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Dragon on the eastern horoscope

Dragon on the eastern horoscope

Personalizes four well-off start: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.

There is an impression of the ease of the fate of this sign, but this is far from the case. The dragon shines, but this shine can not blind the people around, it's just an appearance. This animal is for the parades, but after the holiday it will be burned. The dragon is a chimerical creature.

The dragon is honest and open, not inclined to pettiness, hypocrisy and slander. This is a very active, pompous person with health and vitality. Very sensitive nature, and although not naive, is not even capable of elementary diplomacy. Very incoherent on the tongue, but his advice should be heeded even sometimes, because the Dragon will not advise bad. And they listen to him, he is respected by others.

This is a very strong sign that can turn mountains on its way, especially if someone else needs it. The dragon is a rather generous sign, he will share with you almost everything that he has himself, but will require much in return. He lives under the motto: "You to me, I to you, but I can return three times more." Behind him, quite comfortable and comfortable, this is a pier to which you can send your entire fleet.

The dragon is very sensitive. His feelings can be badly hurt even by a simple hint of weakness, but if he subsequently learns that he was deceived or held, the "fox" is not fit. A crafty scoffer will get his own and will never be able to take another risk with seduction.

The first phase of the life of the Dragon is fraught with great difficulties, because he demands too much from his relatives. His unbridled temperament is sometimes the cause of failure in the subsequent phase of his life. The final phase will bring almost everything that Draco wants to himself.

It is worth noting that the whole life of the Dragon only seems easy, in fact it is very difficult for him to live without the support of friends, he misses their society. Strong in business, powerful, gorgeous, he always depends on someone else's trust and communication. If there is no one to share, then you should not live at all - so, unfortunately, many Dragons consider.

Dragon Man

Intelligent, punctual, very proud and capable of much. He has a strong-willed, generous and enduring character. He seldom receives amorous disappointment, because he himself rarely falls in love for real. Rarely marries, more often than not a bachelor. Alone, he is more happy than in the union.

He wants to be with him constantly, the Dragon will always protect you. Near the man-dragon can be just a few people - and no one will be deprived of his attention. But if you do not like him, do not go close, otherwise you risk experiencing the full power of his discontent.

Dragon Woman

Usually enjoys great success with a strong half of humanity, receiving numerous offers of the hand and heart. She shines in society, bathed in the rays of glory. If you want to catch her by surprise with your unexpected visit, you may not even spend your energy on it. She will still get out of any situation; let a small cake with tea - but you will try it, and then also ask for a recipe. But the most interesting is that it will be exactly the recipe that you yourself gave her last year, though she slightly altered it.

But this is not the main positive feature of the Dragon woman. She is a very good mother, her children receive everything from a handkerchief to a higher education. As a result, they are independent people, because the Dragon mother refers to the education of their children in terms of "You should all be able to do without me, otherwise you'll spend all your life behind closed doors and you will not see the world."

Relations with other people

The rat will endure everything, even the indifference from the Dragon, but it will not fail, if possible, to take advantage of his wealth and fame. A good relationship develops with the Serpent. The dragon will be attracted by its beauty, will be proud of it. In dealing with the Tiger, one should not rely on a peaceful coexistence. FROM

Rooster Dragon will find a common language in the money field.

The dog should be categorically avoided. She will not be charmed by the glory of the Dragon, since she herself does not know how to be proud of it. The monkey will bring him his cunning, complete the Dragon in the affairs of love, but this union can become a common laughingstock. They will lead the competition - and no one will find out whose strength and agility is brighter. And if we talk about the two Dragons, it's better, probably, to remain silent, because it's two kilos of TNT and bikfordov cord in addition.


The dragon will be able to excel in almost any field, purposefully reaching the goal. Can take on any, even for the most unprofitable business, and it will be successful for him. Throughout life, the Dragon is financially secure.

The dragon conducts all his affairs with a certain brilliance. He will constantly strive for well-being, but as soon as he reaches it, everything can lose its meaning. Behind the dragon there is a rumor that he can achieve the result by resorting to the secret of his charm, and not through effort, but this is a deception. The dragon can not but invest, he will die, if he does not realize himself in the work.


If the Dragon has fulfilled its own, it will rest on its full program. In his house or in the nature a man gathers a hundred - and the real "wedding" begins, where the role of the toastmaster is performed by the Dragon himself. Otherwise, why arrange such a spectacle, if you are not destined to lead them? This is one side of his character, but there is another.

The dragon can gather and go without any support directly into the hell. He likes risk and adventure, and they always find him. On the road, the Dragon usually meets many friends who "stick" to him and continue their journey already under the wing of the Dragon, supporting him. This kind of rest sometimes suits the Dragon more than all the spectacles and holidays. He not only rests, but also acquires new friends.

Dragon - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Rat

It's a good alliance. The rat is very excited and makes a delightful Dragon sure. She gives him everything, because he is intelligent and astute. To attract the Dragon, she can make incredible nonsense. But is the Dragon whole to the humble rodent? Probably not always.

The dragon is too amorous. And when he has a new passion, he can just forget about her. But he loves to be worshiped and admired. Love of the Rat is just a balm for his soul, so they are connected not only by the feeling of love, but also by a great friendship, they perfectly complement each other. A rat faithfully clears the path for his beloved.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Bull

The bull is ideal for normal everyday life, he knows how to avoid unnecessary risk, and the Dragon rushes into any unusual adventures, both in work and in everyday life. Therefore, often in the life of the Ox, the Dragon sweeps like a racing express.

But for the Bull, such shakes are very useful; although it is very tiresome, but it will do good. The dragon will help the Bull become a more mature, sophisticated experience; in turn, enjoying the stability of the Bull, the Dragon will rest for a while near him. They will feel mutual tranquility, but not for long.

The dragon can not stay in one place for a long time and will soon want to unwind. In the joint work they feel great. When the Dragon travels on business trips, the Bull necessarily deals with calculations.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Tiger

These signs are also very similar, because they are brave, energetic and very enterprising. Tigers are great advisors and always warn the partner's imprudent steps, but they themselves are the first to fight. The dragon also likes to lead, and is always confident of his own right.

The dragon can give the Tiger the ability to think rationally, which Tigger will be very useful, because he will discover the ways worthy of his efforts. Sometimes a dragon can mislead the Tiger or push it into a difficult adventure. But this does not frighten them at all. Their mutual ignorance of the measure will make the life together just more exciting. True, this will reduce stability.

If the Dragon refuses to obey the Tiger, conflicts and disputes will undoubtedly arise, but thanks to their sincerity these signs will be able to smooth out any misunderstandings. Together they always succeed, because each infects the success of another, and there is no rivalry between them. In their business they will make a lot of noise, but if they have a good administrator, things will go even better.

Compatibility Dragon with Rabbit

Union of the Dragon with the Rabbit is possible in the event that the head of the family is Rabbit. Rabbit is a little philosopher and capable of self-denial. But the Dragon is too temperamental, and therefore it is difficult for Rabbit to endure a passionate partner for a long time. After small victories he will prefer a long rest. He is patient and agrees to a compromise, but he does not like it when he comes to his feet, and the Dragon will necessarily irritate him.

For some time Rabbit will stoically endure the hurricanes generated by the Dragon, but then begin to resent. One day he will express everything to the Dragon, and the last word will be his. Perhaps this is the only time when Rabbit will show firmness. Harmony in this alliance can be achieved only if the Dragon from time to time will be out of the house, and if everyone shows maximum patience to each other.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Dragon

Such a brilliant sign, like the Dragon, was accustomed to the bright light. And it is not surprising, if you are interested in the brilliance of a colleague by a sign. They are fascinated by each other, but it will be very difficult for them to share power. As a rule, this becomes a stumbling block on their way. Quickly born of irritation, as they can not bear the success of a partner.

It can not be called jealousy, they just used to patronize someone, and an equivalent opponent does not need their advice. For them, it's just an insult. Between them, rivalry arises easily. They begin to play a real performance, which will end with mutual insults.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Snake

This is one of the best alliances. With their wisdom, Snakes seductively act on the elegance of the Dragon. The dragon will be proud of his partner, he will feel even stronger. No Snake will commit stupidities, will not seek the same power, she likes backstage maneuvers more.

If the Dragon is a woman, then the situation is worse, she wants to be fawned upon. Of course, for a while the partner will do it out of courtesy, but having learned it deeper, he will strongly adhere to it. The dragon does not like shyness. He always wants to shine, and the Serpent can provide it. Although these are related signs, an alliance between them will be favorable. The dragon, who has a sense of dignity, will become more restrained, and the Serpent will be tolerant.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Horse

These people are united by enthusiasm and fire of struggle. They are easy to imagine loyal competitors, both in sports competitions and in adventures. They always have common goals, and therefore problems in the union practically does not happen. It is much more difficult if the Dragon is a woman, because she demands unquestioning worship and constant signs of attention.

The horse is very selfish, she does not always have time to engage in the state of the soul of her partner. The dragon will try to curb the naughty Horse, and this can lead too far. And if the Horse is a woman, it's much better. The dragon will not absorb his beautiful girlfriend and give her scope for action.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Sheep

In this union there are many pros and cons. Sheep always need a patron who would protect and support her. She will unquestioningly submit to the Dragon, and everyone will be just pleased. The dragon requires adoration and wants to be irresistible, and the Sheep can not give it due honors. Of course, she respects him, but to make compliments is not in her style.

In such an atmosphere, the Dragon can simply wither, In this union it's better if the Dragon is a man, then he can find satisfaction in the work. And if the Dragon is a woman, Sheep will certainly do something stupid.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Monkey

They are very suitable for each other. For hours they can philosophize together. But all the same, their relationship lacks depth, although they think differently. They should think about living together much earlier. The Monkey has every opportunity to seduce the Dragon and keep him, because the Monkey is so fidgety, knows how to give out fiery compliments, and sometimes even respectfully does not say anything.

This she conquers, and she has a chance even to keep him near him. The dragon, disinterested and airy, will be able to capture the Monkey and cause her a wave of admiration. Between them there is no rivalry, on the contrary, they value each other. This helps them to succeed and trail around many foreign observers. The rest is a matter of time.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Rooster

Both are very fond of shining and flaunting, but they do it differently. To establish himself in his personal qualities, the Rooster desires everyone to like, and the Dragon is created brilliant, because its light is natural. In this alliance everything goes pretty well. The rooster tries to show itself in all its splendor thanks to the fire-breathing Dragon. He admires the Dragon and is proud to have attracted his attention, and flattery for the Dragon is his second self.

True, it will not do without crises. When misunderstanding occurs, quarrels may arise. The rooster does everything unselfishly and takes great care of his appearance, and the Dragon often starts to annoy him. He loses patience, and the Rooster only has to retire.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Dog

This is an unfavorable alliance. Often these signs have no common goals, and they do not understand each other. Probably, the Dog is the only sign that does not delight the shine of the Dragon. The dog looks at life realistically and does not tolerate artificial shine, devoid of nuances. Of course, the Dog will fall in love with the Dragon, but from this she will only suffer, since she will not be able to be gentle.

In the depths of the soul, the Dog will chuckle over his partner, and the Dragon, in turn, will suffer from the lack of her attention. Such a person needs to be loved with all his shortcomings, to admire him. For the Dog it is very difficult, and involuntarily it can hurt him. All this leads to the appearance of new complexes, and there are enough of them.

Compatibility of the Dragon with the Pig

For the Dragon this union is very favorable, but for the Pig - not quite. In this combination, the Pig falls into the Dragon's trap, it can instantly turn her head. The pig will spend all of its free time only by the Dragon, for herself she will not have time left.

Admiration of a brilliant partner will give her energy, she will become more emancipated and begin to independently enter the society. This Dragon does not offend at all, and he will not forget to give wise advice to his partner. The pig will gratefully accept the words of the Dragon, because his advice is always valuable.


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