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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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♀ Venus in the houses of solar horoscope

Ruler Venus

♀ VENUS. Many things a person perceives not as an abstract observer, but with a sense of his involvement in the human race as a whole or in some of its narrower layers. This concerns an aesthetics that is socially conditioned much more than it seems at first glance, and especially the perception of individuals by individuals, collectives and social situations. Of course, he does not always realize this and fixes it, but his view of what is happening in such situations is always socially conditioned, maybe positively or negatively, but, at any rate, his social egregor looks through the person to what is happening around him and definitely directs and narrows attention (and consciousness) and to a certain extent acts on the will. At the same time, Venus is a planet of the 2nd level, and its influences should be viewed as largely controlled by man, at least at the third or fourth level of its elaboration.

So: Venus is active when a person perceives what is happening outside (inside) him, feeling at the same time howling involvement in the society, subconsciously focusing on intuitively perceived social schemes. Here it should be emphasized that "orienting" means more "having in mind" than "obeying"; with the defeat of Venus, people often perceive social moments exactly the opposite to the views of their society, which, of course, also means orientation to these views.

If the Moon manages social programs of the smallest and largest social egregores associated with man, that is, family (or egoic) and ethnic, Venus determines the influence of all the intermediate social egregores - the social stratum, the group, etc. The first strong inclusion of Venus occurs during the 14-year-old teenage crisis (the opposition of transit Saturn to its radical position), when a child suddenly feels an urgent need to be like everyone and, to the horror of parents, tries to talk and dress in the standard way of his social group; ie, speaking in the occult language, tries to connect to the group egregor. The inevitable banality of his manifestations will be a sign of inclusion in the egregor. successful development of Venus (and does not mean the loss of individuality, it seems to parents), and, by the way, will guarantee its further successful social, emotional and personal life, which are determined to a great extent by the study of Venus.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, but as a planet she gives socialized aspects of both; in particular, biological aspects of love and divine love are governed not by Venus, but, respectively, by the Moon and Neptune.

Venus plays a very important role, preparing a person for true religiosity (controlled by Neptune), i.e. perception of higher egregors and vibrations. At a low level of development of the soul, a person hardly feels them, and his faith, naturally, can only be mental ("I believe because people who respect me say that God exists"). At the same time, the social egregor is much lower, its vibrations and energy are perceptible to any person, and a strong aesthetic, loving and collective experiences a person can get the first approximate idea of ​​what true religiosity and inclusion in the higher egregors are. It is difficult to feel and love humanity as a whole (although it is easy to talk about it), but a true Venusian inclusion, even in a small collective, gives a very significant advancement in the development of religious feelings; You do not need only to set limits to yourself, fetishizing your group or your beloved, that is, profaning the higher egregor in the lower.

In the aesthetic field, Venus again gives a socially-oriented view, and the individual aesthetic experiences, completely unrelated to the society, coming from the sensation of the subtle harmony of the cosmos and evolution, are governed more by higher planets, especially Neptune. However, Venus symbolizes the internal principle of human socialization, i.e. his intimate inclusion in society, and, in particular, the inability to completely isolate a person's personal aesthetics from the social. Aesthetics gives a fine adjustment of behavior and attitude towards the world; she says where ethics are silent for a long time, i.e. the criterion "good-bad" is much coarser than "beautiful-ugly," and especially "more harmoniously-less harmonious". Therefore, the developed Venus gives a subtle socialization, the ability to listen to the social egregor not by a gross intellect (Mercury), but by a subtle aesthetic sense - an ability that is extremely necessary for diplomats and censors.

In love, Venus gives the first non-biological sense of connection with another person: love is always a love for God, but love by the Moon is love for man as a biological being, and love for Venus is the perception of another person as a social being, which gives an incomparably wider channel to comprehension of true cosmic love. Bright outbursts of romantic love in youth - it does not matter, to a partner of the opposite sex or to a teacher or movie star, always have a social Venusian origin; after several successful sexual acts and especially after the appearance of family and children, Venus most often imperceptibly yields its functions to the Moon. Love over Venus is different from love on the Moon in approximately the same way as champagne from bread kvass; the latter is also not bad, but does not inspire a special inspiration. Venusian love implies a certain work of a person in the social egregore, but with strong feelings there it is difficult to hold on long, because you really want to curtail the space around yourself and not think about anyone else - and this is already a lunar state. For Venus love is characterized by high demands on the aesthetic design of relationships - beautiful gestures, flowers, gifts, poems or, in extreme cases, rhythmic prose. All this, if happening sincerely, turns biological feelings into social, and therefore, through a step - into the divine. God is everywhere, and most importantly His manifestation is love, but it is necessary to see it. And the easiest way is to perceive Divine love through a social egregore, where it has two main feelings: Venusian aesthetic experiences and love.

Although Venus assumes passive perception, a strong magnetic field of attraction is coming from a person with whom it is currently heavily involved, and this is a very real force transmitted by its social egregore. Energy (especially sexual) is transmitted very well over this field, so getting into it can be felt as a strong blow: you begin to be irresistibly drawn to this person, although he apparently does not do anything for it and does not even try to do it.

At the first level of elaboration of Venus, aesthetic feelings, i.e. the ability to see God and cosmic harmony in surrounding objects and phenomena, is very poorly developed, it is almost indifferent for a person to have an external appearance of his life, as long as it is fairly uninstructed. His social egregor has in mind the simplest operational ethics, i.e. the principle that it is beautiful and good that which is useful and functional (more precisely, what is useless is bad, and the concept of "beautiful" does not enter into the personal thesaurus at all).

At this level, social ethics are very primitive: a person does not feel at all such subtleties as the mood of the interlocutor or the spirit of the collective, and reacts only to direct instructions, threats or, best of all, physical methods of influence; the latter, however, perceives very well and remembers for a long time. Here the culture of feelings is very low, rough emotions predominate: anger, hatred, lust, malevolence, jealousy, jealousy, but all this in completely rigid, uniquely programmed social egregor forms, it is no coincidence that these feelings in different people are so similar.

At this level of elaboration of Venus, love is felt, first of all, as a sexual attraction, conditioned by agreement with the social erotic norm: certain lines and proportions of a person and figure defined in the given society as a sexual ideal, gait, manners of behavior in society, etc. In the event of a mismatch with this norm, the partner as an object of love is not considered at all (although sexual relations are possible with the lunar animal type, and they are even typical for the first level of Venus development, , at least in the aesthetic sense, the Moon: "Do not drink water from your face" is a typically lunar proverb). And in general, all behavior in love at the first level of elaboration of Venus is, for the most part, a strict dictate of the behavior of the partner and in many respects of the person himself: everything must take place according to clear social canons, as is customary in this circle - both in outward manifestations and in psychic life . All non-standard and unintended emotions are superseded, suppressed and ignored. Here social stamps of perception are absolute.

At the second level of the study of Venus, aesthetic sense still strictly corresponds to social norms, but begins to play a greater role in human life than at the previous level. A person begins to think in terms of "beautiful - ugly", and this becomes an essential circumstance for him, sometimes determining an important choice. Beautiful things, especially prestigious, can become the object of almost religious worship and adoration, and this is the maximum religiosity that a given person is capable of; however, with the harmonious aspects of Venus and so it is possible for a short time to fall into the state of samadhi.

Here the social ethics are very tough, but the details begin to differ: the fork should be held in the left hand, and the bones should not be thrown under the table, but added to the plate; In general, meaningful rituals and forms take on an important meaning, including domestic and religious, for example, a person can observe church rituals with interest, remaining indifferent to religion; if he is a believer, the beauty of the rite strongly supports his religious feelings.

The inner life allows a lot, albeit standard, of shades; a world of socially programmable positive feelings opens up; romantic love for a book or a film screen, kindness in a narrow understanding and not to harm yourself, a feeling of sincere gratitude, a concept and elements of dedication, etc .; In parallel, a person learns to admit and see these feelings and states also in others.

At this level, man is already relatively well adapted in the society, at least in his narrow layer, and can, especially with a harmonious Venus, receive great satisfaction and joy from social contacts, perfectly perceiving the unity with the egregor of his group or layer; The rigidity of control does not bother him.

At the third level of elaboration of Venus there is a separation of personal perception from public stamps, a certain freedom appears in aesthetic and social perception: I can watch it as usual in my circle, but I can myself. However, this personal aesthetic and social and ethical view is still weak, people are not sure of the correctness and general validity of such a way of perception and evaluation of the surrounding and inner world that is not sanctioned by the society. At this level, the aesthetic sense is developed incomparably stronger and more detailed than the previous one; a person begins to see details that are not noticed by the public aesthetic consciousness, and it seems to him that they, and sometimes even whole works of art, are, as it were, addressed to him personally, which creates a qualitatively different aesthetic sensation that can already be called pleasure. With a strong inclusion in the aesthetic egregore, it becomes possible art or literary creativity. The ethics of social contacts becomes flexible, a person feels well not only the unwritten rules of behavior in his circle, but also the boundaries in which these rules can be violated by the uniqueness of his charming personality. This person is pleasant, socially interesting (that is, everyone is welcome to visit him and to semi-formal meetings, social events, etc.) and is perceived as beautiful; In any case, it looks nice and original. Internal emotional life begins to be assessed from the ethical and aesthetic standpoints; some of his feelings and emotional movements this person will find wrong, inappropriate or ugly and will try to get rid of them, at first inept ineptitude. In addition, a person discovers that his emotional state strongly affects his environment and that the translation of soft Venusian radiation - for example, with a soft smile and intonation, beautiful clothes, posture and movements - can easily achieve many significant results that are difficult to achieve by others, for example, direct activity of Mars. In love, this person can rise to great heights of creative inspiration, to some annoyance of his beloved, who is most likely counting on more earthly manifestations of his feelings, rather than lush ode and even elegies. Only at this level Venusian love can become truly unselfish; and a person can perceive an object more or less the way he is, at least with his individual characteristics, not passing through the censorship of social stamps.

At the fourth level of elaboration of Venus, the aesthetic principle begins to supplant the ethical in its narrow social understanding. Now people are less dependent on socially aesthetic and ethical norms, although they are aware of and constantly have in mind; however, social stencils for him are often narrow and almost always inadequate, since his ethics and aesthetics must be much more precise, and they are determined directly by the egregor by the human leader, often bypassing social ones. At this level, a person must constantly live beautifully and accurately, and his demands for himself are much higher than those established by the society, but people usually do not notice it. Simply to the person strongly pulls, on it it is very pleasant to look, that he did or spoke, it seems, that from it it is possible to make at once a feature film. At the same time, it is difficult to approach it closely, you feel yourself not sufficiently clean. On the other hand, contact with such a person leads to inner purification and causes a strong desire to become better, more harmoniously inside and more beautifully externally.

At the fourth level of the study of Venus, a person can conduct work directly in the social egregore. On the material level, this means that its ethical and aesthetic influences are so strong that they come into fashion and change the perception of the world in large groups of people; these are major artists, publicists, public figures, and rarely politicians. In the inner life, a person learns to distinguish between the feelings and emotions induced by the social subconscious, and, so to speak, his personal ones, and not depend on either of them, but manage them at will in order to achieve the most adequate behavior in the social environment. They are very high-class actors, pursuing not selfish but evolutionary goals, in particular, practical spiritual teachers.

Venus symbolizes a beautiful or spectacular woman, not an emphatically maternal or nestrenic figure. For men, it can be a mistress, but socially stressed as not a wife, for a woman - a love affair, where she will act in the social role of a mistress (whether with a man or a woman), or, in the defeat of Venus, a rival.

Venus governs Libra and Taurus. From Libra Venus receives an intuitive sense of higher harmony, the ability to sense the proportionality of parts and the aesthetics of the development of complex processes, from Taurus - a remarkable earthly, tangible impact on the world around him; her motto is "what is beautiful - real."

Venus culminates in Pisces. From Pisces, the developed Venus gets the nerdiness, the ability to adapt to any situation and find an aesthetics and an adequate, or at least acceptable, ethic when it seems impossible in principle.

The situation of Venus in the purest form stands at a concert of classical music and at a mathematical seminar on Galois theory or algebraic numbers; main features: exact harmony, proportionality and balance of parts, accentuation on the aesthetic moment; a high score in this social circle and inaccessibility for the rest of humanity.

Venus reigns on lush performances, balls and concerts, lights up in ballet and opera, smiles at festivals and carnivals, triumphs in museums. It (sometimes together with Mars) leads in its lower octave the scenes of jealousy, which are conditioned by the social subconscious to a much greater degree than one wants to think.

Venus reigns on social receptions, where it is necessary to speak exactly what is expected, in secular lounges and diplomatic receptions, official banquets and similar events. Venus shines in love with the first pore of their feelings, and it, however, with its other light, illuminates their break and farewell. Unrequited and unhappy love also goes under Venus, unlike the mutual, which quickly transforms into the moon. Venus is governed by a love of science, art, social activity, but not to the motherland and family (here the mistress of the Moon). Charity and mercy can be managed by Venus and the Moon, depending on the shades and ways of their design - the reader will be useful to think about it himself and write down his thoughts in the textbook, on the following, left free lines.

The man of Venus, in whose map this planet stands stronger than the rest, will be very closely connected with the public consciousness and the subconscious. The ethics and aesthetics prevailing in his social layer will fascinate him; depending on the aspects of Venus, he will either completely obey them, or desperately fight with them, but to treat them calmly and develop his personal aesthetic criteria and ethical rules will be very difficult for him, although the people around him need him so much.

Beauty and feelings, especially socially appreciated, will play a big role in his life. Most likely, he will not only love painting, poetry, music, but also draw and play on several musical instruments, not to mention poetry. About many, perhaps, too many things, he will judge from an aesthetic point of view: "I did not like this man, his ears are too crooked." Perhaps, behind these too crooked ears is a flaw in a moral form? The person of Venus can receive information in this way, but he must learn to read his aesthetic signs, and this is not easy. Venusian laziness and exactingness to the environment must be turned into diligence and rigor to yourself, for which you will have to go deeper into your inner world and understand that the beauty of the soul is expressed mainly in constant impartial attention and is embodied in the exact actions produced in the rightly chosen moments time.

For a man of Venus, to live is to love, but lunar love is boring to him. With defeat, Don Juan or Manon Lescot's career is possible, but, naturally, in the social environment where our hero revolves. In any case, there will be a lot of love in his life, he will be loved by women, men and entire collectives, but not always the way he would have liked; However, he himself will very long experience from time to time a characteristic cardiac excitement. Venusian love comes, as a rule, suddenly, and always forever - at least, so the heart promises.

Weak Venus gives difficulties in social contacts; a person with difficulty perceives the unwritten laws of his layer and the group in which he rotates. He is not accepted "with a bang" in the companies, but if he gives himself the trouble to smile more often and listen attentively to what he is told, he can even get into rather elite layers if desired. In general, the weakness of the planet means non-violence of karma: a person must choose whether to develop the principle of this planet or not. But in principle, a weak Venus has little interest in human contacts as such, and the idea of ​​a new acquaintance or the prospect of going out in the light of it does not warm it. This person does not accentuate the aesthetic aspects of life; he most likely will not pay attention to the beauty of the old mansion or the color of the sunset; he also does not understand how you can run after a woman just because she has beautiful legs. It is easier for him to think in harsh ethical rather than in uncertain and floating (for him) aesthetic criteria. The expression "beautiful gesture" has a purely negative meaning in his mouth, it is difficult for him to perceive beauty in life without attracting pragmatic considerations. He is aesthetically unpretentious and does not tend to decorate himself (appearance, speech, manners, etc.); at high levels of development of Venus, he, nevertheless, will do it, but with a view to please (and maybe even aesthetically develop) those around him.

Inwardly, he feels himself in this world as an outsider, especially with social contacts. Love with a social taste, romantic, not having in mind the soonest establishment of offspring, will visit it rarely or never, and in any case will cause weak feelings; but there will be no accompanying negative affects (jealousy, longing). For a developed personality, this is even good, because it does not divert attention from a higher love for one's people or all of humanity (the Moon) or to God (Neptune). At a low level, however, there is a substitution of Venus by the Moon, and with a person it can be very boring, as he is bored with others and generally in social, but not exclusively biological situations.

Harmonious Venus enjoys unchanged social success; it is generally loved by people. She is pleasant to talk with, she knows how to listen, inserting from time to time short appropriate replicas: "oh, how true it is", "extraordinarily interesting", "what a deep thought, would never have thought", or simply "Oh, learning!". Trines to the Moon and the Ascendant often give external beauty, efficiency or, at any rate, the possibility of creating an appropriate external image. Love of art and its good perception, the ability not to see the ugliness of people and life. Propensity to romantic love, the ability to beautifully care for and accept courtship, harmony and social validity of the corresponding emotions. In general, family and group conformism, it is very difficult to decide to go against society, and even more difficult to go against it. A strong germination of social and group ethics in the personal subconscious, and it is very difficult for a person to understand whether he really thinks that something is right or wrong, acceptable or not, or it is the guidance of a social egregor. In the undeveloped version, the harmonious Venus gives laziness, identification with the society, the attitude to someone else's love as a given (the position: "he would dare not love me!"), Social vampirism (position: "I am happy with your presence all of you, so please be kind enough to entertain me ") and, ultimately, loss of social moral feeling. The study provides artistic and artistic talents, the gift of constructive communication with people, diplomatic abilities, the ability to gently manage the collective and regulate its karma, shaping the ethics and aesthetics of the social subconscious. Around this person, roses seem to always bloom, possessing an additional quality of deodorant.

The affected Venus gives a strong antisocial perception. Public consciousness and subconscious do not actively suit a person, but it can be expressed in different ways, depending on the card as a whole. Developed affected Venus gives an acute social conscience and the ability to deal constructively with the most acute social problems and even fill the most gaping gaps in the ethics of the social egregor. Unprocessed affected Venus can give social nihilism (active or passive), rebellion, attempts to defend its undeveloped personality from encroachments of a vile society by a thick wall of brick egoism, etc., depending on the position of Venus in the sign, the house and its aspects.

Relations with people are built with difficulty, although the beginning can be the most turbulent and cloudless (squares at the first appearance are often similar to trines - fate entices a person into a trap by means of a carrot, in the middle of which there is a steel hook). With poor development, high demands on others, on their ethics, manners and appearance (sometimes it is ousted from the consciousness, but aesthetic capriciousness will be necessary), if there are oppositions, the psychic projections of their aesthetic and ethical flaws on partners and society as a whole. When working out, on the contrary, the requirements to personal ethics and aesthetics are raised, a person begins in all disharmonious situations first of all to search for guilt and the cause in himself.

Aesthetics is either very original, not at all similar, or with a clear antisocial orientation (hippies, etc.); when working out it is interesting, in its absence, more often than not, ugly. An artist or a writer with a stricken Venus is very difficult to create, for him the torments of creativity are quite real torments; often for a long time there is no inspiration or it is such that it would be better not to have it at all. It is necessary to seek, albeit with difficulty, creative ways of cooperation with the social egregore, otherwise the overload of the psyche can lead to a madhouse.

Love, or rather, accompanying her troubles and anguish will be very much; in relations with people, a person, as they say, is a serious character. However, he can harden and consciously exploit the love of others for mercenary purposes - then (he hopes) his amazed Venus will work on them. Actually, however, each person lives on his own map, and the reluctance to voluntarily work through tense aspects narrows and so not too spacious walls of the labyrinth of karma.

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