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Tiger on the eastern horoscope

Tiger on the eastern horoscope

The tiger is born to become a leader. His temper is quick-tempered, he does not tolerate obedience to the will of others. This is a very sharp person, but at the same time ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of something or someone. Tiger is selfish in small things, but generous in big things. In addition, he is very vulnerable and sensitive, emotional and capable of deep reflection and experience, can love to the point of insanity, but because of his oddities, he is rarely happy.

Not trusting anyone, the Tiger always boldly moves forward, although it can retreat before a big obstacle, if it does not touch it very much and can not have a special impact on its future life. The tiger always wants to be respected by everyone, it supports it on the path of life.

Since the Tiger is not always capable of making an important decision, he needs a person who will help at a difficult moment and he will be rewarded with some of the success that Tiger will achieve after this advice. But if he can not achieve anything in the end, he will not blame himself first of all, but the one who suggested this way to him. And since the Tiger - quite a conflict and vain personality, you will get the full program.

Yet the Tiger remains a rather generous person. He is created for big things, so his plans are often quite large, but, unfortunately, not always feasible.

In his youth Tiger does not suffer from lack of communication. He will lead a fairly calm lifestyle. But it will pay off in the second half of life. The tiger will overcome all possible difficulties: financial, family, health problems, etc. It is doomed to always go towards the wind and argue with its impulses.

To old age Tigers usually reach a rather high position in society, calm down and lead the most ordinary life. If the Tiger is born at night, he will be saved from many traps in life; as for the light Tiger, he will always deal with a variety of problems, often not only his own.

The Tiger Man

This is a warrior who conquers all and all in a row. He will try not only at work, but in other areas of his life. He is subject to many heights. He is a man of luck, he is literally able to catch her by the tail and share with her close people some of her prey.

But the Tiger man has one problem: his power. He often just depresses you with his activity and vital activity, and this often repels others from him, especially if they themselves are weak. And although the Tiger will never trivialize and support the weaker people, they still will not be long beside him for fear of being eaten by their own savior.

Tiger Woman

The same qualities are characteristic of the Tiger woman. She has a lot of novels on the verge of adventure and common sense, but, unfortunately, almost all of them end rather badly. This is due to her superactivity, it is she who leads to the fact that Tigress suffers from the results of her own activity.

She will always protect her offspring, but her relatives' children are not strangers to her. She will never forget their birthdays - and everyone will receive gifts and a dose of attention from her. She, as a mother heroine, is caring to the limit, but the returns from children will be demanded according to their contribution.

Relations with other people

A good alliance Tiger can conclude with a Horse or Dragon. They will always support his endeavors and will make every effort to achieve joint goals. It will be good for them to go in one "harness". The Snake should be avoided, she is too clever and will not understand the risky Tiger, and also the Monkey, with whom the Tiger will always be in danger, at the risk of being fooled.

Although the Cat and the Tiger belong to the same tribe-tribe, it still does not say anything. The cat is too calm and passive for the Tiger, so it only hinders all plans and beginnings of its wild fellow. The dog itself is a good friend, and if it is supported, it will become the Tiger a faithful assistant and companion.


The tiger is prone to risk, this can lead him to recklessness, so this boss needs a balanced substitute. It is difficult to resist the magnetism and selfishness of the Tiger. His attraction contributes to his business career and rapid promotion through the ranks. Directly in money, the Tiger is not very interested, but easily makes a fairly large fortune. At least, the "meat" is enough.

The tiger loves those activities that involve risk. Therefore, he can be a military leader, a leader of a large enterprise or even a gangster. He forces himself to obey, his subordinates are respected, even after his death, he is honored and remembered. Tigers expect great success even if he does not go into reasoning, but will act directly.


He is a man of unusual destiny, often falling into the most unusual situations. Tiger prefers active work and active rest. This must necessarily be either a cognitive journey, or rest associated with active physical activity. Tiger can be seen on the top of the rock, which he conquered only because he had nothing else to do in his spare time.

On vacation, the Tiger is ready to spend almost all the money that it saved during the year. Strictly speaking, he does this exactly: he spends and spends, spends and stores. The Tiger does not like to spend free time alone, so do not be surprised if you get an offer to go on vacation to the mountains or the Canaries. The tiger will be grateful to you for helping you have a good time.

The presence of the Tiger in the house will save you from many troubles. In Asian countries, this is a great sign that can protect you from fire, water and bad people. But if there are two "protection mascots" in one house, one of them will have to find another shelter.

Tiger - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Rat

The best way to arouse the admiration of the Rat is to show courage and courage in front of her. But Tigger does not hold it. And still the connection between them is extremely difficult. Of course, while their passion is satisfied, but the Tiger is a natural predator and used to freedom.

Therefore from time to time he leaves his cave and begins to scour in search of new prey, and it will be very difficult for Rat to survive. The rat does not like to be played on her feelings, she believes she is simply irresistible. True, she understands that others may have flaws. She's not very vindictive. And when she sees the Tiger coming back, her heart calms down.

The Tiger is a realist and completely unselfish, but the Rat is avid, and her fear of the future is very funny to the king of the jungle. Perhaps, they complement each other, because our ever-hungry predator will always rejoice at the piece of meat hidden by the Rat for a rainy day.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Bull

For such a bloodthirsty animal as the Tiger, the Bull is an excellent prey, because the Tiger will never resist the temptation to snatch a fresh piece of meat. The bull was not too used to being attacked or urged by him, he would not allow himself to be swallowed. The bull is too freedom-loving, and anyone who has time to eat it will necessarily spoil the stomach.

The bull can not prevent the Tiger from leading a predatory life, but still he tries to somehow dominate, to warn him. They do not see a common business, because every trifling misunderstanding ends with a violent scandal.

But women - Bulls are slightly different from the male representative of this sign, and they get used to the silent role, if the Tigers can meet all their needs. But afterwards they will necessarily show impatience. A woman - a Tiger will necessarily pay attention to the majestic Bull, because in her eyes he is an example of a pure conscience.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger

Chinese sages do not recommend this union, because the two Tigers can not get along in one cage. In family life, the situation is even worse, because both try to play a dominant role.

But from another point of view, their union can bring positive benefits. Because they do not need to be pushed and lit, these bright individualities can complement the efforts of the partner. Everything depends solely on them both, because there are also Tigers who are like cats.

In this case, such a partner by his discretion and patience will help to keep calm in the house. After all, the Tiger is noble to know how to listen to another, but this should not last too long. And one more rule: such partners must be constantly busy in order to completely smooth out all the turmoil.

Compatibility Tiger with Rabbit

These two signs have many similarities. Both signs like to profit. In all respects these are excellent businessmen, but at the same time they want to preserve a sense of freedom. They both love to travel, and then get warm at the hearth. These are two independent animals that you should not try to protect with four walls.

But Rabbit does not have such risky behavior as Tiger, and thinks more about his own safety. In this union it is better, if Rabbit takes the second position, only then he has the right to exist. The tiger must make a living, and Rabbit better let him take care of the organization of comfort.

In this case, the Rabbit should become a small deterrent to its reckless partner. Tiger will surely irritate Rabbit's prudence, who will start controlling Tigger. This can lead to quarrels, but still the last word remains for the diplomat.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Dragon

These signs are also very similar, because they are brave, energetic and very enterprising. Tigers are excellent advisers and always warn the partner's imprudent steps. But they are always the first to get into a fight. The dragon also likes to lead, and is always confident of his own right. The dragon can give the Tiger the skill of rational thinking, which Tigger will be very useful, because he will discover the ways worthy of his efforts.

Sometimes a dragon can mislead the Tiger or push it into a difficult adventure. But this does not frighten them at all. Their mutual ignorance of the measure will make the life together just more exciting. True, the stability is somewhat lost. If the Dragon refuses to obey the Tiger, conflicts and disputes will undoubtedly arise, but thanks to their sincerity these signs will be able to smooth out any misunderstandings.

Together they always succeed, because each one infects the success of the other and at the same time there is absolutely no competition between them. In their business they will make a lot of noise, but if they have a good administrator, things will go even better.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Snake

The union is not entirely favorable, because the Tiger is a moving animal, and the Snake is prone to contemplation and will find the Tiger just nervous. The snake does not want to follow the Tiger and stick to its pace, because it's too lazy and does not like it when it's driven. She used to understand everything in herself and hates other people's advice, even if they are appropriate.

Often the Snake is simply dogmatic, and this Tiger absolutely can not stand. The snake is the proprietor, who always follows winding paths, and the Tiger always follows only a straight road and ahead. The snake constantly thinks about the result, and the Tiger prefers to think about the means, so they do not understand each other. The Tiger will not follow the serpentine lines of the Serpent, and the Serpent can not tame the wild Tiger.

In business, they always have a wonderful union, because they complement each other. One takes the risk, and the second - the execution. Joint life is absolutely impossible, since the Serpent betrays the Tiger, and he will destroy it.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Horse

These are two types of enthusiast, together they can move mountains. In their contact, everything goes well, provided that the Tiger does not pay attention to the egoism of the Horse. In the foreground, she always wants, but if she is in love, things are different.

Better if their union is based on mutual feeling, then the Tiger will not have time to think about the strange behavior of the Horse. But if their feelings are held on a different basis, the Tiger can realize a quick disappointment, because the Horse is blind to its shortcomings and so convinced of its rightness that it is very difficult for her to explain her mistakes.

The horse is always sure that he cares not only about himself, but also about his partner. In practice, things are quite different. In relation to the Horse, the Tiger is more liberal. But in the event of a conflict, disputes take a tragic turn. The horse is getting on its heels, and the Tiger is getting angry.

Compatibility Tiger with Sheep

The heart of the Tiger is filled with joy when he sees in the meadow a pinching herb Ovechka - she plaintively pushes, and Tiger quietly gets to her in anticipation of a delicious dinner. But it is not yet known whether he will be able to eat the Sheep. Maybe he will be fascinated by her? In love, laws are not written.

The sheep are always looking for protection from a stronger personality, and the Tiger in love will prove to be a good defender and he will never want to eat his charming sacrifice. He will give her freedom and this, at first glance, will seem very strange, but in fact it is just a manifestation of sincere feelings.

Sheep also need freedom, she loves to travel and look at the stars, and Tiger will not interfere with it. She admires his courage, valor, and it's great if they have enough money in the reserve, because Sheep does not know how to handle money. Then the Tiger sometimes can not fulfill his obligations, he only counts on the case. But they are happy and treat each other with touching affection.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Monkey

Despite its adventurism, the Tiger is not as thin as the Monkey. He respects the freedom of the partner and loves clarity in the relationship. But the Monkey likes to chase two hares, she is used to everyone's liking and can not deny herself this weakness. She used to adjust, and all the time trying to slip away from the Tiger. This is his very annoying.

A monkey is a mocker and loves to mock the weaknesses of people. Of course, she can not be indifferent to the delightful Tiger and can not resist the temptation to tug at his mustache. In this case, the Tiger is waiting for the moment when the Monkey falls asleep to eat it. This union is possible only if both show maximum restraint in the relationship.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Rooster

This is a very difficult alliance for the reason that the sensitive and loyal Tiger is not too discreet to understand the actions of the Rooster. Tigers often stymie people's actions. But the Rooster can not be judged only for external actions. The rooster always produces an irresistible impression on others around him with a motley, which sometimes creates a false impression of his personality.

In alliance with the Tiger, at first everything goes well. The power-loving Tiger is flattered by the adoration of the Rooster. But soon the bragging of the Rooster begins to annoy the Tiger, and the Tiger begins to criticize him. The rooster does not tolerate remarks and suffers from the injustice of the striped partner.

The case takes an unwanted turn, the Rooster feels misunderstood and decides to retire to places where people are more tolerant. But before he leaves, he will openly tell the truth to the Tigger. They can always keep friendly relations, be wonderful lovers or companions, but not for long.

Compatibility of the Tiger with the Dog

Both of them are incorrigible idealists. Therefore, some misunderstandings occur in their union. The dog always tries to get ahead, and the Tiger - to maintain the dominant position. But in their desire for struggle they will always find a common language. They have common points of contact - this requires a goal, which they will quickly find.

And together they will fight to the end, while for them there are no obstacles and never runs out of enthusiasm. The generous dynamism of the Tiger brings a smile to the Dog. But the Dog in time can find arguments to refute the judgment of the Tiger and save him from an unnecessary step. This union can be very happy, its only enemy is everyday life.

True, this is not without difficulties, because the Dog needs constant assurances of affection, and Tiger is not too used to give signs of attention. For a lasting alliance, they need to delve deeper into their behavior, find common goals, only in this case harmony can be achieved.

Compatibility Tiger with Pig

These signs unite their loyalty. They know how to be friends and to love, their nights are full of passion and they know what honor is. The Tiger is much more cunning than the Pig, and so he helps her defend herself. He instills the ability of the Swine to find weaknesses in the defense of the enemy and thus adapts it to life.

Both respect each other's freedom, show tolerance and trust, which is the basis of their union. From time to time the Tiger takes his partner out of himself, but he does it not from malice, but rather from curiosity. In business, things are great, they complement each other.


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