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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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5 home lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope

5 house of the horoscope

The symbolic rulers of Leo, the Sun, culminate Pluto, in captivity Uranus, Saturn, in the fall of Mercury.

Fiery houses (1, 5 and 9) represent the different hypostases of the "I" of man. In contrast to the one house that defines the personality of a person who exists independently of the world (when 1 house is included, the outside world disappears, it becomes insignificant), 5 the house represents the external (exteriorized) "I", the image (or images) that the person puts between himself and the outside world in the process of interaction with him. At the same time, as in all night houses, the external world is secondary to the person, but the existence and details of the surrounding reality already have great significance, and the external image of the "I" is chosen in accordance with them. "You do not know how to talk to people," the mother notes with bitterness her pedagogical failure-the son's lack of a developed home. The art of "talking to people", making the right impression on them and achieving their goals, is closely related to the ability to translate into a pre-prepared and polished image that a person, of course, does not identify with himself, which is the difference between the 5th house from 1st. The question of what and for what external images of "I" are needed is decided depending on the level of elaboration of the 5th house.

In other words, it can be said that the 5th house represents an actual person, i.e. how a person appears before the world around him, and how he reacts to external situations that require him to be included, in contrast to the potential personality of the house, revealed in psychological tests filled in a calm environment, when the world around is not there. A man with a strong home and a weak house is a brilliant actor who can play any role, reincarnate in anyone, but watching his game will be interesting only when the play or director is strong; he himself "pull out" the role will never be able to; even less bright will be such a person in personal communication, when he is not offered any role and it is necessary to play "himself," and he does not understand what this means, who, in fact, is talking about. On the contrary, a strong 1-house with undeveloped 5th can give an interesting, rich personality, but this person always plays as if he were himself, not easily transformed into another, and it can be difficult to react flexibly in an unusual situation.

Thus, if 1 house represents an internal, personal image of "I", then 5 house symbolizes the image of a person visible to the world, and these are completely different (although, of course, related) things. It is especially important to understand that although self-affirmation of a person goes, in general, across all 12 houses of the horoscope, self-esteem is mainly determined (at least in the case of the average person) by the "I" of the house, i.e. personality, and personal evaluation of a person by other people - his 5 home, the way he presents himself to them; about what he represents for himself, others can only guess, and this little worries.

5 house implies a certain alienation of a person from the way in which he is at the moment. A typical example is children's speech games: "I will be my mother, and you are my daughter." While the game is in progress, the house is included: "Mom" educates the "daughter", puts her to sleep, gives toys and reacts within the framework of her role, in particular, tolerates treatment that would not be tolerated out of the game. But as soon as the game is broken and the house is turned off, the same situation is immediately reinterpreted and can become, for example, intolerably offensive, solved with tears (1 house) or a fight (7th house).

5 house manages the creativity of man in the broadest sense of the word. A person came to this world for a reason: he has a common task that is similar to the task of the God of the creator who created the world. So a person, during his life should create a world, but not out of nothing, but from himself, that which is potentially contained in him and must manifest himself outside. This is the main meaning of the 5 houses, and the external images of the "I" are nothing but a variety of tools that help to open the inner content of a person to the world. And during the course of life, the house is manifested in completely different forms.

As a child, 5 house is included in all games and in general role-playing situations, when the child puts on someone's image, clearly realizing that it is not him (sometimes this image is put on him violently: "There will be guests tonight, be it exemplary boy and do not pick at the nose "). Roles of 5 houses differ from masks 1 of the house in that they, firstly, are loosely put on and removed, and secondly, by the fact that they have a certain addressee, a person or a situation to which they are calculated, while masks and hypostasis 1 houses exist as if absolutely, regardless of the surrounding reality.

In his youth, the house includes the most beloved of adult games - love, roles for which all humanity is prepared with such diligence and zeal, and who, despite this, are usually very bad and lifeless, because the love (karmically) relationships presuppose a joint evolutionary work, and not the amicable consumption of cosmic energy for the joy of the rapidly fading ego.

In adulthood, a house is included at the time of personal creativity, when a person creates a non-anthropomorphic image of his "I", for example, the design of a work of art that (as he feels) asks from his soul outward as its embodiment. It should be emphasized that the concrete work on creating, say, pictures, goes (like any work) under the 6th house; on the 5th house there is the most intimate moment of creativity - the creation of an energy prototype (the poet will say: "I bear the idea"), which then will be framed in a particular canvas, ode or bas-relief. Accordingly, under 5 house there is a pregnancy in a woman and a wife's pregnancy with a man (childbirth goes under 8 house, and last days of pregnancy - under the 4th).

On the 5th house there are children as a result of human creativity and, of course, as its object, i.e. under the 5th house is the proper education of children (not necessarily their own, 5 the house is above the kindergarten, nurseries, however, go under 1 house); and, of course, the 5th house is included not only in the educating parent, but also in the child being raised, so that the 5th house in childhood is not only solid pleasures and disgrace, but also moments of reckoning for them.

And, finally, the most mature form of the manifestation of the 5th house is external religiosity. Man needs God; and not as such, but by those works that God asks him to do. However, God (or, in another language, karma) needs a person's creative participation in his own life and the realization of those potential opportunities that are inherent in him. Therefore, God (as well as people) manifests himself through the 5th house, through those images (anthropomorphic and not) that he created in his life: honestly or deceitfully, beautifully or ugly, diligently or lazily. The 5th house is included when a person goes to church and bears himself in the form in which he exists in the world, and the meaning of his communion with God (for the 5th house) consists in correcting the external images of a person so that they are better corresponded to his karmic program, which gives energy and direction of life. Another version of 5 houses (octave below) is a cinema or theater stage where the house is also heavily included and you can enjoy the fulfillment of life roles, and besides identifying with the actors, you can learn by yourself what, unfortunately. At present, it is not accepted (the public subconscious believes that a developed house is needed only for artists who are paid for the reincarnation in an image, and for the rest, why should they try?).

When God wants to reveal himself to the person directly, He includes him in a house on very strong energy - and the person communicates with Him almost straightforward, naively believing that he "just" has madly fallen in love or goes mad with happiness on another occasion.

At the first level of elaboration of the 5th house, a person does not separate it from the first. In other words, he is not able to create an image of his "I", different from one or another facet of his personality. If you compare 1 house with a person's body, and the 5th with his clothes, then at the first level of working out 5 at home there is no wardrobe, and the person walks constantly naked, varying his appearance only by turning the body: facet, profile, back. Naturally, as for other people, this person is inclined to consider, considering their external images of "I" as mere manifestations of personality, which is sometimes completely wrong; nevertheless, such people are often identified with movie heroes as their heroes and can not stand, when the comic role is replaced by a tragic one, because the image is torn.

At this level, people always dress not only in the same style, but, if possible, in the same things, for him, clothing is the continuation of his personality, and his clothes can be both seen and escorted. Such a woman will not use cosmetics at all, or always dyes the same, believing that "this is her style"; in reality, of course, not style, but its only accepted external image, which has long been merged with the personality and has become a part of it.

This person has a very rigid actual personality; in all situations he behaves roughly the same and in a predictable manner. Creativity in the narrow sense, like the creative attitude to life, is not peculiar to him, and he hardly understands what these words mean. It is very difficult for him to bring up children, in character and fate, at least slightly different from himself; but if the upbringing succeeds, the offspring differ only in age. In love, this person follows the official standards precisely, applying them to himself, and can very much suffer from the mismatch of his appearance (his and his partner) with aesthetic patterns: with age, this problem is solved by adopting the life position of wise old-fashioned grandfathers: "Do not drink water" , as well as "the main thing is to get your feet to the ground". External religiosity is purely formal, since contact with God in the 5th house is achieved by changing the external images of the "I", which in this case are very rigid, and people are not inclined to voluntarily change them under any circumstances. Cinema, theater and stage people love the corresponding to his tough tastes, quite specific in the plot and manner of performance, and refers to them purely consumer, as to entertainment or pleasure of the gastric type.

At the second level of elaboration of the 5th house, a person can, although with difficulty, occasionally incarnate in an image unusual for him, for some time, somewhat awkward, resembles it. On the other hand, he has several images already partially detached from his personality, in which he feels at ease and can behave differently; this, for example, the role of Chief, Subordinate, Son, Husband, Father, Lover, Adorable Lover. And the person tries to enter into a role corresponding to the situation, since the image of the Adorable Connoisseur is not suitable for talking with subordinates (although, as you know, it happens in the same way, just as the role of the Chief or the Subordinate can be useful in talking with the mistress, and the image of the Beloved in communication with Mother).

At this level, a person already attaches some functional significance to his appearance, i.e. feels its influence on the image that it creates. The man has a special suit for work and, if possible, a special outfit worn in solemn occasions (the anniversary of the company). A woman has several styles of clothing that exclude each other, and the same applies to makeup. In general, it should be kept in mind that the paint on the face (as, indeed, the clothes), you can wear on the 1st, and you can on the 5th house, and the difference is very significant and visible to the naked eye; subjectively, it is expressed in the fact that under 1 house a woman is painted "for myself", and under the 5 th - focusing on a specific external situation, which of course, is preferable.

At this level of study, a person already feels the limitations of the possibility of his personality (1 house) and begins to appreciate the possibilities of expanding it by a set of external images of his "I", i.e. roles, going to the house. You can not become different; However, you can imagine yourself to others, internally reincarnate in another, and this changes a lot; but most importantly, the fact that this changes your perception of the world, a person does not yet recognize and appreciate. But he sees how his possibilities for influencing the external world expand, and he begins to realize the role of preliminary preparation, "living" in the image.

Love at this level is perceived traditionally passive-consumer in relation to karma and the Absolute, but a person already understands that one must look at a partner and not be carried away by his ideal image created by his own imagination, as discrepancies may appear. At this level, the lover is more interesting (not so patterned) and can occasionally recall (or, worse, compose) several verse lines. At the second level of the study of the house, attempts at creativity in the narrow sense of the word begin; With long efforts and great effort, a person can make a creative plan that will not be completely stereotyped (that is, dictated by the social subconscious), but will also be noted and a print of his personality, which, however, will be very difficult to break through the screen of conventional gray and stamps. Therefore, a person is very much attached to his or her child with such difficulty, and, like other external images of the "I", separates him from himself only partially and therefore does not possess the freedom necessary for true creativity, and it is important for him that his creations should have his surname .

This person educates children more democratically, allowing liberties in their self-expression, but bearing in mind compulsory education for several standard social roles: Polite Teenager, Exemplary Disciple, Loving Grandson, etc., and it is in this mainly sees their educational function .

External religiosity at this level already gives a person something (for him) that is really tangible. During prayer, confession, just visiting the temple, he shifts attention accents, and he sees it differently, from a higher point of view, his affairs and his roles, gaining the opportunity to review and change his external images, thereby correcting the roles and, in ultimately, behavior (about perception a person at this level thinks little). In addition, those external images that are pleasing to God receive from him energy and information support, are strengthened and formalized (subjectively this is expressed in the fact that a person feels how he is made more energetic and skillful). In unbelievers (believers, of course, too), similar states arise in the theater or on any other view that shifts the view of themselves and their roles in life, which of course is one of the goals of every good director.

At the third level of elaboration of the 5th house, a person separates from the external images of his "I", viewing them as convenient tools, and with their help studies the life situations in which it turns out. Now he demonstrates his roles and external images of the "I", which develops, grinds and learns to fill up with energy, knowing that these images are his main way of influencing all external situations in which he finds himself. For him, in any difficult situation, the main question is not "what should I do," but "what should I be", i.e. which most appropriate image should be adopted in this case; and then the image itself thinks and works, and is often much more effective than one might have guessed beforehand. Now the person has a whole wardrobe of external images, each of which must be regularly cleaned with a brush, and also systematically dressed and ventilated on the street. At the same time, the problem of influence on the situation begins to transform into a problem of perception of the situation; and then the person discovers that the incarnation in this or that image greatly changes his perception of what is happening around him, and helps to feel and understand that which is not comprehensible in any other way.

At this level, a person attaches great importance to his clothes and appearance, knowing how to make them "work" on the created image, and under no circumstances he will voluntarily wear a suit that contradicts the image, rather, it will partly change the latter, being able to adapt it to the first one. This is the level of professional actors, rather actresses, variety singers, etc. However, such people meet in ordinary life, knowing how to make a strong impression without much personal effort, using clothing, make-up, jewelry, in fact, as a magical means, i.e. power amplifiers or generators; as the last can act gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones, rings, necklaces, furs, etc. Especially spectacularly works the image, appealing to a strong egregor, for example, "rich woman".

In art, this is the level of the creative elite; such a person fills the image he creates with such a strong energy that the work of art he created pierces the channel into a subtle world and actually becomes a window into this world, at least for a while, which is perceived as a miracle (later this channel is taken away by the epigones and gradually vulgarized by the public and closes, however, the first one studies it, and the second partly grows spiritually). At this level, a work of art is alienated from the author and lives on with his life. In life and love, this person is internally more independent, original and much less vulnerable: for the most part his images "I", that is, are affected. costumes, but not personality (physical body). It is much easier to recognize that "I played a bad role" than "I turned out to be a complete nonentity," although the situation is one and the same. His reactions are not stamped, and it is interesting with him, at least if he wants it, regardless of the level of his knowledge and ability to think.

This person thinks of the upbringing of children primarily as the development of their abilities and talents laid down by nature, within the limits of morality imposed from above by them as limitations; however, if the child finds an independent conscience, the parental restrictions can be lifted.

External religiosity at this level gives a person a lot, if not suppressed artificially (but even then finds its, sometimes ugly, manifestations). The freedom that a person has in creating images of the self, both life roles and images embodied in art, is ultimately intended for serving the egregor, which gives man a general direction of effort and an energetic (and in many semantic) filling of these images, which happens at the moments when a person turns his thoughts upwards, he does it before the icon, in the church or alone with himself. At such moments a person feels the Divine presence very clearly, although not always connects with Him the solution of his creative problems and, in particular, the dynamics of the images of the "I". But in any case, religiosity, whether a person wants to recognize it or not, plays a very important role in his life, and the service to God and His concern for man become facts of life, not of faith.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the 5th house, a person can be embodied in almost any image, with a complete (for spectators) authenticity, not only externally, but also emotionally and mentally, which gives him, first of all, the opportunity to directly experience another person. These images he uses, as necessary, including them in accordance with emerging situations and filling with energy and supplementing with specific needs, depending on their content. At the same time it works in situations - talking, moving, smiling, etc. - the image, and the person himself, almost completely separated from him, observes the situation from the side, exercising general guidance. The image thinks, worries, radiates and perceives energy and information, but all this concerns a person in a very small degree, as the excitement of the doll does not touch the puppeteer. At this level, the person sees the spiritual meaning of the situation rather well and takes part in the external performance, focusing on it, but observing the basic rules of the game.

This person well feels the energy of his body, clothes, cosmetics and ornaments and knows how to dress and move, creating the necessary and appropriate energy ensemble; from the side it seems that he has a wonderful taste in everything he does, and something else, some secret charm and power that can not be expressed in words, but really want to imitate.

If this person is engaged in art, he creates works, each of which is completely individual; if he writes a man, then it will be a portrait of the latter, not the author. If we put together all the works created by them, then between them it will be difficult to find anything in common, except for the almost imperceptible style that is associated with his features of the vision of the world.

The whole life of this person is in constant contact with God, which helps him to select roles, images and actions corresponding to situations, and, in addition, prepares for himself these situations so that a person helps him to solve them. Divine attention and care are felt at this level clearly and constantly, most often in the form of love, which the person feels as coming to him from all sides, from all people, objects and landscape. This love fills all his images, in which he incarnates, and gives him the strength to play his difficult role in a game that is gloomy for the majority of participants, called life.

Situation 5 at home is any position in which a person feels that he is playing or rehearsing, and he feels himself partly independent of his role, i.e. potentially capable of abandoning it or changing it to another. 5 the house stands over the theatrical performance with clearly outlined characters of actors, when actors have something to reincarnate, he manages all sorts of spectacles and sports competitions, where there is something to see. 5 the house operates a wedding, a carnival and a costume ball, where each of the participants depicts a character indicated by a mask and a suit; in the higher octave 5 the house stands above the art exhibition, where the materialized external "I" artists are represented in the symbolic form of works of art; 5 the house stands over the father, raising the child, depicting anger (if the parent is testing it, 1 house is included); 5 The house stands over a man who thinks his way of behavior in the important situation ahead of him. A rather unpleasant variant of the 5th house is an exam where the student should play the role of an excellent worker who is fluent in the subject, unlike the Twin Master, bored with the unbearable burden of undeveloped knowledge. Psychological preparation, consisting in getting into the first role, will provide invaluable assistance in life, even if the exam is failed.

The person who needs clothes in order to keep the body warm and fulfill the minimum social requirements (cover up the shame) is dressed under 1 house. 5 The house presupposes respect for the dress itself and its relatively independent existence from man, to which it should be treated with due respect. A schoolgirl who puts paint on his face in a thick layer, clumsily, but heavily includes himself in the house, to the indignation of his mother's moderate views, using cosmetics in principle under one house and viewing the 5th as a stage immediately preceding the panel (which is also in the 1st and 2nd phases goes under 5 house, and in conclusion - under the 2-m or 8-th, depending on the size of payment).

In all life situations there is an element of the game, and it depends on the level of working out at home 5 how much a person will be free in them, creatively original and religious, i.e. to what extent his actions will be coordinated with the will of God.

A strong 5 house gives a person who can not live just like that, being "himself" - he is constantly drawn by something "out of himself" to build, depict, and at a low level it is perceived by others as acrimony. However, the croaking of the house is very different from showing off on the 1st, when a person wears and demonstrates unsuccessful masks, facets of personality. Inclusion of 5 houses at any level of study is much safer for a person and more dangerous for others. When a person enters the image, realizing that it is an image, he can endow it with much more energy and expressiveness than if he simply perfected himself; because he himself, as it were, is left aside and works as a creator, giving the image exactly those features that are necessary, and thereby concentrating energy on the right moments and achieving an incomparably greater effect than with "sincere" behavior in one house. At a low level, a strong 5 house gives an extreme propensity (and ability) to dramatize. If this person is fined in a bus, he will tell you about it as if his car had crashed, and his child's illness looks like a universal catastrophe. At low energy, a person with a strong 3 house, on the contrary, is strongly suggestible, but the suggestions for the 5th house are not quite the same as the suggestion for the 1st, when the personality is suppressed. Here around the person there is a phantom, forcibly driving him a certain role, forcing him to behave in a certain way, almost without affecting the person. If this phantom (that is, the image of an "I" induced by another person) is strong enough, a person may have something similar to a split personality, as if it has two faces, each of which has power over it and wants to act in its own way .

This person loves to play, loves the theater (with the defeat of the house at the same time, it is very picky) can perfectly handle children and can be very expressive in creativity and love, if only he can overcome the corresponding social stamps, which is difficult for him, especially with harmonious aspects to 5 home. At study - very creative person in all its manifestations; in general this person is loved, if he does not require too much attention to himself, which is characteristic at a low level, especially in a weak 2 house. There is a strong superficial religiosity, which will give a lot when working out 4 houses.

A weak girl was at home, who for a long time silently looked at herself in the mirror, and in conclusion she said: "Well, nothing, I'll take my mind", referring to the compensation of his 5th home by the development of the 1st. It is difficult for such a person to be different in the same type of situations with the same people, and it is unlikely that he was shining in a school drama circle or expressively reading poetry in his childhood, and when he, a little one, was put in the middle of the room to find out who he looked more like, to mum or dad, he was completely uncomfortable. Such a person, especially with a strong 1 house, will prefer to be, and not to appear, and therefore he will have some difficulties with the formulation of anything, starting from the school wall newspaper and ending with his own behavior towards the loved one: it is much easier for him to love, than express their feelings. However, he is not given any big obstacles either, and with some effort he will be able to express what he has, but not three times as much as it is typical for people with a strong 5 house. This person does not like to play especially with reincarnation in the image; for him it is a load that does not give any feedback, at least, at first. He will carefully read the play, but he may not go to the theater: why, because everything has already been written? External religiosity is poorly developed, and for a long time it is completely unclear why people go to church and why it is customary for the theater to dress well.

Harmonious 5 house gives a person, pleasant in all respects. It is easy for him to enter any role and it is worthless to get out of it, forgetting about those promises that he indirectly, by the very fact of his acceptance of the role, generously distributed. This person is indispensable in superficial social contacts, he always knows how to make a good impression, to soften the awkwardness and smooth the conflict. Unfortunately, people are usually uninteresting to work out their harmonious houses, and the 5th house is no exception: in case of a severe defeat with this person it is practically impossible to have a normal intrigue, it immediately turns into a Shakespearean drama or passions according to Dostoevsky.

For this person, external religiosity is very important, but first (and long afterwards) instead of God is the devil and behaves in a fairly standard way, very similar to what is described in the literature: seduces, deceives, misleads the true, threatens, etc ., Specific details will show the aspects of the 5th house. It is rather difficult to confound this devil; first you need to study it, and then find and eradicate those lower subconscious programs to which it appeals: pride, vanity, jealousy, etc., in each case will have its own characteristics. Only after this, a person will begin to hear the voice of God, and this voice will sound completely different than he thinks.

The struck 5 house gives a man who is terribly drawn to the stage and at the same time pushes out the fear of being completely ugly in his favorite role. However, one thing can be stated for sure: the behavior of such a person will never be ugly. Whether he wants it or not, he will always wear this or that image, which will be to him in many ways alien and often the most unpleasant; It is important, however, that these images are adequate to the situation and are manageable; love for them (and myself) comes much later, when they prove in practice their usefulness and functionality.

At a low level, this person is very deceitful, constantly playing and depicting things that he does not think or feel; you should try, at least, not to do this with selfish goals. The corresponding distortions will be in him and with the perception of the external world (which, naturally, goes through the image of the "I", active at the moment). Therefore, the first life position of this person: do not believe never, to anyone and, in particular, to yourself. The study begins with the separation of 5 houses from 1, i.e. role from the individual, which is often difficult because it dramatically reduces self-affirmation for 1 house (the recognition that "I have a rich set of roles" instead of persuading "I have a rich personality" is strongly hurting self-esteem). Next, you need to learn to manage the images of the "I", which always, and in this case in particular, tend to live their lives and pomrat man instead of serving him.

Relations with children are uneven, love turns into jealousy.

Dress loves brightly, also appreciates works of art, and it is very difficult to resist his love impulse; fortunately, he most likely will not be too intrusive, and if he point at the door, he will leave. But at the same time he will have such an unhappy appearance that you will be tormented by conscience for the rest of your life.

5 house of the lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope
5 house of the lunar v 1 house natal
1 house

A person shows increased activity in secular life, takes part in entertainment, receptions, as well as gambling. His creative energy is enhanced, allowing him to create masterpieces in his field. A month is favorable for people of art, - a month of recognition, disclosure of talent, a creative upsurge... go →

5 house of the lunar v 2 house natal
2 house

We can talk about the successful resolution of financial problems, the increase of material well-being, the many worries and actions in this direction, and the help of influential people. Can also indicate the winnings in lotteries, gambling, success in risky financial transactions, if the indicators.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 3 house natal
3 house

Anxiety in love, pleasure from travel, travel with a loved one or to him. Love correspondence, writing on love topics. Lots of talk about love. Small pleasant travels, amorous adventures. Recognition of the literary works of man, his talents. It can also mean the participation in a love affair of.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 4 house natal
4 house

A happy event in the house, in the family. Satisfaction from family relationships, from the affairs of parents and family members. A person takes part in family celebrations, celebrations. Exaggeration of the family. Activation of family problems of children, this or that decision. Can mean a.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 5 house natal
5 house

Most often it means large events related to a love relationship - both the beginning of communication, and the end - the betrothal or the gap - judging by the indicators of the house. Love experiences and events in personal life play a big role for a person. The desire to have children. If it is.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 6 house natal
6 house

The person's love experiences are related to the place of work. It can be like a novel with an employee, at work, and the influence of service relations on personal and vice versa. Often points to a relationship with a person holding the same subordinate position or related obligations and debts,.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 7 house natal
7 house

Communication, love relationships can lead to marriage or the conclusion of an agreement, help in the business sphere, in business. If the indicators are unfavorable, the house can indicate a break, adultery, quarrels. Growth of popularity of the person, especially among partners or in consulting.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 8 house natal
8 house

Most often - the entry into an intimate relationship for love, with an expensive man. Sometimes, when confirmed by other indicators, indicates that this connection is as if under a karmic sight, that it is not accidental. It is possible to get into dangerous situations because of a love affair. Also.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 9 house natal
9 house

The emergence of a love affair when living abroad or in another city or with a person who came from abroad. Also holiday romances or love affairs in travel. It is possible that a child is conceived or born abroad. At unfavorable parameters of the house - the break of the love connection due to.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 10 house natal
10 house

The emergence of a long-awaited love affair, often perceived as a reward or conducive to progress towards a life goal or current tasks of the period. It can be a connection with the boss, his assistance to the person. A month is favorable for the nomination of a person due to his creativity, active.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 11 house natal
11 house

The emergence of a love affair based on friendship, with an associate, like-minded person or just an interesting person. With regard to this relationship, a person tends to make plans, has hopes of doing something. More often - the birth of a child. New plans and hopes for children. Children can.. go →

5 house of the lunar v 12 house natal
12 house

Unpleasant events and experiences associated with a love affair. When the house is activated by planets, especially heavy ones, the actions leading to its rupture. Depression, severe conditions, apathy, isolation from real life. With a more favorable state of the 5th house - secret love or hidden.. go →

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Lunar calendar for june

Lunar calendar on june The moon and the position of the stars significantly affect the character, life, sometimes determine the fate and push for solutions. Therefore, finding the moon in this or that sign of the zodiac is able both to give good luck and happiness, and bring troubles and bitterness. To protect yourself and loved ones and avoid disagreements at work and in your personal life, watch the stars
and control your destiny! go →

Phases of the Moon for june

Phases of the Moon on june 2024 The lunar month is 29 or 30 lunar days.
During each month, the Moon passes through four phases, first in a new moon, then in the first quarter, the full moon, and in the last quarter. The phase change is connected with the fact that depending on the location of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the magnitude of the moon's surface illuminated by the Sun changes. go →

Natal birth chart online

Natal card online This is a personal horoscope, which is based on the time and place of birth of a person.
With its help you can learn about everyone's karma, and also
about inclinations, opportunities and anticipated circumstances that can affect the course of life. When you create a birth chart, you are defined with a cosmogram. It shows the alignment of the planets in the zodiacal circle and houses. go →