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Rise and set ☉ Sun at february 2024

rise set of the Planets

The rise and set above the terrestrial horizon, as well as the horizon of any other planet, is determined by its rotation around its axis. The obvious fact of the daily rise and set, visually tells us about this. Similarly, there are other sunrises and sunsets on the horizon of the Earth. Everything depends on their position on the celestial sphere. On the question, what is rise and set ☉ Sun, you can answer like this. Rise ☉ Sun is the appearance of ☉ Sun above the horizon at the place of observation as a result of the rotation of the Earth around its axis, entering ☉ Sun is the disappearance of ☉ Sun beyond the horizon at the place of observation as a result of the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

Rise and set ☉ Sun at february 2024 - New York
daterise ☉ Sunset ☉ Sunlongitude of the day
01 th01-02-2024 07:13:3301-02-2024 17:18:3710 hour 05 min. 04 sec.
02 fr02-02-2024 07:12:3602-02-2024 17:19:5010 hour 07 min. 14 sec.
03 sa03-02-2024 07:11:3603-02-2024 17:21:0410 hour 09 min. 28 sec.
04 su04-02-2024 07:10:3504-02-2024 17:22:1810 hour 11 min. 43 sec.
05 mo05-02-2024 07:09:3305-02-2024 17:23:3110 hour 13 min. 58 sec.
06 tu06-02-2024 07:08:2906-02-2024 17:24:4510 hour 16 min. 16 sec.
07 we07-02-2024 07:07:2307-02-2024 17:25:5910 hour 18 min. 36 sec.
08 th08-02-2024 07:06:1608-02-2024 17:27:1210 hour 20 min. 56 sec.
09 fr09-02-2024 07:05:0709-02-2024 17:28:2510 hour 23 min. 18 sec.
10 sa10-02-2024 07:03:5710-02-2024 17:29:3910 hour 25 min. 42 sec.
11 su11-02-2024 07:02:4611-02-2024 17:30:5210 hour 28 min. 06 sec.
12 mo12-02-2024 07:01:3312-02-2024 17:32:0410 hour 30 min. 31 sec.
13 tu13-02-2024 07:00:1913-02-2024 17:33:1710 hour 32 min. 58 sec.
14 we14-02-2024 06:59:0414-02-2024 17:34:2910 hour 35 min. 25 sec.
15 th15-02-2024 06:57:4715-02-2024 17:35:4110 hour 37 min. 54 sec.
16 fr16-02-2024 06:56:2916-02-2024 17:36:5310 hour 40 min. 24 sec.
17 sa17-02-2024 06:55:1017-02-2024 17:38:0410 hour 42 min. 54 sec.
18 su18-02-2024 06:53:5018-02-2024 17:39:1610 hour 45 min. 26 sec.
19 mo19-02-2024 06:52:2919-02-2024 17:40:2610 hour 47 min. 57 sec.
20 tu20-02-2024 06:51:0620-02-2024 17:41:3710 hour 50 min. 31 sec.
21 we21-02-2024 06:49:4321-02-2024 17:42:4710 hour 53 min. 04 sec.
22 th22-02-2024 06:48:1922-02-2024 17:43:5710 hour 55 min. 38 sec.
23 fr23-02-2024 06:46:5323-02-2024 17:45:0710 hour 58 min. 14 sec.
24 sa24-02-2024 06:45:2724-02-2024 17:46:1611 hour 00 min. 49 sec.
25 su25-02-2024 06:44:0025-02-2024 17:47:2511 hour 03 min. 25 sec.
26 mo26-02-2024 06:42:3226-02-2024 17:48:3411 hour 06 min. 02 sec.
27 tu27-02-2024 06:41:0427-02-2024 17:49:4211 hour 08 min. 38 sec.
28 we28-02-2024 06:39:3428-02-2024 17:50:5011 hour 11 min. 16 sec.
29 th29-02-2024 06:38:0429-02-2024 17:51:5811 hour 13 min. 54 sec.
1. Calculation of the time of rise and set ☉ Sun by day:
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3. Calculation of the time of rise and set ☉ Sun for any day:
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To adjust the position of the object on the map and accurately calculate the rising and setting ☉ Sun for a particular place, you can move the pointer, any enter the longitude and latitude in the decimal format in the appropriate fields.
Rise and setting of other planets in 2024 year Calendar for the rise and set of the planets ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto
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