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Sign of the zodiac Gemini - characteristic

Sign of the zodiac Gemini - characteristic

The zodiacal sign of Gemini begins on the 21st of May, but for another seven days, overlapped by the influence of the previous sign does not fully enter into its powers until the beginning of the 28th. In the period before June 22, Gemini is in full force, and at the end of the period for seven days gradually loses its power due to the growing sign of Cancer.

People born in this period are widely known for their split personality and the ability to change their mood at one time. Although they really do not want to be bound by any kind of ties, interesting, romantic, loving partners come out of the Gemini, even though they can be quite unstable.

The dual sides of their nature constantly draw them in opposite directions. Their mental abilities are subtle and shiny, but they usually lack the definition of purpose.

Of all people, Gemini is the most difficult to understand, in character they are hot and cold almost simultaneously. On the one hand, they can give you different signs of attention and immediately turn everything upside down and quarrel for life. Their subtle wit and superb observation make them good storytellers, although they tend to exaggerate, which can cause trouble in their relationship.

Being, as a rule, intellectuals by nature, these people do not tolerate fools, the first thing they do when they meet - they clearly define for themselves who they are dealing with, whether they are interested in this or that person. Such people are usually excellent in diplomacy, their listeners are dazzled by their wit and brilliance, but they usually can not take full advantage of these advantages.

It is difficult even for them to understand what they want to achieve. In the depths of the soul Gemini ambitious wanting to achieve a certain position in society, however, having reached the heights, rapidly cool, fall into melancholy, looking for a new application to their talents.

In financial terms, Gemini often achieves good results, but generally their more suitable career is one that requires diplomacy, tact, and grace. Representatives of this sign born in the border periods often show bad faith in financial matters, they often turn into successful players, their hobby in business are quick schemes of enrichment.

In all matters related to human relationships, Gemini is a mystery. They can love fiercely and yet at the same time be impermanent, and only their innate art of diplomacy and graceful tact, like a shield, protects them from creating a mess in their life.


Twins have a long friendship with people born either in their own period of the year or from September 21 to October 20-27, January 21 to February 18-27.


Twins are more likely to suffer from everything related to the nervous system. Both men and women are likely to have problems with digestive organs.


Their colors are all shades of silvery and all shimmering colors.


Birthstones during this period are white and red carneols, sapphires, diamonds.


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