of the human race, Probably a hard mother with unsatisfied social ambitions, projected them on child, a complex of ambition and fear of the outside world.

10 house of the lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope
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10 house of the lunar v 3 house natal
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Professional development, promotion to a life goal, the occupation of a high post is promoted by mental activity, the acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as mediation, journalistic or commercial activities, correspondence, negotiations, various contacts and useful links, brief trips, vanity... go →

10 house of the lunar v 4 house natal
4 house

The satisfaction of certain property ambitions, the solution of the housing issue in one way or another, the long-awaited purchase of real estate or land holdings. The goal with respect to real estate or residence will be achieved. Penetration into the secrets of the genus, origin, interest in family.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 5 house natal
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A month of some satisfaction in a loving relationship. With favorable indicators, it may indicate an engagement. Promotion thanks to the connections of a loved one or his position, as well as by gaining admirers or lovers. If you defeat the elements of the house points to events leading to the.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 6 house natal
6 house

Success in production matters, thanks to the reputation of employees, as well as due to their business qualities and style of performing their duties. In general, the month is favorable for people in a subordinate position, for employees and people engaged in services, medicine, dealing with.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 7 house natal
7 house

It often corresponds to the month of marriage, especially for women. Change in position, state due to this. If you defeat the indicators of the house - divorce, breaking ties, litigation, as well as lawsuits of a different nature. The position of a woman depends on the state of affairs of her husband... go →

10 house of the lunar v 8 house natal
8 house

Depending on the current situation and the level of spiritual development, a person gives the most diverse characteristics. In particular, the entry into a sexual relationship, which appears to be the current goal. Also receiving money from other people, inheritance, solving problems with tax, customs.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 9 house natal
9 house

The impact of cases abroad, of foreign citizens and enterprises on a person is great. Also characteristic is feedback, - nomination through joint activities, thanks to influential foreign citizens or foreign capital. It can also mean the allocation of capital abroad, the beginning of a career abroad... go →

10 house of the lunar v 10 house natal
10 house

A very important month both in terms of implementing current tasks, and for moving to some current goal. Without even suspecting this, a person can come close to the cause of his entire subsequent life. Often means a change in the type of activity, as well as a rethinking of tasks, claims to a.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 11 house natal
11 house

The tasks and goals related to the person with his friends and associates, like-minded people, fans and followers, people with whom the person shares a commonality of the ideological platform and life aspirations are realized. New orientation and new hopes. Perhaps the intervention of friends will.. go →

10 house of the lunar v 12 house natal
12 house

Secret accomplishments, work in solitude can be appreciated. Occult works, penetration into the mysteries of being. This can be seen as a current or global goal. Striving for solitude, a closed way of life, underground, and also detective activity. Successes in these things. The month is generally.. go →

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