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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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2 house lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope

2 house of the horoscope

The symbolic rulers of Taurus, Chiron, Venus, culminate in the Moon, in the confinement of Pluto, Mars, in the fall of Uranus.

Inclusion of 2 houses means the opening of the eyes of a person: he discovers that there is a substance different from himself and capable, on the one hand, of serving him, satisfying his needs and delivering pleasures, and, on the other, depriving, limiting and threatening; in ordinary language, this substance is called the external world, and the need for its perception is the principle of reality, but for 2 houses, as for all night houses, the emphasis is on the "I" of a person, which in this case is subjectively dominant over the outside world, not in that sense that a person is stronger, but that what is more important is more important. In other words, in situations 2 of the home, the external world can deliver pleasures or troubles, but the person necessarily includes an egocentric position (view) on what is happening between me and the world. In contrast to the 7th house, here the external world is viewed not as a dominant opponent, but rather as an environment inanimate or endowed with a lower consciousness (plant or animal) in which man exists, lives, is in different types of exchange (energy, matter, etc.). This environment has its own laws, which apply to a certain extent to him, but which affect him to a small extent because of his exceptional role and position in it.

The most common example of the inclusion of 2 houses is a person's relationship to his property, completely dependent on him (the property does not include it because it has a largely independent existence from the person). This property, which he can buy, sell, turn on, off, sit down or lie down on, really forms a completely external environment, depending on him, but the situation at home is by no means exhausted. In the second house, the nearest relatives often go to the person, whom his loving heart considers his complete property and refuses to them in a self-sufficient being, different from the vegetable one, not to mention free will. This is especially typical of women with regard to their husbands and children (the Moon culminates in the 2nd house).

2 the house poses the problem of interaction with the outside world in general; its further development and concretization takes place in 6 and 10 houses. In particular, the 2nd house refers to the laws of behavior of the external world (considered as the environment) and the interaction of a person with it. Therefore, the 2nd house defines its nonspecific (general) ethics in interactions with the environment, when it is not too active (in particular, the 7th house is not included, that is, there is no direct dominant aggression when you think more about the enemy than about yourself). In particular, the 2nd house defines the system of values ​​of a person in the external world, i.e. what he strives for, what he would like to have in his immediate external environment and, conversely, what he will avoid. Therefore, for 2 houses an essential part of the self-affirmation program is going on, namely, the program of external self-affirmation, concerning the level of achievement by man of the values ​​of the external world going through 2 houses.

Subconscious programs run by 2 houses, deeper than the programs at home. They determine the state of health of a person in the environment, his attitude to it, its perception and behavior in it. These programs are largely primitive, since they do not presuppose a sufficient level of perception of the moments of the external world, which is largely profaned by the 2nd house (for example, in the framework of the 2nd house, any other person is perceived as a potential source of goods, or a bearer of a social function, or simply an element of the world order, but never not as an independent microcosm, a self-contained universe different from me). At the same time, subconscious programs at home are fundamental (the symbolic ruler is Taurus), in the sense that they work constantly, interrupting in exceptional cases, and are very stable, difficult to change.

It is difficult to give a complete description of the 2 houses, because this is largely "everything else" in relation to the other 11 houses of the horoscope; because everything is human behavior in the environment, and if it is not too social (3 house), pleasant (5 house), aggressive (7 house), friendly (11 house) or one of the other 11 options, then the person is included 2 house.

At the first level of development of 2 houses, a purely consumer attitude to the environment prevails in man. He wants to extract from it the maximum of benefits and amenities, ignoring the laws of its development, or rather, believing them to be absent, i.e. perceiving the environment as inert, dead, not changing at all and from its interaction with it in particular. Fish as caught, and will always be caught, iron as it was, and not exhausted, but in general after us at least a deluge. In this case, the value system is usually almost completely formed by the consciousness and subconsciousness of the corresponding social stratum, and no other is conceivable and has no right to exist. Any person with other values ​​either fools, or is mentally inferior, or socially dangerous and, if possible, should be isolated from society.

At this level, the general ethics of interaction with the outside world is based on the following whales: it is better to have than not to have; to have an undivided command, to subjugate any whim, you can only trust that which belongs to itself; it is better to take than give, and to give should only be in debt or exchange; all other people think exactly the same way. This level is characterized by a sense of cruelty and imperative pressure from the outside world, and the reference to external circumstances is perceived as very convincing. External self-assertion is consistent with the existing capital and material possessions, so that its criteria are often external to the view of the person himself; however, there is usually no idea of ​​the inner world and internal values ​​at this level.

At the second level of elaboration of the 2nd house, a person realizes the limitations of the possibilities of the external world in relation to the appetites of his ego; now he stands on the positions of "reasonable consumption" and care for the immediate external world surrounding him as a source of goods, trying not to exhaust him. For example, coming to interesting guests, he tries to leave so early that he was called next time, and with the same purpose at parting will seduce the owners seductively. At this level, the external environment appears to be developing in principle, but the laws of its development are perceived mechanically, i.e. it is likened to a basin into which one flows in and out two pipes, or vice versa; depending on the level of human success.

At this level, the general ethics for the most part are also socially induced, but a person allows himself, for example, under the influence of impulses of conscience, deviation from it. The value system is mainly determined by values ​​in freely convertible currency, but there are others: independence in the choice of one's destiny, the level of self-expression in creativity, the adequacy of a place in life, the emotional satisfactory life, and some others. True, many of these values ​​are perceived formally, formally and, ultimately, with an eye for the monetary equivalent, but the view is already divorced from the idea of ​​purely selfish consumption.

External self-assertion here becomes contradictory. On the one hand, it seems to go along with approaching the external social ideal (the president, the capitalist, the soloist of the opera house), but, on the other hand, there is, first, some vagueness of it, and secondly, it is unclear where the taking internal reactions that devalue many of the obvious and socially approved achievements of man. In confusion, he can seriously think for a moment about spiritual values, but they in his mind are represented by life without direct deception and meanness and regular reading of fiction or watching actual theater productions that the problem does not solve.

At the third level of development of 2 houses qualitative changes occur. A person begins to feel himself as an integral part of the external world, and him - as something alive, developing, animate and largely meaningful being, strong in him, a man in need. It seems to him that when he does everything right, the weather smiles, and if it's bad, he frowns, and in moments of discouragement and disappointment, the world around him seems to be trying to support him and guide him on the right path. Now the general ethics can strongly disagree with the social, and most importantly, it is much more detailed, regulates the behavior of a person in a much wider range of situations; in other words, life becomes much more responsible and requires much attention, and misses are much more expensive than before (by internal feeling).

The scale of values ​​here is very different from socially approved, which is difficult for a person to survive, and it has to be constantly defended before oneself, not to mention the nearest environment. Material values ​​become important not in themselves, but as ancillary means, providing the person with the conditions necessary for his purposes, the most important of which is the freedom of spiritual development and self-expression.

At this level, a person feels the interconnection of the internal and external world, but the main emphasis for him is on the ideal values ​​of culture, and he is inclined to ignore the lower manifestations of the external environment, underestimating their role in their lives. At the same time, he feels a certain independence from external conditions and circumstances of life and, accordingly, can be very unpretentious to the surrounding environment, in any case presenting the main claims to himself personally.

At the fourth level of the study of two houses, a person greatly expands his ideas about the external world and environment, including in them, along with the material, also the subtle world, in particular his astral and mental plans. It is also partially visible to him and the causal plan, i.e. karmic programs, and he sees their manifestations both in the external and in the inner world. At this level, a person perceives external events as symbolic reflections of processes going on in the inner world, and is able to connect the two worlds together, in particular, to interpret external events as manifestations of inner life and vice versa. Now external and internal ethics merge: a person knows that his thoughts, emotions and any meditations are not his internal affairs, but most directly affect the external world; on the other hand, external events and their visible participation in them are no less important for his inner life, and it is very important not only his attitude to what is happening, but also his direct external meaning. This is the level of powerful magicians who know how to walk the world, only touching it lightly and not breaking the lines of dharm, and securely closing the doors without the help of locks. At this level, one sees the illusory nature of the material world as a symbolic image of the subtle world, but at the same time sees people as spiritual beings living simultaneously on a subtle and material plane, even if they do not suspect the existence of the first of them, and sees behind their material external processes their subtle meaning , as well as the significance for the inner life and fate of people who believe that they are engaged in the most common affair.

Situation 2 at home - this is any nonspecific situation: a person is in an external world, which does not behave in a particular way. The house is turned on as soon as a person closes the door of his house and is outside. Here he meets an acquaintance and exchanges greetings - this is the 3rd house; turns the busy street - the 8th; rides in the trolley - again the 3rd (taxi, in general any car is the 8th); enters the department store - again 2-nd, and included very much.

Here, a person faces the problem of choice, or, more generally, of purposeful behavior in the environment, which is typical of 2 houses. The purchase of a particular object changes the reality surrounding the person, i.e. is directly connected with his 2 house, but in addition, it is a choice that is carried out in accordance with the general ethics of the person, which should not be confused with the ethics of his human contacts, going through 3 and 8 houses, the religious ethics of 4 and 5 houses, e. Ethics 2 of the house determines the person's attitude to his current finances, i.e. how much money he needs and it is desirable to have, what conditions and sacrifices he is ready to bring for this, what this money should be spent on, etc. Money and personal property is, to a great extent, the protection of a person from the environment, and to what extent a person (subjectively) needs this protection, the position of the 2 houses in the map will show. Situation 2 at home is any nonspecific choice of behavior: go to a party today, go to the theater or stay at home, help a stranger find the address he needs or, conversely, start a false trail; look to the right, to the left, to the ground or the sky, etc.

A strong 2 house gives a person in whom the environment is very interested, he constantly attracts her attention and activity, which he likes or does not like very much, but without it he misses. If the 2 house is not greatly affected, it is a person who is interested in living, and whose life is often filled with interesting events and generally interaction with the outside world. He is often called on the street with various questions, requests, wishes and statements, and he himself looks at the crowd passing by him quite interested in the street, although it can be interested in a variety of things, depending on the aspects of the 2 houses, the current youth fashion to the level of civil maturity of its people.

Strong 2 house implies intensive interaction with the environment and therefore the development of complex and ramified common ethics, and not least the developed system of internal vultures of secrecy: what, when, to whom and how can one speak. Ignoring this requirement leads to chaos and a large number of misunderstandings and troubles in the external world, and distortion of the value system in the internal. A strong 2th house (karmically) means the need to follow its own value system, which differs from the generally accepted one, but it must be carefully developed and defended before the world and by oneself. Otherwise, there will be gaping holes in the protective aura, and money for life will constantly be missed, regardless of the level of income. At a high level of study, a person realizes the meaning of the biblical instructions "be like the birds of the air" and "... when you do alms, do not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing," but until the egregor takes up directly for the maintenance of life man, he has a lot of work in the environment, and it is better if it is constructive.

A weak 2 house gives a person living in large measure in a vacuum, but this does not bother him. On the contrary, too stormy a foreign life, too much and especially unpredictable activity of the external environment will lead to horror and confusion. Generally on the street it is invisible, but in the forest especially, and if desired, can choose a career as a hunter or a secret agent (the latter is still desirable active 12 home).

General ethical problems are of little concern to this person, he has a small amount (as a rule, standard) of the presentations, which he usually lacks. His system of values ​​is also not the object of his close attention, and the logic of his life does not force a person to revise it. This is a dangerous situation, because the internal development of a person requires the elaboration of all houses, and the ethic and the value system of 2 houses are often the first, and in this case the person is not used to it and can lag behind for a long time, which eventually leads to disaster, or simply to difficult conditions life, especially material.

At the same time, the weakness of the 2 houses means a small need for the blessings of the surrounding world (however, one should be careful here and look at the whole map) and often the famous indifference if not to money, then to options for their spending, which does not give the chance to get carried away by luxury and orientates on higher thoughts.

Harmonious 2 house gives a person who with full mutuality enjoys the love of the surrounding world. He loves to dress beautifully and decorate himself with the space around him, attracting the attention of the opposite sex, and often almost selflessly: he is generally satisfied with admiring gazes that do not come into closer contact. He likes beauty and harmony in the world around him, and he is tuned to their perception, so the world not only smiles at him more than others, but appears much more harmoniously than others. He less often than the rest, the situation breaks, the weather spoils the rest, and puddles come to the street (and those that come across are extremely aesthetic and contain completely pure and transparent water). He is lucky with money, he easily earns them and somehow knows how to spend them correctly, without making any special efforts.

This position is fraught with a lot of temptations, first of all, the acceptance of an external ethic of general parasitism, according to which the world around you should do everything you can to serve and please just because you are so wonderful and have a wide soul capable of harmoniously accommodating a large number of material goods and simply bills of great dignity. The value system tends to socially approved, and to knock down such a person from his position is not easy, although in a conversation on such topics he is unlikely to fight with you, rather shrug his shoulders. The study gives a person who can not only harmoniously adapt to the external environment, but also teach this to others, forming a system of values ​​and adequate to their karmic ethics.

The struck 2 house gives a person who feels constant aggression from the outside environment, or at least she is alien to him, and he feels it too well. At the same time, this constant tension is not inclined to materialize in the image of a specific external enemy, which can be studied and fought in the open (7th house); on the contrary, the sources of aggression from the environment can constantly change, and the feeling of inner tension and horror in front of it has a center in the depth of the self, which leads to difficult curable neuroses and phobias: a concrete enemy, though imaginary, is much easier to understand and win than an environment that is unpredictable and at any time capable of threatening manifestation, including a very real one (which will be shown by aspects to 2 houses, for example, opposition to 8 houses - the threat of divorce, dismissal or death, square to the 4th - problems in the family, the square to the 11th - rudnosti with friends).

The ethics of relations with the environment will be distorted, the person will often be generally aggressive or will force aggression into the subconscious and become externally very compliant, sugary and kind, only sometimes, quite unexpectedly for the superficial observer, giving explosions of unmotivated rage, irritation or anger. In the value system, there is likely to be an emphasis on the notion of justice, since a person (not without reason) will get the impression that he is less lucky in the outside world, and he must earn with hard work what others give without ceremony. Hence the resentment of fate, which (insult) should be overcome, changing the value system in the direction of working out 2 houses. The study gives a true sense of cosmic love and the ability to broadcast it through yourself in the most difficult circumstances; great power over the outside world.

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2 house of the lunar v 3 house natal
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Money problems a person can solve at the expense of the start of training (scholarships), travel and relocation, the conclusion of contracts or with the support of close relatives. Intellectual training also brings profit. Also, and vice versa, an indication of paid training. Earnings are not.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 4 house natal
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Presents certain spending on the acquisition or hiring of real estate. A month is favorable for the purchase of an apartment, plot, and also to enter into the ownership of the estate (real estate and capital). Apartment and property issues significantly redistribute the budget. Often during this period.. go →

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2 house of the lunar v 6 house natal
6 house

For a person this month, financially, it is more advantageous to be in a subordinate position, and the manifestation of initiatives can lead to losses or unfavorable material circumstances. It is possible to start receiving money from work in the specialty or a new type of earnings due to changes in.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 7 house natal
7 house

Working in the mind, with the public, in one team with partners brings both profit and popularity in the community. A month is successful for working under a contract, accepting contractual obligations, close contact with partners, including with a spouse. Collective activity always brings success,.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 8 house natal
8 house

With favorable indicators of the 2nd house, this position presages the inheritance, profit as a result of interaction with other people, the return of debts (usually with interest), from the actions of inspection inspectors and organizations. Negative factors of the 2nd house should warn against the.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 9 house natal
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The way of earning and earning income is often connected with foreign citizens and organizations, depends on the interaction with them. Also associated with travel. Cash amounts can come from afar. A person lives at the expense of the funds provided by joint ventures, or by interest from deposits in.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 10 house natal
10 house

The main event of the month will be related to the material sphere, earnings, income. This position provides rich prospects for expanding its financial influence, the opportunity to improve the basis of its existence. In addition, the public status of a person, professional status will require new.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 11 house natal
11 house

This month the person brings a new ideological basis, as to the financial sphere of his life, rethinks the ways of making money and spending. Perhaps the bulk of the costs go to the needs of a friendly environment, like-minded people and fans. And vice versa, you can expect serious financial support.. go →

2 house of the lunar v 12 house natal
12 house

It indicates first of all that the person is constrained in the means, and in this connection he is compelled to lead not exactly the kind of life that he wants. There may be money from mysterious sources, from secret activities, hidden well-wishers or as a result of unsuccessful machinations, on the.. go →

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