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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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3 house lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope

3 house of the horoscope

Symbolic stewards: Gemini, Mercury, imprisoned Jupiter.

If the first house appears, symbolically speaking, only the person himself, and in the second house there is additionally an external world perceived as an environment, then in the third house in this environment a person allocates his own kind. Thus, the 3rd house is a human habitat; the accent, like in all night houses, stands on the person's own "I", but now he sees himself in a cloud of human relations, while not yet concretizing the types of interaction. The subconscious programs run by the 3rd house regulate the person's attitude to people and their interaction with him "in general", until the situation is more specific and one of the following houses is turned on. In this sense, in traditional astrology, the 3 house is run by acquaintances (but not by friends who go to house 11) and neighbors; people with whom a person enters into social contacts, implying a minimum of intimacy of individuality on both sides. Thus, a common ethic of human relations is going on for 3 houses, i.e. principles (conscious and subconscious), according to which a person builds his behavior towards people in general, regardless of their social position and attitude to him personally, and also how he generally perceives the world and people and a priori refers to them.

Transitions of situations controlled by neighboring houses are often invisible. You walk down the street, deep in thought, not noticing anything around - this includes 1 house. Suddenly you get a ray of light reflected in the window, and you realize that there is an outside world around, and for a while you go around realizing it, it is 2 houses. Here the passer calls to you and asks how to get to Westminster Abbey. If you, without looking at him, point out the necessary direction and go further, then there is no switching at home. If you stop, turn your eyes to a stranger and give explanations taking into account his gender, age and other obvious social characteristics, then you have 3 houses; and when a person turns and leaves, becoming part of the landscape, the 3rd house switches back to the 2nd.

The second important aspect of the third house is education, more precisely, socialized learning, occurring through the human factor, i.e. with the help of a teacher or equivalent in the role of a figure. Education for the 3rd house goes along the way of expanding knowledge about the world and developing the skills of interaction with it, unlike spiritual apprenticeship in the 9th house where religious and common ideals are formed, and the role of the spiritual teacher is completely different, namely, the discovery of higher energy channels. The teacher of the 3rd house (practical teacher) in Russian differs from the teacher in the 9th house (the spiritual teacher) by the plural (teachers for 3 houses and teachers for the 9th), and also because he helps his students in working out certain channels perhaps, they are quite high); in the case of a good practical teacher, the channels of the students, of course, expand and differentiate, sometimes new ones are opened, but the latter is a side effect, and not the goal of instruction. However, the distinct inclusion of any house is always accompanied by a background presence of the opposite, and in the opposition of 3-9 houses it is especially clear: a good practical teacher (3 house) necessarily plays the role of the spiritual from time to time, and vice versa. As usual, the 3-d house stands (or, at least, should stand for meditation to go, ie the situation was stable and did not disintegrate) simultaneously over the teacher and the student in the process of practical training. If the student wants to have fun, he slowly includes his 5 house and begins to look at the teacher as an actor (most often, a comedian and jester); if the teacher does not notice this, the rapport (contact) disappears instantly, and the teacher's house begins to simply pump his energy to nowhere, and he is very tired and feels his pedagogical impotence, i.e. inability to include the house of the disciple by a violent-hypnotic way. A good teacher, tired of himself or seeing the fatigue of the students, on the contrary, for a moment himself includes 5 houses in himself and with them, something emphatically depicting what gives everyone a breather, and then again (as if by a switch, but in fact a change of facial expression or back) includes 3 house.

Of course, for situation 3 at home, it is not necessarily the actual presence of a teacher or student. When a teacher checks his student's notebooks at home, naturally, the images of his students go before him, and that's enough; in this situation, the 3-d house stands, perhaps even more, than in the lesson, which at times turns into pure torment, since other houses will no longer help: before the dirty notebook in which God is written knows what nonsense, squatting (house 5) is not you will start and on its pity (12 house) too you will not propel; the only thing left is to look at it as an open enemy (7th house) and kill with a dagger in the heart, putting a fat red deuce, simultaneously a student and yourself. Similarly, a student who teaches at home lessons on the instructions of the teacher is under the 3rd house. If the teacher enjoys the love of the students, then the 3rd house helps them a lot, if they are afraid of him, then the lessons are learned for fear, but still under 3 houses. If the teacher is inexpressive, the child teaches lessons under the 12th house, which can be much harder or easier, depending on the individual map and the level of development of the 12th house, which, incidentally, is rarely at least worked out to 40 years, excluding very difficult fates.

It is necessary to distinguish the teaching of the 3rd house from the abstract transmission of information and situations with strained mental flows (Gemini-Aquarius); only in our time training is so strongly linked with mental exercises and in general with the expansion of the mental picture of the world. This was not always the case (training craft in the Middle Ages), and this effect is associated with the disharmonious accentuation of Gemini (in particular, to the detriment of Sagittarius, but not only him) in modern civilization in general. The twins give a strong mental tint to all houses, but the third, naturally, to the greatest extent, as they are symbolically controlled. Thus, if I read the encyclopaedic dictionary consistently, then the Gemini is standing over me, and if I read that particular article that the practical teacher indicated to me, then I have a 3rd house above me. In the first case, some house, of course, also stands (for example, the 6th or 10th, depending on how many pages I have already managed to advance), but this situation is incomparably more severe than the second; 3 house gives a tangible concern for a person from the teacher.

On 3 houses there are newspapers, thin magazines, pamphlets, popular and popular science literature, intended for the general public, wishing to be enlightened, but enlightened so far inadequate. There are a number of specific literary techniques, the purpose of which is precisely the inclusion of 3 houses, i. creating for the reader a more comfortable environment for the perception of text and learning, for example, direct appeal to him: "And now, if the reader is not tired, we'll move farther past the blooming swamp of diminutive affectionate suffixes in the direction of the spine of the rules for writing double consonants." It is understood that in this place the reader emerges from the above-mentioned swamp and, refreshed by the mud that has become adhered to it, gleefully turns the next page. Thick logs and serious monographs, in theory, go through the 9th house, but also depending on how their person writes or reads, in fact, it is possible for 3rd, 5th and even 7th, breaking in conclusion in shreds.

In life, learning is associated with travel and travel; accordingly, short trips go under 3 house, long travel (except for road) - under 9th. In this case, the house actually standing above the man is largely determined by his attitude to what is happening. If you go on a visit or, suppose, to a dacha, and are there as, respectively, on a visit or at the dacha, you have 3 houses included (possibly others too). But if you spend there a day, two, three, a week, and get used to this place as your home, then the 3rd house goes unnoticed into the 4th, which is desirable to understand, because other planets and zodiac signs are included, and you will soon feel it . And maybe vice versa, when you come to another city or even another country, you will see everything so similar and familiar that you will not turn on the 9th and 3rd house, and you will think: why did it go so far to find out so few?

On the 3rd house there are brothers and sisters, as well as all sorts of distant relatives, when communicating with whom there is not a degree, but only the fact of kinship. "Poor" and "rich" relatives, with a strong accentuation (for the person) their 2 houses, go to him for 4 houses, as well as the prizhivaly.

At the first level of working out of the third house the general ethics of human relations goes under the motto "man is a man to an enemy". The main principle of relations is distrust, which is never fully overcome, even in relation to the next of kin, with whom a person lives for decades and who, in fact, go to his 3 houses, but still, if they are people, they can not be trusted. This distrust is based on two circumstances. First, a person badly feels other people, their motives for him are ultimately unknown, and he identifies them with his own, so that he has something to fear. Secondly, his attitude is atomically incoherent, i.e. he perceives people as a set of nothing and unrelated individuals, each of which pursues its goals, often contrary to the goals of the others. Accordingly, social ethics is perceived as a set of restrictions that prevent people from killing each other, and the collectives turn to complete robbery and chaos. A person does not feel any internal social restrictions (this does not mean that there is no such thing in his subconscious mind) and is inclined to exaggerate the role of legislation in the life of society. At this level, the general social ethics is rigidly programmed by the egregore of the corresponding social stratum, and the person will not extend to another the helping hand in an unfortunate situation in his society, even if his conscience is greatly tormented.

At this level of development of the 3 houses, the attitude of a person to learning is very tough, and the leading role is given to cramming, whether it be memorizing conjugations of Latin verbs or mastering fouettes. The teacher is perceived as an imperative figure, setting an accurate, definite task and steadily demanding his rigorous and repeated execution, "to bounce off of his teeth." Any deviation from this norm is perceived as a teacher's weakness and inability to subordinate the student to the upbringing process, which is conceived as the work of an asphalt machine that turns an amorphous pile of hot loose asphalt into a neat strip of flat highway. Here the ideal of training is classy training, the development of stable conditioned reflexes, subconscious programs that strictly work on the embedded algorithms in any conditions.

At the second level of working out at home, the attitude of people towards people is becoming more tolerant and benevolent; in any case, a person does not expect from an accidental acquaintance of direct aggression or self-serving deceit and begins to understand that his personal goals do not always contradict the goals of others, as everyone eats his piece of pie, which, however, is baked together. In any case, the need for cooperation not regulated by the criminal code is already felt, although its forms are of an accidental nature, and the person considers friendship rather an exceptional than normal type of relationship. Here, the general social ethics goes under the slogan "live, but let's live and others", and the person tries not to do anything to the other outright evil, although he does not understand their problems, considering it unethical for himself, like peeking into the keyhole; his credo: "they themselves will understand." At the same time, in the human mind there is already a much larger set of cliches or types of relationships with other people than at the first level, and his behavior is more differentiated, for example, with the principal of the school where his son is studying, he will talk in one way, with a policeman, another, and the third with a prime minister. All these cliches are sanctioned by the public subconscious, but a person can already use them at his choice, and besides, under strong pressure from external or internal circumstances, sometimes he is able to violate, for example, throw himself into a burning house and take out a child (a social cliché suggests waiting for firefighters, gasping with horror and admiring the tongues of flame).

In the guise of a teacher, this person is looking for a figure with the appropriate knowledge and skills and, if possible, a training plan, the absence of which the person feels like a big flaw, because the teacher must discipline him: not as at the first level of study, with a stick and a shout, but rather strained homework and exactingness in the classroom; at personal dialogue. At this level, the teacher does not value the individual approach and the ability to communicate with students, a much greater role is played by qualifications and professionalism, i.e. level of ownership of the channel. Similarly, the teacher with the second level of working out the 3 houses looks at himself, limiting his efforts to a purely professional field and selecting students with the appropriate abilities and developing them exactly. A person still perceives learning very narrowly, like mastering knowledge, skills and skills, oriented to very specific situations.

At the third level of elaboration of the third house, a person tries to orient himself towards the higher principle in the people around him, viewing evil as the lowest and, most importantly, in each specific case, the temporary step of good. He sees the extent to which others are programmed by his attitude toward them: his aggression and ill will cause similar reactions, as well as humility and a general benevolent attitude. Here there is a separation of the social ethics of a person from the generally accepted in his layer, and he is subjected to constant attacks, in particular, from the best friends and well-wishers: "Well, how can you give the keys to your apartment to strangers when I have only two years back in the market stole a wallet with a salary !? "Hence it is concluded that people generally can not be trusted, in favor of which is shown, in particular, insidiousness shown by Hitler in 39 and 41 years in relation to his allies and neutral countries, against which ozrazhat difficult. At this level, the question "for what should people be trusted?" Does not yet have a sufficiently convincing answer for a person, but in practice he lives exactly the same way and makes mistakes rarely, and making mistakes, he is not particularly upset. He is loved by the overwhelming majority of his acquaintances, and his ill-wishers are much less than one would expect, that his general social selflessness serves his wine, that is, he tries never to look at other people as a means to achieve his goals.

When communicating with the teacher, a person at this level is looking, first of all, for personal contact and informal leadership, which enables deeper and more creative penetration into the subject of instruction. A man is not satisfied with the knowledge "from these to these", he wants to orient himself in the general picture; accordingly, the skills and programs of the subconscious mind, he seeks to develop flexible, i.e. To learn so that the learning did not end with the end of the class, but continued on, adapting to the new conditions. At this level, the rigidity of the teacher is seen more as a negative quality that interferes with learning; pupils often seek to identify with the teacher, fall in love with him, or at least establish informal personal relationships, which, generally speaking, threatens to switch 3 houses, resulting in training ends.

In turn, the teacher at this level seeks an individual approach to his students; he takes into account and uses the specific features of their personality and character, striving primarily to ensure that they love their subject, and the technique is improved not at the expense of their enthusiasm. At this level, teaching is already a completely creative process, bringing great satisfaction to a person.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the 3 houses, a person refers to people as the cells of a single organism, the natural relationships between which, with the proper understanding and development of events, is a symbiosis. At this level, any contact with the other is perceived by man as an event in the spiritual life - his and his, and besides, as an opportunity to unleash a somewhat larger karmic knot, i.e. relating to some other people and events. This person sees karma quite well and is largely prepared in advance for any meeting and conversation, and sometimes gives the impression of a clairvoyant (which, in fact, is, and to a much greater extent than what others think). At this level, a person usually sees the aura and, to a large extent, the human soul, and it's very difficult to deceive him, and besides, one usually does not want very much; on the contrary, in his presence, people have a strong desire to open their soul and confess their sins. His social ethics is very different from the generally accepted one, but this is not at all obvious to others; in any case, it is often much more detailed and concrete than the average person, and makes many situations neutral for the latter, ethically tense for the first. This does not mean, however, that a person at the 4th level of elaboration of 3 houses does more, he more likely sees and looks more closely, and the main work is done by his leading egregor.

At this level, a person learns all the time, and practically all of his contacts with people are for him educational; for them, however, too, if they are sufficiently attentive and prone to learning.

Every business or occupation to which any person is betrayed can be done routinely, or with diligence, and maybe with the desire to raise one's level, and a person of high spiritual development, as a rule, chooses the third option. He learns from his practical teachers, perceives the most essential thing that they broadcast, i.e. characteristic vibrations, trying not to profane them, but, on the contrary, to rise to them and even higher, helping to rise and to the teacher. Outwardly it may look rather unusual, an advanced student draws attention to details that are missed not only by other students, but also, perhaps, by the master himself (for example, the gesture with which the scrambled fish fits in a frying pan), and then it turns out that they are the most important, but in any case, at the fourth level of elaboration of the 3rd house, a person learns by constantly coordinating his new knowledge and skills with his general picture of the world and the karmic program, thus balancing his 3 and 9 houses.

Situation 3 at home is any situation of nonspecific human communication, in which there is an exchange of opinions and information, and an element of sociality is felt, but without a clear identification of one of the personalities in communication, which usually includes the 1st or 5th house. For all situations of night houses, the person's emphasis on himself is typical, as opposed to the external world and society, which are perceived as a background. Gossip, idle talk, especially on the phone, talking about nothing, just to share time - all this, as a rule, goes under the 3rd house. In general, in order to better navigate in astrological houses, it should be borne in mind that the house is rarely active alone; as a rule, the background to it necessarily arises the opposite. So, with the activation of the 3rd house, even in its lowest octave, say, in discussing the frivolous behavior of the neighbor Ninka, it is necessarily a shadow of the 9th house that the generalization "all the youth nowadays is no good" or the prophecy "I really do not know where we are going ..." ".

On 3 houses you can scandal and conflict, if a person sees in the opponent is not a person, but some collective social image: "Now, I was not dusty, always drunk, like all your friends!" Similarly, as a rule, conflicts are under the 3rd house ( and other social interactions) on the street, in lines and public gatherings.

To 3 houses are the situations of teaching (lecture, school lesson, training, rehearsal) and the situation of socially colored choice, when ethics are included that regulate the interaction of this person with people in general. When can people tell a lie and to what extent is it reprehensible? What can you afford to the detriment of others, and what compensation should not be offered after that? Situations in which these and other problems acquire a specific embodiment, go to 3 houses and update the general socio-ethical programs of the human subconscious, also going through 3 houses.

3 the house stands over a large family gathering, where guests are invited by the principle of kinship, and the egregor of a large family triumphs; This looks especially impressive when the subject of discussion is the need to return to the path a true "black sheep", a family monster, striving to escape from the family bed into another abyss of falling. And of course, if a brother comes to you and starts talking about yourself (or about you), then the background will necessarily include 3 houses.

A strong 3 house gives a person with a large circle of communication or, at least, a tendency to intensive communication with people; if this communication is not enough, he suffers greatly. 3 house implies superficial social meditations, so this person can have difficulties with like-minded people (2 house) and intimate friends (8 house), but the whole world will be in his buddies, unless there is a strong defeat at home. This person will have to face the need to solve the most diverse issues of ethics of behavior in the human environment, and he needs to work out his ethical principles, since the generally accepted ones will be missed, the range of types of his relationships and social situations that he falls into are too great. With a weak 9th house, it will be difficult for him to do this, because in order to develop the correct social ethics, he needs to find some ideals and general principles governed by the 9th house, and the constant temptation will be the thought "How will it manage, will my life experience not be enough to solve is this a difficulty? ". Not enough, at least there will be a time when there is not exactly enough, and it will be necessary to balance the 3rd house of the 9th by co-ordinating your own and group social ethics.

A person with a strong 3-house will learn a lot, which does not necessarily mean that he will learn a lot. Perhaps he will have an abundance of practical teachers, although it may happen that they will not be enough, but contacts with them will be long and versatile. If the house is weak, the person will give preference to practical training before the spiritual, and during his life he will have to regret this, because, most likely, he will have difficulties with general inspiration, even if there are many private ones. At a low level, this can give rise to (knowledge and skills) and at the same time a lack of self-realization. In general, the 3rd house is quite heavy in itself, because it learns harder than to work, and if it is not quite harmonious, then a strong 3-place means a difficult life, especially in school years and in youth, when it is necessarily active. When working out great abilities for teaching in areas that will show aspects of the 3 houses.

A weak 3rd house means that a person is not interested in general social contacts, and he, most likely, gets tired of the abundance of telephone conversations. At a low level, of course, he will gossip, chatter, read newspapers and watch news on TV, but somehow bored, without a soul and true animation. He will not have superficial acquaintances, he will prefer other types of communication (which ones, the horoscope as a whole will show); it may be difficult for him to ask in the unfamiliar terrain the road, get acquainted in public places, keep talking about anything, with a view to having a good time. 3 house is very relevant in modern society, and people will try to replace it with some other (usually those that are more strongly and harmoniously in the map), which leads to significant distortions in the perception of behavior: if the 3 house is replaced, for example, the 11th , then casual acquaintances are perceived as bad friends, and if 7-m, then as opponents or enemies, and if 10-m, then as chiefs (the vital position of the beggar).

A weak 3rd house gives few situations that compel a person to learn, but, on the other hand, there are no special obstacles to learning (except that it is generally difficult). This is a position of a volunteer for training, but study is necessary here, since instruction is an essential part of any karmic program; in any case, the symbolic (Mercury) and the actual rulers of the 3 houses stand in certain houses, which will show the necessary and possible directions for practical training. Ignoring the necessity of practical training leads to severe karmic consequences, but the warning signs of a lag in the study of 3 houses can refer to its other manifestations: for example, the general background of social communication deteriorates sharply and relations with the sister deteriorate.

Harmonious 3 house gives a person who in a social environment feels like a fish in the water. It will not be difficult for him to charm the casual acquaintance and within 5 minutes enter into him full trust. He is loved by all his acquaintances, with whom he is not in closer relations, and most likely he does not find it difficult to find a good hairdresser or dentist: they have been waiting for him for a long time. This is a person whose balance in social relations is positive, i.e. people from communication with him receive, as a rule, more benefit and pleasure than he does from them; at least, it should be so. However, human egoism always tries to pull the blanket over, so without working out a harmonious 3 house eventually becomes a social vampire, i.e. a person begins to look at all social contacts with self-interested eyes (a kind of self-interest will be indicated by a sign on the top of the 3 houses: terrestrial - material, water - emotional, etc.), so his common luck for good and interesting people is eventually depleted.

Harmonious 3 house gives a great ability to learn, but not in any style, but in the one that is determined by the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house: if it's Virgo, then we need to explain everything to the subtleties immediately, if Sagittarius, then, on the contrary, first of all on the general idea, if Pisces - use the immersion method, etc. At the same time, the ease of learning (and happiness with teachers) creates a certain kind of spoiledness for a person: it is very difficult to study for a long time and it is very difficult for him and usually is not required by fate (like). This, of course, is not entirely true, simply in modern society there is no idea of ​​working out harmonious aspects, and for this purpose a person needs to overcome public opinion and difficulties that he (himself seems to create) himself each time. But at any level of development of the 3 houses this person will quickly and clearly explain how to get to the nearest post office.

The struck 3 house gives a person who, with respect to the idea of ​​social contacts, will have a dual attitude (with a strong defeat, the positive part may be completely superseded). On the one hand, it will be drawn to people, and the first acquaintance, especially if there is no Saturn with an aspect to the 3 house or in itself, is often pleasant and promising. However, further there are troubles or obstacles of various kinds, depending on the position of the house in the map and the type of defeat. (For example, Neptune in the 3rd house - false social situations, poor mutual understanding, opposition to 9th house - false spiritual teaching, Pisces on top of 3 houses - problems of wrong emotional relations, false pity, energy vampirism.) Sometimes a person sharply restricts the circle of communication, striving To deal only with people who go to other houses, that is, quickly transferring friends to friends (house 2), lovers (house 5), enemies explicit (7 house) and hidden (12 house), etc., and parting with those with whom it is not possible; sometimes it forms a common, aggressively nihilistic attitude towards people in general ("all crap and bastards"), but neither way is not constructive. The study goes along the path of understanding other people and understanding the laws of society, which are so clearly imprinted on the skin of a person that it is a sin not to learn to read them. The ethics of human relations must be worked out very carefully, and for ourselves not the same as for the rest.

The struck 3 house gives, as a rule, a severe adolescence and adolescence, great interest and difficulties in teaching. A person needs (and very difficult) to learn how to learn, which takes years of fruitless attempts and a sea of ​​sweat and tears, and here the help of an astrologer can be invaluable. Man is not lucky with practical teachers; they can be many, and at first everything can go well, but then (for various reasons) suddenly breaks down; and maybe that just simply all the time come exceptionally mediocre specimens, which I myself very much want to teach and craft, which sometimes gives a new impetus to the teachings. This is a difficult variant of fate, and one should get used to not grumble and learn in unbearable conditions, then to become a master himself and teach the most difficult and hopeless.

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3 house of the lunar v 3 house natal
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The person actively moves, contacts with friends, relatives, neighbors. He really has a very large circle of contacts, many different subjects, companies, trips. Of particular importance is for him to study, continue education and acquire all kinds of information and skills. Often the month becomes the.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 4 house natal
4 house

Often this position corresponds to the end of the training cycle. Travel, travel and contacts of a person are related to the affairs of parents, property and real estate of the family. It is possible to change the place of residence, more often - return to the motherland. If a person starts a new cycle.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 5 house natal
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A person actively entertains, makes pleasure walks, takes part in social life, in connection with which there is a mass of admirers and influential patrons. When other indices are confirmed at home, women can conceive with a fleeting connection, from a friend. Love correspondence, visits, explanations,.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 6 house natal
6 house

Multiple movements in connection with the performance of official duties. In some cases, it may indicate the presence of two places of work. Diseases of relatives, cares and obligations in this regard. Your own state of health causes anxiety and nervousness. "Campaigns" for doctors. Perhaps a little.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 7 house natal
7 house

Significantly increases the mobility and contact of a person. Constant movements and worries associated with meetings with partners: business, training, with spouse, fans, etc. Indicates also the travel of the partners themselves. It is possible to obtain a business or matrimonial proposal, a proposal.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 8 house natal
8 house

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3 house of the lunar v 9 house natal
9 house

Short trips abroad, correspondence with a foreigner or foreign organizations. Departure for training, advanced training. Also, travel, travel of close relatives. The beginning or activation of the study of philosophy, religion, natural science, culture of other peoples. Literary work, publications.

3 house of the lunar v 10 house natal
10 house

On the one hand, a person seeks to move, travel and all kinds of contacts. This is how it becomes the theme of the month. On the other hand, the trips themselves and meetings with different people contribute to the elevation of the person, the advancement of him to the goal. Which - the MS of the.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 11 house natal
11 house

The person consists in friendly correspondence, exchanges news, ideas, plans. Correspondence can be both businesslike and ideological in nature - with like-minded people, associates in a common cause. It is important to discuss ideological, current issues, plans, social problems. Many new.. go →

3 house of the lunar v 12 house natal
12 house

The person is closed for communication. He supports only the most necessary connections, giving up many contacts. Often this is a forced situation, but there may be a conscious act. Often points to the complication of relations with close relatives, especially with a brother or sister, the rejection.. go →

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