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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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♆ Neptune in the houses of solar horoscope

Ruler Neptune

♆ NEPTUNE. A planet that controls the subtle and ineffable, nuances and nuances, subtext and interstring, intonation, hint and whim. Neptune plunges a person deep into the realm of his subconsciousness, where the personal, social and cosmic are already becoming poorly discernable among themselves, and reveals to him the mystery of meditation, the altered state of consciousness in which the subtle emotions and experiences that are otherwise not accessible are not accessible, and not least the soul another man. Neptune gives insight into true religiosity, when prayer is dialogue, not monologue with psychotherapeutic purposes, and service to God becomes the destiny of man, and not the caprice of his will or mental passions. The same Neptune sometimes works extraordinarily rudely, surrounding a person with thick layers of deception and self-deception (which, incidentally, always accompany one another), and they can not be overcome either by the direct energetic impact of Mars, nor by the sobriety and discipline of Saturn, for Neptune controls the fog, in which the former dissipates and the second one is lost. Only the finest purification of Pluto can dispel the Neptunian obsession, but Pluto moves very slowly, and it is not necessary to count for ambulance ... especially since Neptune, by controlling the distortions of perception, can easily change the scale of personal time, turning happy hours into minutes, and hard time forcing to endlessly.

Neptune governs meditation; However, this concept is so broad that it requires clarification, which Neptune very much does not like. It can be said that Neptune determines weather in the inner world and brings into correspondence with it the perception of the outside world by man. Neptune protects the human psyche from the too close and cold Mercurian view of rational consciousness - the other and, most of all, the person himself. His favorite time of day is twilight, color is gray, but in which you can guess any shades, in none being absolutely sure. For Neptune is a mystery that can be approached, but it is impossible to comprehend, it is the secret of the imperceptible transformation and change of reality, the transformation of spring into summer, the fish into an amphibious and deep grief into sadness and new possibilities of development, this is the mystery of bliss, ecstasy and painful suffering of the human soul, to understand the meaning of which humanity will not be very soon.

Neptune is a very essential planet, and its influence on man is extraordinarily important. Joy without Neptune is not joy, but a mockery, pleasure without Neptune resembles a bouquet made of bolts twisted with steel wire, and there is nowhere to go from Neptunian suffering and guilt, and calls for external help are vain - it can only come from within, with the passage of time, with humility and the gradual penetration of the egoism of springs of self-denial and love for one's neighbor from the depths of desert barkhans.

Neptune is alcohol, drugs, psychological and physical sadism, serious crimes, religious fanaticism, extermination camps and gas chambers. And the same Neptune is the only planet (except for the highest octave of Uranus, accessible to a few), which gives a synthesis, that is, an understanding that is always the result of a mystical revelation, even a small one. Strangely enough, although rational thinking is controlled by Mercury, for understanding anything, a person needs the inclusion of Neptune, and the life of a person with a harmonious Mercury and stricken Neptune is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance, and his close acquaintances often catch themselves on the following thought: "He seems to be thinking correctly and beautifully, but he does not understand anything." Well, "nothing," this is, of course, an exaggeration, but in any case very distorted, only it is difficult for him to realize this ...

At the first level of Neptune's study, a person takes the outside world at face value, and the inner one for him is an empty abstraction or generator of desires and needs. Here, meditation is perceived as a "buzz", mainly from alcohol or a sufficient number of decibels in music, and deception is only perceived as direct, that is, in the form of distortion of formalized information ("lies"). Such a person perceives only the pleasures of the simplest type: from eating, sleeping, primitive sex, from social pleasures, mostly gloating, scandal and swagger (with awareness of belonging to the elite stratum), possible nationalism and religious fanaticism in action, especially in the defeat of Neptune. The latter may also mean a desire for the distorted pleasures of the primitive type - sadism, masochism, humiliation of others and self-abasement, but in any case, the person perceives energy only at the lowest vibrations, subtleties are inaccessible to him and cause nothing but irritation. At this level, in the course of meditation such as family scandals with destructive mutual accusations on high notes and with possible assault, and subsequent reconciliation in a spontaneous sexual act, or light brawls with mild mirth between men, after taking the necessary dose of hot drinks.

This level is characterized by natural atheism and extreme narrowness of consciousness: a person is unable to understand anything that goes beyond a very limited scope of his perception (usually a set of cliches of his narrow social stratum or even a group). He, maybe, even tries to listen to something unexpected and new for himself, but he will not be able to feel it for himself, to realize and therefore will openly forget. Such a person learns and develops with extraordinary difficulty, as widespread attempts to replace Neptune Mercury fail miserably: the parrot can not design an aircraft with an engineer's diploma.

Internal honesty at this level is a non-existent concept, for man sees himself as the heir of honesty and nobility, another thing is that he is surrounded by deceivers and enemies who are trying to surround him around his finger, and precautions, or even preemptive deception, are necessary: ​​in war as in war . At the same time, a person constantly engages in rigid self-deception, without allowing any thought of his imperfection and the need to work on himself in the mind: there are similarly rigid psychological games where antitheses do not work, because they do not fit into the consciousness of a person, he does not hear your words or it will seem to you that you speak a foreign language.

At the second level of the study of Neptune man already admits the thought that he can be deceived not only with direct cheating from the outside world. He does not yet believe in psychological reality (and does not understand the meaning of this expression), but he already admits that other people can differ significantly from him and in fact have other tastes and views. The person also admits the existence of hypnosis and understands that a brisk gypsy can take his attention and imperceptibly steal. But, deep down, he believes that mutual understanding can always be achieved through reasonable negotiations, except perhaps religious fanatics. He has access to a wider class of meditations, including aesthetic (music, art), cordial (intimate conversation), and intimate (sophisticated in the European understanding of the options for sex). At this level, a person is not alone with chauvinistic revelry, his sense of his people is more about culture and nature than his direct authority or religious priority. Religiousness as such at this level is poorly expressed, a man very much wants to sincerely believe in God and feel it, but it succeeds badly: prayers do not reach. Nevertheless, religion somehow attracts his attention and deep emotions, but to become completely religious, i.e. to live as a vessel of God, a person is difficult, too much influence (in fact) of an atheistic environment. God is sometimes a shadow, but often disappears for a long time.

The problem of understanding has already arisen, but it does not yet stand out in all its acuteness. The person has already realized that he does not understand much (from what he knows mentally), but he thinks that this is only a matter of time and effort. The idea of ​​self-deception on this level also exists, as well as the concept of the subconscious and its intrigues, but all this is considered by man as insignificant effects, and work on oneself is understood primarily as the elaboration of the simplest Saturnian qualities, patience, methodicalness, concentration, etc. The idea that there are clearly hostile programs in his subconscious mind does not occur to a person - until Neptune masks it completely. A person still plays psychological games, but not as rigidly as at the first level, and if he is caught, he can admit his guilt; nevertheless, the idea of ​​systematic testing of inner honesty is alien to him: it seems sufficient to live in accordance with his conscience, she sees something.

At the third level of Neptune's study, qualitative changes take place in the views of man on both the outer and the inner world. He understands that every situation has a certain magic, without taking it, one can not judge anything that each person around him has a certain personal reality, through the prism of which only the external world can perceive and express himself. At this level, a person realizes that the norm of communication is almost complete mutual understanding, except for standard socially programmed situations. Now it becomes clear to him that mental efforts can only be a more or less successful prerequisite, a rough preliminary estimate of the perception process, which requires psychological adjustment to the subtle reality of the situation or another person, and often the rejection of its mental picture of the world (its shutdown) leads to much more effective contact than the most thorough mental adjustment: a stupid heart understands better than the mind ... truth, expresses much worse. At this level, man, especially with a successful arrangement of planets, is capable of meditation in the narrow sense of the word, i.e. is able to change (at least partially) the state of consciousness by an effort of will and thought, swims away into one or other of the astral regions, as a rule, not too high. Here classical occultism is widespread: communication with the spirits of the dead (spiritualism), reaching the lower astral and communicating with the "devil"; lower astral entities and hierarchs, astral wars (with good energy), fragmentary clairvoyance and programming of the future, various fortune-telling, etc. At this level, there is sometimes an interest in astrology, but of a magically applied nature and most often predictive; but the person is already able to perceive the zodiacal signs and planets as living, and not as mental constructions, and the question of the existence, if not God, of the forces that lead him through life and supply energy and information, and sometimes, as punishment or compulsory education, both are deprived, it is not necessary.

In the inner world, a person discovers a lot of details, inconveniences, imperfections, and generally active and largely (intentionally) latent life from his consciousness. Now the problem of inner honesty rises at full length, as, as he discovers, in her presence, he can imperceptibly inspire himself with anything, both in situations of the external world, and in his internal affairs and circumstances - with corresponding distortions. It turns out that all mystical, occult and paranormal abilities depend very much on his emotional calmness, disinterest in the result and, alas, the general evolutionary level. At this level of Neptune's work, a person still does not know how to keep energy flows on high vibrations, and in his religious meditations he is often thrown deep down (the constant temptations of saints). The ability to understand at this level is potentially very great, but the distortions are also great in perception, at least from time to time, when a person sharply throws down the lower astral plane or full atheism.

At the fourth level of the study of Neptune, a person perceives the flows of cosmic energy is already quite clear, for him they are already physical reality. Many can see the chakras, the shape and colors of the aura and their distortions in diseases of internal organs, psyche and conscience. At this level illusory, or rather, the symbolism of maya (the outer world of dense forms) becomes apparent, just like direct connections between the inner and outer worlds of man. This is the level of high saints and spiritual teachers who see individual, national and planetary karma in great detail (as far as the Absolute resolves in principle) and can quite accurately delineate the boundaries of man's free will at a given moment in time; the farther to the future, the more they wash out and swim. At this level, a person sees the entire set of energy and mental protections (personal and socially induced) surrounding all other people, and communicates with the latter, taking into account the actions of the former - these are the techniques of Zen and advanced magicians (Castaneda). In this case, a person can enter into any image and appear, in particular, quite an ordinary person, only a little turning his eyes to those around him. At this level, a person understands not only other people and their souls (which is not the same thing), but he sees the structures of many egregores and perceives their will, as well as interaction with each other - both in the subtle world and in the material world. Here the person is already quite indifferent where to work - in the internal or external world, for he is exposed to the influence of the great and high egregores through his subconscious, and by improving himself, he thereby improves the egregor and the world. Perhaps it will be more convenient for him to work in the external world, with people. For his disciples, this is an unforgettable experience, for the love of the spiritual master is higher and stronger than many of its other kinds. At this level of Neptune's study, a person knows how to not only enter the higher astral planes and stay there steadily, but can take a pupil with them to some of them; such experiences are sometimes accompanied by a strong meditative expansion of consciousness, never forgotten.

Neptune symbolizes mystery, deception, self-deception, guilt, mutual understanding, ecstatic state.

Neptune governs Pisces, culminates in Cancer. From Pisces, Neptune receives cosmic love on the higher octave, on the lower one - the ability to adapt and take your eyes to anyone in any situation. Cancer gives Neptune - during exploration - the possibility of penetrating into the very depths of the human soul and healing it from the wounds of oblivion.

The situation of Neptune low octave is any gross discrepancy between personal and "objective" reality: deception, silence, insidious schemes, etc. Nearby there are natures of debauchery, taverns, opium and opium cannabis and similar establishments; Somewhere downstairs there is a torture chamber with torture instruments, a victim and an executioner. Neptune participates in any pleasure, whether it is tender sexual caresses, concerts of symphonic music or simple tea drinking - but only on the condition that it is committed by connoisseurs and with full feeling, i.e. inclusion in appropriate meditation. It should be noted that the main condition of meditation is the proper concentration of attention on the relevant object (in the material or subtle world at the same time), therefore, the inclusion of Neptune at the middle or higher levels is impossible without Saturn's elaboration. Under strong Neptune, any concentrated, precise work passes, in which time passes unnoticed - whether it be the craft of an artist, a jeweler, a writer or a stonemason (the last two professions have much in common, unless, of course, the writer is conscientious). Neptune's group situations strongly depend on the position of this planet in the sign of this generation, and every 14 years when Neptune passes into the next sign, a generation grows that enjoys vibrations completely alien to the previous generation, and it is almost impossible to find mutual understanding. It is not possible to describe all the Neptunian situations, they are wiped from the deep religious ecstasy of the recluse monk before washing dishes and sweeping the floor of the hostess, which can also be done under the very high octave of Neptune, bringing to the family the grace of peace, love and happiness of understanding without superfluous words. Meditation is not something that catches your eye, at least in our culture, and it is not necessarily an auto-training session, prayer or repentance. Meditative states (beginning with the average level) are states where a person feels that he does not exist, but lives, and there is no need to specifically structure, or, less scientifically, kill time.

The man of Neptune is, frankly speaking, not the easiest and most obvious variant of fate. Here the Absolute very much trusts the person and counts on his constant creative participation in complex and intricate, and often mysterious affairs and situations. Or the option of reckoning for former karmic crimes, and then a person seldom and briefly leaves the walls of a psychiatric hospital or lives with difficulty adapting to the society and carrying a load of various phobias and a strong sense of irrational guilt, often deeply repressed. But even with the most harmonious map, the person of Neptune always strongly distorts the reality around him, even if, apparently, does nothing. He is constantly drawn to some strange and mysterious business; but also the most ordinary circumstances of his life he represents in such a way that they acquire a raid of ambiguities and secrets - and in a sense this is so. At a low level, the person of Neptune constantly, even in addition to his will, is engaged in deception and self-deception; in turn, the outside world often deceives him. He has some amazing ability to misunderstand everything that is happening around and so vague and vague about his thoughts that it is practically impossible to understand him correctly. Moreover, he is very intuitive and often catches things that are not accessible to almost anyone. He loves mysticism, he can guess the profession and sometimes the number of children of a stranger, but he is often mistaken and gets into a stupid way; if not embittered, then, as a rule, kind.

People of Neptune are often mediums, spiritualists, psychics, fortunetellers. When trying to distort the reality of others with selfish goals, they fall into the lower astral plane and can become black magicians of the most popular in literature and folklore (with spells, trances and troubled witch eyes, although the art of making a real spooky soup, in particular, the methods of cooking leeches , is now largely lost). At a higher level, Neptune gives an understanding of subtle matter, and a person can become a musician, artist, subtlest actor or diplomat; there is no restriction on the profession, for example, in art, if a person can develop enough internal honesty and diligence and will not engage in profanation of high energies and meditations in low. But this is extremely difficult for a person of Neptune, it is necessary to understand that simply not to lie openly (to others and yourself) is often a civil feat for him, especially if there are strained aspects to Neptune, but to stay and not swim in cheap meditation at any convenient opportunity (here it is not a question of saints whose energy is controlled by a high egregor).

Weak Neptune gives a person who is difficult to understand that there are such things called the magic of the situation and the individual perception, which, in addition to the general unfairness of the witnesses, force them to give conflicting testimony about the same event. Meditation in the narrow sense is unlikely to be a meaningful concept for him, at least, at low levels of elaboration of the planet. At first glance, this is not very addicting, sober nature; But this does not mean at all that a person will be outwardly and, especially internally, honest; just his deceptions and self-deceptions will follow socially established norms, to be freed of which, perhaps, is more difficult than with the defeat of Neptune. This person will strive for the same pleasures and pleasures as other people of his level of development, but not so intensely, and a certain part of their pleasures will leave him indifferent, although, of course, under Neptune in Taurus, he will distinguish pork cracklings from goose.

Weak Neptune gives, in the absence of elaboration, a very basic understanding of people and situations. With a strong element of fire, a person can be genuinely carried away, but his head will remain sober and seldom when he swims. At a low level, it can be a terrible person, an exact performer of another's will, sober among the drunks, calm among the common sufferings, an impersonal executioner or a dispassionate leader of a concentration camp. This same position in the study can give a rare ability of spiritual understanding without emotional empathy, when charity and help do not come from self-destructive mental suffering, interspersed with self-pity and sensual indistinctness, but from a calm sense of inner duty to oneself, God or evolution. But nevertheless, the weak Neptune does not invite a person actively and imperatively into the distorted reality of the inner world of other people and strange external situations; a person can come there himself, with the will and some effort on his part, and then, perhaps, to understand the mysteries completely inaccessible to the rest - provided, of course, that he will not engage in profanity, and especially the replacement of directly-sensual Neptunian perception with a rational Mercurian.

Harmonious Neptune gives a good-natured magician, a lucky card trickster, a thief and a simple deceiver, which is very difficult to bring out to clean water, although according to the law of reflection, distortion of the reality of the outside world leads to distortion of the inner world, and the person starts to fool himself as well, and, vigilance, getting caught on a stupid slip, the grandmother's well-timed karma trip.

At a high level, this is a man who magically softens and alleviates pain, misfortune and disharmony of people and situations around him by his one presence. From it comes spiritual light, dispelling the deceit of ignorance, meanness, slander and atheism; in his aura the pranks of the darkness wither and the powers of good and love and the laws of evolution become visible. On average, this person does not have enough wisdom and energy to resist the forces of evil, but he can soften his action; it is a natural bearer of the philosophy of non-resistance to evil, which causes great irritation among its colleagues in the incarnation, who have a less harmonious Neptune and the card as a whole. This person can easily be comforted; For him, the source of pleasure and buzz can be almost anything; when poorly worked out, it can give a complete parasite or a drunk, but not very spivshuysya personality.

Harmonious Neptune gives excellent understanding abilities that a person considers natural and not inclined to pay special attention to them; just the others seem to him somewhat oaky. Here intuition reaches a very high level (the gift of prophecy inclusive), but without the development of inner honesty and unselfishness, there will necessarily be distortions towards the desires of the ego, conscious, subconscious and repressed. It is very difficult for this person internally to accept that distressing circumstance that he is created and is karmically programmed for (often heavy) external and internal work, and not to receive pleasures, although the latter will most likely be obtained much better. You need to learn not to lie to people or yourself; This is helped by the study of Saturn, even if the latter is struck.

Afflicted Neptune means a life completely unordinary; even at a low level, this heavy, drunken alcoholic, addict or permanent resident of a madhouse will have much to tell your doctor; space and the worlds in which he lives are bizarre and diverse, they have only one thing in common: complete social unacceptability. In those areas that aspect the affected Neptune, a person will have greater difficulties of understanding with other people and even more with official organizations. A person lives in a distorted reality, and his karmic task is to understand himself and the world around him, understand the origins of his self-deception and distorted perception and balance his behavior in the external world with the exotic of the inner. Here escapism is disastrous for evolutionary development: one can not go into personal reality, which leads to severe mental disturbances and increased attention from the lower astral entities, for man is usually sensitive and can often be a medium that, in the defeat of Neptune and, in particular, weak Saturn, is extremely dangerous.

Characterized by an acute sense of guilt, which a person often tries to project on loved ones, uncertainty in himself and the world, irrational and real fears, a constant atmosphere of deceit, self-deception, secrets, often completely unnecessary. Something makes a person lie all the time, respectively, waiting for the disclosure of this lie and constantly suspect of deceiving others; regular misunderstandings lead to severe frustrations and sometimes to attempts at suicide (this should be indicated by the entire map, but thoughts of it are visited by a person more often than the average statistical rate provides). The person, whether he wants it or not, constantly turns his eyes to people, but it depends on him, he will take them away from the truth or lies, and here the choice between black or white teaching is very acute - there is no intermediate way, whatever whispered about it to a man his stricken Neptune. Egorore can not take bribes - not in the sense that it is unethical, but in that which is impossible.

♆ Neptune in the houses of the solar horoscope
♆ Neptune in 1 house
1 house

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♆ Neptune with 2 house
2 house

There are inherent misconceptions about their material situation, both in the direction of understatement and exaggeration. In general, this situation predisposes to financial carelessness, since money comes to the person as if by themselves, without much effort. Man does not.. go →

♆ Neptune in 3 house
3 house

Relations with others are on an intuitive, sometimes mystical level. Many incomprehensible events, intricate situations in everyday life. Misconceptions about the value and dignity of existing connections, personalities of others, friends. Contacts at the subconscious level.. go →

♆ Neptune in 4 house
4 house

Removing from the family, confusion in the house, intricate situations, ignoring their family responsibilities. Secrets from relatives and friends, hidden activities. The situation of a person in a family is unstable. The year is unfavorable for property transactions, the.. go →

♆ Neptune in 5 house
5 house

Experiences due to love relationships, intimate relationships. Intricate relationships. Impossibility to understand your feelings. Often - illusions about a fan or subject of passion. Grief, disappointment, suffering. Isolation, spatial or spiritual remoteness of a loved one... go →

♆ Neptune in 6 house
6 house

Disappointment or illusion about work. Hopes for promotion do not come true or in a new place will not be as good as a person expected. Intricate relationships with subordinates and colleagues, in general an unclear situation in production. An ambiguous official position... go →

♆ Neptune in 7 house
7 house

Intricate relationships with partners of any kind, including spouse and business associates. Illusions about their role in their lives, the nature of the relationship, their human and business qualities. Their intervention brings an unpleasant quality of the situation,.. go →

♆ Neptune in 8 house
8 house

Sexual relationships bring grief and suffering, betrayal by an intimate partner. Jealousy, clarification of relations, strengthening of proprietary instincts towards a partner. Hopes for profit from other people's money, thinking of smart financial moves. But this provision.. go →

♆ Neptune in 9 house
9 house

Experiences associated with their interests abroad. Erroneous calculation regarding assistance from abroad, for joint activities, foreign partners. Dreams of a "better life" abroad. All these hopes, as a rule, are unrealized. Striving for travel, dreams of the unknown. Can.. go →

♆ Neptune in 10 house
10 house

It is in vain to expect an increase in the rank, rank and related improvement in the material situation and position in society. The intricate state of career and professional affairs, an unstable situation at work. Misconceptions about current goals, their prospects and.. go →

♆ Neptune in 11 house
11 house

Friendship with Neptunian personalities: both horoscope, for example, and with sailors, chemists, pharmacists, spies (with Neptune's defeat - with alcoholics and drug addicts, scammers). Sometimes refers to the friendship of an intimate property. Misconceptions about friendly.. go →

♆ Neptune in 12 house
12 house

The year is full of partings, disappointments, experiences, refusals to promote, separation, ruin of plans and ideals. Can indicate departure, removal from familiar places. Vain hopes that there will be good. Secret affairs and worries, hidden troubles, poor state of mind,.. go →

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