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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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☿ Mercury in the houses of solar horoscope

Ruler Mercury

☿ MERCURY. With the help of Mercury, a person creates for himself a special mental reality, or a set of mental constructions and representations, and receives a special instrument (called the intellect) for operating these constructs. The standard indication "think what you are doing" is nothing more than an appeal to control Mars by Mercury, i.e. before you show activity, simulate it in your mind. The slogan "Think what you feel", which suggests tracking emotional meditation, is no less relevant, although humanity has not yet realized this.

Without Mercury, a person is completely helpless. "When God wants to punish a person, he deprives him of his reason." And then both the outer and the inner world become a chaotic heap of random debris that are not related to each other, and it remains for a person to just step into a corner and then look around in confusion. On the other hand, Mercury is just an instrument, and it's also quite rude. Any specific action (Mars) contains so many details and details that it is simply impossible to foresee them, no thought can embrace and calculate them. Nevertheless, events, and sometimes even constructive ones, sometimes (with God's help) occur; Mercury, thus, is given the role of the overall management of the program of action, and then Mars will take care of itself.

The situation is similar with the principle of perception and the emotional life of a person (Venus). Attempts to "believe in harmony with algebra" lead to the fact that, instead of the essential and emotional perception, the mental model of the perception object (ie, the person thinks it, but does not feel it), which, in the first place, is always very rough and schematic, and, in the first place Second, it's not that Venusian perception is just another state. Thus, to replace the Venusian perception of the Mercurian can not. But without the latter can not be dispensed with. Mercurical mental models give us the opportunity to orientate ourselves in what is happening and determine the direction for the subsequent Venusian knowledge, and the reader who has these two planets standing in the aspect of sextile and who at this place will shrug his shoulders and say: Of course ...

However, Mercury's role is not limited to this. He helps a person to comprehend his inner world, in places a swampy valley of emotions and unattainable peaks of self-esteem and self-conceit, often repressed. It must be said that the inner world is perceived by a person, as a rule, much more painful than an external one, and therefore there are more mistakes in his (mercurial) rationalizations, but he defends them much more stubbornly: so should I not know myself! He says naively. At the same time distortions are given as harmonious. and the tense aspects of Mercury: the first grease internal problems; the latter hypertrophy.

If Mercury occupies and aspectes, mainly day houses and planets of outer manifestation (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto), then the person's thinking will be more occupied by the outside world and problems, if most aspects of Mercury go to night houses and planets of internal manifestation Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune), then his thoughts will be more often turned into inner reality, which at a low level of development leads to negative results rather, since the inner world of man is not less complicated than the external, but almost all of our civilization tion is aimed at understanding the external world and the internal farmed out (relatively) not numerous number of psychologists and psychiatrists and rationally practically not been studied, so it developed a clear language to describe the inner life does not exist yet.

So, the first function of Mercury is to create mental models of the external and internal world and to operate with them. Its second function is the creation of language tools for these models, i.e. individual bricks from which they are composed. Man learns to think, comprehending both the world and the language with which he builds the models of this world, and Mercury controls both processes. Of course, the creation and comprehension of any language (be it Russian, animal or programming) is a mystical process, but at its very end there is a rationalization, i.e. Mercury. Here the situation is very similar to the situation described above of perception or action: the understanding of thought and, conversely, its expression by the text are subtle mystical acts, but the Mercurian element of rationalization in wallpaper cases is necessary, albeit coarse. So, a poetic or religious text, with too much dogmatic-rational reading, perishes, but an elementary rational understanding nonetheless suggests.

Astrologers say that Mercury takes on the color of the planet that is with him in aspect. So, really, it should be. But in our time, typical of the dominance of mental models, very often, on the contrary, the planet in the aspect of Mercury categorically takes its color, and then rational thinking and models begin to perform the functions of other planets that are not so characteristic of them (often much more subtle). Thus, in the aspect of Mercury to Venus, a man often, before loving, carefully thinks over not only his behavior, but also his feelings, and then feels exactly what he planned, and unruly and unintended feelings in the evening rationalizes, and either bridesmaids or deprives the energy and destroys (or, if it lacks the strength, dislodges). To what extent this effect works, one can judge by the relative strength of Mercury and the planet in the aspect with it in this chart; but one must bear in mind, especially for the average person, the strongest influence of modern civilization, always accentuating Mercury. The rest - according to Darwin - perish.

The third function of Mercury, which becomes apparent only at a sufficiently high evolutionary level of a person, is a delicate management of energy. Thought guides energy; in the field of psychic life it is well known to psychoanalysts, for example, even Freud described in detail the neuroses of obsession, when the repressed idea forces a person to constantly perform quite certain actions. In external life, Mercury (in the lower octave) represents the principles of communication and control of the flow of processes. This is a planet of administrators, managers, salesmen, with defeat - crooks and deceivers such as the great combinator O. Bender. Here, too, Mercury's role as governor and redistributor of energy flows is emphasized. And let the reader, who is ignorant in occultism, does not seem to be confused by the material character of the activities of the railway dispatcher: in fact, he regulates the energy flows, and very heavy ones, ask him himself.

At the first level of the study of Mercury, man creates the appearance of having rational thinking in him. In fact, his thinking is more or less successful in handling a very small number of cliches adopted in his social environment. At this level, the thought that came to mind may not be original (a person can feel it himself), but it is unquestionable and irrefutable; it is true simply because there is. If a person has good energy at the same time, it is very difficult to talk to him: he does not hear anything that does not coincide with his opinion and is not expressed in exactly his wording; and does not hear because he does not want to hear, but because he does not understand. However, his own judgments can carry a very strong energy charge, although of gross energy: subjectively this means that you will lose the gift of speech and literally you will not know what to answer, because in this case the effect is approaching a direct blow to the jaw. Accordingly, and perceives such a person only lapidary texts, saturated with a similar energy, "reasoning and ranting" will cause him only a strong annoyance. This level of development of Mercury is characterized by a very narrow spectrum (always socially approved) of mental models of the external and internal world. If Mercury is in a tense aspect to the moon, Venus or nodes, a person can oppose himself to society, but he will still make it through a very primitive and tested antisocial scheme.

Such a person can make a career, especially with strong energy, he will obey without thinking, and exactly follow the orders of his superiors, not embarrassed by the moments when it leads to absurdity. This person is mentally limited, but not necessarily weak, although by all human standards it is perceived as a fool; in addition, he can have an excellent intuition, which often compensates for undeveloped Mercury.

At the second level of the study of Mercury, a person begins to develop an independent rational thinking, i.e. He has thoughts and short reasoning that are not exact copies of public consciousness. At this level, a person learns constructive critical perception, i.e. does not divide thoughts into "faithful" and "infidels", but seeks to isolate the "rational grain". However, attempts at independent thinking at this level do not go beyond two or three steps, and a fresh idea soon turns out to be a flat or generally known truth. Here, a person can not yet break through a powerful layer of social consciousness in his psyche, but he begins to feel that this is necessary for his self-realization. In other words, the banality of his thinking is already beginning to embarrass him, but he still can not do anything about it. If there is a long internal discipline on the second level of development of Mercury, a person can become a full-fledged member of society, although it will be difficult to study. At this level, a person can perceive a larger mental structure of the external world, rather simple in structure; but to model, i.e. to comprehend with the rational mind his inner world, he can only in very limited limits or with someone else's help; however, a qualified psychologist or psychoanalyst in this case can already do much. At this level, the formation of rational self-consciousness is completed, i.e. the mind completely separates itself from the surrounding world.

At the third level of Mercury's study, a person learns to create complex mental structures and even improve their language. At the ordinary level of perception, people will say that this is an interesting creative person with his own view of the world. Breakthrough through the stamps of public consciousness at times succeeds, but it is difficult to stay outside of it for a long time, and the registration of new ideas and valuable ideas is rare and requires preparation, strong concentration of attention and a certain inspiration. But there is already an opportunity to bring understanding and clarity to some hitherto obscure, vague and unexplored areas of the human mind (which ones will be shown by the planets in the aspect of Mercury, the houses in which they and Mercury stand, etc.).

At this level, a person is already able to start exploring his own (always unlike anyone) inner world and can begin mastering the mental plane, disagreeing with his emotions, i.e. getting into the observer's point above them and stopping emotional meditations, the position "emotions come and go, I feel them as external to my self and do not detain my attention to them." At the third level of working out Mercury, a person can to some extent manage the psyche - his and the stranger, with precisely selected words and texts, and begins to feel the power of thought over energy; In addition, he has a distinct feeling that his thoughts are not quite his, that is, they are not generated, but as if from somewhere they come. When managing collectives, he discovers that his words seem to materialize, but in different ways, some are worse, others are better, and the relevant information, if he hears, comes in advance.

At the fourth level of the study of Mercury, a person learns to identify with his mental body, i.e. separates himself from his thoughts and mental models and concepts. Now he sees where his thoughts come from (ie, the mental plane) and understands that he only acts as their editor in one or another language. At this level of study, a person can create languages ​​that are specially adapted for mental modeling of certain fragments of the subtle world. Now the person clearly sees the energy of the symbols of the language, which are direct energy channels into the subtle world, and learns to properly compose and use symbolic systems so that the written texts carry energy in any desired range of vibrations, i.e. were perceived by the corresponding circle of people, and only them.

Mind becomes an obedient tool of inner life; a person can follow many subconscious programs, modify them, build new ones, etc. In particular, a person learns to calm his thoughts, slow them down and stop them for a while. It should be noted that the state of temporal thoughtlessness is qualitatively different from the much more difficultly attained state of total immersion in Silence, which requires higher stages of Mercury's elaboration.

At the fourth level of the study of Mercury, a person gets an opportunity to express his thoughts, especially clearly (and in an appropriate language), to influence the world around him, ie, his realizational power is sharply increased, and the flows of psychic energy-his, the alien and the cosmic, are directly controlled. The simplest achievements here are telepathy, telekinesis, treatment with thought; on a stronger energy, a person can actively influence the karma of large groups of people.

Mercury symbolizes the idea, the idea, the person bringing some news, or the very news.

Mercury governs the Twins and Virgo. From these signs (the mobile cross) Mercury gets extraordinary mobility and the ability to adapt to any situation, as well as the ability to create an extraordinary fuss. Following the Twins, he can look at any phenomenon from the other side, and from the Virgin inherits the desire for the accuracy of expression.

At the same time, the sign and planets should not be confused: signs characterize the styles and general circumstances of what is happening, the planets are the sources and centers of attraction of energy, i.e. determine the driving forces of human destiny. Thus, strong Gemini with a weak Mercury mean that in a person's life there will be many events, brilliance, noise, slovenliness, and life will turn to him all the time different facets, but nevertheless, he will not actively broadcast the thought through himself and will not to control what is happening around him. On the contrary, weak Gemini with a strong Mercury will give an energetic thought, which, perhaps, will be difficult to find a brilliant and multifaceted expression, but a person will very much feel its beating in itself and in the external world, and his life will be largely centered around this thought .

The culmination in Aquarius symbolizes Mercury's ability to rationalize what a person still does not understand, because it refers to a distant future. Language is always created a little forward, and descendants often admire the genius of their ancestors, as if anticipating their language needs. In fact, a well-crafted language largely shapes the future ways of thinking and the process itself.

The situation of Mercury in a person's life comes when he feels the power and power of thought expressed in language. This is the celebration of the poet completing the poem, or the joy of a physicist who finds a mathematical construction that accurately describes the experimental data. And any person who managed to find the exact wording for his disturbing thought experiences a momentary energy recovery and satisfaction from direct contact with Mercury.

The speaker, who owns the audience, often defeats her by the power of logic, arguments, precise reasoning - here reigns Mercury. Managing director, giving specific instructions, and a boy subordinate to him, the messenger, carrying out the purchases, can not do without Mercury. The management of Mercury by psychic energy in the lower octave is used by various rogues and demagogues who can distort reality by the flow of words, and the green man will appear red, but he will not notice a blatant contradiction (and then he will be surprised: "and how did he manage to so hamper my head?" ...). The usual political propaganda uses the lower octave of Mercury, successfully forming the political face of people who are not the first level of Mercury's work. At a higher level, the situation of Mercury stands in the session of psychoanalysis, when the analyst and patient together look for the most accurate formulations for bringing out the displaced complexes into consciousness. But in general it is much more difficult to imagine a situation in which Mercury did not participate, than the situation where it is present: language and thinking are constantly accompanying the whole life of a person.

A person with the predominant influence of Mercury will be extremely mobile; In addition, it seems that he spins in a fast rhythm and the surrounding space. He always goes somewhere and just returned from somewhere, and had very important contacts with very interesting people who somehow (he asked why:?) Immediately fell in love, they became interested and offered to participate in an unusual enterprise.

Mercury man easily learns any languages ​​and finds a common language with anyone. He will never find difficulty in expressing his thoughts, sometimes admitting inaccuracies, but non-existent pauses, during which a vague thought tries to find words for its formulation with tension. His thoughts, rather, are too clear and clear, although in general they often form a fantastic chaos, from which at times something spills out. How often - depends on the ascendant: regardless of the position of Mercury, a person with a rising Scorpio is usually silent, with rising Gemini - talkative.

From the man of Mercury there is a feeling of hidden potential power (this sensation is much thinner than the emanation of the frank force coming from the man of Mars, and differs from the sense of authority and power transmitted by the man of the Sun). To the people around him, and first of all to himself, it seems that he can do anything, if he directs his internal reserves to it - and this is so, but requires the elaboration of Mercury, which at the highest stages of development really controls the energy. But for this you need to achieve a high degree of concentration of thought, which is not easy.

And while the man of Mercury has not learned to own his thoughts, thoughts own him. For a fairly energetic manipulator and a black teacher, the man of Mercury is a true find. Having introduced his idea into the latter, the first one can not worry about anything: he received a free slave who is completely obedient to this idea, who can also translate it into any language and make it understandable to any person. However, most people are weaker than a Mercury man and quickly fall under his charm and almost hypnosis: he can conquer them and convince them of anything, than he uses for selfish purposes at a low level of development.

People of Mercury are indispensable in all professions, where contacts and negotiations with people, from the seller of newspapers to high diplomacy inclusive, are essential. In addition, they are successfully engaged in various activities, where the role of language is essential: literary creation, translation, philological research; If Mercury (or the Sun) is in the 4th house - the propensity to the theory of language, semiotics; at a high level of development - the creation of new languages ​​and on their basis - scientific or humanitarian concepts and theories.

Weak Mercury gives a man who is not easy to formulate his thoughts and even more difficult - his internal states. In addition, rational thinking in general, poor combinatorial abilities is difficult, in particular, for example, it is difficult to calculate variants in chess. A person with a weak Mercury feels bad in new situations for him, where he needs to quickly navigate and grab information on the fly; he does not face the career of a newsman who is able to write an article without actually having any information about the subject. At first, attempts to imitate people with a stronger Mercury lead to failure: a person tries to think and speak quickly, and as a result, immediately gets trapped. He always needs preliminary training, and the latter not only compensates him, but often leads him far ahead compared with faster and superficial comrades.

In general, it is difficult to understand through words and arguments, which can be completely convincing for others. In a person with a weak Mercury, compensation often goes along the line of elaboration of Neptune or Uranus, i.e. mystical intuition and instantaneous insights, and if he manages to master these methods, he gets an additional channel of thought that does not need to be underestimated.

And yet foreign languages ​​are given to him with difficulty, and it is possible to speak well of his native language only in a strong energy flow, which requires great internal concentration and tension. Happy casual chatter, spoken or written, is not his destiny.

Harmonious Mercury gives a man with a pleasant manner of speaking, which is largely due to his ability to think clearly; it should be noted that the depth of thoughts depends on the level of the personality, and not on the aspects of Mercury, for the latter fulfills the role of the editor rather than the author. Mercury governs the nervous system, so a person with a harmonious Mercury moves well; with the trine of Mars, especially in fire and air signs, athletic ability. Harmonious Mercury gives a person the temptation of a beautiful expression of any thought, including worthless, as well as the temptation of intellectual snobbery, contempt for an inarticulate, poorly expressed thought. At the same time, a deep and unusual idea rarely appears immediately in a perfect, refined form, and in order to complete it, a great mental effort is needed, and this is a good result for a harmonious Mercury if it is not completely lazy. In addition, he enjoys great success with the opposite sex (since the mind is the main secondary sexual characteristic), which also distracts from constructive activity. Harmonious Mercury creates, naturally, embellished mental models, conceals sharp angles, and with the affected Moon, Venus, or the Sun it can lead to a kind of mental escapism: a person avoids an honest, essential and emotional life, focusing on his more harmonious mental models that can to reflect everything, anything, and so, as the subconscious wishes. While developing harmonious Mercury does not decorate personal mental pictures, but constructively deals with reality - external and internal, using mental images and representations as a tool, but not as a goal.

Affected Mercury gives intense mental activity with a very low (in the opinion of others) effect. This is a sharp, selective mind, a peculiar, unusual and often disharmonious way of expressing one's thoughts, which makes it difficult for the interlocutor, and honestly speaking, for the person himself, to get to it. The struck Mercury gives a distorted way of rational vision of the world, especially in the areas aspected by the tense aspects of Mercury. However, these distortions, though they cause a lot of trouble to the person (and his associates), always have a karmic meaning: a person should pay attention to them, understand and tell the world something that was previously unknown and invisible.

In the absence of elaboration, the tense aspects of Mercury give a person, so to speak, a banded spectrum of the mind: he will not discuss any issues (not particularly his interests), or he will express a perfectly acceptable opinion; but those problems that are deeply disturbing to his mind are perceived by him so fantastically distorted that he may well be considered abnormal, and as a result of the discussion there will most often be conflict or deep dissatisfaction of both sides. In general, the work of the stricken Mercury is very complex, as it is often accompanied by a feeling of expressed mental superiority over the world (all failures seem accidental or conditioned by the unpreparedness of the partner and the world as a whole) and a decrease in criticism, with a very large vulnerability to words and repressed by a complex of mental inferiority. Fighting your thoughts and ideas is much more difficult than with emotions, although even the latter is a difficult task for the average person. The study of the stricken Mercury gives power over one's own and others' thoughts, even distorted-disharmonious, and the ability to pacify and smooth out the most disharmonious situations; in the unprocessed version, on the contrary, the ability to spoil the general mood with two or three phrases and aggravate the unimportant situation to the impossible.

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