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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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♂ Mars in the houses of solar horoscope

Ruler Mars

♂ MARS. Represents the principle of activity, action, manifested energy, strength. All this applies to the inner life: here Mars controls those instincts and subconscious programs that cause and regulate the active actions and energetics of man. In particular, Mars controls strong emotions and effects: rage, rabies, violent passion and jealousy (more precisely, their energy component, of course, in the last two cases, Venus or the Moon often go in the background or along with Mars), all fits, fevers, P. To strong positive emotions, controlled by Mars, you can refer to the triumph, moments of self-assertion, sexual stress. The weakness of Mars in the map or its temporary disconnection caused by transit can lead to a low-energy state, depression, despair and total loss of taste for life.

The concept of energy and activity strongly depends on time, so now the interpretation of Mars is very different from the traditional astrological, adopted 200 years ago and earlier. Then, active activity was first and foremost a direct external activity, and the most vivid manifestations of Mars were seen as a battlefield, athlete's performances in competitions or running in chariots. At that time, a person was not very self-possessed and had a very weak mental body, and therefore was defenseless against the internal disharmonious manifestations of Mars, ie. his aggressive instincts necessarily found an external way out: if he was irritated, he insulted, and if anger, he killed the offender (or perished himself). Accordingly, according to the law of reflection, he was as defenseless before the aggression of the outside world, and therefore Mars was always considered a malicious planet. However, in the twentieth century, with a strong study of Mercury and Gemini, the situation has fundamentally changed. Modern man is cultivated, no matter how scornful the skeptics are. He perceives the world in a completely different way than his great-great-grandfather, he first thinks, and only then he feels, and the same happens with actions that are first thought, and only then produced (the latter does not at all mean that modern man always thinks well, what is he doing). Therefore, Mars is often mediated by Mercury, which must always be kept in mind when interpreting the map, even if these planets are not in the aspect.

The first conquest of culture was that a person learned to somehow manage his aggressive instincts, at least to suppress them at the first level, on the second level - to force him into the subconscious. This did not make him happier, but it provided much greater physical security, for a pronounced external aggression often encounters a counter, sometimes even tougher, and in those unequivocal times, one such case was enough to send a person on a distant journey to their ancestors. Another, more progressive, way of mastering their belligerent impulses is to sublimate them, for example, turning the energy of aggression into energy directed at constructive activity. Mars, controlling all forms of energy, except atomic (it is represented by Pluto), is included during any vigorous action; without it no work is possible, not only physical, but also active mental. Subjective inclusion of Mars in a constructive version is experienced as a difficulty, heaviness, resistance of the material. If you chat with your friend about different trifles, then both of you are active Mercury. But the topic of the conversation has changed a little, and you begin to explain something to him, that he does not understand well, it is difficult for him, his face expresses deep suffering - a sure sign that Mars has switched on. If, on the contrary, it is difficult for you to clearly articulate and express your thought, you strain, try to remember something, frantically look for the right words and become weary of the conversation before your eyes - hence, Mars has joined you.

Hypertrophic accentuation of Mercury in our time leads to the fact that Mars is forced to perform work, to which he is ill-adapted. Any concrete active action is performed well only when it is directed by the subconscious - this is especially well understood by instructors in karate and downhill skiing. However, very often our activity (Mars) is regulated not by the subconscious (the Moon), but by the intellect (Mercury) - when energy and action are transmitted through speech. When you convince, persuade, agitate, ask, just vigorously say - in all these cases, Mars is active, and Mercury fulfills the modest duties of an interpreter. If there is an aspect between these planets that is better than major, the person will have greater ability to transmit energy through speech; if there is no aspect, then speech will rarely sound weighty, and it is unlikely to be heard from the first time, which can cause a strong inferiority complex, but it gives a powerful impetus to self-improvement, because the need makes one look for exact words or learn to work efficiently on low energy.

At the first level of exploration of Mars, man is able to perceive and transmit only gross forms of energy; besides, he can not manage this energy badly, being more of a puppet of her. The child's age when Mars becomes active (often about 14 years - the first crisis of Saturn's opposition) is not too pleasant for parents: at this time he becomes uncontrollable (the principle of Mars becomes stronger than discipline and Saturn's limitations), and the main authority for the boy becomes physical strength, and the idol - a local or world champion in boxing or rugby; in adulthood, the ideal of physical strength can be translated into a desire for political power. Girls often experience the awakening of Mars by a sharp alienation from the mother, a release from her dictates as a sovereign, omniscient and controlling figure.

At the first level of exploration of Mars, a person in many respects resembles a child who has not grown up: it can only be controlled by a brutal shout, threats or violence; in a harmonious version, he easily submits to a superior force, but only to it, and simply does not notice a weak impact, will not pay attention. So, of course, are his principles of direct influence on the world, and he does not know about the possibility of indirect influence. At this level, self-expression is only through direct action, effort; satisfaction delivers physical work that does not require too fine coordination of movements, an elementary fight or power contests such as pinching hands or tug of war. Such a person is hampered by personal mental control over his actions and strong emotional movements: if they start, stop them by effort of will and thought he can not. Mars is stronger than the Sun and Mercury. However, these manifestations are under the strict control of the public subconscious: a crowd of such people is capable of the most vigorous and amicable actions such as a lynching or Jewish pogrom; then each of them can sincerely wonder and say: what has this gotten into me?

At the second level of exploration of Mars, it becomes possible for a man to partially control his strong emotional states, for example, a rising wave of anger or aggression can be successfully suppressed. Now the will (the Sun) is no longer under the direct influence of force, external or internal: man has the will, sufficient to resist very strong external and internal pressure. Accordingly, he can direct his (and others') energy in this or that direction chosen by him. The spectrum of energies perceived and emitted by a person is also expanding. Now he reacts not only to a strong direct pressure or a similar threat, but also to an indication and latent hostility expressed in a neutral tone. Accordingly, and the impact on others and the world as a whole is already made in socially acceptable frames, but still psychologically comfortable for a person is only a state where he feels a clear superiority of his forces and will over others, and secretly (or explicitly) he is always to it strives; for this level of exploration of Mars is characterized by the feeling that the only reliable means of control of any situation is the direct power provided by force control. At this level, there is a struggle for complete willful control over energy flows, and the ideal is a strong-willed person, able to subordinate the whole personality and life of one goal and achieved as a result of strength and might in his chosen sphere.

At this level of exploration of Mars, emotional life is no longer so primitive, since more subtle states of the soul are more palpable, but in love the main positive feeling is the power over the beloved being or, conversely, the feeling of his power over oneself. Nevertheless, the sadomasochistic complex (characteristic of the stricken Mars) here is no longer so frankly and subtly, more emotionally and psychologically, in the form of psychological games, but not physical aggression.

At the third level of exploration of Mars, a person somehow masters primitive strong-willed control over his strong affective states, i.e. methods of their suppression, which leads to various neuroses, frustrations and feelings of emotional dissatisfaction, so the problem of mental control over energy, psychological affects and external activity arises and becomes actualized. It is revealed to man that strong-willed control over energy flows is possible, but very difficult and ineffective: as will neither temper, overcome oneself and the world with its help is possible only for a short time. At this level of exploration of Mars, man begins to experience more subtle forms of energy, and psychic energy becomes already quite tangible for him; the power of words, suggestion, belief, love, and even affection and simple attention cease to be illusory metaphors. He begins to feel the energy of the situations in which he is: the mood of the collective and the interlocutor, unobvious, the constructiveness or destructiveness of actions in various conditions, and much more, which turns the gray and senselessly vanity reality into a colorful, diverse and full of hidden meaning.

At this level, a person takes power to such an extent that he can manage collectives; this is called a strong personality; his energy can activate deeply hidden subconscious programs (his and others'), so he can be a psychologist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist (for this, however, many directions in a horoscope are needed, as well as for any other profession). A person comes close to the problem of conscious control of energy, not by will, but by thought, and spontaneously he gets it, but it is not possible to master this art regularly. In the inner life, a person learns the sublimation of primitive instincts and subconscious programs, for example, it is not so difficult for him to translate external aggression into constructive energy (reasoning like this person makes me angry, which means I have a low subconscious program responding to this - hence her it is necessary to find, understand, overcome and turn into a higher one).

At the fourth level of the study of Mars, qualitative changes occur in the character of the perception of energy. Man understands that all types of energy are only varieties of the same and learns to turn them into each other by mental concentration. At this level, the true meaning of the assertion is that the thought controls energy. Now the strong-willed control over the energy ceases to be necessary, and the lower will (manipura) yields its functions to the supreme (ajna), which previously gave only a general aspiration and vague ideals.

In terms of interaction with other people, a person uses a simple impersonal attention, not accompanied by any visible external actions, to a much greater extent than at the lower levels of Mars exploration (but much less than at higher ones); but with the right choice of the direction of attention (the main efforts are focused on its concentration - this is the function of Mars) through a person, in addition to his will, a strong energy flow begins at high vibrations, which itself produces the necessary effects. In addition, at this level, the most ordinary words and actions of a person exert a strong influence on the surrounding world, since they carry great energy.

It is important to note that the energy of high vibrations is stronger than the energy of low vibrations; if they are disharmonious to each other, the former destroys the second. For example, a person at the fourth level of Mars exploration does not emit any aggression (at least in the conventional sense of the word), but if he encounters an attempt of a hard energy attack and responds with his radiation (for example, pronounces a polite phrase), then the enemy instantly loses : he will completely lose his energy, his fighting spirit and mood will disappear, and he will feel an unusual sense of respect for another, a glimpse of conscience and a desire to change.

Mars symbolizes a man: in a man's horoscope it is, depending on the aspects, a friend, an enemy or an opponent, in the female - an admirer, a lover (especially if there is an aspect of Venus) or (with defeat) an offender.

Mars controls Aries and Scorpio, culminates in Capricorn. From Aries, Mars receives rampant and selflessness, ferocity and reckless devotion; from Scorpio - the general management of mental energy and the forces of the subconscious. Capricorn gives Mars a sense of purpose and opportunity (all this while working!) To distribute their efforts on a long and hard path.

The situation of Mars is usually very attractive to many, even in its lowest octave. Energy, strength, active action is life, and their absence is existence, gray and pale - such is, at least, the opinion of the social subconscious. The lowest octave of Mars is manifested in a bloody battle, not a battle for life, but for death, when the fundamental program of the subconscious is becoming active - the instinct of life, and the alarm rings in the human ears: to win in order to survive. In the negative version, the same program generates a fear of death and activity of the lower extremities, the motto "to escape in order to survive." Panic, panic and fainting are also controlled by the lower octave of Mars. Management (although on the second role) Scorpio gives a hint that the death instinct is also ruled by Mars, at least to some extent, but this issue needs further investigation.

In ordinary life, Mars is present at any vivid manifestations of feelings and reality and in all tense situations, be it a conversation with a militiaman, a scandal with a relative or at work, physical or moral trauma and the defense of a dissertation. Acute pain, a strong tension of forces or vice versa, their complete deprivation, indicate the disharmonious inclusion of Mars. Mars is constantly present in the operating and acute departments of ordinary and psychiatric hospitals, in emergency and fire services, in criminal cases and in their investigation, especially in pursuit, shooting and melee combat using kung fu and firearms. Mars triumphs in sports, where there are two of its hypostases: hard work and battle, here in a more civilized way than in the Roman gladiators, kind: not for life, but for honors, medals and glory. Mars is also active in the political struggle, but there is also a strong influence of Venus and Saturn, on the general background of heavy, plutonic rock that is not subject to anyone.

The man of Mars, in which Mars is more active than the other planets, at first sight makes a strong impression. Often he has an extraordinary physical strength and is happy to engage in sports and hard physical work, and his strength and energy from these studies are, and without them he misses and wilts.

Everything that a Mars man does, he does energetically, and he needs to closely monitor the direction of his energy. "Make a fool to God to pray - he will break his forehead" - this proverb is addressed to a strong undeveloped Mars, and one does not need to understand it too narrowly. It is not always a recurrent blow for wrong efforts, and the wrong energy is sent immediately, sometimes years, decades and whole incarnations take place; However, indirect signs, internal and external signs of wrong behavior arise immediately and continue constantly, you only need to learn to see them and correctly interpret what is given not immediately (the spheres most sensitive to wrong actions and distorted energy are determined by the strained aspects of Mars, and there it is necessary look for the brightest signs of karma, indicating its stresses).

A man with a strong Mars will enjoy great success with women, they will literally fly to him from all sides, captivated by the sheer fragrance of the male yang. He will have healthy sexual reactions (if Mars is not too impressed), but the satisfactions of his emotional and sexual life are still determined by his Venus and the Moon. With the defeat of Mars, there will be constant aggression, battles, fights, insults and shots inside the person and its surroundings, in a harmonious version, a hidden force will be felt, which, however, will be spent constructively or in no way. A woman with a predominant Mars will not necessarily be unfeminine - this is determined mainly by her Moon and Venus, but she will be strong - in a sense corresponding to its evolutionary level. In general, it is difficult for a Mars man to submit to pressure from above, but he will do it if he feels a spiritual authority, which first of all should help him learn to manage his gross instincts and too energetic subconscious programs.

Weak Mars means that a person is rarely exposed to direct force from outside, and he will have low-energy aggressive reactions. It will be difficult for such a person to understand people, driven by strong passions: boiling with indignation, being overwhelmed by active jealousy, devoured by ambition, burning with sexual lust, etc. All these feelings will be given to him in moderation, and some even purely symbolically, that with orientation to social standards can lead to a strong inferiority complex, especially for men, but it removes very many obstacles to spiritual development: the devil in his usual sense of This time (that is, this incarnation) is not very strong, and this can be used. Weak Mars creates a soft world for the person who, nevertheless, has shades of all colors, and their discreet play can be learned to see. Weak Mars, especially retrograde, offers the opportunity and, in fact, the need to learn subtle but precise effective interactions with the outer and inner world: "The world should go, touching it lightly" (K. Castaneda).

Wrong attitudes toward the weak Mars, attempts to work it out are not in the way of increasing attention to the world, increasing their sensitivity to more subtle energies, but according to the standard schemes adopted in society and calculated (at present) for a strong Mars, lead to the fact that the functions Mars are shifted to another planet (usually most closely associated with it in the horoscope, or just the most powerful planet in the map, if it (the planet) is). This leads to a completely distorted (in comparison with the presumed karma) rhythm of life, and a person feels it perfectly, complaining (for example) that he does not live his life or not in his place. If, for example, he has a strong Sun in his horoscope with weak Mars, then fate and psyche will always (seemingly) exert strong pressure on him, depending on the aspects of the Sun, there will be a lot of initiative or a compelling need to react to turns and blows of fate, but visible forces will be clearly missed.

Incorrect behavior in this case will be an attempt to include Mars by the Sun, i. E. by force of will to force itself, despite the lack of strength, to do everything that is required, as if there are forces and energy-such attempts quickly end in failure and frustration and an inferiority complex arise. It will be correct to follow all the imperative situations very carefully and understand that some of them are illusory, and the rest can be worked on at low energy, without getting out of the way (except for a strong defeat of the card as a whole); As for own initiatives that are not backed by the necessary energy, they should be ignored or refined and improved until the energy necessary for them emerges by itself.

Harmonious Mars means luck and luck in tense energy situations, but does not provide permanent happiness. Happiness (and sometimes even for a short time) gives only a permanent work for the benefit of evolution, the possibility of which any person has, regardless of his card, and a professional astrologer is nothing more than an ordinary employee of the Absolute Personnel Department, but not an employer.

A person with a harmonious Mars will never have a real temptation to get into a fight with a clearly superior enemy (if the Sun or the Moon is struck in a horoscope, it is very interesting to observe how a strong-willed or subconscious aggressive impulse, as soon as it emerges, goes out without getting an energy impulse support: the person says: "Well, I'll show this bastard now ..." and on the last word all his enthusiasm disappears and disappears). On the contrary, the enemy, which is superior in strength, for some reason can not reach him, and if he does, at the last moment he has no mood to hit the muzzle and pulls, on the contrary, to make friends (aggression is interrupted by a sudden acute sense of pity and sympathy).

Harmonious Mars gives a person a sense of external protection, potentially very high performance and great laziness; position: "why try to work when I already feel what I can do." Working out harmonious aspects requires overcoming laziness (and hard work on harmonious Mars is imperatively not strewed, it requires the brothers voluntarily) and a kind of self-deception, when it seems to the person that it works well enough and is tense enough, while in fact it (with karmic point of view) openly lazy and slanderous. As a result of working out a harmonious Mars, a person spreads his luck, luck and ability to work excellently (in those areas pointed to by Mars aspects) on others. However, even without working out a man with a harmonious Mars will always enjoy success with women, and a woman with a harmonious Mars will be with men, and she will not have any problems with small home repairs, because if suddenly the husband and all 12 active fans at the moment will suddenly absent, then the door lock it easily embeds itself.

A stricken Mars about two hundred or three hundred years ago necessarily meant a life full of adversity, dangers and physical injuries, and in the 8th house or with a tense aspect to it - most likely a violent death (in the sign of the air - a gallows, in a fire - burning at the stake and t .). However, in our civilized time the 8th house does not mean death as much as the change of egregor, for example, divorce, change of place of work or, in the worst case, deprivation of membership in the party, and Mars has lost its former, primitively understood, malicious meaning.

Struck Mars from childhood teaches a person to be careful and attentive, because both his external and internal life are full of disharmonious energy. He is tormented by passion and aggression, and he receives the same from the outside. Therefore, in an adult (ie after 30 years), the affected Mars will necessarily be at least partially, and often and quite seriously worked out and tamed; due to natural selection according to Charles Darwin. Considering the stricken Mars, one should not forget about Saturn, even if he is not with him in aspect, for Saturn is the master of tense aspects (since he controls Capricorn, managing (along with the Moon) squares, and culminates in Libra, governing the opposition) . The study of the affected Mars largely depends on the level of development of Saturn; at a low level, aggression and other strong disharmonious mental movements are suppressed, often being forced into the subconscious, leading to frustrations, hidden unconscious aggression and, as a karmic consequence, as if to unmotivated outer manifestations: "accidental" injuries, fights, rape (especially in the aspect of Venus), etc. At a higher level, Saturn's discipline and wisdom help to direct energy to self-improvement and constructive external activity, and here the person needs to understand very clearly that he (karmically) must constantly work at the limit of his strength, and sometimes somewhat more, and not be guided by the social the average, and especially the lucky ones with a harmonious Mars, and most importantly - do not wait for results that will take care of themselves, and after some time, depending on their inner disinterestedness, will surpass the most daring ones forecasts of others.

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