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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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8 home lunar in the homes of the natal horoscope

8 house of the horoscope

Symbolic rulers of Scorpio, Pluto, Mars, culminates Uranus, in the imprisonment of Chiron, Venus, in the fall of the Moon.

8 house is the house of birth and death, the house of the change of egregor. If Scorpio rules the general idea of ​​transformation and is above any significant changes (internal and external), then the 8th house means the concrete circumstances of a person's life when he changes the type of service. This, for example, marriage and divorce (change of the family egregor), change of place of work (dismissal and admission), admission or graduation, change of occupation and, of course, physical birth and death.

However, the change of egregor, to which a person serves, is not necessarily accompanied by a change in his external circumstances. Sometimes it occurs as a result of a psychological crisis that occurs only in the inner life, and is accompanied by changes, sometimes quite significant, only the inner world. In mystics, the sharp increase in the level of the egregor served by a person is called initiation, and is sometimes accompanied by strong energetic and emotional effects (the phenomena of saints, high teachers, etc.). The average person (as well as at a high level of development), the change of egregor as a result of the psychological crisis can pass almost imperceptibly, at any rate, he may not notice anything special, he will simply find out, for example, that he has become softer, kinder, better understands others and less on them is angry and irritated. There are also psychological crises with the opposite effect, when a person submits to a more rigid and imperative egregor, and as a result becomes more selfish, fanatical, intolerant of other people and opinions, finally, just evil, but sometimes in this case acquires significant power over a certain range the world (to enter the service of the crystallized egregor used to be called "to sell the soul to the devil").

Under the 8th house there is an imperative service to the egregor, when a person is practically cut off and he, like a puppet, is under his control, as well as any moments of strong communication with his egregore, when a person clearly senses his presence and will. This can be both religious states, and moments of communication with the national or smaller group egregors of their city, work, or classroom. In particular, the 8th house governs the group ethics (ie ethics of the group egregor) and its relationship with the person's personal ethics; in other words, the 8th house is included whenever a specific problem arises between the interaction of a person with a team of which he is a member (interaction with an alien collective, depending on its nature, can be, for example, under the 2nd, 5th or 7th, m house - and a person passes by, gives a concert or gets involved in a fight). When the problem of interaction is solved, and the activity of a person begins within the framework or on the instructions of the collective, the 8th house switches to the 11th (or 5th, and sometimes the 1st, depending on the circumstances). In particular, under the 8th house there are conflicts (and joyful reconciliation) of a person with public opinion; responsible persons with a strong 8th house are formed by ideologists, politicians, as well as writers, journalists and filmmakers with a civic feeling, i. connected to a national or ethnic egregor, and considering their direct duty the formation of public consciousness, ethics and morality.

Under the 8th house there is a group ethic, in particular, group values, including material values; so for 8 home go collectors of taxes and financial magnates, which, as a rule, have extraordinary psychological abilities. In general, the 8th house runs a profound psychology, but in particular the processes of perestroika of the psyche. In addition, managing a direct link to the egregores, the 8th house often stands over various occult and mystical activities, especially group meditations (paired meditations usually go under the 7th house, solitary meditations go under the 12th).

At the first level of elaboration of the 8th house, its inclusion by a person is not reflexed, i.e. a person is not able to understand, understand or explain what is happening to him. At the time of changing the egregors, he is handed over, so to speak, from hand to hand, without asking for his consent, turning off his will and largely thinking. "I do not understand how I married her," he will say later. "Some kind of eclipse has found." In a similar style, there are other moments in choosing the life path: education, work, place of residence, circle of communication, etc. The karmic egregor does not count on the mind and free will of the person and at the time of switching the low egregores takes it upon himself, so to speak, the person himself marries, dissolves and transfers from work to work. Subjectively, this is experienced most often hard, and the emotional details of the psychological state are quickly replaced, because at these moments a person subconsciously feels impotent before the fate, although for himself (and others), often struggling to play a performance of free choice.

Psychological crises can occur in different ways, depending on the aspects of the 8th house, but are not practically reflexed and are rarely recognized by the person himself as something meaningful; he will say that he is just in a bad mood and is not inclined (and can not) delve into his details and analysis; Moreover, the result of the crisis is most often much more noticeable to others than to himself.

Conflicts are possible with their group, but group ethics are sacred to man, and deviation from it, especially in others, seems to him sacrilegious. For himself, a person, of course, will always find mitigating circumstances, but if he really feels the group will, he will obey unconditionally; for him, an ideological conflict with public opinion and non-recognition of group values ​​are inconceivable. Moreover, the most vivid moments of his life go precisely when 8 houses are heavily involved: group meditations such as persecution of dissidents and heterodoxes, or simply the collective formation of a common opinion on a particular issue, when the group egregor is strongly included, and the person experiences the strongest available to him of religious feelings (actually religious feelings, ie connection to the religious egregor, at this level are weak or achieved through a group egregor, during joint prayer). Actually, mysticism at this level is reduced to belief in signs, fortune telling, etc., and also to the exit to the lower, astral plane; primitive witchcraft, conspiracies, mediumistic trances, etc. The main group value is money, and to them, in the final analysis, many seemingly mysterious events; to groups with more subtle values, this person does not usually adjoin. To the idea of ​​his death a man at this level treats with horror and diligently replaces it.

At the second level of the study of the 8th house, a person feels the change of egregores as a very significant moment of life and often prepares for this in advance: he considers the nature of education, profession, tries to understand the specifics of the firm and its activities in it, before getting to work, does not get married and divorces just as lightly , as it often happens on the first level. He is trying to consciously approach the problem of procreation in his family, and the birth of another child is in any case somehow discussed.

Psychological crises are realized, and the person connects with them the changes in his external life, although his rationalizations in this regard are quite naive; However, the law according to which a person receives what he desires when he ceases to be absolutely necessary to him, he already comprehends. At the same time, man still has virtually no power over his subconscious during periods of crisis and very poorly understands what exactly is happening to him, although he feels that this is important for him. Coming out of the crisis, he feels a change in himself, but expressing them in words can only with great difficulty and not the most important thing: attentive associates often see more than himself. Yet after some time, having mastered their new states, a person will be able (at his level of understanding) to say exactly what changes in relation to himself and the world happened to him, but the internal cause of the crisis is likely to remain incomprehensible to him.

At this level, conflicts with group ethics and public opinion are already possible, which a person, usually for a short time, can oppose his own, but it will be painful to experience and as a result, most likely, still submit. However, now the person is already aware of the ethics of the collective as being partially detached from one's own and can consciously change it, forming public opinion in one way or another. But the part that suits him will be zealously protected; this level gives the nationalists and fanatics just about anything, from the football team to the political idea (Carthage must be destroyed!). At this level, a person can be interested in ideology, and he is not indifferent to the last slogan of the ruling party. The value system can deviate from purely financial, including already elements of culture, or financial values ​​are differentiated by the details of their investment; oil stocks are one thing, and a gambling house in Monaco is quite another.

At this level, a person is already able not only to perform low-level meditations such as dirty sex, violence, etc., which is typical for the first level of study, but can fall into meditative states during intimate conversation, music, movies, theatrical productions, etc., although, in the main, his meditations are not too complex emotional experiences; to dullness and conversations with the souls of the dead, the attitude is skeptical, although people sometimes feel the power of thought and vigorous desire as real.

The attitude to death is complex, it is to some extent realized as an important event in life, forcing people (and himself) sometimes to think and give a more correct starting point. The birth of a child is also perceived as a serious event, but the person does not feel a particular mystical meaning in him, although on occasion he can philosophize about it.

At the third level of elaboration of the 8th house, a person already roughly senses the degree to which the egregor is in each particular case, and the moments of switching over of his strong egregors (family, work, territorial, social) are perceived not only as important events of his external life, but also as completion of stages their spiritual development. At this level, a person has some influence on his future destiny: the higher karmic egregore shows him its possible variants, and man, within the framework of karma and within his vision, can choose them, assessing not only the direct worldly but also the subtle (evolutionary ) meaning.

His human psychological crises are perceived as stages of his internal development and as a transition to other frequencies of information and energy flows; in other words, after the crisis, he begins to not only feel and feel, but also think differently. Now a person can take part in their development to a certain extent, and most importantly, understands their meaning and necessity, which helps them to survive, although objectively they may not be easier, but heavier than crises 1 and 2 levels. The difference is also in the fact that a person requires conscious and voluntary destruction of some of the lower programs of his subconsciousness, which is experienced as a heavy sacrifice - but otherwise, a person feels, one can not continue living. But the end of the crisis is marked by a transition to a qualitatively different level of existence, in particular, the next level of vision of karma and realizing power.

At this level, the issue of harmonizing personal ethics with a group is very acute. The person has responsibilities to himself, his God, in other words, the higher karmic Egregor, on the one hand, and to the group egregore, on the other, and besides, he has the usual egoism (the demands of the egoric egregor) and the problem of the relationship of various group egregores , which he serves (family, work, club, etc.), each of which claims his attention, time, strength (sometimes money). The way out of this difficult situation can be found only by carefully developing a personal system of values ​​and ethics and coordinating it with all group (balance 2 and 8 houses) egregores.

At this level, a person does not identify the ideology of his group with his own, and is not inclined to enter into conflicts in the event of their contradiction, trying, however, to influence the ethics of his group in order to raise, as far as possible, its evolutionary level. This person can meditatively go to very high plans and egregores, finding there support, assistance and reading the necessary information, which, however, does not always know how to correctly interpret. This is the level of remarkable artists who often create, completely unaware of what they are really doing, and humanity, with enthusiasm and hard work mastering their achievements, also does not understand what is happening to him, in naive rationalizations, comprehending his spiritual growth as mental or, at best, emotional development.

Specific mystical and occult abilities at this level can be quite high, in particular, a person can, if desired, go out in the astral body from the physical, but does not always know about it and practices such skills, as well as the ability to suggest, to treat with passes and laying on of hands. Attitude towards death as a very difficult and important mystical transition to another form of existence of its essence.

At the fourth level of elaboration of the 8th house, a person has constant contact with his higher karmic egregor and to a large extent determines the lower egregors to which he will serve, as well as the forms and tasks of this ministry. He has a great deal of realizational power, which, however, may not be completely obvious to others; However, he sees not only the main path for the development of the future, but also several of his options, and can choose which of them will be realized, based on the specific details of the surrounding environment, which is his life creativity. In particular, he can connect another person to a strong egregor, forcing his evolution and involution, i.e. act as a white or black teacher. However, such unprepared initiations can give unpredictable consequences, more often negative than positive, both from the point of view of the teacher and (especially) from the point of view of the student (as a rule involuntary, because of such things middle people are usually not asked, but throw in strong energy flows like a puppy into the water: if you want, tony into a madhouse, if you want - swim out into holiness if there is enough courage, selflessness and flexibility of thinking).

Values, ethics and in general the whole way of seeing the world in this person is not something that contradicts the social and group, they do not fit into them, because they are not even expressed in appropriate terms. The possession of esoteric knowledge and culture, the vision of karma and its laws compels a person to live double (triple, quadruple ... - depending on the number of groups with whose egregors he comes into contact) by life, obeying the outward ethics of the group exactly as long as he is with the latter is bound; his personal ethics presuppose, however, a mostly impartial close observation, the consequence of which will be the highlighting of the corresponding egregor and its evolutionary development.

The situation at home is everything that is directly related to birth and death: birth, including a newborn condition (the first 40 days, especially the first days of a baby's life, until the umbilical cord falls off), deadly diseases and resuscitation; accordingly, in the 8th house there are occupations of the obstetrician, micropediatrist, funeral officer, cemetery guard. Under 8 house there are also all situations connected with risk for human life, where (potentially) its one wrong movement can lead to death; in particular, in the 8th house there are such professions as a driver, a machinist, an operator of a nuclear power plant, a surgeon, a climber, a fireman, an operative, a backup and many others in which safety is a real and necessary guide. Particularly it is necessary to single out a road that (at all times, not without reason) is a symbol of death, and any situations arising on it, including the usual passage through it.

Another series of occupations in the 8th house is associated with the protection of the egregor, for example, the national (security organs, secrecy system, censorship) or the smaller ones (bouncer in the restaurant, security guard in the institution), under the house there are jealousy scenes designed to protect the family.

The 8th house is (along with the 12th) over the acute ward of the psychiatric hospital where crises are taking place: and, together with the 7th, it controls the war and the army in operation, especially on bad days, when the real threat of the destruction of each individual soldier in the army as a whole. In peacetime, the 8th house governs the struggle for peace and, in general, ideology and group ethics; in particular, under the 8th house there are publications (books, magazines) aiming at the moral education of people (or their corruption). In addition, the 8th house manages all the professions associated with the change in the basic conditions of human life: employees of the personnel department, employees of the railway station, a bureau for housing issues, etc. In general, the 8th house is very existential: when it is turned on, the average person feels the breath of life more than ever and tries to turn it off as soon as possible, since the heaviness of free will seems unbearable to him.

Strong 8th house gives a difficult life for a person. It will have many situations "on the brink", not necessarily life and death, but, at any rate, experienced as unconventional and acute, perhaps, it will have many cardinal changes in life; maybe he'll be a scout all his life and live it in a foreign country outwardly calmly and serenely, but inside he will not have peace and tranquility. Psychological crises will be more a norm for him than an exceptional state, although they can be called (as he often seems) exclusively by external circumstances, namely, by the inconsistency of various realities or modes of existence in which he will have to participate, willy-nilly. This person may be one of the organizers of a new firm or, on the contrary, a witness of the dying and funeral of the old one, and will at the same time feel quite in place, the period of prosperity will seem to him uninteresting and insipid.

He will be interested in group ethics and the value system of the collective, of which he feels himself a member. Over time, he can become an ideologist, a millionaire and a dissident, depending on the circumstances of life and the map as a whole, but the direction of the social movement will always excite him, and stagnation will be equivalent to death, or even worse, since death for him, at least subconsciously , the most interesting and exciting moment of life. There is an interest in mysticism, life after death, the theory of reincarnation, occult abilities are probable, which a person can not suspect for a long time.

A weak person is a person who does not emphasize sharp changes in his life, and changes in his marital status, places of work, residence and others will go as if by themselves, without attracting his special attention and not accompanied, as a rule, by strong psychological crises . It is unlikely that this person will be a fan of Dostoevsky, and in general the theme of agonizing mental breakdowns and desperate throwings between God and the Devil will not cause his intense interest, although if he does it, he can make an objective and very interesting study.

Most likely, he will, without much thought, obey group ethics, especially in those rare cases when it sounds imperative for him, but it is unlikely that he will become a major ideologue or a dissident. At the same time, minutes of strong group meditations, when the collective acutely feel themselves as a single whole, will affect it weakly and will not remain in his memory as the most vivid memories of life. With a strong 2 house, personal ethics and a system of values ​​for him will be more important than the public ones. He will not be attracted to the profession related to the salvation of human life (from a firefighter to a safety engineer) and he does not experience a piercing delight (mixed with horror) in moments of mortal danger for others and especially for himself. Mysticism and occultism are unlikely to greatly interest him, most likely, he will take them to prejudice, but here you need to look at the horoscope as a whole.

A harmonious house gives a person who can work immediately for three reconnaissance and receive a salary in three different currencies, but nevertheless, nothing is confused in appearances and reports and dies of his own death (trine to house 4, in old age) . In the life of this person there can be many acute situations, psychological crises and abrupt changes in the situation (family, work, place of residence, social environment, etc.), but, as a rule, they will end safely and without scars on the psyche. He can be keenly interested in situations with a deadly risk, bloody tragedies (natural and psychological) and miraculous deliverances from the paws of death themselves.

In the teams this person will feel good, group ethics will suit him perfectly: and it is unlikely that the team will require him to perform particularly unpleasant duties. On the other hand, being a natural conductor of the will of his team, this person can lead with enthusiasm the persecution of dissidents, even if this in fact contradicts his personal ethics. In any case, his own conflicts with public opinion on ideological issues are extremely unlikely. Rather, he himself will be a thriving publisher of the magazine with conservative views on public morality, which are enjoyed by sensible and self-aware people.

This is a natural mystic; he can work well examples, and he will use them, not advertising it in vain, just like his ability to easily suggest (often for mercenary purposes) and witchcraft, when necessary, but, of course, in a socially acceptable framework. However, if he spreads out playing cards or glances at the remnants of the coffee grounds, he will see and understand more than you think.

The struck 8 house gives a man who is given great difficulty in transitions from one life stage to another. Admission to an educational institution, to work, not to mention marriage, divorce, dismissal and change of residence for him is always difficult and often involves severe internal crises, which, however, often arise out of direct connection with external circumstances, and for a long, painful and sometimes completely unsatisfactorily resolved. Here, the work consists in the fact that a person is outliving and burying subconscious programs, initially quite viable - which ones will be indicated by the aspects of the house and the specific life and psychological circumstances of a person's life. On the site of the buried programs, new ones arise, but the childbearing is most often painful, the newborn is weak at first and adapts to the conditions of life with great difficulty. In other words, a person often does not like what is ripening in it, it is too unusual and requires great effort to adapt, and besides, it is necessary to change and revise too much in oneself.

With the collective ethics of the relationship complex, the person is irritated by the unwritten laws of the collective, moreover, he often misunderstands or does not notice them at all, as a result, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or accidentally, becomes dissent with all the ensuing consequences. One must learn to be more tolerant and more constructively interact with people, at least, this is required by his karmic program.

Very complex relationships with death, there are possible suicidal tendencies, often repressed or rationalized as a joke. This can be exacerbated by the propensity for black magic and experiences with the lower astral entities, which should be avoided in order not to fall into the final slavery to a completely rigid egregor - the fate of maniacs, murderers, many psychic patients. Study provides an opportunity for constructive work in very acute situations of 8 houses, literally saving people life.

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