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Rabbit on the eastern horoscope

Rabbit on the eastern horoscope

If a person was born in the year of the Rabbit, this is a very clever gambler, a gifted person. He is an ambitious, pleasant companion, modest, reserved, benevolent and refined. Rabbit is a natural speaker, knows his own worth, loves a large society, loves to shine in all his glory and is proud of his eloquence, which he more attracts attention to himself. Rabbit loves all kinds of meetings and rallies, very gently and gently gossiping in someone else's address. But, despite this, Rabbit is a superficial person.

Rabbit is careful in making decisions, everything is very carefully analyzed and calculated, for which he enjoys universal respect.

Everyone is drawn to him for advice and assistance in the affairs of fashion, art, and are also consulted about personal matters. His calmness and steadiness attract many less quiet in fact signs. They are looking for a warm place in his society, where you can sit around the whole evening and gossip about life and your problems. Rabbit will listen to them with pleasure, give advice and immediately throw out completely unnecessary other people's problems and worries.

This is a very home person. It can often be found at a family hearth. The rabbit will try to keep even its ashes.

In his youth, Rabbit rarely can achieve that. Only in a later period of his life he can count on a certain luck from fate.

Rabbit will constantly experience minor life troubles. And if it meets bigger problems, it can go crazy or decide on suicide. But this happens quite rarely, because

Rabbit constantly monitors the course of his life, protecting his own "I" from various troubles.

And even in his old age he is not destined to calm down, he will still strive to achieve something.

The Rabbit Man

The Rabbit man is calm, unflappable and sentimental, he has few real feelings. He is not touched by the misfortunes of others, but personal can bring to a stressful state. Rabbit is a great conservative.

He is an ardent opponent of everything new that somehow affects his own life and his interests.

Rabbit loves comfort, therefore surrounds himself with the latest innovations in technology, he adores comfortable soft furniture.

Rabbit is ambitious, so be affectionate and helpful with those who love him. But before the home, there is no sense of duty, responsibility and affection. The family prefers a society where it will shine and bathe in the rays of glory. At times he is very passive, he will not be dragged out of the house all evening, he will be busy looking at the picture on the wall or reading another favorite novel.

Rabbit Woman

The woman of this sign is hospitable, her house is furnished with taste. She is very fond of shining in front of her other minds, so she constantly improves her knowledge. Melancholy is one of the qualities of the charm of a female rabbit. It can shine in all kinds of activities that require good taste, hospitality and representativeness. The maternal instinct is limited, but the Bunny fulfills its duty to the end.

The Rabbit Woman will be a good wife of a respectable man. She always with a smile and charm will meet any guests, from the janitor to the director of the enterprise.

Relations with other people

Good gets along with Koza, appreciates her aristocratic habits. And it's also good for an honest dog and a resourceful pig. Rabbit will take from these signs their restraint and skill. It is necessary to avoid the Rooster, who irritates Rabbit, and from the Rat should run like a plague, as if from a plague. With Tiger there are very strained relations, which eventually end in the fact that Tiger and Rabbit run away in different directions.


In the financial sphere, the Rabbit is particularly fortunate and cleverly turns out the most complicated operations. Is inclined to speculation, very dangerous as a business partner. Constantly reinsured so as not to expose yourself to risk. If you want to turn a good deal, you can contact Rabbit, he will always help to cope with the impending threat and will do it so that everyone will be satisfied.

His calmness and discretion in matters attract very serious people, which contributes to the best results and rapid career growth of Rabbit. If he is lucky in life, then to its completion, he will be quite rich and therefore a little shallow.

Rabbit has good prospects, if there are no cataclysms and accidents. He is ready to do anything to achieve success, even to flee the cordon.


Since Rabbit is a fairly calm animal, its rest is not very diverse. He is willing to sometimes spend whole weekends sitting at home and enjoying his own "I". But this is only part of his entire existence. Rabbit is sometimes able to go to a crazy act and go to rest directly on the Kuril Islands.

But in any case - you will not accompany him. He can perfectly spend his free time without resorting to the help of others. What more! They can just ruin it with their requests. Although, being an adventurer, Rabbit is able to entertain himself as a real sultan. He will gather around a purely female team and enjoy his company, and none of the women present will be able to become special for him.

Rabbit personifies the power and the mystical beginning, his sight is able to pierce through you. This quality was perfectly well-known to all the well-known IV Stalin, under his studying gaze it was possible to become a few centimeters below.

Rabbit compatibility characteristics

Compatibility Rabbit with Rat

Rabbits do not tolerate tension. They are designed for peace and security and do not tolerate extreme situations at all. The rat also believes that Rabbit wants to outwit her. But in this she is completely mistaken, since their forces are equal. Rather, they have deep internal contradictions.

And Rabbit completely does not see that Rat is a doubting and unbalanced being. This is due to the fact that Rat is an excellent actress and at heart chuckles at the hapless Rabbit. Rats are created for risk, and Rabbits are afraid to lose their wool. Emotionally it is very difficult for them to adapt to each other, but in friendship they have no equal.

Compatibility Rabbit with the Bull

It is an ideal union. Rabbit needs security and harmony, which he can only give an alliance with the Bull. Rabbit is a potential Don Juan, but if you look deeper, then you can see the features of a family man who loves his house. The bull knows how to show loyalty to this type of people, but he can not leave his suspicion.

In any case, he will never be spying. Both are afraid of life changes, so they consider their home as a fortress. It is better, if in this union the active side was taken by the Bull, because he is more suited to the role of fighter. And Rabbit will show maximum diplomacy to smooth out all the sharp angles of delicate situations.

The only thing the Bull can not like is the blurring and disguise of Rabbit's answers. In this case, the Rabbit should be more determined and self-confident. The Bull will solve all other difficulties himself. This union is perfect for love, but not for business, because both do not like to take risks and they will need a third.

Compatibility of Rabbit with Tiger

These two signs have many similarities. Both signs like to profit. In all respects these are excellent businessmen, but at the same time they want to preserve a sense of freedom. They both love to travel, and then get warm at the hearth. These are two independent animals that you do not need to try to protect with four walls.

But Rabbit does not behave as risky as Tiger, and thinks more about his own safety. In this union it is better if Rabbit takes the second position. The tiger must make a living, and Rabbit better let him take care of the organization of comfort. In this case, the Rabbit should become a small deterrent to its reckless partner.

The Tiger will certainly irritate the prudence of Rabbit, who will begin to control the Tiger. This can lead to quarrels, but still the last word remains for the diplomat.

Compatibility Rabbit with Rabbit

Such partners can understand each other, because both seek harmony. They will not argue with each other, stopping any friction. They get along fine. Probably, in this alliance there is not enough dynamism. They will live quietly side by side, and perhaps very long.

But if one of them is too ambitious, then perhaps misunderstanding. But, as a rule, in their life this couple is like an ideal family. They have the impression in the house that you are in a cozy, peaceful corner.

Compatibility of the Rabbit with the Dragon

Union of the Rabbit with the Dragon is possible in the event that the head of the family is Rabbit. Rabbit is a little philosopher and capable of self-denial. But the Dragon is too temperamental, and therefore it is difficult for Rabbit to endure a passionate partner for a long time. Rabbit can not burn like a fire, so after small victories he will prefer a long rest.

He is patient and agrees to a compromise, but he does not like it when he comes to his feet, and the Dragon will necessarily irritate him. For some time Rabbit will stoically endure the hurricanes generated by the Dragon, but then begin to resent.

One day he will express everything to the Dragon, and the last word will be his. Perhaps this is the only time when Rabbit will show firmness. Harmony in this alliance can be achieved only if the Dragon from time to time will be out of the house, and if everyone shows maximum patience to each other.

Compatibility of the Rabbit with the Snake

These partners are very, like peace, reliability and aesthetics. They attach great importance to the environment, home and beautiful things. Together they perfectly get along, for hours they can decorate their own home and improve their everyday life.

For complete tranquility in this alliance, the Serpent should be given the opportunity to think about the well-being of the house, as she is used to being a mistress and mistress. The more active principle belongs to it, even in the field of feelings. But sometimes Rabbit's indecision annoys the more flexible Snake.

Their union is successful in two respects, both in friendship and in love. The patient Rabbit will be able to make the Snake listen to the opinions of others. In turn, Snake is not afraid of dangers and quickly adapts to the situation, it will help Rabbit to become even more philosopher.

Compatibility Rabbit with a Horse

The union can turn out, Rabbit fully falls in love with the Horse, and this love will make it softer. According to the Horse, Rabbit is sentimental and romantic, and her passion and warmth will seem irresistible to him. After all, Rabbit often hesitates, he can not flaunt his virtues, so he will provide the opportunity for the Horse to take the first step.

The horse will enchant the Rabbit, but the further life will be complicated, because the Horse is inclined to change of moods and can say some harsh words in a huff. In such a situation, Rabbit will feel guilty and begin to fawn in front of the Horse.

In this case, the union is very useful for both, because the Horse calms down and gives dynamics to Rabbit. He should not hold back his friend when she wants to frolic on the loose. Reasonable advice from a partner may seem to her just a prison.

Compatibility Rabbit with Sheep

This is a very good alliance, because both gravitate toward peace. Sheep can get used to everything provided that she is left with freedom and sufficient space for external actions. Rabbit is very sensitive, but not very jealous. He loves his home and can protect anyone who needs support.

Rabbit really likes the rich imagination of the Sheep, it is bound to help him go beyond the routine that sometimes hinder him. The seriousness of Rabbit and his perseverance in work will ensure them a joint subsistence minimum.

The union can be shaken only in the event that their family will suffer misfortune, loss of money or there will be a mistrust to each other. As a result of these alarms, the Sheep will begin to dramatize the situation, and this can lead to a divorce.

Compatibility Rabbit with Monkey

The monkey is clever and clever, knows how to deftly manage the situation, but loves from time to time rest from family ties, counting on understanding Rabbit. Sometimes, to get out of the predicament, Rabbit becomes tricky.

It is not necessary for the Monkey to advise Rabbit to become more flexible and agile, he absolutely does not need it. Their union can achieve incredible harmony and intimacy, in which there will be no place for others. These signs are very interested in each other, they do not have a desire to start a partner on the side.

In business, misunderstandings may arise between them, because Rabbit does not like to violate principles, and the Monkey has become accustomed to evil jokes and can cause a scandal with his irritability. Such actions will cause criticism of Rabbit, which will lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Compatibility Rabbit with Rooster

This is a very strange and dangerous alliance that can end in a fight, whether it's love, friendship or work. Even the patient Rabbit can not stand the fidgety Rooster. At first he will be amused by the awkward actions of his motley partner, but then it becomes intrusive.

Then the patience of the Rabbit comes to an end, and he begins to get angry. The rooster can literally go to the white heat, then the Rabbit looses control and wants to pluck the rooster feathers. The rooster absolutely has no bad intentions and therefore will consider the Rabbit simply evil. And in this case, he will be right.

If the man is Rabbit, he will try to teach the woman - Rooster to the role of an obedient hostess. But this role, she can not play until the end. Only he will go beyond the threshold, she will necessarily fly out the window. But if a man is born in the year of the Rooster, a woman - Rabbit just zagryzet it with his criticism.

Rabbit compatibility with the Dog

This union can become happy and permanent. It is necessary for these people to be helped a little by chance. According to classical traditions this union is considered incompatible. But from the point of view of astrology and psychology they have much in common. They love security, are deeply decent, jealously protect their property and are endowed with many virtues. They understand each other and can support in a difficult moment.

Their lives flow monotonously, without much shock. In case of misunderstanding, the Dog can overcome fear and sacrifice his own ambition, because he is reasonable and knows how to see in the partner what she lacks. In turn, Rabbit hates trouble and will prefer to follow a determined partner.

Compatibility Rabbit with Pig

This is the best alliance of all combinations. They respect each other, because they value the positive qualities, which they have more than enough. Sometimes a Pig wants to be alone, and Rabbit will not make tragedy out of it, she is able to adapt and is used to cater to her partner.

All the free time Rabbit uses for home improvement. Both will try to avoid everything that can hamper their family well-being. The rabbit will help the pig to avoid rash acts. They will warn them in time.

But in any union are not excluded flaws. The pig is too sensitive, and Rabbit is restrained and even in the most passionate situations does not discard the veil of modesty, which will very much amuse the Pig, and Rabbit may not understand the reason for the laughter.


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